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Financial terms in "Insurance"

1. Mortality and Expense Risk Fees

2. Rate Regulation

3. Crop-hail Insurance

4. irrevocable letter of credit (ILOC)

5. Paul v. Virginia

6. unit linked

7. ultra vires acts

8. automatic premium loan

9. blanket medical expense

10. commissioners standard ordinary 1958 mortality table

11. nonsuit

12. public liability insurance

13. irrevocable beneficiary

14. voluntary market

15. statutory accounting principles (SAP)

16. notice of potential claim provision

17. free asset ratio (FAR)

18. offset clause

19. judgmental immunity

20. standard exceptions

21. Member Month

22. nonowned automobile

23. A Rates

24. overall operating ratio

25. noncertified act of terrorism

26. wet methods

27. International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA)

28. net interest earned

29. essential functions

30. general inclusions

31. Associate in Risk Management (ARM)

32. risk types

33. retrospective rating

34. false pretense, trick, and device

35. Hurricane Deductible

36. preponderance of evidence

37. Medical Loss Ratio

38. derivative lawsuits

39. discrimination

40. coverage form

41. honorable engagement or undertaking

42. cooperative controlled insurance program (CO-CIP)

43. fiduciary liability insurance

44. earnings insurance

45. Proposition 103

46. open end investment company

47. Coinsurance

48. expatriate

49. manufacturers penalty insurance

50. Direct Premiums Written

51. basis risk

52. Annual Crediting Cap

53. National Priorities List (NPL)

54. floating excess policy

55. payment account

56. Office of Motor Carrier Standards (OMCS)

57. significant deviation

58. dirty bomb

59. excess loss premium (ELP) factor

60. difference-in-limits (DIL) clause

61. FAS 115

62. policy year

63. all risks, difference-in-conditions (builders risk)

64. Suicide Exclusion Provision

65. contingency fee

66. Policy

67. No-fault Medical

68. Guarantee Period

69. party-in-interest transactions

70. Subaccount Charge

71. Insurance and Superannuation Commission

72. premium deposit

73. specified causes of loss coverage

74. nonmedical

75. limit of liability

76. guests' property, premises

77. Declined Risk Class

78. Waiver Of Premium For Disability (wp) Benefit

79. guiding principles

80. fellow employee exclusion

81. restitution of fees

82. continuous treatment rule

83. motorcycle insurance

84. Risk Retention Act (RRA) of 1986

85. criteria pollutant

86. aggregate limit of liability

87. balance

88. employees as insureds endorsement

89. road rage

90. experience modification

91. Individual Risk Premium Modification (IRPM)

92. constructive discharge

93. contractual liability insurance

94. risk identification

95. Loss and Loss-Adjustment Reserves to Policyholder Surplus Ratio

96. participating (par)

97. moral hazard

98. Aggregate Limit

99. Personal Lines

100. initial public offering (IPO)

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