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Financial terms in "Business and Management"

1. Registration Statement

2. Decertification

3. VAT

4. commerce integration

5. Investment

6. Knock-Off

7. Tyre Kicker

8. Stress Puppy

9. Tax Evasion

10. sponsorship

11. engagement letter

12. Write-Protect

13. option

14. Discount Window

15. Haggle

16. coproprietor

17. Portfolio Career

18. 24-Carat/Karat

19. Serial Bonds

20. Tag

21. Inflation

22. Prohibitive

23. business activity

24. Paternity Leave

25. Truth In Lending Act

26. Meme

27. SBA

28. Ad Rotation

29. False Bottom

30. Dawn Raid

31. Stock Ticker

32. Ream

33. Contingent Liability

34. Undischarged Bankrupt

35. Magnetic Media

36. relocate

37. Participating Performance Share

38. MNC

39. Vanity Publishing

40. Private Equity

41. Paying Agent

42. Picket

43. fee-based financial planning

44. PAYE

45. ultimatum

46. media buy

47. Strike

48. sustainable development

49. Third Sector

50. Sandwich Course 

51. disciplinary layoff

52. Blatherskite

53. Brent Crude oil

54. Meltdown

55. Sort Code

56. affiliated chains

57. buffer stock

58. public private partnership

59. Double

60. Gold Reserve

61. Cash on Delivery

62. launch

63. cost driver

64. Golden Handcuffs

65. Screen-Based Activity

66. Uptick

67. Cost Of Living Allowance

68. void

69. Tender Offer

70. feasibility study

71. Poison Pill

72. white paper

73. Payment By Results

74. Maladministration

75. Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

76. Share Capital

77. Amalgamate

78. Taft-Hartley Act of 1947

79. Text-To-Speech

80. Cross Guarantee

81. Soldier Of Fortune

82. Outdoor Advertising 

83. corporate transparency

84. Behemoth

85. Extension Strategy

86. Culpability

87. Linear programming

88. Crowdsourcing

89. profit maximization

90. Assets

91. Selective Attention

92. commerce

93. Straight Rebuy

94. Decision Tree

95. Ordinary Creditor

96. Employee Ownership

97. Articles Of Association

98. Category Killer

99. fiduciary

100. Liquidate

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Definition / Meaning of

Health Savings Account (HSA)

Categories: Finance,

A health savings account is designed to accumulate tax-free assets to pay current and future healthcare expenses. To open an HSA, you must have a qualifying High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) either through your employer or as an individual.If you have an employer's plan, your contributions to the HSA are made with pretax income, and your employer may contribute as well. If you have an individual plan, you may deduct your contributions in calculating your adjusted gross income (AGI).Congress sets an annual limit on the amount you can contribute to an HSA, which you set up with a financial institution such as a bank, brokerage firm, insurance company, or mutual fund company that offers these accounts.No tax is due on money you withdraw from the HSA to pay qualified medical expenses such as doctor's visits, hospital care, eyeglasses, dental care, and medications for yourself, your spouse, and your dependants.Any money that's left over in your HSA at the end of the year is rolled over and continues to accumulate tax-free earnings, which you can use for future healthcare costs.Once you're 65, you can use the money in the HSA for non-medical expenses without paying a penalty, but you'll owe income taxes on those withdrawals. If you are younger than 65, you can also spend from your HSA on non-medical expenses, but you'll owe income taxes plus a 10% tax penalty on the amount you take out.

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1. Act-as-one Provision
2. Internalization
3. 403(b)
4. Hope Scholarship Credit
5. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
6. Loss Payable Clause
7. Special Personal Auto Policy (SPAP)
8. Covenant Not To Sue
9. Savings Bonds
10. Floating Excess Policy

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