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Financial terms in "Credit and Debt"

1. full doc loan

2. second lien debt

3. insulation disclosure

4. highway

5. space plan

6. back-to-back loans

7. cash advance

8. footing

9. FAD multiple

10. sequestrate order

11. presumption

12. Tenant At Will

13. duplex

14. field force

15. Conforming mortgage

16. mortgage debt

17. nominal consideration

18. Certified Consumer Debt Specialist (CCDS)

19. co-ownership

20. negative homeowner's equity

21. bailee's customer insurance

22. final inspection

23. negative NPV tie-in project

24. empty nester

25. market rental rates

26. assignment of mortgage

27. litigation

28. assessment valuation

29. life tenant

30. Keating Five

31. contract rent

32. rules and regulations

33. Commercial Lines

34. accession

35. landlords warrant

36. legal lending limit

37. shall

38. covenant of right to convey

39. rescheduled loan

40. Stated assets

41. certificate of sale

42. graduated rental lease

43. lease acquisition cost

44. Federal revenue stamp

45. senior

46. repairs

47. balance transfer

48. buffer zone

49. accrued items, active

50. subprime borrower

51. estimated property taxes

52. SLMA

53. urban sprawl

54. Lien

55. asset valuation reserve

56. Private mortgage insurance

57. sales comparison approach

58. Referral fees

59. beneficiary clause

60. concurrent causation

61. tidewater land

62. equity value

63. phase i audit

64. equitable mortgage

65. COSI

66. Ginnie Mae

67. covered margin

68. cargo insurance

69. sight line

70. use value

71. total retail area

72. constant maturity

73. plain-vanilla CMO

74. Bridge Loan

75. Payment Change Date

76. cash (or funds) available for distribution (CAD or FAD)

77. plat book

78. Alienation Clause

79. site analysis

80. exhibit

81. backfill

82. commercial leasehold insurance

83. holdback provision

84. accommodation paper

85. contingency listing

86. delayed issuance pool

87. security loan

88. subject to clause

89. CLO

90. Interest cost

91. Adverse Possession

92. warehousing

93. implied rate

94. implied warranty of habitability

95. Evidence Clause

96. trust beneficiary

97. conditions for qualification

98. recasting

99. limited referral agent

100. spot zoning

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1. Catch-up Contribution
2. Employee Retirement Income Security Act Section 510
3. Expiration Cycle
4. Return
5. Nonprofit
6. Direct Action
7. IRA Rollover
8. Insurer Insolvency Exclusion
9. Weighted Stock Index
10. Education Savings Account (ESA)

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