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Financial terms in "Futures"

1. minimum price contract

2. delivery point

3. futures bundle

4. Face value

5. fully disclosed account

6. heavy crude oil

7. automated pit trading

8. variable limit

9. contract grades

10. managed futures

11. exchange for futures

12. notice day

13. gold fixing

14. customer margin

15. Farm Price Index (FPI)

16. worthless

17. forward spread

18. par

19. lock-limit

20. Dojima Rice Exchange

21. Tokyo Financial Exchange (TFX)

22. bookout

23. freight derivatives

24. International Securities Identification Number

25. Commodities Exchange Act

26. Spot market

27. risk disclosure document

28. Open outcry

29. controlled commodities

30. contract unit

31. notional value

32. futures markets

33. forward cover taking

34. Restricted security

35. cheapest to deliver

36. contract for differences (CFD)

37. backpricing

38. underlier

39. forward contract

40. price limit

41. Commodity Research Bureau

42. carrying charge market

43. CBOE Futures Exchange (CFE)

44. International Commodities Clearing House

45. foreign currency futures and options

46. invisible supply

47. copper

48. energy derivatives

49. commodity ETF

50. strong basis

51. Derivative

52. Malaysia Commodity Exchange (MCE)

53. position day

54. Listing

55. Futures Industry Association

56. derivatives transaction execution facility (DTEF)

57. rating

58. commodity contract

59. forward forward

60. certificated stock

61. free-crowd system

62. commodity paper

63. NYFE

64. warehouse report

65. upgrade

66. roll yield

67. fast tape

68. London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange

69. Commodity Futures Trading Commission

70. retender

71. Financial instrument

72. life of contract

73. convenience yield

74. trend day

75. natural gas

76. derivative pricing models

77. basis trading

78. Index and Option Market

79. London spot fix

80. expectations theory

81. NYSE

82. Series 3

83. convergence

84. sensitivity

85. CME

86. Commodities Futures Exchange

87. large trader

88. Dusseldorf Stock Exchange (DUS)

89. Bear spread

90. nearby delivery month

91. undervalued

92. Mercato Italiano Futures (IMF)

93. delivery month

94. Tokyo Commodity Exchange

95. IDEM

96. interest rate futures

97. exchange for physical

98. foreign exchange market

99. commercial hedger

100. low exercise price option (LEPO)

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Definition / Meaning of

Target Date Fund

Categories: Finance,

A target date fund is a fund of funds that allows you to link your investment portfolio to a particular time horizon, typically your expected retirement date. In fact, a target date fund characteristically has a date in its name, such as a 2015 Fund or a 2030 Fund. A target fund aiming at a date in the somewhat distant future tends to have a fairly aggressive asset allocation, with a focus on growth. As the target date approaches, the fund is designed to become more conservative to preserve the assets that have accumulated and eventually to provide income. Each fund company formulates its own approach to risk, so that the allocation of one 2025 Fund may be noticeably different from the allocation of a 2025 Fund from a different company. You can find model portfolios and statements of investment strategy in the fund's prospectus. Each mutual fund company that offers target date funds tends to offer a series, with dates five or ten years apart. Most companies populate their funds of funds with individual funds from their fund family, though some companies add mutual funds or exchange traded funds from other investment companies.Like other funds of funds, the fees you pay for a target date fund may be higher than you would pay to own each of the individual funds separately. However, these fees pay for an additional level of professional oversight.

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1. Homeowners Policy Special Form 3 (HO 3)
2. Office Of Compliance Inspections And Examinations (OCIE)
3. Weighted Stock Index
4. Contract Certainty
6. Loss Payable Clause
7. Passively Managed
8. Direct Action
9. Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
10. Weather Derivative

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