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Financial terms in "Options"

1. Merc

2. at par forward spread

3. investment security

4. Grantor

5. perpetual option (XPO)

6. VIX option

7. rho

8. economic derivative

9. exercise assignment


11. down-and-in barrier option

12. currency put option

13. corporate spread duration

14. exempt security

15. double one touch option

16. right to buy

17. strike price

18. close to the money

19. Commodity Exchange

20. average strike option

21. long put

22. Italian Derivatives Market (IDEM)

23. cash flow hedge

24. asset-or-nothing put option

25. value

26. warrant coverage

27. Commodities Exchange Inc. (COMEX)

28. bull straddle

29. cliquet option

30. commodity pool

31. ESOP

32. notification date

33. basket

34. derivative pricing models

35. closing transaction

36. chameleon option

37. contract range

38. premium margin

39. option-adjusted spread

40. Over-the-Counter

41. deferred payment option

42. class

43. fiduciary call

44. effective strike price

45. Covered option

46. fluctuation limit

47. gut spread

48. cash-based option

49. protective put

50. Oslo Bors (OSE)

51. quote

52. Annapurna option

53. long

54. residual security

55. Index and Option Market

56. equity option

57. sell to close

58. unlimited risk

59. offsetting transaction

60. structured note

61. expectations theory

62. doubling option

63. synthetic collateralized debt obligation

64. stamped security

65. delta hedging

66. Put Option

67. blue month

68. Restricted security

69. limited discretion

70. naked call

71. puttable

72. regular-way delivery

73. chooser option

74. pairs trade

75. option pricing model

76. Commodity Trading Advisor

77. future volatility

78. Securities and Exchange Commission

79. outcry

80. put writer

81. vesting period

82. hedge wrapper

83. Boston Options Exchange (BOX)

84. backwardation business

85. incentive stock option

86. implied interest rate

87. energy derivative

88. rolling hedge


90. bond option

91. aggregate risk

92. nominal exercise price

93. equity derivative

94. offering circular

95. American option

96. strike index

97. front spread

98. Winnipeg Commodity Exchange (WCE)

99. constant proportion portfolio insurance

100. farther out, farther in

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Money Supply

Categories: Economics,

The money supply is the total amount of liquid or near-liquid assets in the economy. The federal reserve, or the Fed, manages the money supply, trying to prevent either recession or serious inflation by changing the amount of money in circulation. The Fed increases the money supply by buying government bonds in the open market, and decreases the supply by selling these securities.In addition, the Fed can adjust the reserves that banks must maintain, and increase or decrease the rate at which banks can borrow money. This fluctuation in rates gets passed along to consumers and investors as changes in short-term interest rates.The money supply is grouped into four classes of assets, called money aggregates. The narrowest, called M1, includes currency and checking deposits. M2 includes M1, plus assets in money market accounts and small time deposits. M3, also called broad money, includes M2, plus assets in large time deposits, eurodollars, and institution-only money market funds. The biggest group, L, includes M3, plus assets such as private holdings of us savings bonds, short-term us treasury bills, and commercial paper.

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2. Direct Investment
3. Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) Of 2008
4. Separate Account Fund
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7. Money Market Mutual Fund
8. Special Mobile Equipment
9. Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE)
10. Principal Register

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