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Financial terms starting with "C"

1. class action

2. curved claw hammer

3. covenant not to sue

4. conditional value at risk (CVaR)

5. converter

6. Canadian Council Of Insurance Regulators - CCIR 

7. Characteristic portfolio

8. Categorical Data

9. compression

10. completion bond

11. chaebol

12. Certificate of Authority

13. compliance examination

14. Corporate Haven

15. CRE

16. Carpet Bomb

17. concrete

18. Conscience fund

19. Chief Security Officer (CSO)

20. Control No.

21. Cramer bounce

22. Competitive State Fund

23. chartered

24. Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)

25. common ownership

26. Covered Assets

27. capital transfer tax

28. Compilation

29. chain vise

30. Clean Water Act (Cwa)

31. clear span facility

32. cutout

33. contra proferentem rule

34. Cross-Licensing

35. Citizenship

36. conditional receipt

37. Constraint

38. CNBC

39. Conventional Mortgage Loan

40. cross sectional area

41. compressor

42. collar

43. customer type indicator codes (CTIC)

44. compensating balance

45. carbon arc welding

46. Coverage Problems

47. catastrophe reserves

48. Confirm me out

49. Callability

50. concrete block

51. CHL

52. Canadian Venture Exchange/tsx Venture Exchange

53. Codex

54. currency internationalization

55. Costs (for Railway Enterprises)

56. curb edger

57. crimping tool

58. commercial mortgage-backed security

59. Capital Account ESA

60. closed circuit

61. contingent deferred sales charge

62. Convention For The Conservation Of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR)

63. CMVM

64. currency diversification

65. Carton Clamp

66. Creeping expropriation

67. collateral loan

68. comparative negligence

69. Clearing House Interbank Payments System (CHIPS)

70. cymatium

71. crane

72. consumer reporting agency

73. current

74. cladding

75. commercial lawyer

76. Conclusion

77. common stock equivalent

78. Centre For Co-operation With Non-Members

79. commercial acre

80. cash flow before tax

81. Changer

82. CSTE

83. caliper

84. commercial

85. Cargo Carrying Ship

86. confirmation on a chart

87. Cut-off Survey

88. crossover fund

89. chord

90. Consolidated Tape Association (CTA)

91. clamshell

92. contract to purchase

93. competitive bidding

94. competitive state funds

95. Covered Loss

96. circular mils

97. Coaxial Cable

98. cycle

99. C E Mark

100. carpentry

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7. Subprime Loans
8. Concurrent Causation
9. Synthetic Investment
10. Securitization

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