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Financial terms in "Legal"

1. Nulla Bona


3. Payee

4. Intermediate Scrutiny

5. gift causa mortis

6. Exonerate

7. Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA)

8. Quitclaim Deed

9. discrimination

10. Read On

11. Principal Register

12. Csi Effect

13. Lewd

14. Deduction

15. Surrebuttal

16. stipulation

17. affiant

18. Alluviation

19. Forbearance

20. commingling

21. instruction

22. Nol. Pros.

23. Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (Cobra)

24. Half Blood

25. Burial Insurance

26. Mutual Wills

27. certification mark

28. Life Without Possibility Of Parole

29. Goods & Chattels

30. Parent

31. Nonfeasance

32. Patent Ambiguity

33. Watered stock

34. Nonimmigrant Visa

35. John G. Roberts, Jr.

36. Stakeholder

37. Medical Certification

38. in-kind income

39. Solicitation

40. Mortgage Broker

41. disenfranchise

42. Cease-and-desist order

43. landlocked

44. Solitary Confinement

45. DBA

46. Legal Action

47. Friendly Witness

48. Attorney Work Product Privilege

49. Slayer Statute

50. highway

51. Marginal tax rate

52. O.r.

53. Naturalization

54. Stalking

55. Protected Characteristic

56. Legal Duty

57. true copy

58. Withdrawal Of A Corporation

59. Federal Courts

60. notice

61. Conveyee

62. emergency

63. Union Security Agreement

64. Inquest

65. workout

66. Errors And Omissions

67. Offer In Compromise

68. Winding Up

69. Lesser Crime

70. Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (Gina)

71. Estop

72. Capital Offense

73. Support Our Law Enforcement And Safe Neighborhoods Act Of 2010

74. Smoking Gun

75. Speedy Trial

76. wrongful termination

77. Investigative Background Check

78. contingency fee

79. Attorney-Client Privilege

80. Attorney General

81. Demonstrative Evidence

82. Title Company

83. Mls

84. Cause Of Action

85. Lineal Descendant

86. Judicial Proceeding

87. Irremediable Or Irretrievable Breakdown

88. Cafc

89. Family Limited Partnership

90. Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction And Enforcement Act

91. plant patent

92. Closely Held Corporation

93. Res Nova

94. Illusory Promise

95. Aggravate

96. Articles Of Organization

97. general ledger

98. Patent Drawing

99. Charitable Organization

100. binder

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Definition / Meaning of

Synthetic Investment

Categories: Finance,

A synthetic investment simulates the return of an actual investment, but the return is actually created by using a combination of financial instruments, such as options contracts or an equity index and debt securities, rather than a single conventional investment. For example, an investment firm might create a synthetic index that seeks to outperform a particular index by purchasing options contracts rather than the equities the actual index owns, and using the money it saves to buy cash equivalents or other debt securities to enhance its return on the derivatives. Options spreads, structured products, and certain investments in real estate and guaranteed investment contracts can be described as synthetic products. While they are artificial, they can play a legitimate role in an individual or institutional investor's portfolio as a way to reduce risk, increase diversification, enjoy a stronger return, or meet needs that conventional investments don't satisfy. However, synthetic investments may carry added fees and add more complexity than you are comfortable dealing with.

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1. Risk Manager
2. 403(b)
3. Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Of 1990
4. Gross Margin
5. Cash Balance Pension Plans
6. Substitute Check
7. Information Disclosure Statement (IDS)
8. Employee Retirement Income Security Act Stock Drop Litigation
9. Insurer Insolvency Exclusion
10. Additional Insured

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