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Financial terms in "Economics"

1. open economy

2. Rail Passenger Journey

3. economic moat

4. Non-monetary Benefits

5. Identification

6. Effective Control Of Enterprises

7. Non-monetary Transactions

8. major currency

9. Derived Statistical Activity

10. Benefit Incidence Analysis

11. Open Information Sources

12. Interval Distribution

13. Internal Control

14. Tariff / Unbundled Tariff

15. Biotechnology Active Firm (enterprise)

16. Elementary Price Index

17. Gross National Product

18. Agricultural Final Output

19. long run

20. Context Description Language

21. Cross-border Positions

22. Overpopulation

23. Validation Edit

24. Sub-bituminous Coal

25. Insured (guaranteed) Export Credit

26. Local-content Measure

27. Fiscal Policy

28. structural inflation

29. Identity

30. Monetary Gold BPM

31. Sea Passenger

32. Computer Assisted Coding

33. industrial production

34. Non-response Rate

35. International Union For Conservation Of Nature (IUCN) Red List

36. Shadow Economy

37. Pushed Tanker Barge

38. Product Specific Economies Of Scale

39. Unit Measure Of Precision

40. Claim Payments

41. Sea Transport Enterprise

42. Dead-weight Welfare Loss

43. Actual Final Consumption Of Non-profit Institutions Serving Households

44. Legitimate Child

45. Quota Sample

46. Knowbot

47. Civil Register

48. Enhanced Structural Adjustment Facility (ESAF) Heavily Indebted Poor Country (HICP) Trust

49. Primary Inputs

50. Other Wooded Land

51. Index number

52. Forward Rate Agreements (FRAs)

53. Nomads

54. Community Reinvestment Act of 1977

55. Neo-natal Mortality Rate

56. Financing Of National Environmental Protection Expenditure


58. Discontinuers (students)

59. Sea Voyage

60. Inventories Of Materials And Supplies

61. Road Train

62. Urban Road Traffic

63. flow

64. Passive Confidentiality

65. Sequential Correction

66. Subsidies On Products, Other

67. Social Assistance Benefits

68. Property Income Attributed To Insurance Policyholders

69. SNA (System Of National Accounts)

70. Intra-industry Trade

71. Expenditure On Maternal And Child Health Care

72. Joint Profit Maximisation

73. Pareto improvement

74. Marginal Settlements

75. Long-term Loans - DAC

76. Bulk / Oil Carrier

77. Integrated Survey Processing

78. Land Tenure

79. pure competition

80. Industry (producer) Technology

81. Representativity

82. Temporary Employment

83. Deductible Value Added Tax (VAT)

84. Personal Consumption Expenditures

85. Link To Release Calendar - MetaStore

86. Pest

87. Ozone Hole

88. Associated Financing

89. Volumes At Constant Exchange Rates Of Period T0

90. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) UN

91. Poison

92. gear

93. Nash equilibrium

94. Civilian Labour Force

95. Nominal Values

96. Quality Control Survey

97. Binary Digit (BIT)

98. Balance Of Payments, Goods

99. Services, Social

100. Non-null Hypothesis

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