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Financial terms in "Real Estate"

1. PVD

2. coverage part

3. barricade

4. thermal coefficient of expansion

5. curb cock

6. lien period

7. softwood

8. forced air heating

9. extra expense coverage form

10. building systems

11. overload relay

12. white coat

13. Title V Examination

14. sweating

15. swell

16. paste paint

17. metallography

18. flagstone

19. freehold

20. paneled construction

21. erection drawings

22. diaphragm tank

23. insurance binder

24. pipe hanger

25. preterit

26. Escrow Account

27. conveyance tax

28. friction catch or latch

29. value after the taking

30. goggles

31. alienation

32. recapture rate

33. screed or screeding

34. flex hose

35. cold water paint

36. mortgage equity withdrawal (MEW)

37. jack hammer

38. sui juris

39. combustion chamber

40. industrial tract

41. pyrometer

42. bleeding

43. non-performance

44. perforated

45. stepped footing

46. blade load

47. strand wire

48. grit number

49. mesh

50. pentachlorophenol

51. direct sales comparisons approach

52. highest and best use

53. pilasters

54. nipple extractor

55. lubricate

56. overage income

57. profile machine

58. back band

59. retaining wall

60. cross bridging

61. wrapped drywall

62. multizone reciever

63. expansible house

64. condensation water

65. lubricity

66. home inventory

67. sediment interceptor

68. scratch awl

69. vulcanize

70. film thickness

71. Inwood tables

72. commercial acre

73. screw tek

74. combination window

75. cap flashing

76. prefabricated tie

77. pre-coat

78. fine aggregate

79. Fixed Expenses

80. rubber tile

81. property brief

82. rabbet plane

83. heavy timber construction

84. strike board

85. irrevocable consent

86. Lock jumper

87. bring down search

88. obscure glass

89. curb edger

90. eave flashing

91. burr

92. photovoltaic cell

93. octagon box

94. English bond

95. tackle

96. prefinished door

97. appraisal report

98. prior appropriation

99. sound transmission loss

100. escrow payment

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