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Financial terms starting with "E"

1. Expert Witness

2. excess cash flow

3. Emotional Capital

4. entrepreneurship

5. energy return on investment (EROI)

6. Environmental Taxes

7. end loan

8. electric drill

9. Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)

10. equity mortgage

11. Easterlin Paradox

12. electronic blue sheet

13. EMT

14. Election Under The Will

15. Equilibrium exchangerate

16. Election Period

17. Esquire

18. External Competitiveness

19. Expenditure On Corrective Eye-glasses And Contact Lenses

20. Effectiveness

21. Environmental Protection Input Output Table

22. Exempt List

23. Employee Stock Ownership Plan

24. Equivalent Factors

25. electrolytic coupling

26. ECCI

27. Empty Road Traffic

28. Euro Calculator

29. Eat Well, Sleep Well

30. exchange equalization account

31. exogenous growth


33. Earning asset

34. Expenditure Taxes

35. Education Loan

36. energy sector

37. EU27

38. Exonerate

39. Error of Commission

40. Expensed

41. exclusionary zoning

42. Enhanced Concessions

43. export and/or import embargo indemnity

44. European Climate Exchange

45. Ex Officio

46. Expected rate of inflation

47. Exogenous variable

48. Escrow Fee

49. embedded derivative

50. Electronic funds transfer (EFT)

51. Ecological Approach To Sustainable Development

52. English-Only Rule

53. Equivalent annual cash flow

54. Extendable notes

55. economic analysis

56. Editing Match

57. excess of loss reinsurance

58. Exclusive Agent

59. ethical criteria

60. extended normal costing

61. employee assistance program (EAP)

62. Electronic Surveillance

63. economic development


65. extension of time for filing taxes

66. Efficient portfolio

67. Excess Feed Cost

68. Ex-all

69. examination copy

70. extortion coverage form G

71. Emission Standard

72. Eating Someone's Lunch

73. exchange-traded derivative

74. economic rent

75. Energy Independence And Security Act Of 2007

76. executory contract

77. Employment Arbitration Agreement

78. Exposure

79. EDI

80. experience adjustments

81. Ecological Statistics

82. Equitable owner

83. Earmarked Taxes

84. European Union (EU)

85. Eva Longoria stock index

86. Exercise settlement amount

87. expired

88. earth

89. estimating

90. Export Factoring


92. equity option

93. Elliot Wave Principle

94. effect

95. e-CBOT

96. exceptional depreciation

97. erect

98. Exchange Rate, End-of- Period

99. economic policy

100. enforcement decision document (EDD)

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A distribution is money a mutual fund pays its shareholders either from the dividends or interest it earns or from the capital gains it realizes on the sale of securities in its portfolio. Unless you own the fund through a tax-deferred or tax-free account, you owe federal income tax on most distributions, the exception being interest income from municipal bond funds. That tax is due whether or not you reinvest the money to buy additional shares in the fund.You'll owe tax at your regular rate on short-term gains and on income from interest. The tax on qualifying dividends and long-term gains is calculated at your long-term capital gains rate. Your end-of-year statement will indicate which income belongs to each category. The term distribution is also used to describe certain actions a corporation takes. For example, if a corporation spins off a subsidiary as a standalone company, it will issue shares in that subsidiary to current stockholders. That's considered a distribution. Corporate dividends may also be described as distributions.

Most popular terms

1. Stale Price Arbitrage
2. Ordinance Or Law Coverage
3. Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation And Amortization
4. Mortgage-backed Security
5. Community Reinvestment Act Of 1977
6. Committee On Uniform Security Identification Procedures (CUSIP) Service Bureau
7. Flexible Spending Account
8. Education Savings Account (ESA)
9. Fronting
10. Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Of 1990

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