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Financial terms in "Estate Planning"

1. sunshine laws

2. registered principal

3. bona fide

4. Terms

5. mutual will

6. condition

7. Internal Revenue Bulletin (IRB)

8. legal age

9. Tax Court

10. binder

11. Probate tax

12. Hush Money

13. cash distribution per unit (CDPU)

14. per stirpes

15. break fee

16. Interest of a beneficiary

17. coercive incentive

18. Ponzi Scheme

19. officer

20. legal transfer

21. Exemption equivalent

22. joint

23. unauthorized investment

24. joint venture

25. Securities Industry Automation Corporation (SIAC)

26. OIS

27. Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982

28. alienate

29. opinion of title

30. Thrift Financial Report

31. Valid

32. Private Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995

33. grandfathered activities

34. Electronic Funds Transfer Act

35. liable

36. Estate tax exemption amount

37. Commitment

38. Academy Of Financial Divorce Practitioners

39. Fair Credit Billing Act

40. Chartered Trust and Estate Planner

41. Federal Communications Commission

42. Applicable exclusion amount

43. statutory

44. Federal

45. Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA)

46. Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC)

47. regulation

48. disposition

49. Scrip

50. basket clause

51. decedent

52. Descendants

53. collusion

54. action to quiet title

55. administrator

56. Series 7 license

57. de minimis tax rule

58. Caveat Emptor

59. mortgage lien

60. Power of Attorney

61. identity score

62. legal

63. Day of the Jackal fraud

64. Attorney-in-Fact

65. Title

66. testament

67. grantor trust rules

68. certificate

69. Power of withdrawal

70. net estate

71. inc.

72. medical support withholding

73. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

74. Will

75. amendment

76. Legal Entity

77. arrangement

78. closed union

79. Form S-3

80. Securities Industry Committee on Arbitration (SICA)

81. NASD Dispute Resolution, Inc.

82. proof

83. fiduciary fraud

84. adjudication

85. Financial Stability Oversight Council

86. Irrevocable trust

87. Arbitration

88. garnishing

89. terminal year

90. effective date

91. Affinity fraud

92. license

93. foreign invested enterprise (FIE)

94. con game

95. inter vivos

96. endorsement

97. non-disclosure agreement

98. breach

99. negligence

100. trust fund

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Featured term of the day

Definition / Meaning of

Substitute Check

Categories: Finance,

Substitute checks are digital copies of the fronts and backs of paper checks that provide the same legal protections and obligations as the originals, including serving as proof of payment. Each check is formatted on a separate piece of paper a little larger than the original with the words “This is a legal copy of your check” appearing next to the image.Using digital copies, which can be transmitted electronically, allows banks to process payments faster and more efficiently than they could when paper checks had to be routed through the check clearing system. Most banks destroy original checks once they've archived the substitutes, which means that you probably no longer receive cancelled checks with your bank statement. Your bank may send you substitute checks but is more likely to provide either a line item statement or an image statement that has photocopies of the fronts and backs of cancelled checks grouped on a page. These are not substitute checks, although they can often be used as proof of payment. If you need an actual copy of a substitute check, you can request it from your bank. However, there may be a fee.

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1. Franchised Monopoly
2. Weighted Stock Index
3. Floating Rate
4. Synthetic Investment
5. Risk Manager
6. Distribution
7. Rating Bureau
8. Charitable Remainder Trust
9. CollegeSure CD
10. Lifetime Learning Credit

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