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Financial terms starting with "E"

1. end dams

2. Economic Interest Centre Of

3. Ex Stock

4. execution

5. Expected Gain

6. electrolyte

7. Emphyteutic Lease

8. Editing

9. expediting expense

10. Environmental Expenditures

11. EASD

12. ECB Conferences

13. Exonerate

14. Earning power

15. eat your own dog food

16. estoppel

17. effective date

18. Equity-linked policies

19. executor

20. Excess Currency Return

21. evacuate

22. executory contract

23. empower

24. Efts

25. extra percentage tables

26. Equity multiplier

27. employers excess indemnity insurance

28. equity indexed universal life insurance

29. earned reinsurance premium

30. Equitable owner



33. European Comparison Programme

34. EEZ

35. EDC

36. Exchange Traded Funds

37. Employee Stock Ownership Plan

38. Export Enhancement Program (EEP)

39. Equilibrium Distribution

40. Ear

41. Employers Actual Social Contributions

42. EVA

43. edge cutter

44. Equity grabbing

45. EDGAR Electronic Data Gathering, Analysis and Retrieval System

46. extra expense coverage form

47. Effective Lead Time

48. Ethical Will

49. Electronic data interchange (EDI)

50. Escrow

51. emergency medical technician (EMT) and paramedics professional liability

52. extendable bond

53. extended term insurance

54. ex parte hearings

55. Exports Of Goods And Services SNA

56. Equipment leasing partnership


58. Environmental Protection Input Output Table

59. environmental assessment

60. Equitable Relief

61. Earnings Before Interest, Tax and Depreciation - EBITD

62. estimation sampling

63. exposed aggregate

64. examination of title

65. expected mortality

66. Enter A Judgment

67. earth

68. EBITDA / interest coverage ratio

69. et con

70. edging

71. Euro Area

72. Educational Qualifications

73. effective control

74. E-money

75. expediting expense coverage

76. Edl (edit Decision List)

77. equity growth fund

78. egg and dart molding

79. Economic Regulations

80. Estoppel By Silence

81. Equivalent annual benefit

82. electrical distribution system

83. Esignature

84. European Exchange Rate mechanism

85. Earned income credit

86. engineering insurance

87. Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

88. Equal Credit Opportunity Act

89. EIA

90. enduring purpose

91. Equal dollar swap

92. European Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation (EASDAQ)

93. Employees ILO

94. ECF

95. excavation line

96. Elliot Wave Theory

97. Ex ante return

98. Extraordinary Fees

99. error resolution

100. Expedited Service -

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Definition / Meaning of

Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation And Amortization

Categories: Accounting, Fundamental Analysis,

EBITDA. An approximate measure of a company's operating cash flow based on data from the company's income statement. Calculated by looking at earnings before the deduction of interest expenses, taxes, depreciation, and amortization. This earnings measure is of particular interest in cases where companies have large amounts of fixed assets which are subject to heavy depreciation charges (such as manufacturing companies) or in the case where a company has a large amount of acquired intangible assets on its books and is thus subject to large amortization charges (such as a company that has purchased a brand or a company that has recently made a large acquisition). Since the distortionary accounting and financing effects on company earnings do not factor into EBIDTA, it is a good way of comparing companies within and across industries. This measure is also of interest to a company's creditors, since EBIDTA is essentially the income that a company has free for interest payments. In general, EBIDTA is a useful measure only for large companies with significant assets, and/or for companies with a significant amount of debt financing. It is rarely a useful measure for evaluating a small company with no significant loans. Sometimes also called operational cash flow.

Most popular terms

1. Dilution
2. Anniversary Rating Date
3. Loss Payable Clause
4. Internalization
5. 403(b)
6. Self-insured Retention (SIR)
7. Unit Investment Trust (UIT)
8. Audit Committee
9. Statute Of Limitations
10. Disclosure

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