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Financial terms starting with "E"

1. Expectancy Theory

2. ease

3. endorsement

4. Estate Tax Threshold

5. egg and dart molding

6. Employment Arbitration Agreement

7. Environmental Law

8. electrolyte

9. ESP

10. Eurodollars

11. economic system

12. Enrolment Rate

13. Exempt Board Of Trade

14. enterprise value to sales (EV/sales)

15. Exchange Risk Factor

16. Expiration date

17. Estimated Taxes

18. Economic Man

19. ecology

20. electronic cheque

21. endangerment assessment

22. emission

23. Euro

24. Economic and Monetary Union

25. Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974

26. expansion valve


28. existing

29. Expenditure On Health Research And Development

30. Economic indicators

31. end-of-line receptacle

32. epoxy paint

33. Economic cycle

34. eligibility period

35. Equity claim

36. excessive fee claims

37. extras

38. earthwork

39. esoteric debt

40. expense loading

41. Equity

42. Economic Order Quantity - EOQ

43. et ux

44. Equi-representativity

45. Editing Bounds

46. Estimated tax

47. Encryption

48. Employment Law

49. electronic benefit transfer (EBT)

50. Endowment Mortgage

51. Extended Replacement Cost Coverage

52. Enter A Judgment

53. Earnings Before Interest, Depreciation, Amortization and Exploration - EBIDAX

54. effective strike price

55. estimated premium

56. Exit Of An Inland Waterways Transport (IWT) Vessel

57. Euro.NM

58. Expenditure Over The Average Duration Of Tertiary Studies

59. escutcheon

60. Extrapolation

61. Economies of scope

62. Equitized

63. ESP (1)

64. Electronic Cottage

65. effect

66. Escheatment

67. Enabling Clause

68. ECA

69. expansion tank

70. European Union

71. exercise assignment

72. EPDM

73. Eurobank

74. engineered masonry

75. English stipple

76. Estop

77. Efficiency

78. express money transfer

79. Egyptian Pound

80. excess interest

81. equity capital

82. Economic Activity Classification

83. Employment, Temporary

84. eligible accounts

85. Escheat

86. ex-date

87. exclusivity (period of)

88. exotic currency

89. Excess contribution

90. ETC

91. estimation sampling

92. Expenditure Classes

93. Energy Supply (apparent Consumption)

94. End-of-year convention

95. Exposure To Foreign Exchange Risk

96. estovers

97. Environmental Assets Accounts

98. ERN

99. Evergreen funding

100. Earnings Before Interest & Tax - EBIT

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Categories: Brokerages,

Internalization occurs when a securities trade is executed within a brokerage firm rather than though an exchange. For example, if you give your broker an order to buy, the brokerage firm, acting as dealer, sells you shares it holds in its own account. Similarly, if you give an order to sell, the firm buys your shares. The transaction is reported to the exchange or market where the stock is listed but the trade is settled within the firm.Your broker might choose an internalized trade, sometimes called a principal transaction, because it results in the fastest trade at the best price. The firm keeps the spread, which is the difference between the price the buyer pays and the amount the seller receives. But if the spread is smaller than it would be with a different execution, you, as buyer or seller, benefit.Your broker may also execute your order by going directly to another firm. In that case, the transaction is reported to the appropriate market just as an internalized trade is, but the recordkeeping and financial arrangements are handled between the firms.

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1. Covenant Not To Sue
2. Concurrent Causation
3. Contractors All Risks (CAR) Insurance
4. Community Reinvestment Act Of 1977
5. Return
6. Common Shares
7. Long-term Care Insurance
8. Cash Balance Pension Plans
9. Money Market Mutual Fund
10. Filing Basis

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