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Financial terms in "Tax"

1. Tax Reform Act of 1993

2. tax status

3. interperiod income tax allocation


5. qualifying widow/widower

6. statutory stock option

7. levy

8. cash flows from operating activities

9. short tax year

10. non-statutory stock option

11. Private Letter Ruling

12. 1040-EZ Form

13. tax form

14. 1040 Form Schedule A

15. 1098-E Form

16. qualifying utility

17. Cost basis

18. triple tax exempt

19. Assessor

20. 183-day rule

21. Self-Employed

22. Sin Tax

23. locked in

24. excess distribution

25. business rate

26. ad valorem

27. U.S. Government Agency Security

28. 1040 Form Schedule F

29. Sales Tax

30. Lifetime learning credit

31. tax inspector

32. tax relief

33. stimulus package

34. 1120-F Form Schedule H

35. 1040-ES Form

36. Single-Premium Deferred Annuity

37. Vertical Equity

38. Auditor

39. stockholder books

40. Medicare tax

41. Required Minimum Distribution

42. Schedule D-1

43. Tax Lien

44. unaudited opinion

45. salary reduction

46. 1040 Form Schedule J

47. Import Duty

48. foreign housing exclusion and deduction

49. ATO

50. 1120-F Form Schedule V

51. Taxable income

52. Tax

53. 1099-B Form

54. ESOP

55. agency security

56. 1120 Form Schedule UTP

57. Corporate bond

58. joint return

59. ESA

60. millage rate

61. revenue enhancement

62. Cumulative Bulletin (CB)

63. invisible deficit

64. Accelerated Cost Recovery System

65. Form 1065

66. exchange fund

67. revenue anticipation note

68. educator expenses deduction

69. abatement

70. business activity statement (BAS)

71. drawback

72. Limited liability company

73. death tax

74. Education IRA

75. Tax Allowance

76. Conduit IRA

77. disposable income

78. home mortgage interest deduction

79. Excess profits tax

80. taxes

81. decedent (IRD) deduction

82. subchapter J

83. 1099-S Form

84. Energy Tax Incentives Act of 2005

85. tax sale

86. unqualified audit

87. Investment Tax Credit

88. loss carryover

89. Working Families Tax Relief Act of 2004

90. 1099-PATR Form

91. Annuity

92. forward averaging

93. constructive sale rule (Section 1259)

94. Consumption Tax

95. nominee interest

96. Supplemental Young Child credit

97. Modified ACRS

98. foreign investment funds tax (FIF Tax)

99. 1099-A Form

100. 1120-S Form Schedule D

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