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Financial terms in "Options"

1. Montreal Exchange (MX)

2. cat spread

3. ultima

4. spring loading

5. Exchange

6. worthless

7. American-style option

8. customer margin

9. exercise limit

10. listed

11. assignment

12. Daily trading limit

13. swing option

14. future volatility

15. short market value

16. VIX option

17. abandon

18. double no touch option

19. volatility smile

20. Tokyo Grain Exchange (TGE)

21. trade or fade rule

22. Last trading day

23. hedge

24. sell

25. Security

26. Over-the-Counter

27. Asian option

28. Everest option

29. value spot

30. bond option

31. calendar spread

32. asset swapped convertible option transaction

33. bull call spread

34. allocation notice

35. rho

36. Commodity Exchange

37. limited discretion

38. exchange-traded derivative

39. forward

40. limited risk

41. call swaption

42. European option

43. double one touch option

44. buy to close

45. cabinet trade

46. variable maturity option

47. residual security

48. reprice

49. Long-Term Equity Anticipation Securities

50. risk disclosure document

51. options on physicals

52. freight derivatives

53. outright option

54. put on a call

55. Grantor

56. IDEM

57. Underwater

58. intrinsic value of an option

59. step-up warrant

60. credit spread

61. OPRA

62. stamped security

63. currency call option

64. NSO

65. CBOE Nasdaq Volatility Index (VXN)

66. lambda

67. exercise ratio

68. constant proportion portfolio insurance

69. naked call

70. uncertainty

71. option strategy

72. Employee Stock Ownership Plan

73. synthetic collateralized debt obligation

74. synthetic long stock

75. cliquet option

76. Little Board

77. NYSE

78. Market Basket

79. call ratio backspread

80. early exercise

81. asset-or-nothing call option

82. life of contract

83. option value

84. Oslo Bors (OSE)

85. Options Clearing Corporation

86. long-term equity anticipation security (LEAP)

87. expiration time

88. good delivery

89. non-qualified stock option

90. Bermuda swaption

91. exercise by exception

92. lookback option

93. underlier

94. reload option

95. omega


97. nominal exercise price

98. odd date

99. Offer

100. caput

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nouna sudden reduction or loss of value Examplesa fall in the exchange rate • a fall in the price of gold • a fall on the stock exchange • Profits showed a 10 per cent fall.verbto be reduced suddenly to a lower price or value ExamplesShares fell on the market today. • Gold shares fell 10 per cent or fell 45 cents on the stock exchange. • The price of gold fell for the second day running. • The pound fell against the euro.to happen or to take place ExampleThe public holiday falls on a Tuesday.Usagepayments which fall duepayments which are now due to be made"...market analysts described the falls in the second half of last week as a technical correction to the market" [Australian Financial Review]"...for the first time since mortgage rates began falling in March a financial institution has raised charges on homeowner loans" [Globe and Mail (Toronto)]"...interest rates were still falling as late as June, and underlying inflation remains below the government's target of 2.5 per cent" [financial times]

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