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Financial terms in "Economics"

1. Tissue Engineering

2. Monetary Aggregates OECD

3. Chain Linking Bias

4. Scrap

5. average propensity to import

6. Closed Pension Funds

7. Provisional Data

8. Community Development Corporation

9. Exponential Growth

10. Land Underlying Buildings And Structures

11. Slash-and-burn Agriculture

12. Economic Territory (of A Country) SNA

13. Credit Institution

14. World Heritage

15. Gross Value Added At Producers Prices

16. Net Saving

17. Proven Reserves

18. Linking

19. Perinatal Mortality

20. Harvesting Capacity (fishing)

21. Climate

22. Earmarked Taxes

23. Binary PPP

24. Benjamin Graham

25. Financial Policies

26. Gas Coke

27. G10

28. Free Port

29. Natural Patrimony Accounting

30. GERD

31. flow

32. Phased Retirement

33. Climate Convention

34. baby boomer

35. average propensity to consume

36. necessities

37. Ecosphere

38. Commercial Fishing

39. Data Quality Reference Site (DQRS)

40. Government Dependent / Independent Education Institution

41. Oil Pipeline Network

42. International Comparison Program

43. A Priori Audit

44. Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility (ESAF) Heavily Indebted Poor Country (HICP) Trust

45. Standardised Data Element

46. Committee On Monetary, Financial And Balance Of Payments Statistics

47. Absolute Difference

48. Sibling Group

49. Competitive Services

50. Landfill Site

51. Logical Condition Check

52. SUDA

53. capital movement

54. Currency And Deposits - SNA

55. Actuarial Surplus

56. Precision

57. Option Benefit

58. Imputed Social Contributions

59. Environmental Protection Input Output Table

60. Dose Response Function

61. Financial Intermediation

62. Low-level Radioactive Wastes

63. Comparison Period

64. Hedonic Method (in Compilation Of Construction Price Indices)

65. Modified Accrual Accounting

66. E-money

67. Country-of-origin Labelling (CoOL)

68. Stateless Persons

69. Temporal Adjustment Factors

70. Medical Diagnostic And Treatment And Programmes

71. Individual Government Ledger Accounts

72. Entrepreneurial Income

73. Price Movements

74. gasoline

75. Educational Institution

76. Gross Capital Formation

77. continuously offered longer-term securities (COLTS)

78. CPI


80. Embodied Technical Change

81. Control Of A Corporation

82. On-site Facility

83. Representative Item

84. Waterway

85. Post-enumeration Survey (PES) Of A Census

86. Tokyo Round

87. Social Security Benefits In Cash

88. controlled economy

89. Multiple Decision Methods

90. Goods Oil Pipeline Transport Link

91. Intergovernmental Transfers

92. national budget

93. Nitrous Oxide

94. Articulated Vehicle

95. Capital Stock Disposals

96. Paris Group

97. Passenger Ship

98. Absolute Error

99. public sector

100. Long-term Loans - DAC

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Family Of Funds

Categories: Mutual Funds, Investing and Trading, Stocks,

Many large mutual fund companies offer a variety of stock, bond, and money market funds with different investment strategies and objectives. Together, these funds make up a family of funds.If you own one fund in a family, you can usually transfer assets to another fund in the same family without sales charges. The transaction is known as an exchange. But unless the funds are in a tax-deferred or tax-free retirement or education savings plan, you'll owe capital gains taxes on increases in value of the fund you're selling.Investing in a family of funds can make diversification and asset allocation easier, provided there are funds within the family that meet your investment criteria. Investing in a family of funds can also simplify recordkeeping. However, the advantages of consolidating your assets within one fund family are being challenged by the proliferation of fund networks. fund networks, sometimes called fund supermarkets, make it easy to spread your investments among several fund families.

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1. Anniversary Rating Date
2. Office Of Compliance Inspections And Examinations (OCIE)
3. Cash Forward Contract
4. Prohibited Transactions
5. Audit Committee
6. Fill Or Kill Order (FOK)
7. Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
8. Return
9. Long-term Care Insurance
10. Unit Investment Trust (UIT)

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