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Financial terms starting with "F"

1. flood insurance rate map (FIRM)

2. Foreign Subsidiary

3. forward contract

4. final product

5. Fat Finger Error

6. false header

7. Foreign Assets

8. Federal Land Bank € Flb

9. forward trading

10. financial regulation

11. f-cubed litigation

12. Form 1099

13. forward dealing

14. FHA mortgage insurance

15. Federal funds

16. flushometer

17. Friction costs

18. full section

19. Factor Push

20. funding

21. Friendly Suit

22. Financial Liability

23. foreign investment risk matrix (FIRM)

24. fund accounting

25. Federal Housing Administration insured mortgages

26. flow chart

27. fieldstone, snow mountain crystal

28. Fringe Benefit

29. fluid ounce

30. functional utility

31. foreign tax credit

32. fully vested

33. floodgate

34. Family Purpose Doctrine

35. fire loss insurance

36. freely floating system

37. finish floor

38. Federal Reserve credit

39. fibered roof coating

40. finance company

41. fixed interest

42. Free Rider

43. Foreign Futures Or Foreign Options Secured Amount

44. Federal Tax Deposits (Ftd)

45. full

46. Fixed-output Input Price Index (FOIPI)

47. Farm Price Index - FPI

48. factor

49. forgery or alteration coverage

50. Fill Or Kill Order

51. fixed investment trust

52. Fork

53. FOMC

54. Forest Account For Timber

55. Federal Advisory Council (FAC)

56. Filing Fee

57. furthest month

58. Flag State

59. flatting agent

60. flare fitting

61. flange

62. foreign exchange dealing

63. Fair Trade Laws

64. flakeboard

65. fluctuating

66. food industry ETF

67. Fee table

68. funny money

69. Federal Insurance Administration / Fia

70. Fault Tolerance

71. financial sponsor

72. flaw

73. forex swap

74. Federal Accounting Standards

75. FATS

76. flapper ball

77. Factor Incomes

78. flat deductible

79. Free On Board

80. Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council - FFIEC

81. finders fee

82. Free Cash Flow To Equity Model

83. fall back

84. Flip-flop Floating Rate Note (FRN)

85. Fishery Committee For The Eastern Central Atlantic (CECAF)

86. fairly


88. Freeze out

89. Formula basis

90. firm up

91. Financial Transactions SNA

92. fiberboard

93. forex option trading

94. flash set

95. Fixed Expenses

96. full trading authorization

97. Fully distributed

98. first meeting of creditors (341 meeting)

99. Felony Murder Doctrine

100. face interest rate

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Information Disclosure Statement (IDS)

Categories: Patent,

a list of all patents, publications, U.S. applications, or other information submitted for consideration by the Office in a non-provisional patent application filed under 35 U.S.C. § 111(a) to comply with applicant's duty to submit to the Office information which is material to patentability of the invention claimed in the non-provisional application. For patent applications filed under 35 U.S.C. § 111(a), applicants and other individuals who are substantively involved in preparing or prosecuting a patent application must submit to the Office information which is material to patentability (could render a claim unpatentable) as defined in 37 CFR § 1.56. The provisions of 37 CFR § 1.97 and 37  CFR § 1.98 provide a mechanism for compliance with the duty of disclosure provided in 37 CFR § 1.56. The IDS must include a list of all patents, publications, U.S. applications, or other information submitted for consideration by the Office. The USPTO provides forms for use in the submission of an IDS, the PTO/SB/08a and PTO/SB/08b. -- see 37 CFR §§§ 1.56, 1.97 and 1.98and MPEP 609 for more

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1. Mortgage (mortgagee) Clause
2. Home Equity
3. Passively Managed
4. Roth 401(k)
5. Floating Excess Policy
6. Mortgage-backed Security
7. Highest And Best Use
8. Contingent Commission
9. Distribution
10. Contract Certainty

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