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Financial terms in "Credit and Debt"

1. foundation wall

2. use

3. mile

4. Verification of Employment (VOE)

5. pass through certificate

6. loan amortization schedule

7. Repayment plan

8. sweetheart contract

9. Appleton rule

10. explicit interest

11. redemption, equitable right of

12. Sick Building Syndrome

13. xylotomous

14. mortgage-backed certificate

15. Manufactured housing

16. gross real estate investment value

17. reinstatement

18. Megan's Law

19. multi-option financing facility (MOFF)

20. Recast payment

21. document needs list

22. cash credit

23. Variable Interest Rate

24. Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act

25. range of value

26. magic page

27. Familial Status

28. asset backed credit default swap (ABCDS)

29. depth tables

30. weep hole

31. Jumbo mortgage

32. principle of conformity

33. littoral rights

34. leasehold mortgage

35. weighted average equity

36. General Mortgage Associate

37. actual damages (and special damages)

38. shell lease

39. qualified acceptance

40. Alliance of American Insurers

41. contingency listing

42. agency closing

43. actual notice

44. Chapter 13

45. Deed of Trust

46. mortgage term

47. net interest spread

48. use tax

49. offset statement

50. buffer zone

51. vacant space

52. Construction Loan

53. open housing

54. negative carry

55. substitution

56. registered land

57. landmark

58. Fixed-Markup UML

59. call money rate

60. off-site management

61. key money

62. straight note

63. bankruptcy court

64. unethical

65. debris removal clause

66. primary mortgage market

67. financing cost

68. real estate owned

69. accrual method

70. National Foundation for Consumer Credit

71. broker loan

72. minimum payment

73. principal paid over life of loan

74. Ellwood technique

75. lease option/purchase

76. negative homeowner's equity

77. potable water

78. reliction

79. full service rent

80. loan stock

81. equitable lien

82. Voluntary Lien

83. expense reimbursement allowance

84. Mortgage Note

85. coverage part

86. Payment Change Date

87. Involuntary Lien

88. capital note

89. bull flattener

90. clearance letter

91. Additional Principal Payment

92. natural person

93. procuring cause

94. real estate contract

95. esoteric debt

96. apportionment

97. capital shares

98. lanai

99. Troubled Assets Relief Program

100. materialman

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