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Financial terms in "Patent"

1. election (PCT)

2. stylized mark

3. OG - Trademarks

4. deceased inventor

5. certificate of registration

6. disclosure document

7. examining attorney

8. J2EE

9. TRB

10. redacted publication

11. IP

12. SRM

13. PAC

14. registration

15. MiTEAS

16. application (trademark) 

17. sequence listing

18. oath

19. mere descriptiveness

20. OBRA

21. USTR

22. ITU

23. ATO

24. inter partes reexamination

25. UDRP

26. transitional phrase

27. MPEP

28. mask work

29. Chapter II

30. design patent application

31. payor number

32. restriction

33. ISA

34. Trademark Application and Registration Retrieval

35. OIIP

36. TRAM

37. IPEA

38. PPT

39. PAIR

40. standard character format

41. information disclosure statement (IDS)

42. Office action

43. abstract of the disclosure

44. embodiment

45. IPR

46. OEIP

47. JPO

48. C&A

49. FEA

50. parent application

51. ADS

52. series code

53. conflicting marks

54. Principal Register

55. SIRA

56. NOA

57. COTS

58. coinventor

59. USC

60. Trademark Electronic Application System

61. non-final office action (rejection)

62. OHIM

63. non-responsive amendment

64. original application

65. drawing

66. international application

67. KSA

68. notice of allowance and fees due

69. supplemental register

70. use in commerce

71. statement of use

72. search copy

73. safe

74. filing refusal

75. multiple dependent claim


77. joint inventor

78. Pubs

79. home copy

80. POIS

81. specification

82. postcard receipt 

83. assignor

84. service component

85. ABM

86. OACS

87. express mail mailing label

88. CFS

89. RPO

90. RUP

91. IG

92. Patent and Trademark Depository Library

93. priority action

94. doctrine of equivalents

95. contracting party

96. OMB

97. TPostal

98. application number (patent)

99. notice of allowance

100. PG Pub

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Fixed Annuity

Categories: Insurance, Legal, ,

A fixed annuity is a contract that allows you to accumulate earnings at a fixed rate during a build-up period. You pay the required premium, either in a lump sum or in installments. The insurance company invests its assets, including your premium, so it will be able to pay the rate of return that it has promised to pay.At a time you select, usually after you turn 59 1/2, you can choose to convert your account value to retirement income. Among the alternatives is receiving a fixed amount of income in regular payments for your lifetime or the lifetimes of yourself and a joint annuitant. That's called annuitization. Or, you may select some other payout method.The contract issuer assumes the risk that you could outlive your life expectancy and therefore collect income over a longer period than it anticipated. You take the risk that the insurance company will be able to meet its obligations to pay.Some variable annuities offer a fixed rate account with a guarantee of principal, such as an interest account.

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1. Home Equity
2. Competence
3. U.S. Treasury Securities
4. Section 8 Declaration Of Excusable Nonuse
5. Internalization
6. Limited Severability Provision
7. Special Crime Insurance
8. Structured Product
9. Stowers Doctrine
10. Spousal Coverage Extension

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