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Financial terms starting with "B"

1. bullish abandoned baby

2. business entity concept

3. big GAAP

4. bearish belt hold

5. balance-sheet loan

6. Block reward

7. Break Even

8. Buy-out Schemes

9. best efforts offering

10. Baby Berkshire

11. Brent Crude oil

12. Book-entry security

13. bathroom accessories

14. Buy-back Program

15. Block house

16. Book Reserved Pension Plans

17. Breach Of Warranty

18. Binomial Random Variable

19. Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission (HELCOM)

20. Budget authority

21. bench trial

22. buildable acres

23. Banking License

24. Back office

25. band saw

26. BanxQuote Money Markets Index

27. by-product

28. bad cheque

29. bureau insurer

30. Bank trust department

31. Builder-financed construction

32. Blocker Corporation

33. Beggar-thy-neighbor devaluation

34. banker's lien

35. Broken up

36. bow dividers

37. blowout and cratering

38. bond equity earnings yield ratio (BEER)

39. balance certificate

40. bank-owned life insurance (BOLI)

41. back and filling

42. Bond fund

43. bond risk premium

44. border

45. Bahraini Dinar

46. broad-base index

47. Bovine Somatotropin (BST)

48. Balance Of Payments, Current Account Discrepancy

49. Buy

50. bikini deductible

51. bank payment slip with reference number (BESR)

52. blow

53. backwardation business

54. Book-Entry

55. bull trap

56. bench grinder

57. box beam

58. Best Interests (Of The Child)

59. Back-End Load

60. Balanced Scorecard

61. Basic Data

62. black list

63. Bahrain Stock Exchange - BSE

64. blind joint

65. Bank Merger Act (bma)

66. bird dog

67. bullish engulfing pattern

68. beneficiary statement

69. balance

70. backdated liability insurance

71. BAR

72. breaking joints

73. broker recommendation

74. band joist

75. back up the truck

76. building permits

77. Bad delivery

78. bank discount

79. Blue Screen

80. books

81. bid tick

82. bezel

83. bid size

84. bid shopping

85. blankets

86. Baa3

87. Boston Equity Exchange (BeX)

88. Broad Economic Categories (BEC)

89. Bearer form

90. Buttonwood agreement

91. blended loan

92. Binomial Options Model

93. building residual technique

94. Basing Point Pricing

95. block plane

96. Backstop Purchaser

97. bridge insurance

98. blocked account

99. barricade

100. Barnardisation

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2. Equitable Estoppel
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4. Direct Action
5. Stockholm Syndrome
6. Pension Protection Act Of 2006
7. US Savings Bond
8. Erection All Risks (EAR) Insurance
9. Retired Directors Liability Policies
10. Distribution

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