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Financial terms in "Investing and Trading"

1. in street name

2. securities exchange

3. market on open order

4. LMV

5. low volume pullback

6. alternative trading system (ALT)

7. NPV

8. material amount

9. fiduciary negligence

10. receive against payment

11. CIC

12. No-action Floor Trader

13. employee stock purchase plan

14. squawk box

15. Trade Practice Action Type

16. Exchange offer

17. disclosure of shareholding

18. Reparations

19. CRD

20. reverse cash-and-carry-arbitrage

21. Ticker Symbol

22. or better

23. Discount Method

24. Fixed Income Security

25. Premium

26. Consolidated Tape System (CTS)

27. Yield to maturity

28. investment trust

29. stock market index

30. Cumulative preferred stock

31. Board Of Trade

32. Nfx

33. drawdown

34. normal investment practice

35. Member Responsibility Action (mra)

36. Level I, II, III

37. Co Respondent

38. Margin Account

39. Option Grantor

40. cross

41. overstay

42. risk rate

43. Abandonment option

44. capital appreciation fund

45. fundamentally weighted index

46. Return

47. Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (BUE)

48. Reply

49. active market

50. session price

51. linkage

52. capital movement

53. free delivery

54. Underweighted

55. capture ratio

56. time and sales

57. Revenue bond

58. out of the money

59. adjustable rate preferred stock

60. inverted spread

61. Initial Performance Bond

62. black swan

63. Mra

64. Chief Investment Officer (CIO)

65. buy long

66. at the price stop-loss order

67. collateralized debt obligation

68. cyclical market

69. Malaysia Commodity Exchange (MCE)

70. capital formation

71. time order

72. assignment

73. Underwriting syndicate

74. 2% rule

75. asset-backed security

76. Next Day Settlement

77. analyst meeting

78. Vega

79. collective investment scheme

80. liquidity event

81. Original issue discount

82. Currency future

83. reverse repurchase agreement

84. balance theory

85. jitney

86. countermand

87. wide-ranging day

88. batch trading

89. Euroyen bond

90. index-linked security

91. Penny stock

92. investment account

93. Yankee bond

94. convertible security

95. misappropriation theory

96. mandatory bid

97. Tokyo Stock Exchange

98. Road show

99. dedicated short bias


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