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Financial terms in "Stocks"

1. contrarian research

2. capital structure

3. Personal Equity Plan

4. Currency future

5. Maturity

6. BAN

7. fixed income equivalent

8. delayed perpetuity

9. Underlying asset

10. Payout Ratio

11. wt

12. Fama-French three-factor model

13. real time quote

14. fresh signal

15. Bay Street

16. Dutch Auction

17. Spread

18. contractual savings

19. Duration

20. equity market capitalization

21. investment management association

22. fixed income

23. duplicate proxy

24. country selection


26. equivolume chart

27. Bolsas Y Mercados Espanoles

28. flurry

29. momentum investor

30. momentum player

31. tap stock

32. stock tip

33. swaption

34. equity investment

35. cumulative volume index (CVI)

36. first preferred stock

37. Brady bond

38. variable-rate preferred stock

39. futures option

40. inside days

41. Nominal yield

42. Total return

43. Inside Information

44. Passive portfolio strategy

45. call price

46. registration right

47. NYSE

48. Average up

49. Whisper stock

50. Program Trading

51. late day trading

52. allocation efficiency

53. placement fee

54. special offering

55. fair trade investing

56. Exit fee

57. inverted hammer

58. calendar spread

59. customer's loan consent

60. warrant coverage

61. Long bond

62. Analyst

63. Income bond

64. OMX

65. Sinking Fund

66. constructive ownership

67. material amount

68. Wall Street

69. tranche

70. Australian Securities Exchange

71. Chicago Stock Exchange

72. Vancouver stock exchange (VAN)

73. longs

74. book building

75. informationally efficient market

76. goldbrick shares

77. contract for difference

78. stamped security

79. Modern portfolio theory

80. MIT

81. Load fund

82. short market value

83. ask size

84. interest rate option

85. limited risk

86. American depositary receipt (ADR) fees

87. Pass-through security

88. asset-or-nothing call option

89. Russell 1000 Index

90. Proxy statement

91. new money preferred

92. qualifying investment

93. Closely held

94. recognized loss

95. undersubscription

96. long-dated bill

97. Nifty Fifty

98. National Stock Exchange of India (NSE)

99. cancellation of securities

100. Widow-and-orphan stock

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Definition / Meaning of

Preference Shares

Categories: Stocks, Fundamental Analysis, Accounting,

capital stock which provides a specific dividend that is paid before any dividends are paid to common stock holders, and which takes precedence over common stock in the event of a liquidation. Like common stock, preference shares represent partial ownership in a company, although preferred stock shareholders do not enjoy any of the voting rights of common stockholders. Also unlike common stock, preference shares pay a fixed dividend that does not fluctuate, although the company does not have to pay this dividend if it lacks the financial ability to do so. The main benefit to owning preference shares are that the investor has a greater claim on the company's assets than common stockholders. Preferred shareholders always receive their dividends first and, in the event the company goes bankrupt, preferred shareholders are paid off before common stockholders. In general, there are four different types of preferred stock: cumulative preferred stock, non-cumulative preferred stock, participating preferred stock, and convertible preferred stock. also called preferred stock.

Most popular terms

1. Hybrid Mortgage
2. Weather Derivative
3. Internalization
4. Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Of 1990
5. Financial Industry Regulation Authority
6. Personal Profit Exclusion
7. Mortgage Impairment Insurance
8. Target Date Fund
9. Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE)
10. Equitable Estoppel

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