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Financial terms in "Mutual Funds"

1. rating

2. closet indexing

3. lease fund

4. SAFE Investment Company

5. stable value fund

6. up-market capture ratio

7. protected fund

8. Fund family

9. forward

10. Socially responsible fund

11. minimum investment

12. annual turnover

13. fund supermarket

14. Intrinsic Value

15. NAV return

16. fund of funds

17. Government Investment Unit

18. style box

19. trailer fee

20. natural gas ETF

21. federal covered advisor

22. worthless

23. level-load fund

24. biotechnology industry ETF

25. Emirates Investment Authority (EIA)

26. currency ETF

27. Abu Dhabi Investment Council (ADIC)

28. clone

29. Securities and Exchange Commission

30. contingent deferred sales load (CDSL)

31. mutual fund cash level

32. mandatory sinking-fund redemption

33. Managed Funds Association (MFA)

34. dividend exchange traded fund

35. capped fund

36. synthetic ETF

37. non-diversified management company

38. two and twenty

39. Target risk fund

40. best bid

41. J-curve

42. unlimited risk

43. option income fund

44. mid-cap fund

45. fixed maturity plan

46. momentum fund

47. ISIN

48. common contractual fund (CCF)

49. Lipper Leader

50. Public Investment Fund

51. fee-based investment

52. drawn securities

53. limited risk

54. exchange traded note

55. Qatar Investment Authority (QIA)

56. reclassification

57. accumulation plan

58. state guaranty fund

59. Custodian

60. country fund

61. series fund

62. Corporate Income Fund (CIF)

63. fund category

64. venture capital fund

65. Restricted security

66. side pocket

67. high watermark

68. stock fund

69. fund balance

70. asset management mandate

71. basket

72. No-Load Fund

73. style

74. attribution analysis

75. Over-the-Counter

76. expense limit

77. expense

78. management investment company

79. gaming industry ETF

80. doing the reverse desk

81. socially conscious investing

82. marketable security

83. sensitivity

84. long


86. managed fund

87. Share

88. Load fund

89. Discount

90. sell

91. Y shares

92. budgetary accountability

93. emerging market fund

94. bank's in-house fund

95. fixed income fund

96. lifestyle fund

97. Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA)

98. Communication Industry ETF

99. face-amount certificate

100. capital appreciation fund

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Brokerage Firm

Categories: Brokerages,

brokerage firms, also known as broker-dealers, are licensed by the securities and exchange commission (SEC) to buy and sell securities for clients and for their own accounts. When a brokerage firm sells securities it owns, it is said to be acting as a principal in that transaction.Firms frequently maintain research departments for their own and their clients' benefit. They may also provide a range of financial products and services, including financial planning, asset management, and educational programs.brokerage firms come in all sizes, from one- or two-person offices to huge firms with offices around the world. They are sometimes differentialed as full-service or discount firms, based on pricing structure and client relationships.Some brokerage firms exist entirely online, and nearly all firms offer you the option of placing orders electronically rather than over the telephone. In most cases, trading electronically is substantially less expensive than giving buy and sell orders by phone.

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3. Lifetime Learning Credit
4. Mortgage Impairment Insurance
5. Cash Forward Contract
6. Weather Derivative
7. Building Ordinance Coverage
8. Pension
9. Flexible Spending Account
10. Sarbanes-Oxley Act Of 2002

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