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Financial terms in "Real Estate"

1. fix

2. top producer

3. expletive

4. electric arc spraying

5. master lease

6. lease commencement date

7. flaring tool

8. gift letter

9. compactor

10. plumbing y-branch

11. shut down

12. hole

13. lineal foot

14. compound sum

15. circa

16. floor plan insurance

17. pitched stone

18. three-phase

19. batten plate structural

20. debris removal clause

21. wired edge

22. butyl rubber

23. occupancy agreement

24. purlin roof

25. casement frames and sash

26. biennial

27. investment-grade CMBS

28. plain sawn

29. parge coat

30. galvanometer

31. piling

32. final set

33. baluster

34. electrical schematic wiring diagram

35. Countrywide rules

36. Septic System

37. class A roof

38. crown weir

39. wall to wall carpeting

40. detritus

41. personal representative

42. drive fit

43. modification to contract

44. average occupancy

45. housing expense ratio (HER)

46. permafrost

47. contingency clause

48. millimeter

49. shiplap lumber

50. flyspecking

51. design

52. Accrued Weeks

53. grain

54. trim

55. market data approach

56. laitance

57. panelboard

58. general plan

59. creeping

60. Impound

61. project cost

62. pre-approved loan

63. ostensible agency

64. self-rimming lavatory

65. flume

66. referee

67. chattel

68. subjective value

69. strike board

70. channel iron

71. short paint

72. crows foot

73. overriding royalty

74. running with the land

75. lead and oakum joint

76. dew point

77. lumberyard

78. crown plug

79. scotia

80. change in occupancy or use clause

81. crop insurance

82. Construction financing

83. newel

84. earnings insurance

85. flush

86. resaw

87. flow control valve

88. incurable depreciation

89. wetting characteristics

90. terrace

91. escrow contract

92. primary financing

93. subordination agreement

94. bored deadlock

95. linear indication

96. spar varnish

97. cyma

98. NEM

99. counterrotating

100. colonial architecture

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Definition / Meaning of

Cash Forward Contract

Categories: Futures,

A cash market transaction in which a seller agrees to deliver a specific cash commodity to a buyer at some point in the future. Unlike futures contracts (which occur through a clearing firm), cash forward contracts are privately negotiated and are not standardized. Further, the two parties must bear each other's credit risk, which is not the case with a futures contract. Also, since the contracts are not exchange traded, there is no marking to market requirement, which allows a buyer to avoid almost all capital outflow initially (though some counterparties might set collateral requirements). Given the lack of standardization in these contracts, there is very little scope for a secondary market in forwards. The price specified in a cash forward contract for a specific commodity. The forward price makes the forward contract have no value when the contract is written. However, if the value of the underlying commodity changes, the value of the forward contract becomes positive or negative, depending on the position held. Forwards are priced in a manner similar to futures. Like in the case of a futures contract, the first step in pricing a forward is to add the spot price to the cost of carry (interest forgone, convenience yield, storage costs and interest/dividend received on the underlying). Unlike a futures contract though, the price may also include a premium for counterparty credit risk, and the fact that there is not daily marking to market process to minimize default risk. If there is no allowance for these credit risks, then the forward price will equal the futures price. also called forward contract.

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2. Savings Bonds
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8. Hand
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