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Financial terms in "Real Estate"

1. core capital

2. Florida rooms

3. clearance letter

4. prelease

5. modular

6. waiver of lien

7. township lines

8. plate anchor

9. stress cracking

10. maximium demand

11. final inspection

12. stab rod

13. zone switching

14. Certificate of Title

15. heat absorbing glass

16. oil wood stains

17. pine

18. auger

19. overhand work

20. phenolic resin

21. rope

22. double-cut file

23. coinsurer

24. metal arc cutting

25. income return

26. ripsaw

27. pavement light

28. bearing wall

29. corrective work

30. cement brick

31. subprime borrower

32. boiled linseed oil

33. highlights

34. fire loss insurance

35. moisture vapor transmission

36. bi-monthly mortgage

37. face of weld

38. roofing nail

39. turnkey project

40. control

41. pressure connector

42. stripped mortgage-backed securities

43. ball joint

44. Philippine mahogany

45. tensile strength

46. s-trap

47. Principal limit

48. brick beam

49. refrigeration system

50. loan constant

51. intrastate exemption

52. casement

53. fieldstone, blue frost rubble

54. defensible space

55. storm door

56. double framing

57. investor status

58. mail slot

59. flex

60. industrial waste

61. misnomer

62. accrued items, passive

63. pledged account mortgage

64. polyurethane sealant

65. quenching

66. suspend

67. cost breakdown

68. low-income housing limited partnership

69. sliding door

70. threads

71. cabin

72. tax stop

73. groundwater

74. non-corrosive flux

75. Asset

76. carboloy

77. caisson

78. title theory states

79. Maximum lock

80. specified investing

81. lowball offer

82. xeriscape

83. pecky cypress

84. scroll

85. pozzolan cement

86. feather board

87. right of subrogation

88. National Apartment Association

89. pin hinge

90. Payment Cap

91. Option fee

92. assignor

93. underground feeder cable

94. insert fittings

95. lumber grade

96. foot print

97. thin capitalization

98. own

99. gravel

100. difference in conditions

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Money Supply

Categories: Economics,

The money supply is the total amount of liquid or near-liquid assets in the economy. The federal reserve, or the Fed, manages the money supply, trying to prevent either recession or serious inflation by changing the amount of money in circulation. The Fed increases the money supply by buying government bonds in the open market, and decreases the supply by selling these securities.In addition, the Fed can adjust the reserves that banks must maintain, and increase or decrease the rate at which banks can borrow money. This fluctuation in rates gets passed along to consumers and investors as changes in short-term interest rates.The money supply is grouped into four classes of assets, called money aggregates. The narrowest, called M1, includes currency and checking deposits. M2 includes M1, plus assets in money market accounts and small time deposits. M3, also called broad money, includes M2, plus assets in large time deposits, eurodollars, and institution-only money market funds. The biggest group, L, includes M3, plus assets such as private holdings of us savings bonds, short-term us treasury bills, and commercial paper.

Most popular terms

1. Opt-out Lawsuits
2. Quarter
3. Specialist
4. Brokerage Firm
5. Equitable Estoppel
6. Return
7. Long-term Care Insurance
8. Right Of Recourse Provision
9. Limited Severability Provision
10. Mortgage Impairment Insurance

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