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Financial terms in "Real Estate"

1. double floor

2. pyramid zoning

3. structure section

4. misrepresentation

5. junior lien

6. storm window

7. bid out

8. floor to area ratio (FAR)

9. gangway

10. mail slot

11. tee

12. grapnel

13. Mortgage Modification

14. escrow company

15. Property Tax and Insurance Escrow

16. purge

17. fieldstone, blue frost rubble

18. unconscionability

19. energy loss

20. xylotomous

21. sugar pine

22. filler metal

23. flat arch

24. arbitration service

25. portland blast-furnace slag cement

26. hatbanding

27. deed of reconveyance

28. brick set

29. end nailing

30. square-butt strip shingle

31. documents

32. monomer

33. plumbing jacks

34. safety valve

35. FHA

36. corner reinforcement

37. voltmeter

38. assignment clause

39. vacancy and credit losses

40. EER

41. exclusive right to sell

42. Sheetrock

43. soft cost

44. centrifuge

45. metric ton

46. beaverboard

47. eave height

48. recital

49. resident manager

50. pugging

51. blocking

52. laundry tub

53. polysulfide sealant

54. lead oxide

55. plumber

56. purchasers policy

57. gypsum wallboard

58. short term capital loss

59. face brick

60. front

61. mesh tape

62. interest accrual rate

63. modified annual percentage rate (APR)

64. grantor/grantee index

65. open housing

66. pneumatic feed

67. oakum plumbing

68. dado joint

69. bloom

70. fixed skylight

71. Adverse Possession

72. assignment of lease

73. impact sound

74. picture molding

75. dropped ceiling

76. pitch seam

77. isofootcandle lines

78. asset depreciation risk

79. cryogenic liquid

80. corrugated fastener

81. calamander

82. plaster base tile

83. saw vise

84. test light

85. hickey

86. gang nail plate

87. partial interest

88. contour

89. fixative

90. framing square

91. stapling hammer

92. busway plug

93. Society of Real Estate Appraisers (SREA)

94. prepayment clause

95. surface preparation

96. Cap

97. Special Forbearance

98. riparian owner

99. recreational lease

100. Pre-Approval

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Categories: Brokerages, Compliance and Governance,

NASD is the largest self-regulatory organization (SRO) in the United States. Formerly known as the national association of securities dealers, NASD regulates broker-dealer firms and licenses registered representatives - better known as stockbrokers - who make a business of trading securities. In addition, NASD regulates trading in stocks, mutual funds, variable annuities, corporate bonds, and futures and options contracts on securities, and acts as regulator for a number of securities exchanges, NASD also reviews materials that investment companies provide to their clients and prospective clients to ensure those materials comply with the relevant guidelines. Through its BrokerCheck database, NASD provides a resource for investors to check the credentials of people and firms with whom they're considering working. The NASD website also provides investor education and alerts on current issues of importance to investors. Finally, NASD also resolves disputes between broker-dealers and their clients, through either mediation or arbitration. NASD disciplines firms and individuals who violate the rules.

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1. Contractors Professional Liability Insurance
2. Hope Scholarship Credit
3. Section 8 Declaration Of Excusable Nonuse
4. Retired Directors Liability Policies
5. Family Of Funds
6. Roth 401(k)
7. Absolute Exclusions
8. Fill Or Kill Order (FOK)
9. Long-term Care Insurance
10. Financial Industry Regulation Authority

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