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Financial terms in "Patent"

1. patent infringement

2. forms

3. reissue application

4. Patent

5. filing basis

6. term of art

7. GSA

8. OBI

9. substantive reasons for refusal

10. interference

11. DNS

12. TPAC

13. X patent

14. PMA

15. comprising

16. Trademark Electronic Search System

17. intellectual property

18. ATO

19. PPT

20. specimen

21. OGC

22. service mark

23. JCCT

24. CSS

25. INTA

26. ABC

27. PMO

28. embodiment

29. OEIP

30. benefit claim

31. TESS

32. Native American Tribal Insignia

33. current filing basis

34. EAI

35. issue date

36. multiple dependent claim

37. registration number

38. registration

39. RPO

40. application number (patent)

41. record copy


43. allegation of use

44. design patent

45. agent (patent)

46. patent number 

47. FWC


49. suspension inquiry letter

50. PPAC

51. window open

52. OMB

53. UDRP

54. prior art (reference)

55. Section 8 Declaration of Continued Use

56. non-final office action

57. statement of net cost

58. Control No.

59. element

60. PTOL 

61. file wrapper

62. withdrawn claim

63. abandonment

64. collective mark


66. utility patent


68. PBG Final Rule

69. Counterpart

70. eTAS

71. S&T

72. priority claim

73. reference (prior art)

74. TRB

75. non-lawyer

76. appeal (trademark) 

77. IG

78. notice of allowability

79. non-final office action (rejection)

80. ETC

81. TEAS

82. common inventor

83. TMOG

84. extension request

85. Section 9 Renewal Application

86. Office

87. opposition proceeding

88. mark

89. notice of references cited

90. CFR

91. restriction

92. eComm

93. DTD

94. IPR

95. patentable


97. application (patent) 


99. DRM

100. IP

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Definition / Meaning of

Stop Order

Categories: Investing and Trading, Brokerages,

You can issue a stop order, which instructs your broker to buy or sell a security once it trades at a certain price, called the stop price. Stop orders are entered below the current price if you are selling and above the current price if you are buying. Once the stop price is reached, your order becomes a market order and is executed.For example, if you owned a stock currently trading at $35 a share that you feared might drop in price, you could issue a stop order to sell if the price dropped to $30 a share to protect yourself against a larger loss. The risk is that if the price drops very quickly, and other orders have been placed before yours, the stock could actually end up selling for less than $30. You can give a stop order as a day order or as a good 'til canceled (GTC) order. You might use a buy stop order if you have sold stock short anticipating a downward movement of market price of the security. If, instead, the price rises to the stop price, the order will be executed, limiting your loss. However, there is a risk with this type of order if the market price of the stock rises very rapidly. Other orders entered ahead of yours will be executed first, and you might buy at a price considerably higher than the stop limit, increasing your loss.

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