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Financial terms in "Business and Management"

1. price efficiency

2. Occupational Hazard

3. Magic bullet

4. Verbal Judo

5. Short Selling

6. front office

7. agency

8. Protocol

9. Limited Company

10. proposal

11. Goodwill

12. conservator

13. Libertarian/Libertine

14. Silicon Alley

15. Red-Circling


17. Organization chart

18. Rate Card

19. competence

20. Geek Speak

21. Maternity Pay

22. Investment

23. Bracket Creep

24. Stress/Stress Management

25. type A reorganization

26. Variable Cost

27. delayed settlement processing

28. Ancillary Staff

29. DTCC

30. Portal

31. cross-border trade

32. Intrinsic Value

33. liquidation value

34. Pixel

35. investor awareness

36. economy of scope

37. Spot Check

38. Gaffer

39. Exposition

40. Russell 3000 Growth Index

41. Nonfeasance

42. White Collar Crime

43. Negative Growth

44. internal growth

45. Retainer

46. Fixed Parity

47. Unilateral

48. conflict of interest

49. Wayzgoose

50. E-Currency

51. Webinar

52. redeem

53. Sensitivity Analysis

54. Letter Of Comfort

55. Accrual

56. environmental impact statement

57. Business failure

58. external environment

59. Easy Monetary Policy

60. Natural Wastage

61. Scab

62. Transnational

63. Mainframe 

64. bundling

65. Market Forces

66. Concept

67. consolidated invoice

68. accommodation address

69. disclosable event

70. Personal Allowance

71. Bank Loan

72. Scalability

73. Labour Law

74. Pull Strategy

75. Signature Loan

76. heterogeneous

77. Sandwich Course 

78. business transaction

79. Lading

80. Soft Sell

81. contagion effects

82. Tax

83. switching costs

84. Creditor

85. Free Rider

86. Stockbroker

87. Litigant

88. sociedad anĂ³nima

89. World Trade Organisation

90. entitlement

91. Qualitative

92. reach

93. camouflage compensation

94. front money

95. Labour Intensive

96. Strategy

97. warrant

98. Tender

99. manufacturing cost

100. Holding Company

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Definition / Meaning of

Naked Option

Categories: Options, Investing and Trading, Stocks, Legal, ,

When you write, or sell, a call option but don't own the underlying instrument, such as a stock in the case of an equity option, the option is described as naked. Similarly, you write a naked put if you don't have enough cash on hand or in liquid investments to purchase the underlying instrument. Because you collect a premium when you sell the option, you may make a profit if the underlying instrument performs as you expect, and the option isn't exercised. The risk you run, however, is that the option holder will exercise the option. In the case of a call, you'll then have to buy the instrument at the market price in order to meet your obligation to sell. Or, if it's a put, you'll have to come up with the cash to purchase the instrument. If that price of the underlying has moved in the opposite direction from the one you expected, meeting your obligation could result in a substantial net loss. Because of this risk, your brokerage firm may limit your right to write naked options or require that you write them in a margin account.

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1. Weighted Stock Index
2. Loss Payable Clause
3. Immigration Violation Coverage Endorsement
4. Contractors Professional Liability Insurance
5. Stockholm Syndrome
6. Risk Manager
8. Direct Action
9. Homeowners Policy Special Form 3 (HO 3)
10. Rating Bureau

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