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Financial terms starting with "A"

1. arbitrage house

2. Autonomous Pension Funds

3. availability schedule

4. absentee owner

5. Arithmetic Growth

6. accountant's liability

7. Adverse Underwriting Decision

8. advancing volume

9. agents errors and omissions

10. accident

11. Aggravate

12. Acceptance Region

13. American depositary share (ADS)

14. Asset Covariance Matrix

15. Accounts receivable financing

16. Attachment Level

17. ACU

18. Atr

19. Arithmetic average (mean) rate of return

20. absorption rate

21. arbitration clause

22. automatic rollover

23. Abram's Law

24. adjusted trial balance

25. annuitization phase

26. Agro-chemical

27. After-Discovered Evidence

28. air space

29. All Ordinaries Accumulation Index

30. authorised unit trust

31. Adopted Child

32. Allocation Of Primary Income Account SNA

33. Advanced Planning And Scheduling

34. Avails

35. Aggravating Circumstances

36. application number (patent)

37. Anonymised Data

38. Aid And Abet

39. Analysis Of Correction Rule Specifications

40. accounting designation

41. Austrian Schilling

42. AD

43. Amsterdam Exchange (AEX)

44. Average tax rate

45. Adoptive Parent

46. asked to bid / offer

47. Acknowledgment

48. assessment insurance

49. Accounts Receivable Ledger

50. Albanian Lek

51. asset-or-nothing put option

52. Antitransfer Laws

53. affluent

54. Accumulated profits tax

55. Automatic extension

56. Annual Exclusion Gift

57. Answer Print

58. agreed price

59. adjustment in conversion terms

60. And interest

61. American Stock Exchange (AMEX)

62. Admit

63. Any-part-of order

64. alpha equation

65. Agricultural Trailer

66. agency debenture

67. Annapurna option

68. Additional Living Expenses

69. adjudication

70. American Clean Energy And Security Act Of 2009

71. Anticompetitive Practices

72. annual

73. A-B trust planning

74. Available To Promise

75. autonomous expenditure

76. Annualized gain

77. assumption of liability agreement

78. ANSI

79. Agile Development Method

80. Ad Rotation

81. Acquisition Loan

82. automated valuation model (AVM)

83. Approved or Not Disapproved for Surplus Lines

84. Absolute Breadth Index - ABI

85. Average accounting return

86. Alienated

87. Additional hedge

88. All-Ordinaries stock index

89. arm's length market

90. Administrative Instructions

91. Audit Sampling

92. assignment of income

93. alternative risk financing mechanism

94. annual mortgage constant

95. AIS

96. annual fee

97. ATO

98. Autocorrection

99. auction

100. Accelerated death benefit

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Definition / Meaning of

Continuous Net Settlement

Categories: Stocks,

In continuous net settlement, most securities transactions are finalized, or cleared and settled, within a brokerage firm. The firm's clients' orders to buy and sell are offset, or matched against each other, so that at the end of the trading day only those positions that haven't been offset internally remain to be settled. In a simplified example, all the shares of Stock A that a firm's clients bought are netted against all of the shares that its clients sold by reallocating ownership on the firm's books. Payment is handled in a similar fashion, as money is transferred from the buyers' account to the sellers'. If the firm has more buys than sells or the other way around, as is likely, it either delivers shares or receives them and makes a payment or receives it.Clearing and settlement for transactions that aren't offset are handled by an automated system through two branches of the Depository Trust & clearing corporation (DTCC), the national securities clearing corporation (NSCC), and the depository trust company (DTC).

Most popular terms

1. Floating Excess Policy
2. Franchised Monopoly
3. Dollar-weighted Rate Of Return
4. Rating Bureau
5. Additional Insured
6. Most Favored Venue Wording
7. Information Disclosure Statement (IDS)
8. Internalization
9. Hand
10. Net Asset Value (NAV)

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