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Financial terms in "Forex"

1. Turkish Lira

2. Russian Ruble

3. fxTrade Mobile for iPhoneŽ

4. floating exchange rate

5. Fixing

6. CME Group

7. Fungible

8. currency clause

9. Starbucks index

10. carry trade

11. IDR

12. Danish Krone

13. dual currency issue

14. Eurocommercial paper

15. Oscillators

16. Off-Shore

17. Slovakia Koruna

18. cable

19. currency hedging

20. Ugandan Shilling

21. Dronning Maudland Krone

22. Left-Hand Side

23. triangular arbitrage

24. Non-Client Order

25. Sell Stop

26. Vostro Account

27. Banking Day

28. freely floating system

29. Reciprocal Currency

30. numismatics

31. currency exchange

32. major pairs

33. cross currency contract

34. Trading Model

35. Isle of Man pound

36. uncertainty

37. Libyan Dinar

38. foreign currency option

39. indirect quote

40. Closing Market Rate

41. Euro Interbank Offered Rate

42. gold fixing

43. biased expectations theory

44. managed currency fund

45. swissie

46. Forex signal

47. basis swap

48. Madeira Escudo

49. Greek Drachma

50. official intervention

51. Azores Escudo

52. golden cross

53. Done

54. TND

55. Stocky

56. European Economic and Monetary Union

57. sensitivity

58. foreign currency futures and options

59. Bermudian Dollar

60. grid

61. CLP

62. Sao Tome Dobra

63. Stochastics Oscillator

64. Bahraini Dinar

65. ALL

66. Under-Valuation

67. competitive devaluation

68. domestic currency

69. Profit/Loss

70. Qatari Riyal

71. Trend Lines

72. Serbian Dinar

73. S/N Roll

74. adjustment trigger

75. Canadian Dollar

76. Bundesbank

77. swap dealer

78. forex trading robot

79. Fill Price

80. CYP

81. fixed dates

82. Tonga Pa'Anga

83. two-way price

84. Warrants

85. Narrow Money

86. daily cut off

87. standard lot

88. worthless

89. Paris

90. Nigeria Naira

91. Rate Differentials

92. trade-weighted index

93. bullion

94. Vietnam Dong

95. value

96. dollar duration

97. Kyrgyzstan Som

98. leads and lags

99. Sudanese Dinar

100. Czech Koruna

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Definition / Meaning of

Dollar-weighted Rate Of Return

Categories: Accounting, Investing and Trading,

The rate of return that would make the present value of future cash flows plus the final market value of an investment or business opportunity equal the current market price of the investment or opportunity; in other words, the rate of return at which the net present value of the project is zero. If the internal rate of return exceeds the cost of financing the project, then the project is viable. The internal rate of return is also useful in ranking competing investment projects (the higher the internal rate of return, the better the project is), but there are some limitations with this technique. First, if cash flows change from negative or positive, or vice versa, a unique internal rate of return cannot be calculated, Second, in the case that competing projects are being considered, the internal rate of return criteria sometimes gives a different ranking than the net present value criteria. Thus, net present value is usually preferred over internal rate of return, since net present value is a specific number and is usually easier to calculate. also called dollar-weighted rate of return.

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2. Preference Shares
3. Securitization
4. Most Favored Venue Wording
5. Immigration Violation Coverage Endorsement
6. Floating Excess Policy
7. Circuit Breaker
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10. Covenant Not To Sue

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