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Financial terms in "Tax"

1. taxes

2. 1120-X Form

3. average price per share

4. cash flows from operating activities

5. foreign tax credit

6. Cash or Deferred Arrangement

7. W-2GU Form

8. residential energy credit

9. 30-day wash rule

10. 401(k) plan

11. Tax Reform Act of 1986

12. concessionally taxed

13. 1099-SA Form

14. 1040-SS Form

15. real wages

16. Progressive tax

17. Mortgage Interest Deduction

18. non-resident alien tax

19. proprietor

20. Schedule B

21. 1120-ND Form

22. decedent (IRD) deduction

23. dividend capture

24. IRA

25. proportional tax

26. Simplified Employee Pension IRA

27. Laffer Curve

28. Capital Allowance

29. tax and loan account

30. basic rate

31. 1120 Form Schedule O

32. non-qualifying annuity

33. 1120 Form Schedule H

34. 1040 Form Schedule SE

35. Income Tax

36. service tax

37. 1099

38. evaluator

39. Corporation Tax

40. qualified disclaimer

41. Working Families Tax Relief Act of 2004


43. Earned income credit

44. 1120-FSC Form

45. Appraiser

46. non-qualified stock option

47. provision for income taxes

48. joint return test

49. Write-Off

50. 1120-S Form Schedule M-3

51. tax cuts

52. married filing jointly

53. PRT

54. 1099-H Form

55. Investment Tax Credit

56. effective income tax rate

57. deferred gain

58. tax attribute

59. disposable personal income

60. Modified adjusted gross income (MAGI)

61. 1120-IC-DISC Form Schedule P

62. net operating loss deduction

63. dual-status taxpayer

64. cash basis taxpayer

65. non-qualified retirement plan

66. tax-deferred

67. child and dependent care credit

68. 1120-IC-DISC Form Schedule Q

69. Equivalent taxable yield

70. duty

71. U.S. Government Agency Security

72. identified shares

73. Tax Allowance

74. Countervailing Duty

75. tax loss harvesting

76. 1120 Form Schedule N

77. 1120-IC-DISC Form Schedule K

78. carryforward

79. amended return

80. graduated flat tax

81. Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC)

82. variable prepaid forward contract

83. minimum distribution

84. Appraisal

85. Single-Premium Deferred Annuity

86. Value Added Tax

87. tax expense

88. taxation

89. assessed loss

90. saver's tax credit

91. 940-B Form


93. Energy Tax Incentives Act of 2005

94. generation-skipping transfer

95. 1040-ES (NR) Form

96. separate tax returns

97. tax sale

98. tax-efficient

99. schedule

100. charitable contributions deduction

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Audit Committee

Categories: Accounting, Tax, Business and Management,

The corporate audit committee is the liaison between the company's management, the board of directors, internal and external auditors, and any other accounting experts advising the company on audit issues.In particular, the audit committee is responsible for hiring and managing external auditors. Since 2002, when Congress passed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, implementing stringent financial oversight regulations, the role of the audit committee has become increasingly important.An audit committee is composed of a sub-group from the corporation's board of directors. Members of the audit committee must be independent, which means they have no ties to the company's management team. In general they cannot receive any compensation, such as consulting or advisory fees, except for a board of director's fee. They may not be able to own shares in the company, or be affiliated in any other way with the company. Nor can they be affiliated with or have an interest in the external auditing company.

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