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Financial terms in "Real Estate"

1. perforated metal pipe

2. heating, ventilating, and air conditioning

3. birdbath

4. Partial Payment

5. principal paid over life of loan

6. extra premium removal

7. outercourt

8. proration

9. CB ratio

10. trenching

11. nonjudicial foreclosure

12. metric wrenches

13. strop

14. estate of inheritance

15. transport velocity

16. greenbelt

17. cast iron valve

18. entryway

19. mineral granules

20. recording fee

21. pressure gluing

22. quarter sawn

23. underwriters knot

24. pipe plug

25. pipe flange

26. xeriscape

27. bearing point

28. Appraisal Fee

29. exterior plywood

30. vent header

31. linearity

32. valley flashing

33. groin

34. burning the joint

35. dowel center

36. calcimine

37. Nominal interest rate

38. projection period

39. Living Trust

40. water supply tube

41. Special Lien

42. Without Recourse

43. fission

44. title block

45. plug tenon

46. side cut

47. building permit

48. mill file

49. MBS

50. government lot

51. percolate

52. earthquake load

53. batten

54. lead lender

55. lock wire

56. tax and lien search

57. rosewood

58. dial indicator

59. dip soldering

60. explosive-driven fastener

61. polarized plug

62. bend

63. area

64. direct current

65. Periodic refinancing

66. notice of assessment

67. control provision

68. G.I. Loan

69. housed string

70. radial saw

71. male plug

72. elevation drawing

73. indirect overhead

74. Capital Gains

75. pinning

76. cut and cover

77. hub stake

78. boss

79. Direct Writer

80. legal rate of interest

81. tied column

82. wire gauge

83. mail slot

84. fettle

85. expansible house

86. brownfield investment

87. frustum

88. alligatoring

89. round file

90. exterior ceiling panel

91. loan term

92. thermal coefficient of expansion

93. hole saw

94. starter home

95. odd-days interest

96. overall rate of return

97. machine excavation

98. direct lighting

99. latitude

100. habitable space

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Categories: Business and Management,

Charitable, cultural, and educational organizations that exist for reasons other than providing a profit for its owners, directors, or members are nonprofit organizations. However, these organizations can generate income to pay for their activities, salaries, and overhead by charging for services, making investments, and soliciting donations and memberships. A nonprofit arts center, for instance, may charge patrons for tickets and event subscriptions. Nonprofits incorporate in the states where they operate and are exempt from the state income taxes that for-profit corporations must pay. Some but not all qualify for federal tax-exempt status under section 501(c)(3) of the internal revenue code. Contributions to those qualifying organizations are tax deductible, though tax rules govern the percentage of your income you may deduct for gifts to different types of nonprofits.In exchange for these tax benefits, nonprofits must comply with some of the same financial reporting rules that for-profit corporations follow. For instance, nonprofits generally must follow corporate governance rules and make their financial reports available to the public.

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1. Mere Descriptiveness
3. Roth 401(k)
4. Unconscious Bias
5. Mortgage (mortgagee) Clause
6. Fixed Annuity
7. Securitization
8. Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
9. Use-based Application
10. Covenant Not To Sue

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