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Financial terms in "Fraud"

1. Short-change

2. Embezzlement

3. front company

4. Creative accounting

5. hot money

6. launder

7. false market

8. Ponzi Scheme

9. Identity Theft

10. False Accounting

11. phishing

12. Book

13. Serious Fraud Office

14. ghosting

15. insider trading

16. Kickback

17. funny money

18. forensic accounting

19. fraud

20. kite

21. Piracy

22. Day of the Jackal fraud

23. boiler room fraud

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McDonough Ratio

Categories: Credit and Debt, Banking,

An estimated minimum capital that banks must have in order to mitigate the risks on their assets, such as financial instruments and loans granted, which generally should be greater than 8%. It is used to determine how much capital is required to be maintained by the bank in case of unexpected losses. This ratio is an improvement over the previous version of the cooke ratio, which did not include weights associated to its loans and financial instruments. This flaw has been eliminated in the new version. The ratio can be calculated as follows:(regulatory capital) / (credit risk market risk operational risk) >= 8%Where: regulatory capital = capital and retained earnings of individual company. credit risk = risk that the borrower may default. It can be calculated by weighting the total amount of the loan by the quality of the borrower. market risk = risk undertaken due to changes in market conditions, applicable to interest-rate products, equities, currencies and commodities. operational risk = risk evolving out of internal company management, such as failed processes, people and systems.

Most popular terms

1. Weighted Stock Index
2. Fiduciary
3. Fixed Annuity
4. Hybrid Mortgage
5. Dirty Bomb
6. Risk Manager
7. Fill Or Kill Order (FOK)
8. Special Personal Auto Policy (SPAP)
9. Auction Rate Security (ARS)
10. Quarter

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