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Financial terms in "Forex"

1. Turkmenistan Manat

2. fiat money

3. Hong Kong Dollar

4. IDR

5. Indonesian Rupiah

6. dollar area

7. inconvertible

8. currency union

9. T/N Roll

10. Fungible

11. currency warrants

12. foreign currency futures and options

13. golden cross

14. basis swap

15. RON

16. End of Day Mark to Market

17. Line Chart

18. Senegal Franc

19. forex mini account

20. Same Day Transaction

21. quid

22. Mini Account

23. Cuban Peso

24. API Trading

25. South Korean Won

26. Guernsey Pound

27. Congo Franc

28. Foreign exchange broker

29. Aruban Guilder

30. G8

31. exchange rate index

32. Conversion price

33. trade-weighted index

34. MT4

35. Papua N. G. Kina

36. cross-currency transaction

37. US Dollar

38. Forward Contracts

39. Burkino Faso

40. currency trading software

41. specie

42. indirect quote

43. Point & Figure Charts

44. exotic currency

45. Tonga Pa'Anga

46. multicurrency note facility

47. numismatics

48. Swaziland Lilangeni

49. International Organization for Standardization

50. currency risk sharing

51. covered foreign currency loan

52. Commodity

53. Brit Indian Ocean Rupee

54. Monetary Easing

55. ARS

56. Either-way market

57. currency symbol

58. Somali Schilling

59. monetize

60. Japanese Yen

61. Options

62. Gold Reserve

63. Tajikistan Somoni

64. gamble

65. right hand side (RHS)

66. Futures exchange

67. international ETF

68. Vietnam Dong

69. Seychelles Rupee

70. European Monetary Unit

71. mint ratio

72. Bahamas Dollar

73. Nominal exchange rate

74. Confederate dollar

75. Asian dollar

76. Ethiopian Birr

77. Pitcairn Is Dollar

78. Long Call

79. Monetarists

80. Mongolia Tugrik

81. forward forward contract

82. Foreign Debt

83. exchange rate mechanism

84. Maple Leaf

85. monetary

86. Eurocommercial paper

87. G7

88. funding currency

89. Namibia Dollar

90. Ivory Coast Franc

91. Guam Dollar

92. Colombian Peso

93. Mexican Unidades De Inversion Udi

94. dollar duration

95. par spread

96. Transaction exposure

97. Details

98. Omani Rial

99. Special Drawing Rights

100. Grenada Dollar

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