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Financial terms in "Legal"

1. Hud-1

2. Foreseeable Risk

3. Month-To-Month

4. valuable consideration

5. Credit Score

6. Appear

7. Living Trust

8. escrow instructions

9. offeror

10. Coho

11. Public Use

12. Franchise agreement

13. Pregnancy Discrimination Act

14. Tax Fraud

15. Postjudgment Interest

16. Deponent

17. Subtenant

18. Special Administrator

19. Forced Share

20. Capitalized Value

21. Stated-Income Loan

22. Naked option

23. Biweekly Mortgage

24. Malice Aforethought

25. Payment Into Court

26. Unissued stock

27. Unbundled Legal Services

28. Installment sale

29. Last Antecedent Rule

30. Miranda Warnings

31. Litigious

32. Amend

33. Status

34. moral turpitude

35. Legislative Immunity

36. Credit Union

37. Boycott

38. Closely Held Corporation

39. Nominal Party

40. Health Benefits

41. execution

42. Quiet Title Action

43. Dedimus Potestatum

44. County Attorney

45. reconveyance

46. true copy

47. Desertion

48. Exemption

49. Litigant

50. Estoppel By Deed

51. possession

52. agency

53. Infringement (Of Trademark)

54. Privity

55. Sandra Day O'connor

56. World Court

57. Warranty Deed

58. holographic will

59. Shareholders' Agreement

60. Good Faith Estimate (Gfe)

61. foreign corporation

62. Distribution

63. Liquidate

64. Fringe Benefit

65. Cash Method Of Accounting

66. et ux.

67. Estate tax

68. Intoxication

69. Open Court

70. Diversity Of Citizenship

71. Warranty Of Fitness

72. Fdcpa

73. Green Card

74. Certificate of Title

75. Anticipation

76. hereditament

77. inchoate

78. Unconstitutional

79. Status Conference

80. Limited Liability

81. Parens Patriae

82. Service By Fax

83. Brady Material

84. Department Of State (Dos)

85. Extradite

86. Homeowners' Association

87. Gender Bias

88. Secret Rebate

89. Argument

90. Four Corners Of An Instrument

91. After-Acquired Property

92. Indecent Exposure

93. Reverse mortgage

94. Confirmation Hearing

95. standard mileage rate

96. Appreciation

97. Condone

98. Treasury stock

99. Civil Procedure

100. bargain

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Definition / Meaning of

Separate Account Fund

Categories: Finance,

Each variable annuity contract offers a number of separate account funds. Each of those funds owns a collection of individual investments chosen by a professional manager who is striving to achieve a particular objective, such as long-term growth or regular income.You allocate your variable annuity premiums among different separate account funds offered in your contract to create a diversified portfolio of funds, sometimes called investment portfolios or subaccounts.If you're comparing different contracts to decide which to purchase, among the factors to consider are the variety of funds each contract offers, the past performance of those funds, the experience of the professional manager, and the fees.In evaluating the past performance and other details of the funds a contract offers, or the funds you are using in the contract you selected, you can use the prospectus the annuity company provides for each separate account fund. You may be able to find independent research on the funds from firms such as morningstar, inc., Standard & Poor's, and Lipper.

Most popular terms

1. Distribution
2. Retired Directors Liability Policies
3. Section 8 Declaration Of Excusable Nonuse
5. Discrimination
6. Preference Shares
7. Lifetime Learning Credit
8. Option Backdating
9. Contractors Professional Liability Insurance
10. ConsensusDOCS

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