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Financial terms starting with "B"

1. black iron

2. BCG growth share matrix

3. Baa2

4. broker/dealer

5. Barnardisation

6. Biotechnology, List Based Definition

7. broad-based weighted average ratchet

8. B rating

9. Bosnia-Herzegovina Convertible Mark

10. bid-offer spread

11. buy to close

12. bathroom accessories

13. BA

14. Basic Heading

15. baluster

16. brick beam

17. Buy-in

18. battery of fixtures

19. Black Friday

20. bay

21. bond futures

22. bad cheque

23. Balance-sheet-based Aggregate Accruals

24. Bombay Stock Echange (BSE)

25. burned brick pavers

26. benefit

27. Black Knight

28. Bermudan option

29. bird in hand

30. business interruption coverage

31. Borrower

32. bond ladders

33. bargain sale to a charitable organization

34. back cut

35. Boiler Insurance

36. Back to Back Escrow

37. Beta equation (security)

38. betting tax

39. Bank Examiner

40. borrowing base

41. broad-base index

42. benefit claim

43. batch header record

44. backing hip rafter

45. Broker-Agent

46. Bankruptcy view

47. brown coat

48. bill-and-hold basis

49. Box spread

50. bear hug

51. broader market

52. bullish homing pigeon

53. bed

54. Business Sector Output

55. Business Start

56. bull squeeze

57. Bond indenture

58. bands of color

59. breadth-of-market theory

60. bamboo

61. bullnose plane

62. bad paper

63. Baltic Tiger

64. business entity concept

65. back nailing

66. Balance Of Payments, Current Account Discrepancy

67. Bill And Keep

68. blanket

69. Business Income

70. Bilateral

71. Bonus Culture

72. bill announcement

73. Bond of Indemnity

74. boiler room fraud

75. Binomial Options Model

76. blemish

77. Basis Point Value


79. Bankruptcy risk

80. Barbell Portfolio

81. Basket Provision

82. bear steepener

83. Buy side

84. bank discount rate

85. bond course

86. blue month

87. Brown Goods

88. base leg

89. Before-tax profit margin

90. Beige Book

91. Border Patrol

92. bare

93. Bill Of Attainder

94. Barter Transactions

95. Bail-Out

96. B2

97. backer rod foam

98. backsplash

99. BGD

100. backstamp

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Definition / Meaning of

Sarbanes-Oxley Act Of 2002

Categories: Finance,

Named after its main Congressional sponsors, Senator Paul Sarbanes and representative Michael Oxley, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002 introduced new financial practices and reporting requirements, including executive certification of financial reports, plus more stringent corporate governance procedures for publicly traded US companies and added protections for whistleblowers. Also known as the Corporate and Auditing accountability, Responsibility, and Transparency Act, or more colloquially as SarbOx or SOX, the law was passed in response to several high-profile corporate scandals involving accounting fraud and corruption in major Us corporations.The law also created the public company accounting oversight board (PCAOB), a private-sector, nonprofit corporation that regulates and oversees public accounting firms.The law has seen its share of controversy, with opponents arguing that the expense and effort involved in complying with the law reduce shareholder value, and proponents arguing that increased corporate responsibility and transparency far outweigh the costs of compliance.

Most popular terms

1. Common Shares
2. Terms Of Reference
3. Sovereign Wealth Funds
4. U.S. Treasury Securities
5. Specialist
6. Likelihood Of Confusion
7. Bankruptcy Proceedings
8. IRA Rollover
9. Expiration Cycle
10. Family Exclusion

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