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Financial terms starting with "A"

1. a ton of money

2. average total assets

3. All-Ordinaries stock index

4. Accrual basis

5. ABX index

6. Automated Guided Vehicle System (agvs))

7. After-tax income

8. Accrued discount

9. administrative cost

10. Asset stripper

11. All in

12. accumulation bond

13. auctioneer

14. Actuary

15. annual addition

16. Agro-forestry

17. Alien Insurance Company

18. American-style option

19. ADSL

20. acorn cap

21. Advance Corporation Tax

22. Automated Pricing and Reporting System

23. Amend

24. APEC

25. at the full

26. accounts receivable conversion (ARC)

27. Average Costs

28. Air Pollutants

29. attention line

30. affiliated

31. audit

32. attorney's opinion of title

33. Acid Precipitation

34. Additional Bonuses To Base Salary (of Teachers)

35. Artificial Price

36. authority to purchase

37. add-backs

38. At cost

39. Advancement

40. Advance Decline Ratio

41. Asset substitution problem

42. African Development Bank

43. assignability

44. Annual exclusion

45. agency agreement

46. aisle

47. Ad Valorem Fees

48. Averment

49. Active Mode / Road Accompanied Transport

50. Accelerated Option

51. Alternative Minimum Tax

52. availability schedule

53. Accrued Interest

54. At/for

55. Accelerated death benefit

56. asset valuation reserve

57. Antonin Scalia

58. American Depositary Receipt Ratio

59. accidental high yielder

60. ABM

61. Abuse Of Dominant Position

62. AND

63. attestation clause

64. asset depreciation risk

65. Associate in Management (AIM)

66. Adjustable Rate Mortgage

67. Alluviation

68. Abstract

69. air filters

70. Arbitrage Portfolio

71. asset conversion loan

72. Advisory Committee On Fishery Management (ACFM)

73. accounting interpretation

74. appeal (patent) 

75. Acquisition of stock

76. Assessor

77. Acquisition Discount

78. absolute pollution exclusion

79. Aggregate Planning

80. associate company

81. Associated General Contractors of America (AGC)

82. air duct

83. accounting policies

84. Allocations

85. Advance Directive

86. annual mortgage constant

87. affiliated wholesalers

88. A-B trust planning

89. angle iron

90. associate director

91. acknowledge

92. Asset Backed Commercial Paper (ABCP)

93. action to quiet title

94. alternate employer endorsement

95. Alternative Hypothesis

96. Academy Leader

97. accident

98. Appropriation Account

99. assignment

100. account day

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No-load Mutual Fund

Categories: Finance,

You buy a no-load mutual fund directly from the investment company that sponsors the fund. You pay no sales charge, or load, on the fund when you buy or sell shares.Although, no-load funds may charge a redemption fee if you sell before a certain time has elapsed in order to limit short-term turnover. Some fund companies charge an annual fee, called a 12b-1 fee, to offset their marketing costs. Your share of this fee is a percentage of the value of your holdings in the fund.You may also be able to buy no-load funds through a mutual fund network, sometimes known as a mutual fund supermarket, typically sponsored by a discount brokerage firm. If you have an account with the firm, you can choose among no-load funds sponsored by a number of different investment companies.load funds and no-load funds making similar investments tend to produce almost equivalent total returns over the long term - say ten years or more. But it can take an investor nearly that long to offset the higher cost of buying load funds.

Most popular terms

1. Section 15 Declaration Of Incontestability
2. Option Backdating
3. Building Ordinance Coverage
4. Discrimination
5. Sublimit
6. Sell Short
7. Roth 401(k)
8. Information Disclosure Statement (IDS)
9. Manufacturers Output Policy (MOP)
10. Specialist

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