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Financial terms starting with "G"

1. gypsum partition block

2. Globalization

3. Gold Loans

4. General price level

5. green investing

6. gross receipts or mileage, auto

7. government-controlled

8. Gift inter vivos

9. gift coupon

10. Goods Unloaded (from Inland Waterways Transport)

11. gold fixing

12. General Government Expenditure On Health

13. gate provision

14. granules

15. gravestone doji

16. general maritime law

17. get out

18. Geometric Growth

19. group captive

20. good through

21. gliding window

22. Gross Catch (in Acquatic Resources Accounts)

23. gap ratio

24. go into

25. GDP At Market Prices

26. group term life insurance (GTL)

27. Guadaloupe Franc

28. Going out

29. gross income multiplier

30. Gas / Diesel Oil

31. Gaijin

32. GIB

33. Giro

34. GN

35. Government bond

36. grade level

37. General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT)

38. gypsum sheathing

39. General Creditor

40. groover

41. grade mark or stamp

42. general fund

43. GRD

44. general partnership

45. General Government Administration Of Health

46. G. Allen Andreas Jr.

47. gross capitalized cost

48. grade stake

49. Gray market

50. gold point

51. General Agreements To Borrow - GAB

52. Good fairy syndrome

53. glare reducing glass

54. Gratuitous

55. Gross Income

56. Gross Graduation Rates

57. General Government Gross Debt (Maastricht Definition)

58. G.I. Loan

59. Greenshoe

60. graduated vesting

61. Generation Of Income Account

62. grinder

63. Goods Having Left The Country By Sea

64. Gross Output

65. Gentlemen

66. gallons per minute

67. guide coat

68. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Deflator

69. gable end

70. group insurance

71. Glossary

72. gang

73. geodetic survey

74. grandfathered bond

75. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)

76. GDP

77. GYD

78. grease interceptor or trap

79. Gartley Pattern

80. General Trade System

81. Growth manager

82. good consideration

83. Gross estate

84. Guilty

85. Group Comparison

86. GDP Income Based

87. General Valuation Allowance

88. Geocoding

89. Growing Stock (in Forest Accounts)

90. Gross Residual Flow

91. Government Structural Policies

92. Guest Statute

93. Go to

94. glovebag

95. gloss paint

96. general agency system

97. government patent

98. Gross Estimate

99. general duty clause

100. grade MW

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Definition / Meaning of

Inflation-adjusted Principal

Categories: Bonds and Treasuries,

The net worth of a principal amount used to buy inflation-adjusted securities, taking into account any inflation that takes place till the maturity date. The new value of the principal is derived by multiplying the original principal amount by the inflation index ratio.P(adj) = P(ori) x ( CPI(cur) / CPI(ref) )Where, P(adj) = the net worth of the principal value after inflation adjustment; P(ori) = the original amount of principal used to buy the security ; CPI(ref) = the inflation level at the time the bond is first issued (usually taken from 3 months before the bond is issued) ; CPI(cur) = the inflation level at the current period of the bond maturityFor example, an investor buys a $2,000 Treasury inflation-adjusted bond in June. The CPI reference rate is taken from March's CPI (three months earlier), which is, for example, 100. Six months later, inflation has risen 1% and the current CPI is now 101. This will yield an inflation index ratio of 101/100, or 1.01. At the end of six months, the bond's adjusted principal is now worth $2,020, or 2,000 x 1.01.

Most popular terms

1. Filing Basis
2. Beta
3. National Association Of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations System
4. Direct Investment
5. Home Equity
6. Stockholm Syndrome
7. Relative Strength
8. No-load Mutual Fund
9. Mortgage-backed Security
10. Floating Rate

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