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Financial terms starting with "E"

1. electronic trading

2. electric resistance coil

3. Eurocheque

4. Excess Worker Compensation

5. end grain

6. external depreciation

7. EUR

8. Exchange traded product (ETP)

9. ex-stock dividends

10. Expectancy Theory

11. Epidemiology

12. energy return on investment (EROI)

13. Effective sale

14. Executive Privilege

15. Eurocurrency

16. earnings multiple

17. Economic Sectors

18. epoxy paint

19. Electronic Data Exchange

20. expiry

21. Estate Agent (united Kingdom)

22. excess cash flow

23. Excepted rate of inflation

24. ETD

25. Election Under The Will

26. e-micro forex futures

27. economic

28. Exon-Florio provision

29. Energy Labels

30. Educational Personnel

31. Electronic Filing (e-file)

32. EBIT margin

33. Economic Order Quantity–reorder Point

34. environmental site assessment

35. electronic data processing coverage

36. Economic Collapse

37. expense loading

38. Equivalent annual annuity

39. End of Day Mark to Market

40. European Covered Bond Council (ECBC)

41. Explicit tax

42. Exogenous Variables

43. Expectations theory of forward exchange rates

44. engineered 24 inch framing

45. economic damages

46. Expost average rate of return

47. evacuate

48. effective gross income

49. Earmarked Taxes

50. Exotic Options

51. Expenditure Groups

52. Eurodollars

53. entrance cap

54. Equity-linked Eurobonds

55. E-Meeting

56. employer's contribution


58. Expected Family Contribution (efc)

59. Emerging Issues Task Force

60. early closing day

61. ECA

62. Enumerated Agricultural Commodities

63. Export Taxes


65. Enemy Combatant

66. Equal Protection

67. empty creditor

68. exchange fee


70. Expected return on investment

71. Energy Sources

72. Effective Assistance Of Counsel

73. electronic stud finder

74. Economic And Financial Committee

75. effective age

76. examination

77. Enterprise value/EBITDA ratio (EV/E)

78. Economic Cycle Research Institute Index

79. ECMT

80. Equity funding

81. Environmental Sphere

82. Electioneering

83. Ex ante value

84. Escrow Analysis

85. Employers - SNA

86. Employers Imputed Social Contributions SNA

87. extend

88. electronic wallet

89. EPS

90. external trade

91. Expenditure Categories

92. EAST

93. equity capital market (ECM)

94. E-bond

95. export subsidy

96. equity commitment note

97. element

98. Equatorial Guinea

99. EC

100. Export Restitutions (refunds)

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Definition / Meaning of

IRA Rollover

Categories: Retirement and Pension, Tax,

If you move assets from an existing individual retirement account (IRA) or an employer sponsored retirement plan to an IRA, you've completed an IRA rollover. You owe no income tax on the money you move if you deposit the full amount into the new IRA within 60 days or arrange a direct transfer from the existing account to the new account. If you're moving money from an employer's retirement plan to a rolllover IRA yourself, the plan administrator is required to withhold 20% of the total.That amount is refunded after you file your income tax return, provided you've deposited the full amount into the new account on time, including the 20% that's been withheld. Any amount you don't deposit within the 60-day period is considered an early withdrawal and you'll have to pay tax on it.You might also have to pay a penalty for early withdrawal if you're younger than 59 1/2. But if you arrange a direct transfer from your plan to the rollover ira nothing is withheld.

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2. Retired Directors Liability Policies
3. Immigration Violation Coverage Endorsement
4. Net Asset Value (NAV)
5. FACT Act (Fair And Accurate Credit Transactions Act)
6. Loss Payable Clause
7. Franchised Monopoly
8. Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE)
9. Cash Balance Pension Plans
10. Management Liability Insurance

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