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Financial terms starting with "D"

1. diffusion

2. designated operations exclusion endorsement

3. Direct rollover

4. dedicated capital

5. deterioration

6. Day of the Jackal fraud

7. Domestic bonds

8. Direct Loan Program

9. Debtaholic

10. Depressed Mortgage

11. de-escalation clause

12. discount broker

13. Direct Public Offering

14. Drop-dead day

15. Delivery options

16. Dark Net

17. Double Deficit (economics)

18. downsizing exclusion

19. delay

20. Direct costs of financialdistress

21. Distributee

22. drippage

23. digit

24. delivery month

25. durability

26. Disposing Mind And Memory

27. delayed delivery

28. dealing

29. descriptive mark

30. Direct Investment Relationship

31. Discretionary Income

32. Deep Web

33. Discount Window

34. double pitch

35. Direct Investment Enterprise Foreign ESA

36. Debt Instrument(s)

37. Disparate Treatment

38. Defensive Interval Ratio

39. dividend exclusion

40. Dow 30

41. dull

42. Dual Economy

43. Direct Loan Servicing Center

44. devisor

45. Development Policy Lending

46. Dispossess

47. Daisy chain

48. druggist liability insurance

49. diversified carry basket

50. Debt Ratings

51. direct purchase program

52. deficit net worth

53. DC System

54. degree of risk

55. Discount Loan

56. dropping a stringer

57. Debt-for-equity swap

58. dividend warrant

59. Debt-reduction Option

60. date of payment

61. demonetization

62. Data Sharing Exchange

63. Degree Of Kinship

64. Delivery versus payment

65. Data room

66. Duration drift

67. detail

68. Don't Ask, Don't Tell

69. Debt Reorganisation / Restructuring

70. Deutsche Mark

71. Design risk

72. Discretionary Order

73. door lock

74. drainage course

75. disinvest

76. damper

77. drill saw

78. Debt Service Constant

79. due to account

80. Department Of State (Dos)

81. DDT

82. Deductible Value Added Tax (VAT)

83. Direct foreign investment(DFI)

84. dollar terms

85. Day trader

86. Detrend

87. duplex receptacle

88. derivative title

89. Deferred taxes

90. Deduction To Stock Level

91. divisor

92. destruction and removal efficiency (DRE)

93. dividend discount model

94. Depth Of Field

95. Domestic Relations

96. directional tee plumbing

97. distribution title

98. Direct Lending

99. dog-eared board

100. demand-pull inflation

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7. Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Of 1990
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9. Employee Retirement Income Security Act Section 404(c)
10. Homeowner's Insurance

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