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Financial terms in "Loan and Mortgage"

1. Default

2. PMI

3. Consolidation Loans

4. Median Price

5. Qualification ratios

6. Net branch

7. Adjusted book basis

8. Partial Entitlement

9. Agreement of Sale

10. Mortgagor

11. Mortgage-Backed Security (MBS)

12. Subordinate

13. closed-end mortgage

14. Deed in lieu of foreclosure

15. Simple interest mortgage

16. Combined Balance Of Federal Loans To Consolidate

17. Negative amortization cap

18. Acceptance

19. Home Equity Line of Credit

20. Stripped MBS (SMBS)

21. Mortgage Insurance Premium (MIP)

22. Title Insurance

23. Prequalification

24. Discount

25. Principal, Interest, Taxes, and Insurance (PITI)

26. Rent-Loss Insurance

27. Gift of equity

28. Documentation requirements

29. deposit

30. Blanket Mortgage

31. Remaining Balance

32. Equal Credit Opportunity Act (ECOA)

33. Demand clause

34. Deed

35. Pipeline risk

36. Enrollment Status

37. Credit Report

38. Credit History

39. Half-time Student

40. Mortgage insurance disclosure

41. Junk fees

42. rebate

43. Deferment Rate

44. COFI

45. Maximum lock

46. Option fee

47. Average Price

48. Acceleration Clause

49. Initial rate period

50. Processing

51. Negative Amortization

52. Periodic Rate Cap

53. Assets

54. Rate caps

55. Up Front Charges

56. Real Property

57. Mortgage Score

58. Estate

59. Freddie Mac

60. Asset

61. No Cash-out Refinance

62. Setback

63. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

64. assumption

65. Variable Expenses

66. Repayment

67. Construction Loan

68. 12 MTA Pay Option ARM

69. Income Contingent Repayment Plan

70. Accrued Interest

71. Homeowner's Insurance

72. Debtor

73. Credit

74. Seller financing

75. Repayment Period

76. Interest rate ceiling

77. interest rate cap

78. Effective rate

79. Graduate Plus Loans

80. Underwriting requirements

81. Assumption Clause

82. Listing Agreement

83. Fee Paid From

84. Price-gouging

85. Monthly total expenses

86. APR

87. Comparative Market Analysis (COMPS)

88. Debt elimination

89. Mortgage program

90. Stated income

91. Stafford Loans

92. Repayment Rate

93. Credit Rating

94. Co-Signed Account

95. Lock-in Period

96. Pledge Account Mortgage (PAM)

97. Cash Reserves

98. Firm Commitment

99. Mitigation

100. Back End Ratio (debt ratio)

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