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Financial terms in "Brokerages"

1. Scottrade

2. desk trader

3. Floor Trader

4. Dealer

5. Custodian

6. outside broker

7. lending at a premium

8. at call

9. Glass-Steagall Act

10. round trip commission

11. trailing stop loss

12. investment banker

13. carrying broker

14. financial analyst

15. five hundred dollar rule

16. Trader

17. associate member

18. contingent order

19. SIA

20. exchange seat

21. differential

22. Limit price

23. credit balance

24. margin rate

25. brokerage

26. NSCC

27. Maintenance Fee

28. drawdown

29. Form T

30. due diligence meeting

31. Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF)

32. contingent commission

33. insurance intermediary

34. limit order information system

35. Merchant Bank

36. Over-the-Counter

37. Internalization

38. closed out

39. quote ticker

40. CFA Institute

41. dealing board

42. special bond account

43. deposit broker

44. Federal Call

45. firewall

46. market if touched order

47. Underwriter

48. compliance department

49. squawk box

50. separately managed account

51. scienter

52. direct access broker

53. Margin Call

54. Investment bank

55. NASD Dispute Resolution, Inc.

56. crowd

57. flotation costs

58. Designated Order Turnaround

59. abeyance

60. Open order

61. usable margin

62. coverage initiated

63. cancel former order (CFO)

64. no quote

65. loan consent agreement

66. performance fee

67. receive versus payment

68. crossed trade

69. online broker

70. Long Market Value

71. listing broker

72. National Securities Clearing Corporation

73. Margin Account

74. Specialist

75. General Securities Representative Examination

76. cash account

77. DNR

78. broker/dealer

79. burn and churn

80. missing the market

81. soft commission arrangement

82. broker loan

83. nominee

84. Securities and Exchange Commission

85. central assets account

86. broker price opinion (BPO)

87. clearing broker

88. ECN broker

89. capital requirement

90. Sell Limit Order

91. Day order

92. Hart-Scott-Rodino Act of 1976

93. General Mortgage Associate

94. Money market account

95. in street name

96. indirect holding system

97. all or none

98. good this month (GTM)

99. institutional brokerage

100. brokerage allowance

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8. Opt-out Lawsuits
9. Money Market Mutual Fund
10. Mere Descriptiveness

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