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Financial terms in "Economics"

1. Distribution And Use Of Income Accounts - ESA

2. Rental On Fixed Assets

3. Consumption Good Or Service

4. Tight money

5. Legal Entities SNA

6. Kerosene Type Jet Fuel

7. Dow Jones Sustainability World Index

8. Level Of Education

9. Market Producers SNA

10. Innovation In Firms

11. Wind Energy

12. Current Transfers BPM

13. Euroland

14. Visitors (from Abroad To The Country)

15. Compilation Of Vital Data

16. Non-autonomous Pension Funds

17. Discount Rate Interest

18. Irregular Component Of A Time Series

19. Geodetic Reference System

20. Foreseen Obsolescence

21. Social Insurance Benefits

22. Full-time Student

23. CIC

24. Medical Diagnostic And Treatment And Programmes

25. Goods BPM

26. Data Standardization

27. economic recovery

28. Cut-off Survey

29. Non-price Predation

30. entry barrier

31. Asset Management (of A Pension Fund)

32. Contestability

33. price system

34. Artificial Wet Land Lagoons

35. Genetic Resources


37. StEPS

38. Market Exchange Rate

39. dismal science

40. Oligopoly

41. Disclosure Limitation Methods

42. Flag Of Convenience Countries

43. export financing interest

44. Sustainable National Income

45. Construction Contractor

46. International Classification By Status In Employment (ICSE-1993)

47. Global Information System (GIS) Database

48. Dots Per Inch (DPI)

49. Non-probability Sampling

50. Ecosystem Account

51. Saprobic Water Classification

52. Coal

53. Non-market Services NACE

54. European Economic Area (EEA)

55. Sampling Bias

56. Kyoto Convention

57. National Environment

58. Current Prices - SNA

59. Complete Coverage

60. Turning Point

61. Wildlife Refuge

62. Stocks Of Finished Goods Manufactured By The Unit (industry)

63. Tank Wagon

64. Identifying Variable

65. Price Indexation (of Pension Benefits)

66. crony capitalism

67. Datatype

68. Environmental Protection

69. Telephone Lines (main Telephone Lines)

70. Current Activity Status

71. Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA)

72. Turnover (of Inland Waterways Transport Enterprise)

73. Synthetic Substitution

74. Imputed Expenditure

75. Survey Units

76. Producer Price (agricultural Commodities)

77. Currency Of Transaction

78. demand-pull inflation

79. Tertiary Education (ISCED 56)

80. Food Web

81. economic institutions

82. economic planning

83. Productivity Change

84. law of supply

85. externality

86. Rent - UN

87. Employment (in Railway Enterprises)

88. Alan Greenspan

89. Current Employment Statistics (CES)

90. Imbedded Process

91. Local Suppression

92. Air Pollution

93. Monetary policy

94. technology transfer

95. ISM Manufacturing Report On Business

96. Rule Of Reason

97. Train-kilometre

98. Process Weight

99. Questionnaire Design

100. non-price competition

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Audit Committee

Categories: Accounting, Tax, Business and Management,

The corporate audit committee is the liaison between the company's management, the board of directors, internal and external auditors, and any other accounting experts advising the company on audit issues.In particular, the audit committee is responsible for hiring and managing external auditors. Since 2002, when Congress passed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, implementing stringent financial oversight regulations, the role of the audit committee has become increasingly important.An audit committee is composed of a sub-group from the corporation's board of directors. Members of the audit committee must be independent, which means they have no ties to the company's management team. In general they cannot receive any compensation, such as consulting or advisory fees, except for a board of director's fee. They may not be able to own shares in the company, or be affiliated in any other way with the company. Nor can they be affiliated with or have an interest in the external auditing company.

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9. Margin Clause
10. Disclosure

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