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Financial terms in "Business and Management"

1. External Debt

2. Dark Net

3. mismanagement

4. Haggle

5. Work Permit

6. Cyberspace

7. Technical Support

8. charter

9. contingency fee

10. International Organisation For Standardization

11. Ordinary Resolution

12. Digerati

13. canned program

14. Paid-Up Share

15. MSRP

16. Wet Lease

17. Piecework

18. Retail Investor

19. part-owner

20. ERP

21. Corporate Social Responsibility

22. Pork Barrel

23. premise

24. Pascal

25. Limited Company

26. Derived Demand

27. Red Ink

28. Chicago PMI

29. Negotiating Table

30. Unique Visitor

31. Jasdaq

32. raw materials

33. startup costs

34. USB

35. nominal

36. Personal Liability

37. Calculated Risk

38. screening

39. Username

40. Compound Interest

41. fair price

42. General Strike

43. union

44. Mystery Shopper

45. Empirical

46. Sweetheart Deal

47. entrepreneurship

48. conflict of interest

49. Unanimous

50. listed company

51. Green Audit

52. Text Message

53. Behemoth

54. kite

55. AV

56. Footfall

57. subcontractor

58. Upload

59. durable goods

60. standard

61. Business Plan

62. SIM Card

63. Service Economy

64. delayed settlement processing

65. Press Conference

66. COD

67. Price Fixing

68. turnkey

69. systems analysis

70. finished goods

71. front company

72. free competition

73. Glamour Stock

74. Market share

75. Meltdown

76. Deadbeat

77. Page Traffic

78. Personal Information Manager

79. Operating Income

80. Retained Earnings

81. institutional ownership

82. Financial Equity

83. Sexting

84. Drip Advertising

85. Pure Play

86. Writ Of Execution

87. Blatherskite

88. Luddite

89. Project Management

90. Private Company

91. Flight Capital

92. Corporate Raider

93. Leave Of Absence

94. Per Diem

95. Questionnaire

96. Blind pool

97. SDN

98. not-for-profit organization

99. Sandwich Course 

100. reseller

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Definition / Meaning of

Self-supporting Bond

Categories: Bonds and Treasuries,

Bond sold to finance a project whose revenues will be used to pay off the interest and principal on that bond. Such bonds are generally issued by municipalities, who use the proceeds to finance various kinds of development projects. Self-supporting bonds are sometimes named after the specific kind of project that they are financing (for example, hospital revenue bond). Municipalities might opt for a revenue bond structure in cases where they have the power to levy charges on users of the projects, such as roads, airports, or hospitals. Since a self-supporting bond is supported by project-specific revenues as opposed to more secure general tax revenues, they are of slightly lower quality than general obligation bonds, and so they tend to have higher yields. However, self-supporting bonds issued by municipalities have a good track record, and are generally considered low risk, liquid investments provided they are backed up by viable projects. Thus, the most important factor to keep in mind when investing in such bonds is the revenue prospects of the project that is being financed by the bond. Like all municipal bonds, interest earned on the bonds is exempt from federal tax. In the case that the bond is bought by a resident of the state that issued the bond, the interest payments are also exempt from state tax. interest payments are further exempt from local tax>if they are bought by residents of the locality that issued the bond.

Most popular terms

1. Sell Short
2. Community Reinvestment Act Of 1977
3. Competence
4. FACT Act (Fair And Accurate Credit Transactions Act)
5. Special Crime Insurance
6. Sarbanes-Oxley Act Of 2002
7. Loss Payable Clause
8. Fronting
10. Return

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