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Financial terms in "Bonds and Treasuries"

1. Treasury real yield curve rates

2. exchangeable bond

3. flight to quality

4. Unified Managed Account (UMA)

5. market index deposit (MID)

6. accreted value

7. term bond

8. pure discount instrument

9. bond trustee

10. new money

11. Association of International Bond Dealers (AIBD)

12. undiversifiable risk

13. bond ladders

14. investment mix

15. perpetual floating-rate note

16. primary instrument

17. Risk-free return

18. deleveraged floater

19. protective stop

20. spreadlock

21. bond calendar

22. consol

23. Certificate of Participation

24. bond

25. combination bond

26. cash budget

27. bond market

28. shadow rating

29. proportional spread

30. Paying Agent

31. New York Stock Exchange

32. flat yield curve

33. payment-in-kind security

34. anticipation note

35. at par

36. limited-tax general obligation bond

37. good delivery

38. G7 bond

39. MBIA

40. Pfandbriefe

41. capital resource planning

42. modified duration

43. sinking fund call

44. SIX Swiss Exchange

45. Chief Financial Officer

46. mandatory sinking-fund redemption

47. redeem

48. duration gap

49. advance payment bond

50. delivery option

51. called away

52. bull and bear bonds

53. money market mutual fund

54. Yield

55. extendable bond

56. accumulated interest

57. average weighted maturity

58. mortgage-backed certificate

59. Security

60. interchangeable bond

61. absolute rate

62. Bill

63. conditional call option

64. benchmark bond

65. Debt

66. called bond

67. call risk

68. credit quality

69. access bond

70. convexity

71. Convertible bond

72. doubling option

73. full price

74. U.S. Treasury Securities

75. Offering price

76. delivery vs. receipt

77. financial market

78. financial accounting

79. outside financing

80. junior refunding

81. pool

82. above par

83. sovereign debt

84. Emerging Markets Bond Index (EMBI)

85. fine paper

86. Treasury yield curve

87. fixed income unit investment trust

88. kitchen sink bond

89. event-linked bond

90. bond futures

91. flow of funds

92. National Market System

93. Bolsa De Madrid

94. investment-grade bond

95. Junk Bond

96. Government Paper

97. conversion ratio

98. bond conversion

99. marginal cost of capital

100. twenty-five percent rule

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