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Financial terms in "Forex"

1. par spread

2. Czech Koruna

3. Ugandan Shilling

4. ERM

5. Guyana Dollar

6. Hong Kong Dollar

7. OCO

8. Currency swap

9. ATS

10. basket of USD shorts

11. Honduras Lempira

12. currency

13. Togo Republic Franc

14. bimetallic standard

15. Foreign exchange reserves

16. sell signal

17. AZM

18. Bar Charts

19. ACU

20. Forex signal

21. Irish Punt

22. News Trader

23. Mexican Peso

24. lawful money

25. currency risk sharing

26. forex analysis

27. Gold standard

28. forex club

29. forward discount

30. representative money

31. dollar drain

32. European Monetary Unit

33. diversified holding company

34. currency hedging

35. Legal Tender

36. odd date

37. Andorran Franc

38. dollar bears

39. Yard

40. nano lot

41. BHD

42. Croatian Kuna

43. foreign exchange spot trading

44. Hong Kong interbank offer rate (HIBOR)

45. Hard currency

46. denomination

47. Joint float

48. sensitivity

49. forex trader

50. dual currency swap

51. gold coin

52. Somali Schilling

53. exchange rate regime

54. Blocked currency

55. rate differential swap

56. Off-Shore

57. End of Day Mark to Market

58. Short Put

59. UAE Dirham

60. Purchasing Power

61. North Africa Peseta

62. peg

63. Support Levels

64. dollar terms

65. forex futures

66. AZN

67. TJS

68. MOP

69. Eritrean Nakfa

70. Paraguay Guarani

71. managed currency fund

72. Jurisdiction Risk

73. Domestic Rates

74. Tradeable Amount

75. South Korean Won

76. foreign position

77. Scalping (Forex trading)

78. indirect quote

79. FIM

80. St. Lucia Dollar

81. uncovered interest arbitrage

82. Cocos (Keeling) Island

83. repatriation

84. currency exchange

85. circus swap

86. Carry Positive

87. Philippines Peso

88. Grenada Dollar

89. Financial instrument

90. dual currency issue

91. Working Day

92. Unrealized P/L

93. micro lot

94. cent

95. Derivative

96. Vatican City Lira

97. uncertainty

98. Demonetize

99. gamble

100. Zimbabwe Dollar

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10. Weighted Stock Index

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