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Financial terms in "Forex"

1. foreign currency fixed deposit (FCFD)

2. foreign money order

3. Purchasing Power

4. monetize

5. Somali Schilling

6. Madagascar

7. Kiwi

8. paper currency

9. gold coin

10. EMS

11. Retail Side

12. sterilization

13. principal exchange rate linked securities (PERLS)

14. overnight limit

15. linked exchange rate system

16. foreign exchange

17. Mexican Peso

18. forward exchange rate

19. Society for World-wide Interbank Telecommunications

20. fiat money

21. Guernsey Pound

22. euro ETF

23. Slovakia Koruna

24. gold bar

25. GYD

26. HKD

27. Interday Trading

28. Guinea-Bissau Franc

29. Overnight

30. currency trading platform

31. non-convertible currency

32. Omani Rial

33. Niger Republic Franc

34. Short Put

35. funding currency

36. AOA

37. counter currency

38. soft money

39. grid trading

40. tomorrow next trade

41. Greenland Krone

42. Sudanese Dinar

43. Jean Claude Trichet

44. One Cancels the Other Order

45. Financial instrument

46. Tomorrow Next

47. OCO

48. Automated Trader

49. Swedish Krona

50. dual currency issue

51. Fungible

52. diversified carry basket

53. IDR

54. forex scalping

55. watermark

56. Bill


58. free currency

59. gamble

60. Euro Overnight Index Average

61. GEL

62. News Trader

63. Sell Stop

64. BAM

65. Sri Lankan Rupee

66. MOP

67. IMP

68. Nieue Dollar

69. Stochastics Oscillator

70. Stock Broker

71. Quarter

72. Foreign exchange broker

73. Snake

74. Euro-note

75. silver certificate

76. Excess Margin Deposits

77. Sterling

78. Tanzanian Shilling

79. implication

80. unparted bullion

81. Norfolk Island Dollar

82. Trading Platforms

83. Cuban Peso

84. worthless

85. Forex charts

86. time value of money

87. Carry Currencies

88. pipette

89. Carry Positive

90. Forex signal

91. e-micro forex futures

92. Kiribati Dollar

93. Reuter dealing

94. location arbitrage

95. MetaTrader

96. buy signal

97. Romanian Leu

98. odd date

99. standard lot

100. International Swaps and Derivatives Association

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A distribution is money a mutual fund pays its shareholders either from the dividends or interest it earns or from the capital gains it realizes on the sale of securities in its portfolio. Unless you own the fund through a tax-deferred or tax-free account, you owe federal income tax on most distributions, the exception being interest income from municipal bond funds. That tax is due whether or not you reinvest the money to buy additional shares in the fund.You'll owe tax at your regular rate on short-term gains and on income from interest. The tax on qualifying dividends and long-term gains is calculated at your long-term capital gains rate. Your end-of-year statement will indicate which income belongs to each category. The term distribution is also used to describe certain actions a corporation takes. For example, if a corporation spins off a subsidiary as a standalone company, it will issue shares in that subsidiary to current stockholders. That's considered a distribution. Corporate dividends may also be described as distributions.

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1. Filing Basis
2. Call Option
3. Inflation-protected Security (TIPS)
4. Absolute Exclusions
5. Hope Scholarship Credit
6. Stable Value Fund
7. U.S. Treasury Securities
8. Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE)
9. Use-based Application
10. Contractors All Risks (CAR) Insurance

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