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Financial terms in "Global"

1. foreign crowd

2. Nikkei Stock Average

3. Amman Stock Exchange

4. incremental capital output ratio (ICOR)

5. Keiretsu


7. equity linked Eurobond

8. Swiss Options and Financial Futures Exchange


10. London Inter-Bank Offer Rate

11. international

12. Gnomes of Zurich

13. subsidiary bank

14. International Capital Market Association (ICMA)

15. Gold Pool

16. Export-Import Bank

17. Special Drawing Rights

18. ADS

19. trade bloc

20. NASD Form Fr-1

21. Eurozone

22. repatriable

23. Hague Securities Convention

24. World Federation of Exchanges

25. global

26. global squeeze

27. asian dollar market

28. Global Strategic Petroleum Reserves (GSPR)

29. alien corporation

30. Tokyo International Financial Futures Exchange

31. domestic

32. capital movements

33. Brady bond

34. GATT

35. debtor nation

36. embargo

37. Global Financial Centres Index

38. European Exchange Rate mechanism

39. neutral period

40. Saitori

41. Euroequity issues

42. excess crude account

43. Clearing House Automated Payment System

44. medium-term guarantee program

45. Sponsored ADR

46. Protectionism

47. Eurocurrency

48. foreign national mortgage

49. European Depositary Receipt

50. Nikkei Index

51. Cambist

52. ECB

53. Euro Overnight Index Average

54. The Global Dow

55. free trade agreement

56. Australian Securities Exchange

57. Toronto Stock Exchange

58. paper gold

59. Bretton Woods agreement

60. Federation Internationale des Bourses de Valeurs

61. cable

62. Euroyen bond

63. American depositary receipt (ADR) ratio

64. crown corporation

65. Merchant Bank

66. Third World

67. International Organization of Securities Commissions (IOSCO)

68. Bolsa

69. Colombo Stock Exchange

70. tiger economy

71. Eurodollar market

72. green field investment

73. grid

74. Depreciation

75. G-8

76. common market

77. Yankee bond market

78. concession agreement


80. Dow Jones BRIC 50 Index

81. quid

82. Euronext Lisbon

83. European best bid and offer (EBBO)

84. foreign bill

85. country basket

86. trade barrier

87. Canadian rollover mortgage

88. Eurodollar floating-rate certificate of deposit

89. cross border

90. cross-border outstanding

91. international stock

92. Clearstream

93. developed markets

94. country risk premium (CRP)

95. Dow Jones Asian Titans 50 Index

96. multinational

97. offshore company

98. TSX Venture Exchange

99. back-to-back loans

100. Limited Company

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Definition / Meaning of

Floating Rate

Categories: Credit and Debt,

A debt security or corporate preferred stock whose interest rate is adjusted periodically to reflect changing money market rates is known as a floating rate instrument. These securities, for example, five-year notes, are initially offered with an interest rate that is slightly below the rate being paid on comparable fixed-rate securities. But because the rate is adjusted upward from time to time, its market price generally remains very close to the offering price, or par.When a nation's currency moves up and down in value against the currency of another nation, the relationship between the two is described as a floating exchange rate. For example, the us dollar is worth more japanese yen in some periods and less in others. That movement is usually the result of what's happening in the economy of each of the nations and in the economies of their trading partners. A fixed exchange rate, on the other hand, means that two (or more) currencies, such as the us dollar and the Bermuda dollar, always have the same relative value.

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1. Self-supporting Bond
2. Dilution
3. Securitization
4. Homeowner's Insurance
5. Long-term Care Insurance
6. Beta
7. Tax Exempt
8. Competence
9. McDonough Ratio
10. Ordinance Or Law Coverage

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