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Financial terms starting with "A"

1. additional death benefit

2. Approved Delivery Facility

3. advisor fee

4. Adjustment Methods

5. accommodation party

6. Ara

7. Australian Stock Exchange

8. alternate valuation date

9. Active Specific Risk

10. Attribute Disclosure

11. Account executive

12. APO

13. aggressive accounting

14. Associate in Surplus Lines Insurance (ASLI)

15. aggregation

16. air quality standards

17. auction market preferred stock

18. Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF)

19. acceptance sampling

20. Acute Care Beds

21. Arbiter

22. Acquisition

23. ACP state

24. Absorbed Account

25. Adult

26. Appraiser

27. arithmetic mean

28. Agronomy

29. Argentine Peso

30. appraise

31. appeal (trademark) 

32. Association of Latino Professionals in Finance and Accounting (ALPFA)

33. Assumable Mortgage

34. Accredited Valuation Analyst (AVA)

35. Amended Tax Return

36. A201 construction contract

37. AML

38. application (trademark) 

39. Accepting Houses Committee

40. Asset Stripping

41. acreage zoning

42. Absolute Error

43. average margin per user (AMPU)

44. Amount outstanding and in circulation

45. Asymmetry

46. AO

47. Automatic Deposit

48. Amended Complaint

49. Automated Storage And Retrieval Systems

50. antique

51. Accelerated Payments

52. anti-stacking provisions

53. Advanced Charges -

54. Adopted Child

55. acceleration life insurance

56. authorized stock

57. AAU

58. automatic reinstatement clause

59. attribution analysis

60. average downtime

61. Adjusted gross income (AGI)

62. AIG

63. avgas

64. aggregate deductible

65. AAA tenant

66. assessment company (society or insurer)

67. A/A2

68. Asset Retirement Obligations

69. Alphanumeric

70. Acceptance Of Office By Trustee

71. AE

72. Administrative

73. Adtv

74. Automated underwriting system

75. apc

76. affiliated companies

77. aviation insurance

78. Agricultural Household

79. attest

80. AFA

81. amount realized

82. Auction site

83. Active Field

84. Ageism

85. ASM

86. Aviation Gasoline

87. Amplitude Adjustment, CLI

88. asset size

89. average option

90. Accrued Weeks

91. aftermarket parts

92. aggregate stop-loss reinsurance

93. average collection period

94. absorption costing

95. allonge

96. avoid

97. Administrative Status

98. additional borrowing

99. authorised unit trust

100. Academic Staff

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5. Pension
6. Lifetime Learning Credit
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8. Portable Benefits
9. Filing Basis
10. Contingent Commission

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