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Financial terms starting with "C"

1. company

2. Claymation

3. Cultivated Biological Resources (SEEA)

4. conditional order

5. Cash Flow Projection

6. Colombian Peso

7. Cost of equity

8. cold water paint

9. copper tubing

10. currency pair

11. chattel real

12. Cocos (Keeling) Island

13. Certified Public Accountant (CPA)

14. contribution

15. Circuit Court

16. Currency fluctuation

17. CBNE

18. commoditize

19. Collision Insurance

20. commercial property conditions form (ISO)

21. conflict of laws

22. convertible security

23. carborundum stone

24. Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF)

25. class B door

26. cottage

27. Carrying costs

28. Current Transfers Fines And Penalties

29. Current coupon

30. cross currency

31. Climate Change

32. capital investment

33. Code of Ethics

34. Capital Account SNA

35. cast-in-place

36. contra

37. coinsurance limit

38. Cross-border Operations

39. Consignment (rail)

40. Coverage (of Data Sources)

41. crawl space plenum

42. crenels

43. Calumny

44. curb edger

45. Clean your skirts

46. consumption

47. cash deficiency agreement

48. Competitive trader

49. closed-end management company

50. Community Reinvestment Act

51. cryogenic liquid

52. Clawback

53. Cop A Plea

54. Covered Assets

55. Citibank

56. CZK

57. congestion

58. chimney pot

59. cold forming

60. C-share Variable Annuities

61. Canada savings bond

62. cashable

63. cover

64. cold weather concrete application

65. color

66. contestable clause

67. Cluster analysis

68. conduit fitting

69. constant maturity

70. colonial texture

71. Confine

72. Category Killer

73. CD (1)

74. Cash in Advance

75. California bungalow

76. credit default swap

77. calcium

78. corporate stock

79. CYM

80. Conforming loan

81. Capital Transfer In Cash

82. Closed Ecological System

83. Constitution

84. Credible Witness

85. colon

86. Casual Workers

87. Carey Street

88. Custodian

89. Credit Money

90. chalk line

91. crowd trading

92. contractual claim

93. crackle lacquer

94. Cruise Ship

95. constant default rate (CDR)

96. country diversification

97. Collaterised Mortgage Obligation (CMO)

98. Commodity Research Bureau

99. Countrywide rates

100. Code List

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Definition / Meaning of

Naked Option

Categories: Options, Investing and Trading, Stocks, Legal, ,

When you write, or sell, a call option but don't own the underlying instrument, such as a stock in the case of an equity option, the option is described as naked. Similarly, you write a naked put if you don't have enough cash on hand or in liquid investments to purchase the underlying instrument. Because you collect a premium when you sell the option, you may make a profit if the underlying instrument performs as you expect, and the option isn't exercised. The risk you run, however, is that the option holder will exercise the option. In the case of a call, you'll then have to buy the instrument at the market price in order to meet your obligation to sell. Or, if it's a put, you'll have to come up with the cash to purchase the instrument. If that price of the underlying has moved in the opposite direction from the one you expected, meeting your obligation could result in a substantial net loss. Because of this risk, your brokerage firm may limit your right to write naked options or require that you write them in a margin account.

Most popular terms

2. US Savings Bond
3. Stale Price Arbitrage
4. Increase
5. Section 8 Declaration Of Excusable Nonuse
6. Roth 401(k)
7. Severance Pay
8. Mere Descriptiveness
9. Brokerage Firm
10. Discrimination

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