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Financial terms starting with "B"

1. Basic State Pension

2. blueprint

3. Bill Of Credit

4. breaking the buck

5. BOJ

6. bank base rate

7. bow dividers

8. barriers to entry

9. Bean Counter

10. bulk handling

11. bank panic of 1907

12. Book to market

13. bar doors

14. Badgering The Witness

15. bearish abandoned baby


17. basis quote

18. book token

19. bid-offer price

20. Binary PPP

21. Board Certified In Estate Planning (BCE)

22. Blue-Sky Law

23. buy minus

24. battleships

25. brick veneer

26. BPM5

27. batt

28. Bell Curve

29. blanket limit

30. Border Price

31. Bureau of Land Management

32. Blank check offering

33. borderline case

34. bargaining unit

35. blue print

36. baby boom

37. Bond fund

38. bar date

39. Bancnet

40. Bed-days

41. building drain

42. backsplash

43. Batch Picking

44. belly up

45. bid security

46. Blanks

47. Bellwether issues

48. bear market rally

49. bond breaker

50. best-selling

51. bond market

52. Business Combination laws

53. blue plan

54. Below The Line

55. building moratorium

56. banker's draft

57. bilateral trade

58. Biffex

59. Birth Rate

60. Bankmail

61. BCG growth share matrix

62. blue-collar

63. buyer's agent

64. Balance (in Business Tendency Surveys)

65. Bootstrapping

66. Barra's Performance Analysis

67. brownstone

68. Biological Treatment Technology

69. book to market ratio

70. book building

71. Beating the gun

72. blanket

73. Builders' All Risk

74. butterfly bolt

75. buy limit order

76. breach of warranty clause

77. below cost

78. Boning

79. BEN

80. bonus share

81. balanced growth

82. Borrow

83. breakeven tax rate

84. beauty contest

85. body

86. Basket Provision

87. Black-Scholes Formula

88. bond spread

89. broker's commission

90. binder bar

91. Bonds And Debentures

92. Bioclimatology

93. back end ratio

94. beauty parade

95. bargain sale to a charitable organization

96. BFA

97. bumping

98. bona fide

99. BOB

100. bankruptcy mill

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Featured term of the day

Definition / Meaning of

Lead Time

Categories: Business and Management, Marketing, Operation and Production,

the time interval between the start of an activity or process and its completion, for example, the time between ordering goods and their receipt, or between starting manufacturing of a product and its completion in inventory control, the time between placing an order and its arrival on site. Lead time differs from delivery time in that it also includes the time required to place an order and the time it takes to inspect the goods and receive them into the appropriate store. Inventory levels can afford to be lower and orders smaller when purchasing lead times are short. in new product development and manufacturing, the time required to develop a product from concept to market delivery. Lead time increases as a result of the poor sequencing of dependent activities, the lack of availability of resources, poor quality in the component parts, and poor plant layout. The technique of concurrent engineering focuses on the entire concept-to-customer process with the goal of reducing lead time. Companies can gain a competitive advantage by achieving a lead time reduction and so getting products to market faster.

Most popular terms

1. Circuit Breaker
2. Loss Payable Clause
3. Construction Defect
4. IRA Rollover
5. Naked Option
6. Gross Margin
7. Contractors All Risks (CAR) Insurance
8. Stop Order
9. MCS-90 Endorsement
10. Storm Surge

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