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Financial terms in "Patent"

1. Control No.

2. combination patent

3. Contracting State


5. ITU

6. eTEAS

7. withdrawn claim


9. search copy

10. EO

11. nonprofit organization

12. TPAC

13. notice of allowance and fees due

14. FTAA

15. publication for opposition

16. oath

17. petition to revive an application (trademark matters)

18. opposition proceeding

19. plant application (patent)

20. PBX

21. WIPO

22. Principal Register

23. mark

24. international application

25. ex parte reexamination

26. original filing basis

27. fanciful marks

28. non-final office action

29. classification of goods and services

30. terminal disclaimer

31. conflicting marks

32. recordation form cover sheet

33. record copy

34. PKI

35. examining attorney

36. statement of net cost

37. design patent

38. priority claim

39. classification

40. term of art

41. substitute patent application

42. PMO

43. pseudo mark

44. RCE

45. PPT

46. RAM

47. TIFF

48. dependent claim

49. TESS

50. FY

51. SB 

52. PTOS


54. APMS

55. suspension inquiry letter

56. Administrative Instructions

57. EFT

58. BRM

59. COTS

60. UML

61. TTAB

62. PALM

63. specification

64. information disclosure statement (IDS)

65. WCT

66. redacted publication

67. Pubs

68. ePAS

69. notice of allowance

70. SIRA

71. multiple dependent claim

72. OIG

73. RUP

74. DOC

75. PTOL 

76. abstract of the disclosure

77. filing receipt

78. CPA

79. deceased inventor

80. TTY

81. original application

82. SRM

83. suspension letter

84. E-Commerce

85. Concept

86. SAN

87. PRM

88. Office

89. jpg

90. service component

91. patent infringement

92. Patent Pending

93. Trademark Electronic Application System

94. mere descriptiveness

95. subsequent designation

96. Trade Secret

97. demand

98. change of name

99. eComm

100. collective mark

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Definition / Meaning of

Custodial Account

Categories: Mutual Funds, Banking, Brokerages,

If you want to make investments on a minor's behalf, or transfer property you own to that person, you can open a custodial account with a bank, brokerage firm, mutual fund company, or insurance company.You name an adult custodian for the account - either yourself or someone else - who is responsible for managing the account until the child reaches the age of majority. That age may be 18, 21, or 25 depending on the state and the type of account you choose. At majority, the child has the legal right to control the account and use the assets as he or she chooses.There may be some tax advantages in transferring assets to a minor. If the child is under 18, investment earnings above a specific level that Congress sets each year are taxed at the parents' marginal tax rate. But if the child is 18 or older, all investment earnings are taxed at the child's rate - again, typically the lowest rate. In addition, gifts you make to the account are no longer part of your estate, which may reduce vulnerability to estate taxes. However, it's wise to review your plans with your legal and tax advisers.One drawback of a custodial account is that the assets are considered the property of the child, and may reduce the amount of financial aid the child qualifies for when he or she enrolls in a college or university.

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8. Rating Bureau
9. Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE)
10. Family Of Funds

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