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Financial terms in "Bonds and Treasuries"

1. Intrinsic Value

2. certificate

3. asset coverage

4. SEC filing

5. Prudence

6. free bond

7. debt financing

8. nondiversifiable risk

9. inflation-indexed security

10. Offering price

11. unseasoned issue

12. Dragon Bond

13. Offer

14. zero-coupon convertible

15. convexity

16. cost of capital

17. Association of International Bond Dealers (AIBD)

18. interest-bearing

19. called bond

20. foreign bond market

21. Residential Mortgage-Backed Security

22. automated bond system

23. accrual of discount

24. exchangeable debenture

25. indemnity bond

26. extendable bond

27. Treasury real yield curve rates

28. convertible security

29. patriot bond

30. good delivery

31. spread duration

32. Euro medium term note

33. digested security

34. liquid theory of the term structure

35. irredeemable bond

36. Euro certificate of deposit (EURO CD)

37. current production rate

38. Industrial Development Bond (IDB)

39. Collaterized Loan Obligation

40. corporate bond equivalent

41. MTA Index

42. serial bond with balloon

43. Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures

44. management accounting

45. privileged bond

46. capital market efficiency

47. sell

48. discount margin

49. convertibility clause

50. empirical duration

51. spread to worst

52. subordinated bonds

53. spot rate Treasury curve

54. bond certificate

55. Exchange

56. U.S. Government Securities

57. B rating

58. high yield

59. heavy market

60. provisional rating

61. European callable bond

62. date of payment

63. backdoor borrowing

64. amortized value

65. Term

66. pure discount instrument

67. delivery vs. receipt

68. full price

69. money market deposit account

70. sinking fund call

71. redeem

72. Bill

73. blanket position bond

74. agency security

75. convertible price

76. DVR

77. TAC bond

78. self-liquidating bond

79. American Stock Exchange

80. original face

81. dual currency bond

82. low-coupon bond refunding

83. credit market

84. bullet bond

85. Unsecured bond

86. Restricted security

87. spreadlock

88. Oslo Bors (OSE)

89. Paying Agent

90. gold bond

91. Nominal yield

92. participation certificate

93. conversion ratio

94. five against bond spread (FAB)

95. investment bill

96. Cap

97. Euroyen bond

98. bill pass

99. multi-callable bond

100. redeemable bond

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Charitable Remainder Trust

Categories: Estate Planning, Legal, ,

A kind of charitable trust in which someone places substantial assets into an irrevocable trust.The trust is set up so that the donor (or other beneficiaries named in the trust) receives trust income for a number of years or for life, after which the assets go to a tax-exempt charity. The IRS allows a large deduction in the year the assets are donated to the trust. The tax savings are sometimes used to buy an insurance policy on the life of the donor payable to children or grandchildren at the donor's death. This way the donor can make the gift to charity, receive income from the trust, and still make a large gift at death to family members. There are several kinds of charitable remainder trusts, including charitable remainder unitrusts and charitable remainder annuity trusts. Compare: charitable lead trust

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