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Financial terms in "Accounting"

1. Depreciation

2. cash taxes

3. Trading profit

4. accretion of discount

5. capital budget

6. warranty

7. Reserve accounts

8. conservatism

9. debit column

10. Goodwill

11. FAS

12. opening stock

13. Three column cash book

14. public accountant

15. Cash flow coverage ratio

16. PE ratio

17. balance an account

18. Operating Income

19. front-end debt-to-income ratio

20. concession

21. multiple rates of return

22. Purchase Ledger

23. cash wages

24. banking book

25. days inventory

26. Double-entry book-keeping

27. net benefit to leverage factor

28. Modified ACRS

29. net interest margin

30. consolidated balance sheet

31. cash

32. accountant's liability

33. net current assets

34. objectivity principle

35. CFA

36. operating cash flow margin

37. capital net worth

38. historical

39. Balance Sheet

40. common-size financial statement

41. Soft capital rationing

42. asset retirement obligation

43. corporate giving

44. recapture

45. compound annual return

46. reverse leverage

47. Amortization

48. DuPont identity

49. managerial accounting

50. loss carryforward

51. indirect labor costs

52. equity method

53. accumulated depletion

54. internal expansion

55. flow-through basis

56. profit and loss account

57. on budget

58. leveraged company

59. average total assets

60. normal balance

61. standard costing

62. accommodation endorsement

63. discontinued

64. Asset turnover

65. Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales

66. financial capital

67. Cost Of Goods Sold

68. Budget surplus

69. net operating loss carry forwards

70. back pay

71. stock index futures

72. cash flow to capital expenditures (CF to CAPEX)

73. contra asset account

74. bottom of the harbor scheme

75. debt adjusted cash flow (DACF)

76. discontinued operations

77. prior period

78. annuity due

79. financing activities

80. accounting error

81. accounting historians journal

82. interest income

83. financial condition

84. benchmarking

85. consistency principle

86. impaired asset

87. present fairly

88. share premium

89. Current Ratio

90. cash management

91. special miscellaneous account

92. net operating loss deduction

93. reconciliation statement

94. voucher

95. capital expenditure proposal

96. net monetary assets

97. illiquid assets

98. comptroller

99. footnotes

100. earnings test

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