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Financial terms starting with "F"

1. first-mover advantage

2. Flow-through method

3. fence

4. FDIC Insured Account

5. fieldstone, santa fe lava

6. feasible

7. Film Grain

8. FTSE All-Small Index

9. face shield

10. Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2008

11. factor return

12. Film Optical Sensing Device For Input To Computers (FOSDIC)

13. Financial Stability Forum (FSF)

14. Financial Flexibility

15. Foreign official institutions

16. Full faith and credit

17. fee schedule

18. forecast dividend

19. First In First Out

20. Feedlot

21. fitch sheets

22. frit

23. financial accounting

24. financial risk management

25. full mortar bedding

26. Fed bias

27. Fraudulent Transfer Act

28. fictitious company name

29. Fitch sheet

30. Full Coverage Survey

31. First Mortgage

32. Financial Corporations

33. Frequency Array

34. facility space

35. Frequency distribution

36. Fund network

37. Floored Swap

38. Fitness

39. Feasible portfolio

40. fiduciary liability insurance

41. fair value hedge

42. Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond

43. FactSet

44. face nailing

45. Futures Contracts BPM

46. flood prone area

47. fire block

48. Flat price (also clean price)

49. flexible metal conduit

50. financed closing costs

51. FRA (1)

52. fire department service clause

53. Flat Rate Internet Access Call Origination (FRIACO)

54. Frankfurter Werpapierborse (FWB)

55. frame inspection

56. flush valve

57. fully invested

58. Full compensation

59. Forward Rates

60. floor plan insurance

61. forfeit clause

62. first meeting of creditors (341 meeting)

63. Fish

64. financial obligation ratio (FOR)

65. Fair-and-equitable test

66. fresh picture

67. faucet

68. Favorable trade balance

69. Floating-rate contract

70. Fiscal year (FY)

71. flood coverage

72. forex deal

73. farm personal property

74. Family Offices

75. face

76. Finance Companies

77. front-ending an order


79. flat commission

80. Forward Integration

81. FNMA

82. Free-look Period

83. framing in

84. flatwork

85. Forward Pick Location

86. Framing

87. Franchise agreement

88. funds

89. fiduciary call

90. financial institution bond

91. feudal system

92. Footer

93. fiat currency

94. factor of safety

95. Forensic Medicine

96. Financial analysis

97. fleet rental

98. fire door, metal-clad

99. Full-time Equivalent Student

100. feng shui

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Definition / Meaning of

Inflation-adjusted Principal

Categories: Bonds and Treasuries,

The net worth of a principal amount used to buy inflation-adjusted securities, taking into account any inflation that takes place till the maturity date. The new value of the principal is derived by multiplying the original principal amount by the inflation index ratio.P(adj) = P(ori) x ( CPI(cur) / CPI(ref) )Where, P(adj) = the net worth of the principal value after inflation adjustment; P(ori) = the original amount of principal used to buy the security ; CPI(ref) = the inflation level at the time the bond is first issued (usually taken from 3 months before the bond is issued) ; CPI(cur) = the inflation level at the current period of the bond maturityFor example, an investor buys a $2,000 Treasury inflation-adjusted bond in June. The CPI reference rate is taken from March's CPI (three months earlier), which is, for example, 100. Six months later, inflation has risen 1% and the current CPI is now 101. This will yield an inflation index ratio of 101/100, or 1.01. At the end of six months, the bond's adjusted principal is now worth $2,020, or 2,000 x 1.01.

Most popular terms

1. Expiration Cycle
2. Employee Retirement Income Security Act Stock Drop Litigation
3. Systematic Withdrawal
4. Target Date Fund
5. Hybrid Mortgage
6. Other Structures: Homeowners Policy
7. Loss Payable Clause
8. Information Disclosure Statement (IDS)
9. Auction Rate Security (ARS)
10. Tax Exempt

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