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Financial terms in "Compliance and Governance"

1. Proxy vote

2. Monopolies and Mergers Commission

3. Trade Descriptions Act

4. Articles of incorporation

5. Minority interest

6. chairman's report

7. Options Clearing Corporation

8. CEO

9. BaFin

10. general meeting

11. Outside director

12. Chief Executive Officer

13. Board of Directors

14. Companies House

15. National Credit Union Administration

16. compliance

17. Investment Management Regulatory Organisation

18. Resolution

19. regulatory agency

20. Proxy fight

21. Special Resolution


23. NAIC

24. Securities and Investments Board

25. Regulation D

26. minutes

27. Annual meeting

28. proxy form

29. Executive Director

30. Personal Investment Authority

31. company registrar

32. accountability

33. Companies Registration Office

34. Compliance Officer

35. directors' report

36. National Association of Securities Dealers

37. Regulation Z

38. boardroom

39. Delisting

40. Cumulative voting

41. Office of Management and Budget

42. Registered Company

43. prudential ratio

44. SEC

45. Articles Of Association

46. Watchdog

47. Securities and Exchange Commission

48. Ordinary Resolution

49. Ex Officio

50. Statutory voting

51. Regulation S-X

52. Takeover Panel

53. Serious Fraud Office

54. Securities and Futures Authority

55. chief executive

56. Commodity Futures Trading Commission

57. Quorum

58. Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Procedures

59. Registrar

60. Uniform transfers to minors act

61. compliance department

62. Disclosure

63. self-regulation

64. Registration Statement

65. Building Societies Ombudsman

66. corporate planning

67. Annual General Meeting

68. Proxy statement

69. Uniform Commercial Code

70. registration fee

71. Office Of Fair Trading

72. deregulation

73. Office of Thrift Supervision

74. corporate resolution

75. Rule 144

76. Statement of Financial Accounting Standards

77. OMB

78. executive officer

79. Regulation T

80. Statements of Standard Accounting Practice

81. corporate governance


83. CFTC


85. general undertaking

86. MD

87. UGMA

88. co-director

89. Financial Services Authority

90. Proxy

91. FSA

92. Financial Services Act

93. SC

94. Bylaws

95. Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

96. regulation

97. Annual report

98. UCC

99. control

100. directorate

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Definition / Meaning of

Dollar-weighted Rate Of Return

Categories: Accounting, Investing and Trading,

The rate of return that would make the present value of future cash flows plus the final market value of an investment or business opportunity equal the current market price of the investment or opportunity; in other words, the rate of return at which the net present value of the project is zero. If the internal rate of return exceeds the cost of financing the project, then the project is viable. The internal rate of return is also useful in ranking competing investment projects (the higher the internal rate of return, the better the project is), but there are some limitations with this technique. First, if cash flows change from negative or positive, or vice versa, a unique internal rate of return cannot be calculated, Second, in the case that competing projects are being considered, the internal rate of return criteria sometimes gives a different ranking than the net present value criteria. Thus, net present value is usually preferred over internal rate of return, since net present value is a specific number and is usually easier to calculate. also called dollar-weighted rate of return.

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8. Contractors All Risks (CAR) Insurance
9. Consensus Recommendation
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