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Financial terms in "Forex"

1. Hong Kong interbank offer rate (HIBOR)

2. foreign currency swap

3. Bhutan Ngultrum

4. overnight limit

5. front fee

6. e-micro forex futures

7. Resistance Point or Level

8. Miquelon Franc

9. Society for World-wide Interbank Telecommunications

10. dollar terms

11. Technical Side

12. Inflation

13. TRY

14. CFA Franc

15. dual currency service

16. Sao Tome Dobra

17. Eurobank

18. Maltese Lira

19. fxTrade Mobile for iPhoneŽ

20. dollar bears

21. Iceland Krona

22. FXManager

23. G7

24. Same Day Transaction

25. Good Until Canceled

26. currency trading platform

27. Forward Point

28. Trading Platforms

29. Bulgarian Lev

30. exchange premium

31. currency diversification

32. Ethiopian Birr

33. redenomination

34. ISO currency code

35. Comoros Franc

36. competitive devaluation

37. Ugandan Shilling

38. foreign money order

39. euro ETF

40. Madagascar

41. gold bar

42. Convertibility

43. Philadelphia Board of Trade (PBOT)

44. Negative Sloping Yield Curve

45. Cape Verde Escudo

46. Fixing

47. Kill or Fill

48. sterling area

49. Stop Losses

50. HKD

51. currency conversion

52. equity linked foreign exchange option

53. G8

54. currency risk sharing

55. lawful money

56. cross currency contract

57. Virgin Island Dollar

58. dollar rate

59. tomorrow next trade

60. currency counters

61. Slovakia Koruna

62. net currency exposure

63. British Pound

64. Spanish Peseta

65. Carry Currencies

66. Russian Ruble

67. funds

68. UAE Dirham

69. T-Notes

70. Gibraltar Pound

71. Bar Charts

72. hard cash

73. Chad Franc

74. ACU

75. floating exchange rate

76. Bahamas Dollar

77. grid trading

78. foreign position

79. floating exchange rate system

80. fixed dates

81. sensitivity

82. Angolan Kwanza

83. cross-currency transaction

84. reciprocal of European terms

85. COP

86. gamble

87. Tunisian Dinar

88. Rainbow Option

89. Mauritania Ouguiya

90. Bosnia-Herzegovina Convertible Mark

91. Dominican Republic

92. Peruvian New Sol

93. dollar duration

94. Ukraine Hryvnia

95. exchange rate mechanism

96. forex EA

97. Mobile Trading

98. British monetary unit

99. triangular arbitrage

100. Sudanese Dinar

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10. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)

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