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Financial terms starting with "C"

1. chattel real

2. CIF

3. Caa1

4. Customer picking prices

5. Customs And Border Protection (Cbp)

6. CPV

7. collateral surety

8. Capped Swap

9. Conduit IRA

10. Customary payout ratios

11. corner influence

12. capital outflow

13. common areas

14. creditor's committee

15. corbel out

16. Consumers

17. Currency Crisis

18. Closed Loan

19. Certified Bank Auditor (CBA)

20. Controlling Interest

21. car

22. cellulose nitrate

23. Convertible ARM

24. Constitutional Tort

25. Chief Process Officer

26. contingent payments

27. coercive incentive


29. cat short

30. Credit-Loss Ratio

31. Change In Control

32. complex capital structure

33. contract attorney

34. Chain Of Title

35. Central bank liquidity swap

36. Civil Case

37. Custodian bank

38. cash price

39. Component Signal

40. cess pool

41. chief risk officer (CRO)

42. Charitable Organization

43. Currency Forward

44. Country-reversal Test

45. customary arrangement

46. competent parties

47. Celotex

48. curve steepener trade

49. cash journal

50. Career Average Scheme

51. Certificate of Veteran Status

52. construction contract

53. Commercial Interest Reference Rates (CIRRs)

54. Co-signing a note

55. cash outflow

56. callable loan

57. Controlled Account

58. Cost of equity

59. Customs and Excise

60. cost-effective

61. Contribution Base

62. Credit Event

63. Change in Net Premiums Written (IRIS)

64. classified stock

65. COPNI (classification Of The Purposes Of Non- Profit Institutions)

66. Critical Illness (ci) Insurance

67. Commodity Futures Trading Commission

68. channel iron

69. Comment

70. Chastity bonds

71. corner reinforcement

72. Custodial Gift

73. covenant not to execute

74. continuity tester

75. Custodian

76. carborundum finish limestone

77. closing transaction

78. country broker

79. Cost Per Click

80. Compounding Interest

81. contested takeover

82. contract broker

83. Compilation

84. consent dividend

85. check rails

86. Cowboy

87. Consistent Edits

88. Commissioner of Banking

89. competitive bid option

90. Capital requirements

91. center bit

92. cooler nail

93. compustat

94. curb appeal

95. central bank intervention

96. Comptroller of the Currency

97. Consolidation Loans

98. Case Law

99. Chapter 13

100. cable box connector

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9. Relative Strength
10. Discrimination

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