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Financial terms in "Economics"

1. Values At Constant Exchange Rates Of Period T-1

2. Certification Authority Subscriber Application Agreement

3. Nuclear Power Plant

4. base-year analysis

5. Late Foetal Death

6. oil price to natural gas ratio

7. Date Of Occurrence Of A Vital Event

8. Subsidiary Corporation ESA

9. Association of Southeast Asian Nations

10. Contestability

11. Ecological Equilibrium

12. Intended Instruction Time

13. Turning Point (in Growth Cycle Analysis)

14. fiscal package

15. Contract Migrant Workers

16. Subsoil Assets UN

17. Foreigners Seeking Asylum

18. Exact Disclosure

19. autonomous expenditure

20. fair trade

21. Securities Underwriters And Dealers

22. Profits Of Fiscal Monopolies

23. Editing Rationality

24. Marshall Plan

25. Public Inland Waterways Transport (IWT) Enterprise

26. debt burden


28. AW - Average Worker

29. Ancestry-based Settlers

30. value for money (VFM)

31. Actuarial Reduction

32. Educational Attainment

33. Private Leased Circuit Service

34. Services SNA

35. Costs (of Sea Transport Enterprises)

36. Andean Community

37. Ben Bernanke

38. marginal analysis

39. Respondent Burden

40. existing home sales

41. European System Of Accounts 1995 (ESA)

42. Fed Chairman

43. Price Regulation

44. Principal Activity SNA

45. Fixed-output Input Price Index (FOIPI)

46. Complete Coverage

47. Clean Technology

48. economic interdependence

49. Batch Data Review

50. Maternal Mortality Rate

51. Index number

52. Open Information Sources

53. MIS

54. Mathematical Literacy

55. Customs Union

56. Paid Employment Jobs

57. Central Product Classification (CPC)

58. Inventories Of Work-in- Progress On Cultivated Assets

59. Fishers Ideal Index (volume)

60. Damage Adjustments To Assets Valuation

61. common market

62. Standardised Data Element

63. Book Reserves Or Provisions

64. Time Lag

65. CCIO

66. Rent - OECD

67. Non-profit Institutions (NPIs)


69. Intervention Purchase

70. Automated Data Processing (ADP)

71. Bills

72. Automated Data Adjustments

73. Road Motor Vehicle

74. Mandatory Contribution

75. Producer Nominal Assistance Co-efficient (NACp)

76. Remote Execution

77. Negative Externality

78. Labour Productivity

79. Uruguay Round Agreement On Agriculture (URAA)

80. investment multiplier

81. Joint Monopoly Profits

82. DQAF

83. Deposit Insurance Scheme

84. quantity demanded

85. Outworkers SNA

86. Gold Exchange Standard

87. welfare state

88. Carli Price Index

89. Industry ISIC Rev. 3

90. Manufacturing Or Industrial Milk

91. Total Quality Management Approach To Editing


93. Confidentiality Edit

94. secondary sector

95. Non-public (private) Network

96. Net Saving

97. Troposphere

98. Goods Unloaded (from Inland Waterways Transport)

99. economic outlook

100. Step-up Or Step-down Bond (or Note)

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