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Financial terms starting with "C"

1. construction ban

2. complete

3. conversion privilege

4. Category Of Road

5. cancel out

6. CH

7. Capital Transfer In Kind

8. compounding method

9. coemployment

10. Capitalization or Leverage

11. Current Taxes On Land And Buildings

12. Cyclical stock

13. Canadian Investor Protection Fund (CIPF)

14. Commercial Lines

15. Conventional project

16. contract bond

17. comparative credit analysis

18. cash withdrawal

19. Complement

20. conditional order

21. Coverage Of Rescheduling Agreements

22. capital guarantee

23. Coverage Area

24. Citizen Or Resident Test

25. Code Space

26. Corporate Advertising

27. Code Structure Validation

28. cash collateral

29. Currency Bloc

30. clearing account

31. Cash And Carry

32. clerestory window

33. credit for qualified retirement savings contribution

34. cracking

35. cash in

36. condensate line

37. contractual claim

38. cutter bar

39. Contiguous

40. capped-style option

41. Conditional Heteroskedasticity

42. Continuous net settlement

43. contraction risk

44. Citizens United V. Federal Election Commission (2010)

45. Coking Coal

46. Canceled Check

47. Committee On Surplus Disposal (CSD)

48. cove molding

49. Chartered Financial Analyst

50. constructive discharge

51. Consignment Inventory

52. closed corporation

53. common accident

54. cash flow to capital expenditures (CF to CAPEX)

55. cement mortar

56. Complete portfolio

57. cold weather concrete application

58. Congenital Abnormalities

59. Causes Of Death

60. Current Operating Performance Concept (COPC)

61. Capital Directive

62. China National Offshore Oil Corporation (Cnooc)

63. Concerted Action Or Practice

64. circle of competence

65. credentialing liability

66. claims adjuster

67. Collateralized Debt Obligations

68. collectively bargained plan

69. Corroborating Evidence

70. contour gauge

71. Combination order

72. cash cost

73. coinsurance penalty

74. commercial insurance company

75. Conventional pass-throughs

76. Civil Action

77. cost function

78. capitalize

79. Change In Real National Net Worth

80. commercial package policy

81. calculation

82. Carl Icahn

83. casualty loss

84. causa mortis

85. concrete paving

86. commutator

87. Constable Markets

88. chartered accountant

89. credit card insurance

90. Colored coins

91. card

92. costs plus contract

93. candidate analysis

94. cabriole

95. contractual liability insurance

96. ceiling panel suspension grid

97. concealed hinge

98. Classified Assets

99. cusp

100. castellated

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Definition / Meaning of

Jumbo CD

Categories: Banking,

Jumbo CDs are large-denomination certificates of deposit with balances of at least $100,000, and sometimes $1 million or more. They tend to pay higher rates than smaller CDs and are purchased primarily by institutional investors. However, they're increasingly marketed to individual investors as low-risk, fixed-income assets. Jumbo CDs may be negotiable or non-negotiable. Negotiable CDs may be traded in the secondary market and are often issued in bearer form, which means that physical possession of the paper document is the sole proof of ownership. The banks that sell bearer CDs keep no records of ownership.Non-negotiable Jumbo CDs, like conventional CDs, remain on deposit in the bank that issued them and are held in the name of the purchaser. These Jumbo CDs, like other bank deposits, are FDIC insured, up to $100,000 per depositor in different categories of taxable accounts in each bank and up to $250,000 if they are held in self-directed retirement accounts, such as individual retirement accounts (IRAs).

Most popular terms

2. Securitization
3. Statute Of Limitations
4. Individual Retirement Arrangement (IRA)
5. Equitable Estoppel
6. Financial Industry Regulation Authority
7. Loss Payable Clause
8. Net Asset Value (NAV)
9. Collateralized Mortgage Obligation (CMO)
10. Contractors Professional Liability Insurance

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