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Financial terms in "Banking"

1. outstanding check

2. credit card balance transfer

3. authority to purchase

4. merger accounting

5. Basel Accords

6. true and fair view

7. European Social Charter

8. graduate training scheme

9. instruction

10. payroll clerk

11. hard cash

12. around

13. phase out

14. Energy Risk Professional (ERP)

15. introduction

16. General Arrangements to Borrow

17. balance of payments deficit

18. highly

19. disallow

20. projected

21. Commerce Bank

22. Big Six banks

23. chargee

24. troy ounce

25. impulse

26. angel network

27. lending facility

28. automated customer account transfer service (ACATS)

29. incorporate

30. eligibility date

31. red clause credit

32. interbank call money market

33. direction

34. approved deposit fund

35. debit column

36. red day

37. floor space

38. business rate

39. implementation lag

40. headhunter

41. Red Book

42. shipping company

43. lively

44. undertake

45. European Common Market

46. KBW Bank Index

47. overtime ban

48. note of hand

49. guilder

50. Bankwire

51. remittance float

52. specimen

53. trainee

54. excessive

55. portable pension

56. foreign money order

57. Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

58. rough calculation

59. eliminate

60. Lead bank

61. equity release

62. Low Yield

63. circulate

64. directors' report

65. fall back

66. new time

67. Financial Secretary to the Treasury

68. Annual Equivalent Rate

69. cash desk

70. stock association

71. Deutsche Bundesbank

72. adverse

73. working reserves

74. Trade Agreement

75. harmonised European index

76. del credere

77. Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

78. gradual

79. industrial capacity

80. carryover day

81. London Traded Options Market

82. sales ledger clerk

83. meet

84. cash rebate

85. contracted in

86. Lloyd's Register

87. honorary secretary

88. safe custody

89. curve

90. millionaire on paper

91. bancassurer

92. barren money

93. tribunal

94. government support

95. hard

96. private placing

97. overdraw

98. board order

99. TT

100. currency in circulation

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Definition / Meaning of

Franchised Monopoly

Categories: Business and Management,

A government-granted monopoly. The most important reason for the government granting a monopoly is in the case of the product or service being a natural monopoly, i.e. unable to sustain more than one producer. This is usually the case when very large economy of scale is needed to make production efficient (so the marginal cost of producing each additional unit is very low). Thus, given the huge scale of production needed for efficiency, it could be that the entire market demand would be fulfilled by a single efficient producer, making it unfeasible to have a second producer in the market. Thus, the government may decide to simply give a producer a monopoly, so that the producer is convinced of the fact that there is adequate market to achieve efficient scale. A government may also choose to grant monopolies in special conditions such as when they want to encourage a specific kinds of innovation (patents are effectively a government-granted monopoly), give preference to a producer who might also be involved in community development activities etc.

Most popular terms

1. Special Mobile Equipment
2. Sarbanes-Oxley Act Of 2002
3. Nonprofit
4. Ordinance Or Law Coverage
5. Stockholm Syndrome
6. Fund Of Funds (FOF)
7. Direct Investment
8. Custodial Account
9. Prohibited Transactions
10. Mortgage Impairment Insurance

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