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Financial terms starting with "D"

1. decreasing term life

2. downdraft

3. depreciation expense

4. drop

5. drawer pull

6. Definitional Errors

7. dual control

8. Doing Business As (Dba)

9. Deferred Sales Charge

10. Depletionadjusted NDP (dpNDP)

11. delta hedging

12. direct share ownership

13. Data Provider

14. Debt securities

15. drip screed

16. dividends-received deduction

17. Duopoly

18. Direct Expenditures By Disease

19. dollar volume

20. door jack

21. Discretionary reserves

22. District Court

23. drywall saw

24. Deed Of Partnership

25. Do Not Reduce € Dnr

26. Dollar bonds

27. Direct Probability

28. diagonal board fence

29. Data Quality Reference Site (DQRS)

30. dealer paper

31. Demerit Goods

32. Delphi technique

33. debris removal clause

34. deck

35. Djibouti Franc

36. descriptive mark

37. double framing

38. Dilution

39. downswing

40. deferment

41. Dual Labour Market

42. deterioration

43. Deposit Insurance Fund

44. Debt instrument

45. Digital Imaging Technician

46. Discriminant Analysis

47. Dutch Auction Preferred Stock

48. daily reports

49. Dividend policy

50. Dispatch Note

51. divestment

52. Displaced Workers

53. direct expansion cooling system evaporator

54. diagonal cutters

55. Deficiency

56. doctrine of equivalents

57. dry closing

58. Double Closing

59. distribution panel

60. dowry

61. Desertion

62. demolition coverage

63. deposit in transit

64. docket

65. door chime

66. distribution stock

67. declare

68. D ratio

69. Disgorge

70. down-market capture ratio

71. Dvd Rw

72. Duoquadragintillion

73. Due Care

74. damp check

75. dividend payout

76. Data Intrusion Simulation (DIS)

77. defensive stock

78. decimal point

79. dado joint

80. dressed and matched

81. Diligence

82. DM (1)

83. downdrain

84. Dealing Systems

85. discharge of lien

86. double wall

87. double budget

88. Debt-to-Income Ratio (DTI)

89. dim

90. dominant tenement

91. Delayed Quotes

92. deadening board

93. damage deposit

94. Diaspora Bond

95. deferral

96. dipping

97. Declarant

98. Discards

99. drafty

100. Delta

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Definition / Meaning of

Continuous Net Settlement

Categories: Stocks,

In continuous net settlement, most securities transactions are finalized, or cleared and settled, within a brokerage firm. The firm's clients' orders to buy and sell are offset, or matched against each other, so that at the end of the trading day only those positions that haven't been offset internally remain to be settled. In a simplified example, all the shares of Stock A that a firm's clients bought are netted against all of the shares that its clients sold by reallocating ownership on the firm's books. Payment is handled in a similar fashion, as money is transferred from the buyers' account to the sellers'. If the firm has more buys than sells or the other way around, as is likely, it either delivers shares or receives them and makes a payment or receives it.Clearing and settlement for transactions that aren't offset are handled by an automated system through two branches of the Depository Trust & clearing corporation (DTCC), the national securities clearing corporation (NSCC), and the depository trust company (DTC).

Most popular terms

1. Spousal Coverage Extension
2. Use-based Application
3. Stale Price Arbitrage
4. CollegeSure CD
5. Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan
6. Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation And Amortization
7. Self-supporting Bond
8. Special Crime Insurance
9. Portable Benefits
10. Filing Basis

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