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Financial terms starting with "B"

1. Billed Sales

2. bear hug

3. base-year analysis

4. broader market

5. bobtail

6. Beirut Stock Exchange (BSE)

7. Biological Indicator

8. Border Patrol

9. Borrower Rewards

10. book of business

11. Blue Ribbon Jury

12. bumbershoot

13. black iron

14. Bermudian Dollar

15. building society

16. business property and liability insurance package

17. base rent

18. broad form hold harmless clause

19. buy to open

20. blanket bond

21. business interruption worksheet

22. BIC

23. Basel Committee On Bank Supervision

24. Bangladesh Taka

25. Business Records Exception

26. Brand Association

27. bid-offer price

28. Bargain hunter

29. blended price

30. blue lead

31. butterfly hinge

32. branch profits tax

33. Blurring

34. Buyout

35. Balance Of Payments, Capital And Financial Accounts

36. bidding war

37. betterment

38. Bank Rating

39. bifurcation

40. BIH

41. BLEU

42. business income worksheet

43. Building Line or Setback

44. bell and spigot piping

45. building moratorium

46. bid deducts

47. Boning

48. bonus issue

49. bit gauge

50. Benefit Statement

51. basis point(s)

52. Before-tax profit margin

53. Bucharest Stock Exchange

54. Bulk / Oil Carrier

55. Budget Process

56. B2B

57. bikini deductible

58. blown in insulation

59. BE

60. Bait Record

61. Blood Alcohol Level

62. Bid–ask Spread

63. Base market value

64. Brazil Real

65. blocked account

66. B-School

67. building capitalization rate

68. brace

69. back door

70. Bad title

71. break fee

72. broad-based weighted average

73. Board of Advisors

74. Breach Of The Peace

75. but for test

76. bending moment

77. buying department

78. back vent

79. box beam

80. business legal expense insurance

81. Bad Debts Reserve Account

82. birds mouth cut

83. Buying the index

84. bevel

85. Balloon maturity

86. Beta Coefficient

87. business owner policy (BOP)

88. bow

89. Bureau of Land Management

90. Balloon

91. bi-monthly mortgage

92. BEF

93. basic balance

94. Blended Payments

95. Back to Back Escrow

96. best bid

97. books of final entry

98. bond spread

99. borrowing power of securities

100. brokerage house

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1. Credit Default Swap
2. Net Asset Value (NAV)
3. Homeowner's Insurance
4. Target Date Fund
5. Financial Industry Regulation Authority
6. Loss Payable Clause
7. Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA) Of 2008
8. FACT Act (Fair And Accurate Credit Transactions Act)
10. Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SARBOX, SOX, SOx) Of 2002

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