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Financial terms starting with "B"

1. bank syndicate

2. bond-washing

3. brokerage

4. Brady Material

5. bugle head screw

6. Branch Office Manager

7. belt sander

8. blanket credit line

9. barometer stock

10. bow tie loan

11. Bailout

12. BGN

13. backerboard

14. bond ordinance

15. bulb

16. burned brick pavers

17. Back Of The Napkin Business Model

18. backbrush

19. bargaining unit

20. Budget Process

21. bid bond

22. Book Reserved Pension Plans

23. Board Certified In Estate Planning (BCE)

24. Biological Diversity

25. built-up column

26. Beef Cattle Feedlot

27. Banks, Deposit Money

28. blast


30. Backhaul

31. baseboard

32. Bangladesh Taka

33. Boardroom Coup

34. blocking

35. blank stock

36. Balance of trade

37. Business Process Modeling

38. business transaction

39. bench stop

40. breach of contract

41. bitch pot

42. Bowers V. Hardwick (1986)

43. Bid price

44. B3

45. Benefit Transfer

46. bid shopping

47. budgetary accounting

48. big GAAP

49. Buffett, Warren

50. Bordeaux mixture

51. board of equalization

52. baywood

53. Blue Collar Workers

54. Bear Market

55. Bank run (bank panic)

56. Buy on close

57. braced frame

58. basic premium factor

59. Buying climax

60. Bioecology

61. Box Transaction

62. building information modeling (BIM)

63. Business Income And Extra Expense Insurance (also Known As Business Interruption Insurance)

64. books of original entry

65. basic premium

66. Back Pricing

67. bending moment

68. boasted work

69. Black-Scholes Formula

70. blue stake

71. balancing ell

72. BHR

73. backspread

74. bid size

75. Biomass Fuel

76. blade load

77. Back-end load fund

78. boards and bureaus

79. Broad Index Synthetic Trust Offering (BISTRO)

80. boring test

81. bargain

82. bareboat charter

83. Baker V. Carr (1962)

84. Bottom Fishing

85. BLR

86. Bottom fisher

87. ballast

88. Bahraini Dinar

89. blanket position bond

90. Bankruptcy Reform Act of 1978

91. buildup

92. Bimonthly mortgage

93. bailee

94. block, load

95. Byte

96. bulk sales escrow

97. Beta Research

98. Brent crude

99. brake

100. bulletin board stock

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Definition / Meaning of

Structured Product

Categories: Stocks, Investing and Trading,

financial institutions create investment products, known generically as structured products, that trade on a stock exchange and link the return on an investor's principal to the performance of an underlying security, such as a stock or basket of stocks or to a derivative, such as a stock index.For example, the return on debt securities known as structured notes is determined by the performance of a stock index such as the Standard & Poor's 500 (s&p 500) rather than the market interest rate. The objective is to provide the potential for higher returns than are available through a conventional investment.Each product has a distinctive name, often expressed as an acronym, and its terms and conditions vary somewhat from those offered by its competitors. For example, in some cases the principal is protected and in others it isn't. But some features are characteristic of these complex investments - their value always involves an underlying financial instrument and they require investors to commit a minimum investment amount for a specific term, such as three years.

Most popular terms

1. Specialist
2. Convertible Hedge
3. Distribution
4. Limited Severability Provision
5. Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation And Amortization
6. Likelihood Of Confusion
7. Hybrid Mortgage
8. Information Disclosure Statement (IDS)
9. Lump-sum Distribution
10. Education Savings Account (ESA)

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