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Financial terms in "Credit and Debt"

1. adjustment provision

2. Survey

3. pedestrian traffic count

4. Promissory Note

5. annual debt service

6. sales comparison value

7. unsecured

8. Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students

9. referee

10. net sales proceeds

11. collateral management

12. Small Business Investment Company

13. Modification

14. blended insurance program

15. piggyback loan

16. master deed

17. hard inquiry

18. Alienation Clause

19. lifetime reverse mortgage

20. risk

21. tenancy in severalty

22. interest rate derivative

23. Home Keeper

24. loan schedule

25. credit inquiry

26. collateralized debt obligation squared (CDO-squared)

27. certificate of discharge

28. waste line

29. alternative or specialty investments

30. over improvement

31. replevin

32. call loan

33. dynamic gap

34. undisclosed agency

35. change of beneficiary provision

36. Accredited Management Organization (AMO)

37. inventory lien

38. NCREIF Property Index (NPI)

39. borderline risk

40. lineal foot

41. soft call provision

42. countersignature

43. non-revolving credit card

44. crowding out

45. Leaseback

46. equitable conversion

47. structural defects

48. waste

49. weep hole

50. commercial property

51. comparative unit method

52. day loan

53. explicit interest

54. tenancy for years

55. negotiation

56. UCC-1 Statement

57. aggregate annual deductible

58. floating charge

59. nonrecourse debt

60. gross income multiplier

61. Mortgage suitability

62. credit squeeze

63. estovers

64. minimum property requirements

65. gap ratio

66. Front End Ratio

67. credit card balance transfer

68. run with the land

69. cash-out refinancing

70. interest rate exposure

71. Society of Industrial and Office REALTORS(R) (SIOR)

72. National Foundation for Consumer Credit

73. Deferred interest

74. commercial forgery policy

75. advance fee

76. transfer of physical assets (TPA)

77. subsidized housing

78. flat lease

79. Without Recourse

80. payoff

81. flexible payment mortgage

82. prepaid items

83. cash management bill

84. expense reimbursement allowance

85. Overdraft

86. equalization board

87. Punch List

88. limited recourse debt

89. mini perm

90. receipt

91. commercial lender

92. broad form cause of loss

93. Credit line

94. uncommitted facility

95. loan processor

96. Servicing release premium

97. time is of the essence

98. Seller financing

99. special assessment

100. relocation clause

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10. Direct Investment

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