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Financial terms in "Insurance"

1. continuing undertaking rule

2. redlining

3. stevedoring

4. proportional/pro rata reinsurance

5. Annuity Issuer

6. promissory estoppel

7. physical impairment

8. foreign currency controls

9. comprehensive general liability (CGL) policy

10. demutualization

11. weighted average loss forecasting

12. insurance reserves

13. unit linked

14. accountants professional liability insurance

15. retention plan

16. without prejudice

17. livestock collision

18. operational risk financing securities (ORFS)

19. exchange transfer embargo indemnity

20. dose-response assessment

21. free on board (FOB)

22. cede

23. codefendant

24. assumption

25. Pretax Operating Income

26. Property Claim Law Specialist (PCLS)

27. anti-concurrent cause (ACC) provision

28. short-rate cancellation

29. bodily injury by disease—policy limit (workers compensation)

30. ordinary life

31. Licensed for Reinsurance Only

32. claims-made and reported provision

33. Indexed annuity

34. third-party lien

35. add-on control device

36. outside directorship liability coverage

37. original insurer

38. maturity date

39. Double Indemnity Benefit

40. ownership clause

41. trade dress

42. bailee's customers insurance

43. Community Rating Laws

44. stamp duty

45. rate manual

46. employee stock ownership plan (ESOP)

47. treaty reinsurance

48. personal auto policy

49. dual trigger insurance

50. business life insurance

51. thermal pollution

52. cash call

53. allied healthcare professional liability insurance

54. Total Annual Loan Cost

55. noncontributory insurance

56. Application

57. Term insurance

58. Earned Premium

59. retaliatory suits

60. other structures: homeowners policy

61. auto

62. Loss Frequency

63. excess interest

64. hull coverage

65. bodily injury by accident limit (workers compensation)

66. wrap-around risk financing program

67. garagekeepers coverage/garagekeepers legal liability

68. graded commission

69. with average (WA)

70. advanced wastewater treatment

71. particular average

72. normal loss

73. par

74. hazardous waste

75. alternative risk financing mechanism

76. common law defenses

77. risk volatility

78. actuarial report

79. medical payments, general liability

80. MCS-90 endorsement

81. judgmental immunity

82. classified insurance

83. Lloyds Organizations

84. contingency planning

85. Loss Ratio

86. agency agreement

87. Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act (MSAWPA) of 1983

88. premises burglary coverage

89. comprehensive boiler and machinery coverage

90. Aggregate Limit

91. basis point(s)

92. diversification credit

93. Stock Insurance Company

94. building ordinance coverage

95. operational risk management (ORM)

96. tax acceleration

97. independent practice association (IPA)

98. group captive

99. Quick Liquidity Ratio

100. engineering insurance

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10. Section 9 Renewal Application

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