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Financial terms in "Economics"

1. Late Foetal Death

2. Forward Foreign Exchange Contracts

3. Soil Surface Nitrogen Balance Indicator

4. Work-in-progress On Cultivated Assets Inventories

5. Conflict Rule

6. free entry

7. Join (in Relational Database Management Systems)

8. Manufacturing Or Industrial Milk

9. Statistical Match

10. Non-monetary Transactions

11. Maturity (of A Loan)

12. Producer Support Estimate (PSE)

13. Derivation Output

14. Net Cost Criterion

15. Primary Balance

16. Linked Samples

17. Labour Cost Eurostat

18. Medical Diagnostic And Treatment And Programmes


20. Exclusive Right

21. Nuclear Waste Pollution

22. Indexation Of Contracts

23. Global Positioning System (GPS)

24. Specification Pricing

25. Securitisation

26. Catch Per Unit Of Fishing Effort (CPUE)

27. Forecasting Errors

28. Net Rate Of Return

29. Neutral Holding Gain (by Non-residents)

30. Current Taxes On Capital

31. Refinery Gas (not Liquefied)

32. headline inflation

33. Intra-company Transfer Price

34. ISIC

35. Common Property Resources (environmental)

36. UNSC

37. Asylum-seekers

38. Taxes On The Use Of Fixed Assets

39. Sampling Frame

40. Secondary Effects Of Action Due To Labour Disputes

41. Technical Barriers To Trade

42. Component Series, Composite Leading Indicator (CLI)

43. Geothermal Energy

44. Affiliate Under Control Abroad

45. Incineration At Sea

46. Double Deflation

47. DDT

48. Resource Rent Derived From Capital Service Flow Calculation

49. Contingent Assets

50. Moving Seasonal Variation

51. Financial Aid To Students

52. Guaranteed Annuity

53. Nominal Value (of A Debt Instrument)

54. Mandatory Personal Pension Plan

55. Graduated Payments

56. Purpose Of Road Passenger Journeys

57. Excess Prices

58. Thermal Coal

59. Data Editing

60. Foreign Subsidiary

61. Explicit Quality Adjustment

62. Revision Policy

63. Noise (Statistical)

64. Rent - UN

65. international liquidity

66. natural resource

67. Unpaid Family Members (working In An Establishment)

68. Geographic Code

69. subsidy

70. Home Page

71. Knowledge-based Economy

72. Price Reference Period

73. Ubiquitous Computing

74. Interbank Positions

75. Synonymous Name

76. Net Sector Output

77. Intermediate Products

78. Triennial Central Bank Survey

79. Producers For Own Final Use

80. Participation Rate

81. deposit multiplier

82. Profits Of Fiscal Monopolies

83. Global Information System (GIS) Database

84. Unleaded Motor Gasoline

85. Closed Pension Funds

86. EPL

87. Two-stage Line Sampling

88. Collective Bargaining Coverage

89. Road Journey

90. Goods Having Left The Country By Inland Waterways (other Than Goods In Transit By Inland)

91. Fishery Committee For The Eastern Central Atlantic (CECAF)

92. Variate

93. Environmental Quality Standard

94. Head Count

95. Non-trade Concerns

96. Value Item

97. Full Line Forcing

98. Marketing Innovation

99. Satellite Accounts

100. Spending On Educational Services Other Than Instruction

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9. Unit Investment Trust (UIT)
10. Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Of 1990

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