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Financial terms in "Insurance"

1. Department of Labor (DOL)

2. crisis management approach

3. Operating Cash Flow

4. Sewer Back-up Coverage

5. corridor self-insured retention

6. commercial multiple peril (CMP) policy

7. retention

8. indirect damage loss

9. unimpaired surplus

10. Lloyd's of London

11. mercantile robbery insurance

12. risk shifting

13. employment-at-will doctrine

14. risk

15. Lloyds Organizations

16. Preferred Auto

17. appraisal clause

18. care, custody, or control (CCC)

19. Liability Insurance

20. national flood insurance program

21. asbestos

22. guardian ad litem

23. mean/variance/covariance (MVC) risk modeling method

24. Over-Insured

25. practice policy

26. extended reporting period (ERP)

27. general employer

28. Premium Reduction Option

29. physical impairment

30. advanced wastewater treatment

31. Liability Risk Retention Act of 1996

32. Associate in Surplus Lines Insurance (ASLI)

33. policy fee

34. Renewable Term Insurance Policy

35. concurrent causation

36. workplace tort

37. financial responsibility law

38. financial responsibility

39. total pollution exclusion

40. premium tax

41. insurance risk management

42. insurance risk

43. premium basis

44. designated construction project general aggregate limit endorsement

45. prepaid insurance

46. causes of loss

47. fleet of companies

48. that particular part

49. safe depository coverage

50. first-party insurance

51. model act

52. participating policy

53. Securities Outstanding

54. brand rehabilitation

55. Economic Loss Doctrine

56. Attained Age

57. Voluntary Reserve

58. statement blank

59. gross receipts or mileage, auto

60. underlying premium

61. debit life insurance

62. res ipsa loquitur

63. moral hazard

64. loss trending

65. water quality standards

66. financial restatement

67. insurance risk score

68. Mortality And Expense (m&e) Risk Charge

69. Least Expensive Alternative Treatment

70. discontinuance

71. free of particular average (FPA)

72. basket retention

73. Associate in Insurance Accounting and Finance (AIAF)

74. supplementary employee retirement plan (SERP)

75. Crime Insurance

76. Contingent Fund

77. crop-hail insurance

78. secondary beneficiary

79. breach

80. Capacity

81. burning cost

82. employment practices liability insurance (EPLI)

83. jurisdiction

84. imputed

85. patient compensation funds

86. commutation right

87. Liquidity

88. guiding principles

89. animal mortality insurance

90. inter-insurance exchange

91. specifications

92. guaranteed investment contract (GIC)

93. single premium insurance

94. noncontributing, noncontributory

95. branch profits tax

96. Dependent

97. return on equity (ROE)

98. coupon interest

99. air quality control region

100. Forced Place Insurance

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Definition / Meaning of

Fill Or Kill Order (FOK)

Categories: Finance,

Has various definitions. 1) On some exchanges, a market or limited price order that is to be executed in its entirety as soon as it is represented in the trading crowd, and, if not so executed, is to be treated as canceled. In this context, no partial fills are accepted, and the FOK order is treated as an IOC, Aon order. 2) On other exchanges, a market or limit order that is to be executed by filling the number of shares made available by the first bid or offer, and then canceling any unfilled balance. In this context, a FOK order is treated as an instruction to fill what can be filled by hitting the first bid or offer, and cancel the rest. In this case partial fills are possible, and the FOK order is treated as an IOC, Any Part order. Because of the prevalence of interlisted stocks, the ability of a broker’s trading desk to direct trades to one exchange or another, and the different interpretations the order can have depending on which exchange the order is routed to, use of this type or order is discouraged. Instead, either an IOC AON, or an IOC Any Part, order will get the desired result regardless of the exchange.

Most popular terms

2. National Association Of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations System
3. Dollar-weighted Rate Of Return
4. Relative Strength
5. Fiduciary
6. Price-to-earnings Ratio (P/E)
7. Direct Action
8. Portable Benefits
9. Discrimination
10. Bankruptcy Proceedings

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