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1. Disbarment

2. direct lighting

3. direct discharger

4. Data Utility

5. Deferred Payments

6. depreciation basis

7. dead

8. decline

9. Double-barreled

10. Defense

11. DCF

12. De Minimis Creditors (or Clause)

13. Drift-net Fishing

14. due date

15. discount yield

16. Debt Refinancing

17. durometer

18. Dynamic Approach

19. Dow Jones CDX Indexes

20. Drop Frame Timecode

21. drain tile

22. Demand shock

23. D

24. Divider -

25. disclaimer

26. Defective

27. dehedge

28. debris removal clause

29. dead load

30. double-pole double-throw switch

31. dollar and percentage adjustments

32. dip brazing

33. disequilibrium price

34. dirham

35. discontinuance

36. Data Element Registry

37. door bypass

38. door-to-door salesman

39. Debt-equity Ratio

40. drift pin

41. direct selling system

42. Debt securities

43. Deteriorating Fundamentals Sell Discipline

44. destabilizing speculation

45. Discount Window

46. dual-status taxpayer

47. Derivatives Market

48. Dual Index Note

49. demurrage

50. Data

51. defence counsel

52. discounted after-tax cash flow

53. design patent

54. drip loop

55. drywall system

56. discovery rule

57. Demonstrative Evidence

58. Domestic Violence

59. dry loan

60. depositary receipt

61. divisional application

62. Discretionary reserves

63. Dower And Curtesy

64. door jamb

65. disbursing agent

66. Devolve

67. drawback system

68. duckbill pliers

69. Dow Jones Wilshire Large Cap Index

70. Dictum

71. Direct Expenditure On Educational Institutions

72. Doubling

73. Debt Service Reduction Option

74. delineate

75. Dram Shop Rule

76. Dividend Reinvestment Plans (drips)

77. Discretionary Order

78. Deferred Loan

79. dressing up a portfolio

80. driveway

81. del credere

82. directors and officers liability insurance

83. Data Mining

84. dispersion

85. Due

86. Debt-for-nature-swap

87. Dissemination Media

88. dollar rate

89. Donative Intent

90. divider strips

91. Debt To Total Assets Ratio

92. decedent (IRD) deduction

93. Double-deep Rack

94. day trade

95. disproportionate distribution

96. Distribution (business)

97. dragnet clause

98. Disallowance

99. Departure Of A Sea Going Vessel

100. Double-Entry Accounting

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Definition / Meaning of

National Association Of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations System

Categories: Stocks, Investing and Trading, Brokerages,

Nasdaq. A computerized system established by the NASD to facilitate trading by providing broker/dealers with current bid and ask price quotes on over-the-counter stocks and some listed stocks. Unlike the Amex and the NYSE, the Nasdaq (once an acronym for the national association of securities dealers Automated Quotation system) does not have a physical trading floor that brings together buyers and sellers. Instead, all trading on the Nasdaq exchange is done over a network of computers and telephones. Also, the Nasdaq does not employ market specialists to buy unfilled orders like the NYSE does. The Nasdaq began when brokers started informally trading via telephone; the network was later formalized and linked by computer in the early 1970s. In 1998 the parent company of the Nasdaq purchased the Amex, although the two continue to operate separately. Orders for stock are sent out electronically on the Nasdaq, where market makers list their buy and sell prices. Once a price is agreed upon, the transaction is executed electronically.

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2. Corridor Self-insured Retention
3. Immigration Violation Coverage Endorsement
4. Flexible Spending Account
5. Education Savings Account (ESA)
6. Use In Commerce
7. Personal Profit Exclusion
8. Storm Surge
9. McDonough Ratio
10. Unit Investment Trust (UIT)

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