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Financial terms starting with "C"

1. Condominium

2. Cash basis accounting

3. compound circuit

4. Council of Mortgage Lenders

5. Central Registration Depository (CRD)

6. Caa1

7. City code on takeovers and mergers

8. chip seal

9. commercial insurance company

10. Cause

11. controlled company

12. castellated nut

13. Cut-off Threshold

14. coulisse

15. cyberspace liability

16. Cushion Theory

17. CCK

18. Consistent Edits

19. Cuban Peso

20. canceled

21. CAI

22. Certified Copy

23. CLP

24. clapboard

25. condominium owners association

26. cross hairs

27. Conditional Bequest

28. Constructive Spending

29. Criminal Law

30. chart of accounts

31. constant percent prepayment (CPP)

32. CMBX Indexes

33. Cotrustee

34. canceled certificate

35. Customs Court

36. contingent claim

37. credit inquiry

38. Cubic Velocity

39. Corporate Raider

40. Conditions Of Carriage

41. Compounding Interest

42. convertible price

43. Cold Storage

44. close corporation plan

45. Chartered Financial Consultant

46. Cross-correlation Of Business Cycles

47. competitive state funds

48. Composite Sampling Scheme

49. Coverage (of Data Sources)

50. Customer Acquisition

51. Compulsory Auto Insurance

52. crescent wrench

53. clearing margin

54. consumer cyclical

55. capital stock insurance company

56. caulk

57. Capacity Building

58. combine

59. Crosscut

60. construction ban

61. corrective work

62. Cash Flow Plans

63. cost plus percentage contract

64. Criminal

65. country risk premium (CRP)

66. cold forming

67. crenels

68. Capital Adequacy Ratio

69. Canadian Derivatives Clearing Corporation - CDCC

70. Consistent Estimator

71. Contingency Funds Or Reserves

72. Certifying Officer

73. Capital Taxes

74. cable tap box

75. chairman and managing director

76. Carbon Dioxide

77. craft

78. Class C shares

79. Confiscate

80. Casualty Claim Law Specialist (CCLS)

81. consumer society

82. covered bear

83. Central Agencies

84. Cash Flow

85. cash charge

86. Calendar Call

87. Conditional Expected Value

88. concealment

89. Corporate tax view

90. crown saw

91. Computer Assisted Interviewing (CAI)

92. commercially

93. CFS

94. Commercial Interest Reference Rates (CIRRs)

95. Cancel Former Order - CFO

96. counterthrust

97. convention blank

98. Closed Shop

99. capital formation

100. Capitalizing Interest

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1. Family Exclusion
2. Long-term Care Insurance
3. Education Savings Account (ESA)
4. Dilution
5. Special Crime Insurance
6. Flash Mob
7. Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation And Amortization
8. National Association Of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations System
9. Gross Margin
10. Tracking Stock

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