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Financial terms starting with "A"

1. American currency quotation

2. Advance Parole

3. Algo or Algorithmic Trading

4. active-share study

5. additional premium

6. Additions To Stock Levels

7. annual financial statements

8. Athens Stock Exchange

9. Acquirer

10. Accumulated Contributions

11. ATG

12. Advance Payment

13. anonymous trading

14. Automobile Liability Insurance

15. amendment

16. Additional Principal Payment

17. Accumulated profits tax

18. apportionment

19. Arrest Warrant

20. Assurity Of The Contract

21. annuity table

22. auction system

23. aggrieved

24. accidental high yielder

25. assessment insurance

26. across-the-board tariff increase

27. Active fund management

28. AAAA Spot Contract

29. Accretion (finance)

30. amendment of insured contract definition endorsement

31. Asset-based Valuation

32. amortized cost

33. Accommodation

34. attic ventilator

35. actuarial reserve

36. ACAT

37. Axe to grind

38. AutEx

39. Active Participant

40. accumulation plan

41. at the figure

42. Adoption Curve

43. accident insurance

44. After-tax basis

45. Administrative Data Collection

46. agency broker

47. advisory account

48. adjudicator

49. authorized nonadmitted reinsurer

50. Alternative Documentation

51. Avowal

52. Antidilutive effect

53. Average accounting return

54. account analysis

55. allocation rate

56. Annual effective yield

57. adjusting entry

58. arrangement fee

59. Amortisation

60. Are you open?

61. active money

62. A.M. Best rating

63. Ancillary Activity ISIC Rev. 3

64. Allocation-of-income rules

65. aggregate limits reinstatement

66. auto and truck sales

67. Alien Registration Card (Arc)

68. Agents

69. aggregate deductible

70. accounting valuation

71. Advance commitment

72. Availability

73. adjustment period

74. accommodation endorsement


76. Apprenticeship Support And Related Forms Of General Youth Training

77. Accrued Rights

78. accounting standards

79. adjunct account

80. Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA)

81. Above Water

82. alluvion

83. account form

84. asset-based finance

85. alpha generator

86. Atmospheric Absorption

87. Author

88. average cost flow assumption

89. Asymmetric volatility

90. Absolute Performance Standard

91. Annuity in arrears

92. anti-reciprocal rule

93. Appellate Jurisdiction

94. Automated Trader

95. admitted/authorized reinsurance

96. Auto Insurance Policy

97. Accounts receivable

98. AA+/Aa1

99. adjudication

100. active tranche

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Definition / Meaning of

Inflation-adjusted Principal

Categories: Bonds and Treasuries,

The net worth of a principal amount used to buy inflation-adjusted securities, taking into account any inflation that takes place till the maturity date. The new value of the principal is derived by multiplying the original principal amount by the inflation index ratio.P(adj) = P(ori) x ( CPI(cur) / CPI(ref) )Where, P(adj) = the net worth of the principal value after inflation adjustment; P(ori) = the original amount of principal used to buy the security ; CPI(ref) = the inflation level at the time the bond is first issued (usually taken from 3 months before the bond is issued) ; CPI(cur) = the inflation level at the current period of the bond maturityFor example, an investor buys a $2,000 Treasury inflation-adjusted bond in June. The CPI reference rate is taken from March's CPI (three months earlier), which is, for example, 100. Six months later, inflation has risen 1% and the current CPI is now 101. This will yield an inflation index ratio of 101/100, or 1.01. At the end of six months, the bond's adjusted principal is now worth $2,020, or 2,000 x 1.01.

Most popular terms

1. Financial Industry Regulation Authority
2. Special Mobile Equipment
3. Fronting
4. Family Of Funds
5. Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation And Amortization
6. Fixed Annuity
7. Manufacturers Output Policy (MOP)
8. Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan
9. Weighted Stock Index
10. Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA)

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