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Financial terms in "Stocks"

1. tracking

2. profit warning

3. Below par

4. taker

5. Qubes

6. stock ledger

7. Secular

8. Cumulative voting

9. Upside potential

10. hybrid

11. supermajority

12. Form S4

13. strippable bond

14. callable stock

15. Test

16. Fundamental analysis

17. corporate stock

18. compound annual return

19. high yield

20. Clearing House Electronic Subregister System (CHESS)

21. nominal capital

22. Registered representative

23. subsequent offering

24. control stock

25. X

26. International Asset Pricing Model (IAPM)

27. Exchange

28. interested shareholder

29. price multiple

30. Private Investment in Public Equity

31. selling into strength

32. Crossed market

33. back away

34. investment fund

35. Irish Stock Exchange (ISE)

36. Buy on margin

37. preferred equity

38. exhaustion gap

39. champagne stock

40. Yankee bond

41. clientele effect

42. variation margin

43. if-converted method

44. Accrual bond

45. Fitch Ratings

46. financing flows

47. allocation efficiency

48. Stock certificate

49. island reversal

50. activist investor

51. compensatory stock option

52. marketweight

53. Defensive security

54. Real Estate Investment Trust

55. controlled company

56. Trade date

57. accelerated vesting

58. Paid-Up Share

59. Municipal bond

60. competitive offering

61. broker's commission

62. Open interest

63. value line index

64. recapture

65. forward hedge

66. Return on Capital

67. Section 31 fee

68. investment security

69. Russell Top 200 index

70. Bombay Stock Echange (BSE)

71. net salvage value

72. swap


74. Annapurna option

75. non-registered account

76. momentum investor

77. cult stock

78. cost of equity capital

79. stripped stock

80. momentum player

81. Bernie Madoff

82. broad-based weighted average ratchet

83. Nominee name

84. risk margin

85. stated rate auction preferred stock

86. doji

87. Income bond

88. equity linked Eurobond

89. Russell Small Cap Completeness Index

90. Buyback

91. Horizontal spread

92. backing away

93. blank stock

94. ten-bagger

95. Theta

96. Market Basket

97. coverage initiated

98. Convertible 100

99. Dow Jones Wilshire Large Cap Index

100. Investment

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