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Financial terms in "Business and Management"

1. Tyre Kicker

2. RSI

3. chairman's report

4. in lieu of

5. Teaser Rate

6. Deep Throat

7. Paper Loss

8. OEM

9. Big uglies

10. Category Killer

11. Voting Shares

12. rainmaker

13. all channel sales

14. Capital Flight

15. CBI

16. Silver Bullet

17. Real Estate

18. Microblogging

19. factor return

20. Hard Selling

21. entitlement

22. Annuity

23. comparison shopping

24. Kettling

25. Lease Purchase

26. Search Engine

27. time to market

28. research and development

29. concession

30. placed-in-service date

31. learning curve

32. Duopoly

33. Modem

34. variation

35. market screening

36. wholly-owned subsidiary

37. Sales And Marketing

38. RAM

39. Small Business Investment Company

40. Filter

41. company

42. Easy Monetary Policy

43. engagement letter

44. C Corporation

45. Efficiency

46. Xerox Machine

47. Consumer Debt

48. Embezzlement

49. Health And Safety At Work Act

50. Trustbuster

51. interim

52. Tax Allowance

53. Undersubscribed

54. Variance

55. Organic Growth

56. Debt-Equity Swap

57. Googlewhack

58. External Equity

59. CC

60. Receiver

61. intellectual property

62. competition

63. Vertical Disintegration

64. Serial entrepreneur

65. Touch Base

66. Shoulder Season

67. Middleman

68. Flexitime

69. Interventionism

70. completion undertaking

71. Tender

72. union

73. Schism

74. Inter Alia

75. Blue Law

76. vertical market

77. Carpet Bomb

78. public sector

79. Whistleblower

80. Maternity Leave

81. Semi-Skilled

82. White Collar

83. Enterprise

84. Middle Management

85. Best Boy

86. Product Evangelist

87. resource

88. Work Permit

89. Microsite

90. Public Debt

91. Aggregate Planning

92. Conference Call

93. nonprofit organization

94. profile

95. Handbill

96. Joint Stock Company

97. Viable

98. Democracy

99. Philology

100. Delegation

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Definition / Meaning of

Health Insurance

Categories: Insurance,

Health insurance covers some or all of the cost of treating an insured person's illnesses or injuries. In some cases, it pays for preventive care, such as annual physicals and diagnostic tests. You may have health insurance as an employee benefit from your job or, if you qualify, through the federal government's Medicare or Medicaid programs. You may also buy individual health insurance directly from an insurance company or be eligible through a plan offered by a group to which you belong. As you do with other insurance contracts, you pay premiums to purchase coverage and the insurer pays some or all of your healthcare costs, based on the terms of your contract. Some health insurance requires that you meet an annual deductible before the insurer begins to pay. There may also be co-insurance, which is your share, on a percentage basis, of each bill, or a copayment, which is a fixed dollar amount, for each visit.Health insurance varies significantly from plan to plan and contract to contract. Generally, most plans cover hospitalization, doctors' visits, and other skilled care. Some plans also cover some combination of prescription drugs, rehabilitation, dental care, and innovative therapies or complementary forms of treatment for serious illnesses.

Most popular terms

1. Consensus Recommendation
3. Nonprofit
4. Family Of Funds
5. Life Settlement
6. Gross Margin
7. Disclosure
8. Subprime Loans
9. Section 15 Declaration Of Incontestability
10. Mere Descriptiveness

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