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Financial terms in "Technical Analysis"

1. residual standard deviation

2. demand index

3. Average Directional Index

4. overbought/oversold indicator

5. first-pass regression

6. trailing

7. triple top

8. direct relationship

9. Dynamic Momentum Index (DMI)

10. relative volatility

11. Screen

12. Haurlan index

13. secular trend

14. confirmation on a chart

15. solvency ratio

16. standard deviation

17. regression

18. price pattern

19. island reversal

20. inclining wedge

21. descending triangle

22. capital market line

23. diffusion index

24. Relative Strength Index

25. DUAL Commodity Channel Index (DCCI)

26. operating surplus

27. alternative beta

28. forex EA

29. bearish divergence

30. descending triple bottom

31. candlestick charts

32. distribution area

33. rectangle

34. McClellan Oscillator

35. dark cloud cover

36. Cost Of Sales

37. Keltner channel

38. volume moving average

39. Qstick indicator

40. flag

41. bearish abandoned baby

42. charting

43. ratio

44. negative directional indicator

45. force index

46. bullish divergence

47. breakaway gap

48. long-legged doji

49. greeks

50. fail-safe

51. double top breakout

52. forward curve

53. corrective waves

54. exponential moving average

55. ascending triangle

56. modified Sharpe ratio

57. Max Pain(TM)

58. weighted average

59. hook reversal

60. correlation coefficient

61. noise

62. opening range

63. S curve

64. Big Three

65. rounding top

66. stochastic

67. volatility ratio

68. daily chart

69. Overbought

70. forecast

71. shooting star

72. STARC bands

73. advance/decline spread

74. risk

75. logarithmic chart

76. equivolume

77. plateau

78. Correlation

79. epsilon

80. doji

81. Value At Risk

82. buy break

83. zone of support

84. chartist

85. hockey stick

86. NOI

87. pivot point

88. ascending channel

89. Z-spread

90. extreme point rule

91. Alpha

92. model

93. advance/decline Ratio (A/D)

94. market thrust

95. Chande Momentum Oscillator

96. Brownian motion

97. Multiple

98. average directional movement index rating

99. Double top

100. positive directional indicator

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