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Financial terms in "Operation and Production"

1. Db (decibel)

2. Electronic Data Interchange

3. Forklift

4. Animation

5. Wipe

6. Casting

7. domestic production

8. Closed Caption

9. Blanks

10. Dvd+r

11. Volume discount

12. Phantom Bill Of Material

13. Marginal revenue

14. trade discount

15. Motion Artifact

16. Rfid

17. Industrial Truck

18. price ceiling

19. Green Screen Compositing

20. Eyeline Match

21. Perf

22. Film Grain

23. common pricing

24. Floor Stock

25. Zone Skipping

26. Specialized Service Facility Recharge Operation

27. Negative Print

28. Sideshift

29. Stock

30. intercompany pricing

31. Penetration Pricing

32. Cutaway

33. Quantity Allocated

34. Dat (digital Audio Tape)

35. industrial goods

36. Thx

37. Clear Height

38. Bom

39. Digital Intermediate (di)

40. direct cost

41. Double-deep Rack

42. 480p

43. Quantity Available

44. agreed price

45. Inbound And Outbound Quantities

46. intermediate goods

47. Transportation Management System

48. full price

49. carriage free

50. order

51. Gravity Conveyor

52. Unit Load

53. Vistavision

54. Federally Sponsored Agreements

55. Fixed Lead Time

56. Keying

57. Betacam

58. Pip (picture In Picture)

59. Vehicle Restraint Systems

60. Operating cycle

61. safety margin

62. token charge

63. Dim Weight

64. conditions of sale

65. factory

66. Auto Conform

67. process costing

68. Electronic Product Code

69. finished goods

70. Full Raster

71. Down-conversion

72. Dvd-r

73. Billed Sales

74. closed market

75. D1

76. Mes

77. Edl (edit Decision List)

78. Rushes

79. Yuv

80. Explosion-proof Lift Trucks

81. Profit margin

82. Job Shop

83. Available To Promise

84. capital project

85. business transaction

86. Transition

87. Case Picking

88. Discrete Manufacturing

89. original equipment manufacturer

90. Vtr

91. Gaylord

92. bulk buying

93. Seasonality Index

94. Turnaround

95. OEM

96. Cel

97. 480i

98. Gprms (general Parameters)

99. Go Motion

100. Break-bulk

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Definition / Meaning of

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act

Categories: Credit and Debt, Banking,

GLB Act or GLBA. Legislation that, on one hand, allows great freedom to financial institutions in offering a full range of services and, on the other hand, imposes strict controls on how institutions share or disclose personal financial information. Signed into law in 1999 by President Clinton, GLBA repeals the key provisions of the Glass-Steagall Act of 1933 and the bank holding company Act of 1956 that barred banks from securities trading and insurance business. In its corporate aspect, the act introduces two new organization types - the financial holding company and the financial subsidiary. Under these provisions, banks, insurance companies, securities trading companies, and other types of financial institutions can together exist as one consolidated corporate entity. In its consumer aspect, the GLBA authorizes the states and eight federal agencies to monitor all collectors and holders of personal financial information, and to enforce the financial privacy rule, safeguards rule, and 'pretexting' (obtaining personal information under false pretext) rule. These rules apply also to any entity that offers any type of financial product or service, including brokers, debt collectors, credit counselors, financial advisors, small lenders, and tax-return preparers. The GLBA gives consumers some control over how their financial information is used and disclosed (beyond the purpose for it was collected) via the opt-out provision that lets them choose the option of not divulging this information.

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1. Anniversary Rating Date
2. Contractors All Risks (CAR) Insurance
3. Risk Manager
4. Brokerage Firm
5. Special Mobile Equipment
6. Homeowners Policy Special Form 3 (HO 3)
7. Statute Of Limitations
8. Mortgage Impairment Insurance
9. Likelihood Of Confusion
10. Section 15 Declaration Of Incontestability

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