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Financial terms in "Credit and Debt"

1. materialman

2. debt collector

3. freehold

4. fee simple absolute

5. contingent payments

6. Federal Financing Bank

7. home ownership

8. Floating rate

9. Bank Rate

10. demolition clause

11. facility space

12. annual statement

13. slander of title

14. letter report

15. Credit Enhancement

16. qualified acceptance

17. person

18. correspondency system

19. risk

20. quasi-equity

21. margin loan availability

22. long-term loan

23. dry closing

24. Emirates Interbank Offered Rate (EIBOR)

25. Covenant

26. paragraph 17

27. restraint on alienation

28. apartment association

29. MBS

30. Escheat

31. time note

32. rate level risk

33. Net jumping

34. exposure units

35. tax search

36. attestation clause

37. interval ownership

38. discharge of lien

39. consequential loss

40. widely held fixed investment trust (WHFIT)

41. mobile home certificate

42. constructive notice

43. amortization tables

44. standards of practice

45. penthouse

46. leasehold state

47. variable payment plan

48. Alliance of American Insurers

49. Chapter 7

50. nonrecourse debt

51. competent party

52. Finance Charge

53. unitranche debt

54. Deadbeat

55. Prequalification

56. co-ownership

57. private offering

58. vacation home

59. credit application

60. Certified Consumer Debt Specialist (CCDS)

61. default judgment

62. tenant alternative costs

63. rental agency

64. deposit or provisional premium

65. circulation factor

66. truss

67. estimated property taxes

68. reversionary factor

69. riparian lease

70. notice to creditors

71. rent up period

72. malfeasance

73. land, tenements and hereditaments

74. deleverage

75. receivables financing

76. adjunction

77. parking ratio

78. Graduation period

79. funds available for distribution (FAD)

80. Nominal interest rate

81. reversion capitalization rate

82. litigation

83. ostensible agency

84. stripped mortgage-backed securities

85. Capital Improvements

86. unbalanced improvement

87. contingency reserve

88. avulsion

89. distraint

90. impound account

91. collateral surety

92. Accredited Resident Manager (ARM)

93. recorder

94. section

95. cramdown

96. pension liability

97. current face

98. placement fee

99. tenancy at sufferance

100. sequestrate order

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