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Financial terms in "Real Estate"

1. slag inclusion

2. panel wall

3. functional depreciation

4. panier

5. renewal probability

6. work letter

7. compression gasket

8. reactance

9. water rights

10. tails

11. tackle

12. Phillips screw

13. composite board

14. spruce

15. blind header

16. heartwood

17. center hung sash

18. bilateral contract

19. shank

20. pack

21. corner braces

22. lead carbonate

23. expansion coefficient

24. depreciation insurance

25. ADC loan

26. prybar

27. floor varnish

28. domestic insurer

29. ell

30. Warrantable condos

31. Federal Home Loan Bank board

32. monoplanar

33. square up

34. ratchet screwdriver

35. poured in place insulation

36. natural finish

37. pier block

38. toggle bolt

39. torque

40. Certificate of Reasonable Value (CRV)

41. farm coverage part

42. prequalified loan

43. fee simple interest

44. backsplash

45. plastic roof cement

46. spade bit

47. desiccant

48. carriage bolt

49. open-end wrench

50. portland stone

51. cross ventilation

52. Catastrophe Hazard

53. lifetime reverse mortgage

54. old work

55. crotch

56. octagon

57. unlawful detainer

58. desecuritization

59. writ of ejectment

60. masons putty

61. petroleum spirit

62. concurrent causation

63. physical deficiency

64. woodwork

65. property brief

66. gram

67. quantum meruit

68. continuous waste

69. earthwork

70. detailer

71. cement mortar

72. electric tool cords

73. bonding jumper

74. bull pin

75. exothermic

76. Self-employed borrower

77. curb stone

78. annual debt service

79. underground plumbing

80. roof inspection clause

81. Rockwell hardness test

82. conisurance formula

83. saddle tap

84. property management

85. drill motor

86. radon system

87. binding receipt

88. synthetic lease

89. lock wire

90. cheek

91. backfill

92. decompression

93. drip cap

94. transfer switch

95. sound transmission class

96. quiet switch

97. knot hole

98. switchboard

99. planted stop

100. beveled siding

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Definition / Meaning of

Stockholm Syndrome

Categories: Business and Management,

The effect in which hostage victims form emotional attachment or fondness towards their captors. The Syndrome is named after the 1973 'Norrmalmstorg Robbery' - an armed raid on Kreditbanken at Norrmalmstorg in Stockholm, Sweden. The bank's employees were held hostage from 23-28 August, during which time some of the victims became emotionally attached to their captors, even defending them after being freed. The term Stockholm Syndrome was first used by criminologist/psychiatrist Nils Bejerot, when assisting police during the siege, referring to the Syndrome in a news broadcast. It was defined in more detail by psychiatrist Frank Ochberg to aid the management of hostage situations. While Stockholm Syndrome chiefly and originally refers to hostage situations the term extends to other forms of 'traumatic bonding', not necessarily dependent on a hostage situation, more broadly describing the somewhat counter-intuitive tendency among certain folk for strong emotional connections to develop within an abusive relationship. At a slightly milder but nevertheless still very worrying level we see the same principle extending to abusive employment situations and other 'working' relationships, where badly-treated and exploited workers can develop strangely positive feelings towards abusive bosses/employers. Whether driven by fear, dependence, gratitude (for limiting the level of abuse), survival impulse, or various other possible factors, the Stockholm Syndrome remains puzzling and paradoxical at any level, and yet a very real human tendency in certain situations.

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1. Storm Surge
2. Family Exclusion
3. Information Disclosure Statement (IDS)
4. Filing Basis
5. Direct Action
6. Structured Product
7. Call Option
8. Lump-sum Distribution
9. Long-term Care Insurance
10. Special Personal Auto Policy (SPAP)

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