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Financial terms in "Stocks"

1. loaned flat

2. Swap book

3. Level III data

4. convertible loan stock

5. stock-for-asset reorganization

6. directorate

7. buy signal

8. Sprinkling trust

9. narrowing the spread

10. demutualization

11. competitive offering

12. Canadian Royalty Trust (CANROY)

13. volatile market

14. Equity

15. analyst meeting

16. key rate duration

17. secondary distribution

18. New Zealand Exchange Limited (NZX)

19. Involuntary liquidation preference

20. cash flow return on investment

21. Stockbroker

22. perfect hedge

23. option income fund

24. note notice

25. Mr. Market

26. nondepository financial institution

27. demand rights

28. delayed perpetuity

29. Bolsas Y Mercados Espanoles

30. CUSIP number

31. Athens Stock Exchange

32. subscriber

33. mortgage pass-through security

34. multiple capital structure

35. bond

36. All Mining Index

37. AUT

38. negotiated offering

39. floor official

40. capital stock

41. gunslinger

42. Scrip

43. fair trade investing

44. Rule of 78

45. stock option

46. Form 13G

47. seasoned

48. complete capital market

49. Corporate Securities Limited Representative

50. strike price

51. South Sea Bubble

52. Cyclical stock

53. Ba1/BB+

54. leg

55. Investment manager

56. commission broker

57. overinflated

58. optionaire

59. standard deviation

60. listed company

61. bulletin board stock

62. Income stock

63. Held order

64. capital guarantee fund

65. sold call

66. dividend payout

67. contractual savings

68. broad-base index

69. exchangeable debenture

70. Series

71. Ticker Symbol

72. amortized value

73. total stock fund

74. redeemable security

75. out of the money

76. sigma prime

77. coupon security

78. Bernie Madoff

79. dividend adjusted return

80. Capital Flight

81. Jakarta Stock Exchange (JSE)

82. trade-through

83. collateralized

84. municipal investment trust

85. inventory turnover

86. dual syndicate equity offering

87. CRD

88. exempt security

89. correlation swap

90. CDO

91. cherry picking

92. secondary stock

93. allotment

94. market quote

95. win/loss ratio

96. Abu Dhabi Investment Authority (ADIA)

97. TSX Venture Exchange

98. Philippine Stock Exchange

99. Compound option

100. intermarket sweep

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Definition / Meaning of

Expiration Cycle

Categories: Finance,

The recurring cycle of expiry months for which options on a particular security can be available. Basic options are placed in one of three cycles; Cycle 1 (the January/April/July/October, or the first month of each quarter); Cycle 2 (the second month of each quarter); or Cycle 3 (the third month of each quarter).At any one time, a basic option has contracts with three expiration dates outstanding. For example, in mid-February, options trading on cycle 3 will have March, June and September expiries available. Late in March, after the March options expire, a December contract will be added, thus offering June, September and December expiries.Higher-volume equity options, index options, and LEAPS can trade on other cycles, such as Cycle 4, Cycle 5 or Cycle 6. Cycle 4, for example, offers options in the two nearest months plus two months from Cycle 3. For example, in mid-April, there would be April, May, June and September expires available. A month later, there would be May, June, September and December expiries available for trading.

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1. Hacker
2. Free Cash Flows
3. Statute Of Limitations
4. Competence
5. Long-term Care Insurance
6. Employee Retirement Income Security Act Section 510
7. Concurrent Causation
8. Special Mobile Equipment
9. Inflation-adjusted Principal
10. Auction Rate Security (ARS)

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