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As of Jul 16, 2018, 1 other currencies in Botswana Pula (BWP)
AUDAustralian DollarExchange rate from Australian Dollar to Botswana PulaAUD to BWP7.6022
CADCanadian DollarExchange rate from Canadian Dollar to Botswana PulaCAD to BWP7.7827
CHFSwiss FrancExchange rate from Swiss Franc to Botswana PulaCHF to BWP10.23
CNYChinese Yuan RenminbiExchange rate from Chinese Yuan Renminbi to Botswana PulaCNY to BWP1.5308
EUREuroExchange rate from Euro to Botswana PulaEUR to BWP11.98
GBPBritish Pound SterlingExchange rate from British Pound Sterling to Botswana PulaGBP to BWP13.54
INRIndian RupeeExchange rate from Indian Rupee to Botswana PulaINR to BWP0.1495
JPYJapanese YenExchange rate from Japanese Yen to Botswana PulaJPY to BWP0.091276
ZARSouth African RandExchange rate from South African Rand to Botswana PulaZAR to BWP0.7723
USDUS DollarExchange rate from US Dollar to Botswana PulaUSD to BWP10.24

AEDUAE DirhamExchange rate from UAE Dirham to Botswana PulaAED to BWP2.7885
AFNAfghaniExchange rate from Afghani to Botswana PulaAFN to BWP0.1419
ALLAlbania LekExchange rate from Albania Lek to Botswana PulaALL to BWP0.095264
AMDArmenian DramExchange rate from Armenian Dram to Botswana PulaAMD to BWP0.021305
ANGNetherlands Antillean GuilderExchange rate from Netherlands Antillean Guilder to Botswana PulaANG to BWP5.5657
AOAAngola KwanzaExchange rate from Angola Kwanza to Botswana PulaAOA to BWP0.040283
ARSArgentine PesoExchange rate from Argentine Peso to Botswana PulaARS to BWP0.3766
AWGAruban GuilderExchange rate from Aruban Guilder to Botswana PulaAWG to BWP5.7533
AZNAzerbaijanian ManatExchange rate from Azerbaijanian Manat to Botswana PulaAZN to BWP6.0258
BAMBosnia Convertible MarkExchange rate from Bosnia Convertible Mark to Botswana PulaBAM to BWP6.1121
BBDBarbados DollarExchange rate from Barbados Dollar to Botswana PulaBBD to BWP5.1205
BDTBangladesh TakaExchange rate from Bangladesh Taka to Botswana PulaBDT to BWP0.1224
BGNBulgarian LevExchange rate from Bulgarian Lev to Botswana PulaBGN to BWP6.0965
BHDBahraini DinarExchange rate from Bahraini Dinar to Botswana PulaBHD to BWP27.17
BIFBurundi FrancExchange rate from Burundi Franc to Botswana PulaBIF to BWP0.005849
BMDBermudian DollarExchange rate from Bermudian Dollar to Botswana PulaBMD to BWP10.24
BNDBrunei DollarExchange rate from Brunei Dollar to Botswana PulaBND to BWP7.5758
BOBBolivianoExchange rate from Boliviano to Botswana PulaBOB to BWP1.4928
BRLBrazilian RealExchange rate from Brazilian Real to Botswana PulaBRL to BWP2.6518
BSDBahamian DollarExchange rate from Bahamian Dollar to Botswana PulaBSD to BWP10.24
BTCBitcoinExchange rate from Bitcoin to Botswana PulaBTC to BWP65,229
BTNBhutan NgultrumExchange rate from Bhutan Ngultrum to Botswana PulaBTN to BWP0.1493
BWPBotswana PulaExchange rate from Botswana Pula to Botswana PulaBWP to BWP1.0000
BYRBelarussian RubleExchange rate from Belarussian Ruble to Botswana PulaBYR to BWP0.00051153
BZDBelize DollarExchange rate from Belize Dollar to Botswana PulaBZD to BWP5.1261
CDFCongolese FrancExchange rate from Congolese Franc to Botswana PulaCDF to BWP0.006542
CLFUnidades de FomentoExchange rate from Unidades de Fomento to Botswana PulaCLF to BWP432.65
CLPChilean PesoExchange rate from Chilean Peso to Botswana PulaCLP to BWP0.015752
COPColombian PesoExchange rate from Colombian Peso to Botswana PulaCOP to BWP0.003585
CRCCosta Rican ColonExchange rate from Costa Rican Colon to Botswana PulaCRC to BWP0.018180
CUPCuban PesoExchange rate from Cuban Peso to Botswana PulaCUP to BWP10.24
CVECape Verde EscudoExchange rate from Cape Verde Escudo to Botswana PulaCVE to BWP0.1084
CZKCzech KorunaExchange rate from Czech Koruna to Botswana PulaCZK to BWP0.4622
DJFDjibouti FrancExchange rate from Djibouti Franc to Botswana PulaDJF to BWP0.057695
DKKDanish KroneExchange rate from Danish Krone to Botswana PulaDKK to BWP1.6060
DOPDominican PesoExchange rate from Dominican Peso to Botswana PulaDOP to BWP0.2072
DZDAlgerian DinarExchange rate from Algerian Dinar to Botswana PulaDZD to BWP0.087037
EGPEgyptian PoundExchange rate from Egyptian Pound to Botswana PulaEGP to BWP0.5731
ERNEritrea NakfaExchange rate from Eritrea Nakfa to Botswana PulaERN to BWP0.6698
ETBEthiopian BirrExchange rate from Ethiopian Birr to Botswana PulaETB to BWP0.3750
FJDFiji DollarExchange rate from Fiji Dollar to Botswana PulaFJD to BWP4.9044
FKPFalkland Islands PoundExchange rate from Falkland Islands Pound to Botswana PulaFKP to BWP13.55
GELGeorgia LariExchange rate from Georgia Lari to Botswana PulaGEL to BWP4.2009
GHSGhana CediExchange rate from Ghana Cedi to Botswana PulaGHS to BWP2.1386
GIPGibraltar PoundExchange rate from Gibraltar Pound to Botswana PulaGIP to BWP13.55
GMDGambia DalasiExchange rate from Gambia Dalasi to Botswana PulaGMD to BWP0.2162
GNFGuinea FrancExchange rate from Guinea Franc to Botswana PulaGNF to BWP0.001137
GTQGuatemala QuetzalExchange rate from Guatemala Quetzal to Botswana PulaGTQ to BWP1.3678
GYDGuyana DollarExchange rate from Guyana Dollar to Botswana PulaGYD to BWP0.049451
HKDHong Kong DollarExchange rate from Hong Kong Dollar to Botswana PulaHKD to BWP1.3049
HNLHonduras LempiraExchange rate from Honduras Lempira to Botswana PulaHNL to BWP0.4280
HRKCroatian KunaExchange rate from Croatian Kuna to Botswana PulaHRK to BWP1.6139
HTGHaiti GourdeExchange rate from Haiti Gourde to Botswana PulaHTG to BWP0.1520
HUFHungary ForintExchange rate from Hungary Forint to Botswana PulaHUF to BWP0.037106
IDRIndonesia RupiahExchange rate from Indonesia Rupiah to Botswana PulaIDR to BWP0.00071241
ILSIsraeli New SheqelExchange rate from Israeli New Sheqel to Botswana PulaILS to BWP2.8165
IQDIraqi DinarExchange rate from Iraqi Dinar to Botswana PulaIQD to BWP0.008606
IRRIranian RialExchange rate from Iranian Rial to Botswana PulaIRR to BWP0.00023711
ISKIceland KronaExchange rate from Iceland Krona to Botswana PulaISK to BWP0.095620
JMDJamaican DollarExchange rate from Jamaican Dollar to Botswana PulaJMD to BWP0.078806
JODJordanian DinarExchange rate from Jordanian Dinar to Botswana PulaJOD to BWP14.47
KESKenyan ShillingExchange rate from Kenyan Shilling to Botswana PulaKES to BWP0.1020
KGSKyrgyzstan SomExchange rate from Kyrgyzstan Som to Botswana PulaKGS to BWP0.1499
KHRCambodia RielExchange rate from Cambodia Riel to Botswana PulaKHR to BWP0.002530
KMFComoro FrancExchange rate from Comoro Franc to Botswana PulaKMF to BWP0.024262
KPWNorth Korean WonExchange rate from North Korean Won to Botswana PulaKPW to BWP0.011379
KRWSouth Korean WonExchange rate from South Korean Won to Botswana PulaKRW to BWP0.009073
KWDKuwaiti DinarExchange rate from Kuwaiti Dinar to Botswana PulaKWD to BWP33.88
KYDCayman Islands DollarExchange rate from Cayman Islands Dollar to Botswana PulaKYD to BWP12.49
KZTKazakhstan TengeExchange rate from Kazakhstan Tenge to Botswana PulaKZT to BWP0.029904
LAKLao KipExchange rate from Lao Kip to Botswana PulaLAK to BWP0.001219
LBPLebanese PoundExchange rate from Lebanese Pound to Botswana PulaLBP to BWP0.006802
LKRSri Lanka RupeeExchange rate from Sri Lanka Rupee to Botswana PulaLKR to BWP0.064226
LRDLiberian DollarExchange rate from Liberian Dollar to Botswana PulaLRD to BWP0.064396
LSLLesotho LotiExchange rate from Lesotho Loti to Botswana PulaLSL to BWP0.7729
LTLLithuanian LitasExchange rate from Lithuanian Litas to Botswana PulaLTL to BWP3.3577
LVLLatvian LatsExchange rate from Latvian Lats to Botswana PulaLVL to BWP16.50
LYDLibyan DinarExchange rate from Libyan Dinar to Botswana PulaLYD to BWP7.4697
MADMoroccan DirhamExchange rate from Moroccan Dirham to Botswana PulaMAD to BWP1.0825
MDLMoldovan LeuExchange rate from Moldovan Leu to Botswana PulaMDL to BWP0.6156
MGAMalagasy AriaryExchange rate from Malagasy Ariary to Botswana PulaMGA to BWP0.003132
MKDMacedonia DenarExchange rate from Macedonia Denar to Botswana PulaMKD to BWP0.1951
MMKMyanmar KyatExchange rate from Myanmar Kyat to Botswana PulaMMK to BWP0.007207
MNTMongolia TugrikExchange rate from Mongolia Tugrik to Botswana PulaMNT to BWP0.004183
MOPMacao PatacaExchange rate from Macao Pataca to Botswana PulaMOP to BWP1.2669
MROMauritania OuguiyaExchange rate from Mauritania Ouguiya to Botswana PulaMRO to BWP0.028848
MURMauritius RupeeExchange rate from Mauritius Rupee to Botswana PulaMUR to BWP0.2999
MVRMaldives RufiyaaExchange rate from Maldives Rufiyaa to Botswana PulaMVR to BWP0.6577
MWKMalawi KwachaExchange rate from Malawi Kwacha to Botswana PulaMWK to BWP0.014354
MXNMexican PesoExchange rate from Mexican Peso to Botswana PulaMXN to BWP0.5426
MYRMalaysian RinggitExchange rate from Malaysian Ringgit to Botswana PulaMYR to BWP2.5286
MZNMozambique MeticalExchange rate from Mozambique Metical to Botswana PulaMZN to BWP0.1754
NADNamibia DollarExchange rate from Namibia Dollar to Botswana PulaNAD to BWP0.7723
NGNNigeria NairaExchange rate from Nigeria Naira to Botswana PulaNGN to BWP0.028606
NIONicaragua Cordoba OroExchange rate from Nicaragua Cordoba Oro to Botswana PulaNIO to BWP0.3274
NOKNorwegian KroneExchange rate from Norwegian Krone to Botswana PulaNOK to BWP1.2634
NPRNepalese RupeeExchange rate from Nepalese Rupee to Botswana PulaNPR to BWP0.093499
NZDNew Zealand DollarExchange rate from New Zealand Dollar to Botswana PulaNZD to BWP6.9284
OMROmani RialExchange rate from Omani Rial to Botswana PulaOMR to BWP26.63
PABPanama BalboaExchange rate from Panama Balboa to Botswana PulaPAB to BWP10.24
PENPeru Nuevo SolExchange rate from Peru Nuevo Sol to Botswana PulaPEN to BWP3.1361
PGKPapua New Guinea KinaExchange rate from Papua New Guinea Kina to Botswana PulaPGK to BWP3.1491
PHPPhilippine PesoExchange rate from Philippine Peso to Botswana PulaPHP to BWP0.1914
PKRPakistan RupeeExchange rate from Pakistan Rupee to Botswana PulaPKR to BWP0.084260
PLNPoland ZlotyExchange rate from Poland Zloty to Botswana PulaPLN to BWP2.7726
PYGParaguay GuaraniExchange rate from Paraguay Guarani to Botswana PulaPYG to BWP0.001795
QARQatari RialExchange rate from Qatari Rial to Botswana PulaQAR to BWP2.8136
RONRomania LeuExchange rate from Romania Leu to Botswana PulaRON to BWP2.5744
RSDSerbian DinarExchange rate from Serbian Dinar to Botswana PulaRSD to BWP0.1014
RUBRussian RubleExchange rate from Russian Ruble to Botswana PulaRUB to BWP0.1638
RWFRwanda FrancExchange rate from Rwanda Franc to Botswana PulaRWF to BWP0.012014
SARSaudi RiyalExchange rate from Saudi Riyal to Botswana PulaSAR to BWP2.7311
SBDSolomon Islands DollarExchange rate from Solomon Islands Dollar to Botswana PulaSBD to BWP1.3020
SCRSeychelles RupeeExchange rate from Seychelles Rupee to Botswana PulaSCR to BWP0.7628
SDGSudanese PoundExchange rate from Sudanese Pound to Botswana PulaSDG to BWP0.5704
SEKSwedish KronaExchange rate from Swedish Krona to Botswana PulaSEK to BWP1.1553
SGDSingapore DollarExchange rate from Singapore Dollar to Botswana PulaSGD to BWP7.5025
SHPSaint Helena PoundExchange rate from Saint Helena Pound to Botswana PulaSHP to BWP13.55
SLLSierra Leonean LeoneExchange rate from Sierra Leonean Leone to Botswana PulaSLL to BWP0.001249
SOSSomali ShillingExchange rate from Somali Shilling to Botswana PulaSOS to BWP0.017966
SRDSurinam DollarExchange rate from Surinam Dollar to Botswana PulaSRD to BWP1.3858
STDSao Tome and Principe DobraExchange rate from Sao Tome and Principe Dobra to Botswana PulaSTD to BWP0.00048839
SVCEl Salvador ColonExchange rate from El Salvador Colon to Botswana PulaSVC to BWP1.1704
SYPSyrian PoundExchange rate from Syrian Pound to Botswana PulaSYP to BWP0.019886
SZLSwaziland LilangeniExchange rate from Swaziland Lilangeni to Botswana PulaSZL to BWP0.7720
THBThailand BahtExchange rate from Thailand Baht to Botswana PulaTHB to BWP0.3077
TJSTajikistan SomoniExchange rate from Tajikistan Somoni to Botswana PulaTJS to BWP1.0872
TMTTurkmenistan ManatExchange rate from Turkmenistan Manat to Botswana PulaTMT to BWP3.0120
TNDTunisian DinarExchange rate from Tunisian Dinar to Botswana PulaTND to BWP3.8638
TOPTonga PaangaExchange rate from Tonga Paanga to Botswana PulaTOP to BWP4.4155
TRYTurkish LiraExchange rate from Turkish Lira to Botswana PulaTRY to BWP2.1065
TTDTrinidad and Tobago DollarExchange rate from Trinidad and Tobago Dollar to Botswana PulaTTD to BWP1.5164
TWDTaiwan New DollarExchange rate from Taiwan New Dollar to Botswana PulaTWD to BWP0.3349
TZSTanzanian ShillingExchange rate from Tanzanian Shilling to Botswana PulaTZS to BWP0.004515
UAHUkraine HryvniaExchange rate from Ukraine Hryvnia to Botswana PulaUAH to BWP0.3907
UGXUganda ShillingExchange rate from Uganda Shilling to Botswana PulaUGX to BWP0.002737
UYUUruguayo PesoExchange rate from Uruguayo Peso to Botswana PulaUYU to BWP0.3268
UZSUzbekistan SumExchange rate from Uzbekistan Sum to Botswana PulaUZS to BWP0.001316
VEFVenezuela Bolivar FuerteExchange rate from Venezuela Bolivar Fuerte to Botswana PulaVEF to BWP0.00008555
VNDViet Nam DongExchange rate from Viet Nam Dong to Botswana PulaVND to BWP0.00044431
VUVVanuatu VatuExchange rate from Vanuatu Vatu to Botswana PulaVUV to BWP0.092888
WSTSamoa TalaExchange rate from Samoa Tala to Botswana PulaWST to BWP3.9394
XAFCFA BEAC FrancExchange rate from CFA BEAC Franc to Botswana PulaXAF to BWP0.018261
XCDEast Caribbean DollarExchange rate from East Caribbean Dollar to Botswana PulaXCD to BWP3.7929
XDRSpecial Drawing Right - SDRExchange rate from Special Drawing Right - SDR to Botswana PulaXDR to BWP14.36
XOFCFA BCEAO FrancExchange rate from CFA BCEAO Franc to Botswana PulaXOF to BWP0.018266
XPFCFP FrancExchange rate from CFP Franc to Botswana PulaXPF to BWP0.1004
YERYemeni RialExchange rate from Yemeni Rial to Botswana PulaYER to BWP0.040988
ZMKZambian KwachaExchange rate from Zambian Kwacha to Botswana PulaZMK to BWP0.001973
ZWLZimbabwe DollarExchange rate from Zimbabwe Dollar to Botswana PulaZWL to BWP0.031769
XAGSilver OunceExchange rate from Silver Ounce to Botswana PulaXAG to BWP162.17
XAUGold OunceExchange rate from Gold Ounce to Botswana PulaXAU to BWP12,722
XCPCopper OunceExchange rate from Copper Ounce to Botswana PulaXCP to BWP28.43
XPDPalladium OunceExchange rate from Palladium Ounce to Botswana PulaXPD to BWP9,553
XPTPlatinum OunceExchange rate from Platinum Ounce to Botswana PulaXPT to BWP8,520

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