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Financial terms in "Accounting"

1. prepaid expense

2. book building

3. Accrual method of accounting

4. GDP per capita

5. ledger

6. FAS

7. average collection period

8. adjusting entry

9. Investment

10. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

11. external audit

12. pay

13. cross-holdings

14. variable costing

15. sales

16. consolidated balance sheet

17. all channel sales

18. overpayment

19. earnings test

20. coefficient of correlation

21. cash equivalence

22. cash asset ratio

23. CIF (Cost, Insurance, Freight [c.i.f.])

24. accuracy

25. cash control

26. capitalize

27. income averaging

28. days receivable


30. write up

31. loss carryback

32. unrealized profit

33. working ratio

34. due to account

35. dilutive

36. Off-Balance Sheet

37. double-declining balance depreciation method

38. inactive

39. adequate disclosure

40. credit ticket

41. average margin per user (AMPU)

42. Cost Of Goods Sold

43. Gross Income

44. Purchasing Power

45. Aaa

46. special journal

47. PEGY Ratio

48. Days Sales Outstanding

49. forensic audit

50. Point of Sale (POS)

51. corridor rule

52. net operating loss

53. bill of materials


55. flow-through basis

56. Other capital

57. non-operating expense

58. Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS)

59. Intangible assets

60. periodic inventory method

61. like-for-like sales

62. budgetary accountability

63. crop method

64. Sales Invoice

65. direct cost

66. footnotes

67. book to market ratio

68. negative working capital

69. statement of stockholders equity

70. internal financing

71. fiscal

72. current liabilities

73. second quarter

74. accounting information system (AIS)

75. digital option

76. Chartered Asset Manager (CAM)

77. revenue per user (RPU)

78. notes payable

79. trading book

80. Impersonal Accounts

81. crossover rate

82. revenue deficit

83. funding ratio

84. franchise factor

85. SME

86. Accredited Automated Clearing House Professional (AAP)

87. average total assets

88. cash account

89. before reimbursement expense ratio

90. overhead ratio

91. Accounting exposure

92. standard costing

93. capital budgeting

94. accounting entity

95. cash flows from financing activities

96. fixed charges

97. trial balance

98. Accounting Principles Board (APB)

99. net adjusted present value

100. Treasurer

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