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Financial terms in "Operation and Production"

1. Optimum capacity

2. Ltc (longitudinal Timecode)

3. Wcs

4. turnround

5. inputs

6. Rail-guided

7. Pan And Scan

8. Task Interleaving

9. 3pl

10. Hd (high Definition)

11. PO

12. Discrete Manufacturing

13. CFR

14. Postponement

15. Freight

16. Kuleshov Effect

17. safety margin

18. Asn

19. Order Selector

20. Federally Sponsored Agreements

21. Gprms (general Parameters)

22. Stereo

23. Batch Picking

24. Compositing

25. Blind Counts

26. Transfer price

27. Analog

28. Turnaround

29. Contract Warehouse

30. Sound Designer

31. Total cost

32. First In First Out

33. deferred payment

34. Render Farm

35. Answer Print

36. Bom

37. Avi

38. Process Manufacturing

39. capital project

40. Autodiscriminationn

41. Garbage Matte

42. Exponential Smoothing

43. Impact Alarm

44. Skatewheel Conveyor

45. Asrs

46. Blanket Order

47. Ntsc

48. Stocktaking

49. Coaxial Cable

50. Consignment Inventory

51. Lossless

52. Performance Capture

53. Pal

54. Difference Key

55. Dust Bust

56. Locator System

57. Striped Stock

58. Negative Cutter

59. Volume discount

60. Order Cost

61. Fha (full Height Anamorphic)

62. Product Life Cycle

63. Forklift-free Plants

64. fixed-price agreement

65. Scrub

66. Reference Tone

67. Betacam Sp

68. Betacam

69. Consumer Packaged Goods

70. Distribution Requirements Planning

71. Surcharge

72. Skid

73. Planned Order

74. Product Portfolio

75. Seasonality Index

76. Marginal revenue

77. Lean Manufacturing

78. Visual Effects Supervisor

79. Dim Weight

80. Lights-out Warehouse

81. purchasing department

82. Down-conversion

83. Forklift

84. Flue Space

85. Transverse Flue Space

86. process costing

87. tariff

88. closing out

89. Pixelation

90. Traveling Matte

91. Fork Positioner

92. Best Light

93. Slip-sheet Attachment

94. Just-in-sequence

95. Marginal cost

96. Post-production Supervisor

97. inventory

98. Continuing Recharge Operation

99. Post Production Co-ordinator

100. Job Shop

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Weighted Stock Index

Categories: Finance,

In weighted stock indexes, price changes in some stocks have a much greater impact than price changes in others in computing the direction of the overall index. By contrast, in an unweighted index, prices changes in all the stocks have an equal impact.A price weighted index, such as the dow jones industrial average (DJIA), is affected more by the changing prices of higher-priced securities than by changes in the prices of lower-priced securities. Similarly, a market capitalization weighted index, such as the nasdaq composite index, gives more weight to price changes in securities with the highest market values, calculated by multiplying the current price per share by the number of outstanding or floating shares. A capitalization weighted index may also be called a market value weighted index. The theory behind weighting is that price changes in the largest or most expensive securities have a greater impact on the overall economy than price changes in smaller-cap or less expensive stocks. However, some critics argue that strong market performance by the biggest or most expensive stocks can drive an index up, masking stagnant or even declining prices in large segments of the market, and providing a skewed view of the economy.

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