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Financial terms in "Estate Planning"


2. terminal year

3. Transfer on death designation

4. Qualified terminable interest property

5. joint will

6. restrictive covenant

7. attest

8. Academy Of Financial Divorce Practitioners

9. Monetary Control Act

10. Chinese Wall

11. adhesion contract

12. principle

13. Articles Of Association

14. Chartered Financial Analyst

15. donee

16. enrolled agent

17. municipal

18. Unified credit

19. Contingent Liability

20. Chapter 13

21. Ascertainable standard

22. Tax Court

23. Financial Stability Oversight Council

24. Article 9

25. trust agreement

26. entity

27. repayment terms

28. China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC)

29. Pour over will

30. Public Company Accounting Oversight Board

31. Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)

32. doing business as

33. disposition

34. testament

35. Ratify

36. joint tenancy with right of survivorship

37. Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund

38. Thrift Financial Report

39. Scrip

40. European Covered Bond Council (ECBC)

41. Health care power of attorney

42. Financial Institutions Regulatory Act

43. contract

44. trade through rule

45. Title

46. pay on death

47. discretionary

48. permit

49. contingent annuity

50. rule 72(t)

51. Quorum

52. assign

53. mini-Madoff

54. business entity concept

55. Fair Trade Act

56. North American Free Trade Agreement

57. Certified Financial Divorce Practitioner (CFDP)

58. Rescind

59. embezzle

60. Counterclaim

61. involuntary trust

62. exempt transaction

63. Insurance trust

64. securities attorneys

65. legal risk

66. Cost Accounting Standards Board (CASB)

67. condition

68. energy trust

69. Blue Laws

70. documentation

71. Trustee

72. guilt-edged investment

73. registration approval

74. Bylaws

75. Wells notice

76. charter

77. Voluntary Liquidation

78. Estate tax exemption amount

79. Uniform Prudent Investor Act (UPIA)

80. Insider Trading and Securities Fraud Enforcement Act of 1988

81. revocation

82. Gift Tax

83. primary regulator

84. coercive incentive

85. wall

86. as is

87. contract sale

88. legacy

89. International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO)

90. Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA)

91. fiduciary risk

92. alternate valuation date

93. incident of ownership

94. Investment Advisors Act of 1940

95. escrow shares

96. mediation

97. good faith

98. Securities Enforcement Remedies and Penny Stock Reform Act of 1990

99. bond attorney

100. rider

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Fixed Annuity

Categories: Insurance, Legal, ,

A fixed annuity is a contract that allows you to accumulate earnings at a fixed rate during a build-up period. You pay the required premium, either in a lump sum or in installments. The insurance company invests its assets, including your premium, so it will be able to pay the rate of return that it has promised to pay.At a time you select, usually after you turn 59 1/2, you can choose to convert your account value to retirement income. Among the alternatives is receiving a fixed amount of income in regular payments for your lifetime or the lifetimes of yourself and a joint annuitant. That's called annuitization. Or, you may select some other payout method.The contract issuer assumes the risk that you could outlive your life expectancy and therefore collect income over a longer period than it anticipated. You take the risk that the insurance company will be able to meet its obligations to pay.Some variable annuities offer a fixed rate account with a guarantee of principal, such as an interest account.

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1. Long-term Care Insurance
2. Direct Investment
3. Standard & Poor's Depositary Receipt (SPDR)
4. Manufacturers Output Policy (MOP)
5. National Association Of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations System
6. Audit Committee
7. Special Crime Insurance
8. 403(b)
9. Special Mobile Equipment
10. Contractors Professional Liability Insurance

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