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Financial terms in "Legal"

1. Certificate Of Citizenship

2. Motive

3. Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

4. Hiring Firm

5. Exonerate

6. motion to dismiss

7. Credit Counseling

8. Responsive Pleading

9. bench trial

10. Law And Motion Calendar

11. Consent

12. Judge

13. Consumer Leasing Act

14. Criminal Calendar

15. gross negligence

16. Right To Counsel

17. Fee Simple

18. earned surplus

19. Extrinsic Evidence

20. bailment

21. Visa

22. Proprietary Interest

23. Ratable

24. Notice of Default

25. Excise

26. good faith

27. Collaborative Law

28. Patent

29. Blackmail

30. Wage Attachment

31. Filing Fee

32. receivership

33. Three-Of-Five Test

34. Court Trial

35. Nulla Bona

36. Vested Remainder

37. Tax-exempt income

38. Court Of Equity

39. Cashier's Check

40. verification

41. Confusingly Similar

42. Revocable Living Trust

43. Widow's Election

44. interim order

45. equity of redemption

46. nondiscretionary trust

47. negligence

48. Personal Service

49. Toll

50. Feres Doctrine

51. Refresh One's Recollection

52. Due-on-sale clause

53. Required Minimum Distribution

54. Human Trafficking

55. Capital Gains

56. dominant tenement

57. Confiscate

58. hostile possession

59. Prosecute

60. Dispute

61. community property

62. Writ Of Prohibition

63. Section 1981

64. process

65. Small Claims Court

66. Ftca

67. Pregnancy Discrimination Act

68. undue influence

69. general partner

70. Isp

71. Deliberate

72. Sickness Benefits

73. Debt-to-Income Ratio

74. privilege

75. Death Taxes

76. Writ Of Mandate (Mandamus)

77. strict liability

78. Moral Certainty

79. Murder

80. Declaration Against Interest

81. Jus Naturale

82. Legal Services

83. Special Education

84. Vacant Succession

85. FOB

86. Incompetent Evidence

87. partition

88. Retaliation

89. Qui Tam Action

90. Electronic Surveillance

91. Book Account

92. Sum Certain

93. Equity

94. Heir At Law

95. sunshine laws

96. self-dealing

97. Burial Policy

98. Infringement (Of Copyright)

99. innocent-spouse rule

100. Federal Tax Deposits (Ftd)

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A distribution is money a mutual fund pays its shareholders either from the dividends or interest it earns or from the capital gains it realizes on the sale of securities in its portfolio. Unless you own the fund through a tax-deferred or tax-free account, you owe federal income tax on most distributions, the exception being interest income from municipal bond funds. That tax is due whether or not you reinvest the money to buy additional shares in the fund.You'll owe tax at your regular rate on short-term gains and on income from interest. The tax on qualifying dividends and long-term gains is calculated at your long-term capital gains rate. Your end-of-year statement will indicate which income belongs to each category. The term distribution is also used to describe certain actions a corporation takes. For example, if a corporation spins off a subsidiary as a standalone company, it will issue shares in that subsidiary to current stockholders. That's considered a distribution. Corporate dividends may also be described as distributions.

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1. Broad-base Index
2. Stale Price Arbitrage
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4. Self-supporting Bond
5. Flexible Spending Account
6. Lifetime Learning Credit
7. Contractors All Risks (CAR) Insurance
8. Price-to-earnings Ratio (P/E)
9. Tracking Stock
10. Unconscious Bias

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