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Financial terms in "Legal"

1. Charge

2. codicil

3. Advance Directive

4. Nondisparagement Clause

5. disposition

6. Court

7. Encroach

8. Forensic

9. payback clause

10. Quasi-Community Property

11. Underwater Mortgage

12. Occupant

13. Baker V. Carr (1962)

14. Order Of Examination

15. Words Of Art

16. Bypass trust

17. Widow's Election

18. Set-aside

19. Half Blood

20. discretionary trust

21. private carrier

22. Competent

23. Devolve

24. Truth In Lending Act (Tila)

25. Transfer Agent

26. Locus

27. Negative Averment

28. Redaction

29. Bachelor Of Laws

30. Legal Duty

31. unlawful detainer

32. Credit Card Accountability Responsibility And Disclosure Act Of 2009

33. After-Acquired Evidence

34. Age Of Majority

35. Ownership In Common

36. Innuendo

37. Mirror Wills

38. Defective Title

39. intellectual property

40. Physical Custody

41. Criminal Insanity

42. bank

43. totten trust

44. Commencement Of Action

45. Serious Health Condition


47. Title Abstract

48. Declarant

49. U.n.

50. For Sale By Owner

51. Stock In Trade

52. Case

53. Last Clear Chance

54. constructive discharge

55. Extrinsic Fraud

56. Posthumous Child

57. Inter Se

58. Issue Preclusion

59. Racketeering

60. Demur

61. garnishment

62. Clear And Present Danger

63. slander

64. Request To Admit

65. Cum Testamento Annexo

66. Surplusage

67. Proposition 8

68. Tax deduction

69. Electioneering

70. Probate estate

71. public easement

72. Payable-On-Death Designation

73. Cease-and-desist order

74. bench trial

75. Remainder Subject To Open

76. Life Without Possibility Of Parole

77. Impleader

78. improvement

79. revocation

80. Uniform Transfer-On-Death Securities Registration Act

81. uniform resource locator (URL)

82. Proctor

83. legacy

84. Month-To-Month

85. Grand Jury Witness

86. Self-Incrimination

87. Federal Tort Claims Act

88. Tax basis

89. High Seas

90. Immigration And Customs Enforcement (Ice)

91. testimony

92. charitable contribution

93. Secured Transaction

94. Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (Gina)

95. Transfer On Death (TOD)

96. plant patent

97. Eir

98. Census

99. Lawsuit

100. Claim

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Definition / Meaning of

Floating Rate

Categories: Credit and Debt,

A debt security or corporate preferred stock whose interest rate is adjusted periodically to reflect changing money market rates is known as a floating rate instrument. These securities, for example, five-year notes, are initially offered with an interest rate that is slightly below the rate being paid on comparable fixed-rate securities. But because the rate is adjusted upward from time to time, its market price generally remains very close to the offering price, or par.When a nation's currency moves up and down in value against the currency of another nation, the relationship between the two is described as a floating exchange rate. For example, the us dollar is worth more japanese yen in some periods and less in others. That movement is usually the result of what's happening in the economy of each of the nations and in the economies of their trading partners. A fixed exchange rate, on the other hand, means that two (or more) currencies, such as the us dollar and the Bermuda dollar, always have the same relative value.

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1. Convertible Hedge
2. Call Option
3. Relative Strength
4. Jumbo CD
5. Discrimination
6. No-load Mutual Fund
7. Act-as-one Provision
8. Immigration Violation Coverage Endorsement
9. Substitute Check
10. Stockholm Syndrome

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