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Financial terms in "Business and Management"

1. free competition

2. Stagflation

3. The Big Board

4. Passing Trade

5. trade name

6. Life Tables

7. business-to-business

8. Soft Loan

9. Garnish

10. development stage enterprise

11. proximo

12. elevator pitch

13. Leader

14. Royalty 

15. Mnemonic

16. Sale And Leaseback

17. Selective Attention

18. External Debt

19. Market Leader

20. Promo

21. Webzine

22. Power Nap

23. Litigious

24. Affidavit

25. primary industry

26. Residual Income

27. trade-in allowance

28. Wet Lease

29. SBIC

30. Organization chart

31. limit

32. Snail Mail

33. Payable To Bearer

34. Hands-Free

35. business segment report

36. Intrinsic Value

37. Sales And Marketing

38. Semi-Structured Interview

39. manifesto

40. Capital Gains Tax

41. E-Commerce

42. Cutover

43. remittance advice

44. Controlling Interest

45. Permission Marketing

46. Industrialist

47. multiple ownership

48. Primary Demand

49. Steering Committee

50. Consumer

51. owner-operator

52. Securities and Futures Authority

53. relocate

54. compensation package

55. Finance

56. dilute

57. Executive Director

58. transfer pricing

59. Green Audit

60. first-mover advantage

61. ensure

62. front company

63. research and development

64. Prime Cost

65. Preference Share

66. Private Sector

67. economic base

68. leverage clientele

69. coproprietor

70. Knowledge Worker

71. Compulsory Purchase

72. Oligopoly

73. Fringe Benefit

74. Standard Industrial Classification

75. Quarterly

76. Mail Order

77. allocation of resources

78. compensating differential

79. paralegal

80. Service Economy

81. ramp up

82. bid bond

83. Fiscal Policy

84. Lean

85. Share Capital

86. Public Debt

87. corporate charter

88. manpower forecasting

89. incremental cost

90. Compliance Officer

91. all channel sales

92. business process outsourcing

93. 8(a) firm

94. Return On Investment

95. Secondary Boycott

96. Market Basket

97. fixed budget

98. Cost Of Sales

99. Cube Farm

100. Full-Time Contract

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Definition / Meaning of

Filing Basis

Categories: Patent,

The legal basis for filing an application for registration of a mark. The trademark act sets out five filing bases, and an applicant must specify and meet the requirements of one or more bases before the mark will be approved for publication for opposition or registration on the supplemental register. The five bases are: (1) use of a mark in commerce under §1(a) of the Act; (2) bona fide intention to use a mark in commerce under §1(b) of the Act; (3) a claim of priority, based on an earlier-filed foreign application under §44(d) of the Act; (4) registration of a mark in the applicant’s country of origin under §44(e) of the Act; and (5) extension of protection of an international registration to the United States, under §66(a) of the Act and the madrid protocol. The requirements for the bases are set forth in Trademark Rule 2.34. -- seeTMEP §806. If no basis is set forth in the original application for registration, the examining attorney will issue an office action requiring the applicant to specify a basis and meet al. requirements for the basis. In applications under §§1 and 44, the applicant may claim more than one basis, and/or may add or substitute a basis after filing the application.

Most popular terms

1. Rating Bureau
2. Stable Value Fund
3. Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SARBOX, SOX, SOx) Of 2002
4. Dilution
5. IRA Rollover
6. Franchised Monopoly
7. Education Savings Account (ESA)
8. Distribution
9. Contingent Commission
10. Option Backdating

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