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Financial terms in "Mutual Funds"

1. fund balance

2. Government Of Singapore Investment Corporation (GIC)

3. stock ETF

4. long / short fund

5. distribution reinvestment

6. Investment Company Amendments Act of 1970

7. ETF sponsor

8. Class C shares

9. SAMA Foreign Holdings

10. Target risk fund

11. clone fund

12. service fee

13. Income Fund

14. Z shares

15. Lifecycle fund

16. semiconductor industry ETF


18. Level 3 asset

19. automatic reinvestment plan

20. disclosure document

21. investment trust

22. basket product

23. fixed income fund

24. active index fund

25. rabbi trust

26. Prospectus

27. worthless

28. retail industry ETF

29. Government Pension Fund

30. asked price

31. clone

32. managed fund

33. textile industry ETF

34. dividend exchange traded fund

35. Net Asset Value

36. Abu Dhabi Investment Council (ADIC)

37. STOXX Limited

38. Korea Investment Corporation (KIC)

39. fine paper

40. dedicated short bias

41. gate provision

42. yardstick

43. Financial instrument

44. management expense ratio (MER)

45. electric utilities industry ETF

46. China-Africa Development Fund (CAD Fund)

47. event driven

48. no transaction fee (NTF) mutual fund

49. Bond ETF

50. mutual fund share classes

51. Offer

52. capital gain dividend

53. Level load

54. NAV

55. manager of managers

56. asset size

57. Back-End Load

58. after reimbursement expense ratio

59. elephant

60. mutual fund theorem

61. institutional shares

62. Lipper Leader

63. Hong Kong Monetary Authority Investment Portfolio (HKMA)

64. interval fund

65. blend fund

66. Chemicals Industry ETF

67. Irish Stock Exchange (ISE)

68. series fund

69. option income fund

70. fund administration

71. not rated

72. inception

73. rating

74. currency ETF

75. ISIN

76. index investing

77. total return swap

78. doing the reverse desk

79. subadvisor

80. active-share study

81. automatic investment plan


83. private placement

84. advisor fee

85. premium to net asset value

86. value

87. instant history bias

88. Y shares

89. capped fund

90. total bond fund

91. 12b-1 plan

92. inverse ETF

93. Chartered Mutual Fund Counselor (CMFC)

94. side pocket

95. down-market capture ratio

96. ultra ETF

97. contingent immunization

98. investment management company

99. account fee

100. Listing

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