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Financial terms starting with "B"

1. blue-ribbon condition

2. Basic Eps

3. Bonded Warehouse

4. Bilateral Investment Treaty

5. Basis point

6. blued

7. Blue-Sky Thinking

8. build into

9. Back months

10. boom

11. buildable acres

12. blueboard

13. Ba2

14. BEF

15. backflow preventer

16. Beach And Windstorm Plans

17. bent glass

18. burn and churn

19. blue top

20. bond breaker

21. Bankruptcy view

22. bearing value

23. basic rate


25. blue stake

26. Buy-side Analysts

27. Bulk Carrier

28. Bail Bond

29. basalt

30. block plane

31. backsplash

32. back out

33. box number

34. Basket trades

35. blind stop

36. building setback

37. Boneyard

38. blind valley

39. Belief

40. barber chair

41. BCG growth share matrix

42. Bearer Paper

43. building restrictions

44. Bylaws

45. brownfield investment

46. bring down

47. busbar

48. bureau insurer

49. Beta Test

50. Blind Test

51. Benefits Realisation

52. bond-washing

53. base year

54. building paper

55. Biogas

56. Board room

57. bevel gauge

58. bonding

59. box wrench

60. Bench

61. Best Available Technology

62. BST

63. bond dividend

64. bamboo

65. Big picture

66. blank stock

67. back clip

68. binding

69. Bottom fisher

70. blister

71. Bill Check

72. birds-eye

73. best effort

74. Bondholder

75. business finance companies

76. Bank of Japan (BoJ)

77. Buy on margin

78. Banking Day

79. bill auction

80. business ratepayer

81. British monetary unit

82. Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1978

83. busted bond

84. BPS

85. ball valve

86. built-up beam

87. Bermuda Stock Exchange (BSX)

88. bull bond

89. Bootstrapping Earnings

90. bed-pepping

91. Baseline Program

92. bathroom accessories

93. Bond Yield

94. Burning Ratio

95. Benefits Lost If Lender Sells Loan

96. Band

97. Botcc

98. Baby bond

99. Buy them back

100. buy signal

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Hope Scholarship Credit

Categories: Finance,

You may qualify for a Hope scholarship tax credit for money you spend on qualified educational expenses for yourself, your spouse, or a dependent child.To qualify, the student must be enrolled at least halftime in the first or second year of a qualified higher education institution pursuing a degree or other credential.Qualified institutions include liberal arts colleges, universities, and vocational, trade, or technical schools. If two qualifying students are enrolled at the same time, you may take two Hope tax credits.To qualify for this credit, your modified adjusted gross income must fall within the annual limits that Congress sets. Those amounts tend to increase slightly each year.If you claim the credit while you're taking withdrawals from tax-free college savings plans such as a section 529 plan or an education savings account (ESA), you'll have to plan carefully. Your withdrawals will lose their qualified status and be subject to tax and penalty if you use them to pay for the same expenses for which you claim the tax credit. You can't take the credit, though, if you claim a tuition and fees deduction in calculating your adjusted gross income.

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1. Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan
2. Cash Forward Contract
3. Common Shares
4. Preapproval
5. Standard & Poor's Depositary Receipt (SPDR)
6. Jumbo CD
7. Sell Short
8. Direct Investment
9. Naked Option
10. Dilution

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