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Financial terms in "Credit and Debt"

1. unsubordinated debt

2. subagent

3. property manager

4. negotiation

5. deferred payment

6. minor

7. mutual mortgage insurance fund

8. mortmain

9. credit control

10. general agent

11. Owner Financing

12. Greenspan put

13. borderline risk

14. PreTSL (Preferred Term Securities, Ltd.)

15. Signature Loan

16. subjective value

17. Conditional Sale

18. restrictive credit policy

19. minimum rent

20. descent

21. National Housing Partnership

22. marginal risk

23. Certified Residential Mortgage Specialist

24. base premium

25. highway

26. Home Keeper

27. Fallout

28. Housing investment

29. judgment proof

30. leasehold interest

31. average downtime

32. private money

33. FFO multiple

34. datum

35. certificate of completion

36. lend

37. space plan

38. market rents

39. Graduation rate

40. credit default insurance

41. vicarious liability

42. countersignature

43. conservation

44. lien theory states

45. subprime credit card

46. accessory building

47. malfeasance

48. studio

49. committed facility

50. boiler plate

51. Debt Security

52. individual account management

53. cost of money

54. Demand clause

55. eximbank

56. Initial interest rate

57. contraction risk

58. underlying mortgage

59. exclusive right to sell listing

60. federally guaranteed obligations

61. age-life depreciation

62. upzoning

63. easement in gross

64. impact fee

65. recognition clause

66. Payment rate

67. Full faith and credit

68. vacation home

69. Recast payment

70. networking

71. Note Rate

72. Fixed-Markup UML

73. Adjustment Date

74. FAD multiple

75. Assumption of Mortgage

76. broker's call

77. open space

78. Housing bank

79. secured

80. certificate of discharge

81. growing equity mortgage

82. plans and specifications

83. Mortgage Banker

84. voidable contract

85. lead poisoning

86. assumed interest rate

87. government sponsored enterprise (GSE)

88. Loan note

89. debt displacement

90. home price

91. dry loan


93. cost approach appraisal

94. hereditament

95. early amortization

96. principal broker

97. renewal probability

98. direct access notes (DANs)

99. death put

100. Loan Origination

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A distribution is money a mutual fund pays its shareholders either from the dividends or interest it earns or from the capital gains it realizes on the sale of securities in its portfolio. Unless you own the fund through a tax-deferred or tax-free account, you owe federal income tax on most distributions, the exception being interest income from municipal bond funds. That tax is due whether or not you reinvest the money to buy additional shares in the fund.You'll owe tax at your regular rate on short-term gains and on income from interest. The tax on qualifying dividends and long-term gains is calculated at your long-term capital gains rate. Your end-of-year statement will indicate which income belongs to each category. The term distribution is also used to describe certain actions a corporation takes. For example, if a corporation spins off a subsidiary as a standalone company, it will issue shares in that subsidiary to current stockholders. That's considered a distribution. Corporate dividends may also be described as distributions.

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1. Discrimination
2. Preapproval
3. Disclosure
4. Contingent Commission
5. Family Exclusion
6. Target Date Fund
7. Return
8. Tax Exempt
9. Stowers Doctrine
10. 401(k)

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