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Financial terms in "Stocks"

1. Conversion option

2. fixed income

3. change

4. ten-bagger

5. Tokyo Stock Price Index

6. International Asset Pricing Model (IAPM)

7. unit share investment trust

8. Dow

9. Rating service

10. signal line

11. Bremen Stock Exchange

12. Dow Jones Wilshire Mid Cap Index

13. compliance department

14. shareholder register

15. investment management association

16. bagging the street

17. issuance date


19. hot stock

20. introducing broker

21. price talk

22. Hollywood Stock Exchange (HSX)

23. inactive security

24. market swoon

25. demand rights

26. investment value

27. Compound option

28. New Zealand Exchange Limited (NZX)

29. digested security

30. cushion bond

31. stock market index

32. cumulative preferred

33. management's discussion

34. Average up

35. Paper

36. Nearby futures contract

37. Registrar

38. Beirut Stock Exchange (BSE)

39. stock watcher

40. Convertible bond

41. exit charge

42. defined asset fund

43. clientele effect

44. tech bubble

45. Director

46. local authority bond

47. fighting the tape

48. forced conversion

49. hurricane bond

50. Money market fund

51. Finance

52. callable preferred stock

53. shareholder equity ratio

54. Redeemable

55. full ratchet

56. National Association of Investors Corporation

57. distribution in kind

58. Oslo Bors (OSE)

59. socially conscious investing

60. Put

61. MBS

62. value trap

63. index-linked savings certificate

64. circular

65. calendar spread

66. retractable preferred shares

67. asset management

68. Long bond

69. write

70. Portfolio manager

71. Secondary issue

72. conservative growth

73. Accrual bond

74. Vancouver stock exchange (VAN)

75. Stock split

76. leveraged portfolio

77. acid-test ratio

78. blockholder

79. standard deviation

80. Voting Shares

81. MSCI All Country World Index (ACWI)

82. participating trust

83. Level II data

84. rating

85. Stock

86. voting trust agreement

87. Frankfurter Werpapierborse (FWB)

88. Warsaw Stock Exchange (WSE)

89. stock incentive plan

90. Private Investment in Public Equity

91. Dow Jones Sustainability World Index

92. Negative yield curve

93. bullet bond

94. burst basket

95. basket product

96. signal to noise ratio

97. assumed bond

98. Terms

99. bull trap

100. Tenbagger

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Definition / Meaning of

Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE)

Categories: Stocks, Investing and Trading,

financial institution in Budapest, Hungary, whose "main goal is to become the financial centre and primary trading venue of Hungarian securities, and to successfully take part in the competition for issuers." Its four main activities are (1) listing services, (2) trading services, (3) dissemination of market information, and (4) product development.Four years after originally opening as the Hungarian stock exchange on January 18, 1864, in Pest, the exchange gained the Grain Hall and became the Budapest Stock and commodity exchange (BSCE). The government dissolved the BSCE after World War II, claiming its assets as state property. The BSE reopened on June 21, 1990, with forty-one members and one equity, IBUSZ, the budapest stock exchange. From 1990 until 1995, physical trading on the floor had partial electronic support. In 1995, trading on the floor and in a remote trading system became concurrent and stayed that way until November, 1998 when the MultiMarket Trading System (MMTS), which relied completely on remote trading, was put in place. By September, 1999, physical trading on the floor ceased. The BSE has been a subsidiary of the CEESEG AG holding company since January 2010.

Most popular terms

1. Consensus Recommendation
2. Contractors Professional Liability Insurance
3. Building Ordinance Coverage
4. Structured Product
5. Retired Directors Liability Policies
6. Broad-base Index
7. Separate Account Fund
8. Employee Retirement Income Security Act Section 404(c)
9. Catch-up Contribution
10. Contractors All Risks (CAR) Insurance

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