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Financial terms in "Real Estate"

1. section modulus

2. nail set

3. fractional interest

4. control provision

5. lap siding

6. corrective work

7. semi-rigid paving brick base

8. periderm

9. craft

10. attic access

11. construction management contract

12. modified accelerated cost recovery system

13. renewal probability

14. misnomer

15. miter plane

16. wye

17. confidentiality

18. right of dower

19. unity of time

20. pine

21. substitution

22. wet-film thickness

23. permanent load

24. unencumbered property

25. relay

26. multiple regression

27. right of way

28. double-wall siding

29. plan

30. wall box setback

31. stratify

32. brokerage supervisor

33. representation and warranties

34. eddy

35. Automated underwriting system

36. classified property tax

37. estimating

38. concealed hinges

39. absolute liability

40. vertical application

41. homeowners warranty

42. satellite city

43. glazing channel

44. joist hanger

45. Intestate

46. H-clip

47. prescription

48. trading down

49. rentier

50. brick hammer

51. abandon

52. Society of Real Estate Appraisers

53. weld

54. homeowners warranty program

55. finish hardware

56. land contract

57. Deed of Surrender

58. Trustee

59. land

60. masonry pointing

61. common brick

62. hose bib

63. limber

64. wet wall

65. daub

66. king post truss

67. riparian owner

68. class B roof

69. seller carryback

70. breach of covenant

71. assignment clause

72. liquid-applied membrane

73. butt hinge

74. sui juris

75. double-pole double-throw switch

76. under counter lavatory

77. gift letter

78. venting

79. gate valve

80. reflective glass

81. bit

82. contingent remainder

83. flame spread rating

84. pore water

85. nosing

86. earthquake insurance

87. polyisobutylene

88. form

89. honed limestone

90. cantilevered void

91. plain concrete

92. arabic gum

93. multi-layer

94. internal mix

95. pinch bar

96. pipe elbow

97. faced concrete

98. r-value

99. caliper

100. batt insulation

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Section 8 Declaration Of Excusable Nonuse

Categories: Patent,

a sworn statement, filed by the owner of a registration, that the mark is not in use in commerce due to special circumstances that excuse such nonuse and is not due to any intention to abandon the mark. section 8 of the trademark act, 15 U.S.C. 1058. It must be filed by the current owner of the registration and the USPTO must receive it during the following time periods: 1) At the end of the 6th year after the date of registration (or the date of publication under 15 U.S.C. 1062(c) for registrations issued under the Acts of 1905 or 1881 that have claimed the benefits of the Act of 1946), AND 2) At the end of each successive 10-year period after the date of registration. There is a six-month grace period. If these rules and deadlines are not met, the USPTO will cancel the registration. Once the USPTO accepts the section 8 Declaration of excusable nonuse, the owner of the registration is not required to file another section 8 Declaration until the next statutory filing period. -- see File a §8 Declaration

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2. Standard & Poor's Depositary Receipt (SPDR)
3. Loss Payable Clause
4. Catch-up Contribution
5. Employee Retirement Income Security Act Section 404(c)
6. Brokerage Firm
7. Separate Account Fund
8. Preference Shares
9. Storm Surge
10. Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE)

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