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Financial terms starting with "D"

1. displaced moving average

2. dead

3. Dollarization

4. deposits paid

5. distillation

6. Deep in/out of the money

7. disbursing agent

8. dilate

9. Depletion (in Natural Resource Accounting)

10. day release

11. dealer median prepayment speed

12. daisy chaining

13. door shoe

14. Drive-in Window

15. District Of Columbia V. Heller (2008)

16. debt bomb

17. Deadhand Control

18. decedent (IRD) deduction

19. desk

20. Dni

21. dimension

22. deferred month

23. double hedging

24. direct selling system

25. DKK

26. Deutsche Aktien Xchange 30 (DAX 30)

27. document stamp

28. drive fit

29. Debit spread

30. dry bulb thermometer

31. due-on-sale

32. dividend exclusion

33. Date of maturity

34. Delayed opening

35. Debtor Country

36. dissolution

37. De Facto

38. dado blade

39. decentralized market

40. Dependent variable

41. Dynasty Trust

42. Dual Index Note

43. debit ticket

44. deregulation

45. Differential Expectations

46. direct damage coverage

47. divide

48. Dynamic

49. Days Payable Outstanding - DPO

50. Dictum

51. deferred gain

52. DB(k) Plan

53. drip screed

54. Discount Interest Rate

55. Direct Stock Purchase Plan

56. Data Provider

57. detached housing

58. disclosure dollar loss (DDL)

59. dual trigger insurance

60. dollar duration

61. delivery vs. payment

62. double exponential moving average (DEMA)

63. die

64. dual income, no kids (DINKS)

65. Debt-to-Income Ratio (DTI)

66. Direct estimate method

67. Debt relief

68. Dollar Bill

69. D ratio

70. discretionary expense

71. door schedule

72. de jure corporation

73. De-coupled Payments

74. Darby V. United States (1941)

75. Direct deposit service

76. Design risk

77. deferred debit

78. drop forge

79. documents against payment (D/P)

80. Distress

81. Down-and-out option

82. Delta neutral

83. Defective

84. deficit spending

85. Developed, Developing Countries

86. Deferred Retirement

87. Decision Consequence Analysis

88. designated agent

89. door buck

90. Dolly

91. delayed perpetuity

92. depreciable real estate

93. Documents against payment

94. DPI

95. Depreciation tax shield

96. Declined Risk Class

97. divider strips

98. Domestic Processed Output (DPO)

99. dually employed with kids (DEWKS)

100. Dollar Reverse Repurchase Agreement

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nouna sudden reduction or loss of value Examplesa fall in the exchange rate • a fall in the price of gold • a fall on the stock exchange • Profits showed a 10 per cent fall.verbto be reduced suddenly to a lower price or value ExamplesShares fell on the market today. • Gold shares fell 10 per cent or fell 45 cents on the stock exchange. • The price of gold fell for the second day running. • The pound fell against the euro.to happen or to take place ExampleThe public holiday falls on a Tuesday.Usagepayments which fall duepayments which are now due to be made"...market analysts described the falls in the second half of last week as a technical correction to the market" [Australian Financial Review]"...for the first time since mortgage rates began falling in March a financial institution has raised charges on homeowner loans" [Globe and Mail (Toronto)]"...interest rates were still falling as late as June, and underlying inflation remains below the government's target of 2.5 per cent" [financial times]

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2. Financial Industry Regulation Authority
3. Mortgage-backed Security
4. Discrimination
5. Preapproval
6. Use In Commerce
7. U.S. Treasury Securities
8. Net Asset Value (NAV)
9. Weather Derivative
10. Target Date Fund

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