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Financial terms in "Credit and Debt"

1. net listing

2. fee appraiser

3. collateralized borrowing and lending obligation (CBLO)

4. quadrominium

5. partial reconveyance

6. contract for sale

7. shoring

8. attornment

9. contingent credit default swap (CCDS)

10. Call

11. coverage part

12. site office

13. progression

14. investment structure

15. express authority

16. gradient

17. standby loan commitment

18. Interest accrual period

19. normal yield curve

20. No income loan

21. crop insurance

22. Money At Call

23. entitlement

24. livability space ratio

25. Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act

26. Resolution Funding Corporation

27. Recast payment

28. irrevocable consent

29. total principal balance

30. cash advance

31. inside lot

32. nonproductive loan

33. satisfaction

34. Remaining Balance

35. sundry debtors

36. Creditor

37. rehabilitate

38. collateral note

39. personal representative

40. density zoning

41. face-amount certificate company

42. asset management fee

43. forward sale

44. capital note

45. adjunction

46. tenancy in partnership

47. architecture

48. credit check

49. direct loss

50. marina

51. Prequalification

52. Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

53. Total interest payments

54. location, location, location

55. straight lease

56. solar heating

57. negative homeowner's equity

58. assumed interest rate

59. Stated assets

60. petition

61. clustering

62. Credit Grantor

63. Security

64. General Services Administration (GSA)

65. First Mortgage

66. Sale And Leaseback

67. hiatus

68. datum

69. takeout financing

70. recognition clause

71. pledge

72. commercial mortgage lender

73. discharge of lien

74. steering

75. Escrow Analysis

76. Notice of Sale

77. National Association of REALTORS(R)

78. Income Deposit Security (IDS)

79. leasehold improvements

80. assessment valuation

81. build to suit

82. land grant

83. market study

84. contraction risk

85. Radon

86. Civil Rights Act of 1866

87. farmland

88. operation of law

89. land poor

90. trading up

91. passbook loan

92. Familial Status

93. discharge

94. Cap

95. blended insurance program

96. subsequent rate adjustments

97. Appraisal

98. certificates of automobile receivables (CAR)

99. Z-tranche

100. Torrens system

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