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Financial terms in "Retirement and Pension"

1. highly compensated employee

2. Single-Premium Deferred Annuity

3. advance funded pension plan

4. defined contribution plan

5. actual deferral percentage (ADP)

6. tax deferral

7. Recharacterization

8. annuity factor method

9. actuarial assumption

10. Cash or Deferred Arrangement

11. 403(b) plan

12. negative election

13. GUST restatement

14. incidental benefit

15. Old-Age and Survivors Insurance Trust Fund

16. tax-deferred savings plan

17. nonelective contribution

18. direct transfer

19. catch-up contributions

20. automatic rollover

21. full surrender

22. spousal beneficiary rollover

23. Prudent Expert Act

24. Registered Retirement Savings Plan

25. defined benefit plan

26. Catch-up contribution

27. Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees

28. summary annual report

29. commutation right

30. Automatic enrollment

31. actuarial equivalent

32. voluntary contribution

33. annuitization phase

34. Government-Sponsored Retirement Arrangement (GSRA)

35. Certified Senior Consultant (CSC)

36. Social Security Tax

37. same property rule

38. Social Security Act

39. life expectancy

40. Plan sponsor

41. Variable Annuitization

42. Guaranteed Investment Contract

43. matching funds

44. Retirement Equity Act of 1984

45. Required Minimum Distribution

46. vesting

47. Roth IRA

48. Simplified Employee Pension IRA

49. beneficiary

50. fixed annuitization method

51. employer's contribution

52. rule 72(t)

53. group certificate

54. stock savings plan

55. investment policy

56. amortization method

57. recalculation method

58. Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation

59. Integrated pension plan

60. consulting actuary

61. Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor (CRPC)

62. portable pension

63. IRA rollover

64. systematic withdrawal schedule

65. deferred nominal life annuity

66. salary reduction

67. floor plan

68. financial planning

69. nonperiodic distribution

70. severance costs

71. 90-age formula

72. Flexible spending account

73. exclusion ratio

74. bank trust custodial account

75. income replacement ratio

76. Noncontributory pension plan

77. Cafeteria Plan

78. Perpetuity

79. normal retirement age

80. Financial planner

81. Chartered Retirement Plans Specialist (CRPS)

82. annual addition

83. blackout period

84. retirement income fund (RIF)

85. nonforfeitable benefit

86. age-weighted plan

87. Rollover IRA


89. Nest Egg

90. Fidelity Investments

91. Hardship withdrawal

92. Buyout

93. joint-life payout

94. IRA

95. Vanguard

96. after-tax contributions

97. registered retirement income fund

98. additional voluntary contributions

99. minimum distribution

100. non-qualified retirement plan

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No-load Mutual Fund

Categories: Finance,

You buy a no-load mutual fund directly from the investment company that sponsors the fund. You pay no sales charge, or load, on the fund when you buy or sell shares.Although, no-load funds may charge a redemption fee if you sell before a certain time has elapsed in order to limit short-term turnover. Some fund companies charge an annual fee, called a 12b-1 fee, to offset their marketing costs. Your share of this fee is a percentage of the value of your holdings in the fund.You may also be able to buy no-load funds through a mutual fund network, sometimes known as a mutual fund supermarket, typically sponsored by a discount brokerage firm. If you have an account with the firm, you can choose among no-load funds sponsored by a number of different investment companies.load funds and no-load funds making similar investments tend to produce almost equivalent total returns over the long term - say ten years or more. But it can take an investor nearly that long to offset the higher cost of buying load funds.

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