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Financial terms starting with "G"


2. gudgeon

3. Gordon Gekko

4. Gabon Franc

5. Gilts

6. GBP

7. Graduated Driver Licenses

8. general supervision

9. Googol

10. gate valve

11. gnarl

12. GF

13. grounding electrode

14. gross investment

15. gross pay

16. Gross National Debt

17. GAB

18. Graduated lease

19. Good Samaritan Rule

20. Guarantee Period

21. gross building area

22. GN

23. grant deed

24. Goods Unloaded (after Transport By Rail)

25. granular

26. Goods Carried By Inland Waterways

27. Gross interest

28. glass

29. GP (1)

30. Government Investment Unit

31. garnet paper

32. Green Card

33. Generation-skipping transfer or trust

34. Goods Road Transport Link

35. Grey Knight

36. gradient

37. Goods Having Left The Country By Rail (other Than Goods In Transit By Rail Throughout)

38. globally floored contract

39. general agent

40. girder

41. Generalised Edit And Imputation System (GEIS)

42. GSCC

43. gypsy swap

44. Gresham's Law

45. glazing channel

46. General Depreciation System - GDS

47. Gerard Debreu

48. go into

49. gable end stud

50. general reserve

51. graph paper

52. GIB

53. gold/silver ratio

54. gross rent multiplier (GRM)

55. grounding conductor

56. gross block

57. gap period

58. GFRC

59. gross receipts or mileage, auto

60. Generation-skipping transfer tax

61. Gift of equity

62. gag rule

63. Geographic Boundaries / National Territory

64. Goods Loaded (for Transport By Road)

65. Government-dependent Private Institution

66. GMC

67. grader

68. Goal

69. gauging

70. glazing

71. GY

72. green mortar

73. Government-Sponsored Retirement Arrangement (GSRA)

74. government broker

75. grandfathered activities

76. gold bond

77. General lien

78. Go Bail

79. Global Minimum-variance Portfolio

80. Geographical Indications

81. Gambling

82. graduated drivers licenses

83. good this week (GTW)

84. galvanized steel

85. geometric mean

86. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Output Based

87. Grandfather Clause

88. general ledger

89. Go to

90. grounding clamp

91. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) At Market Prices

92. gimlet

93. GRI

94. Guaranteed Student Loan

95. Graham V. Florida (2010)

96. Great call

97. General Account

98. Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 (GLBA)

99. GMB

100. Glamping

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Definition / Meaning of

Substitute Check

Categories: Finance,

Substitute checks are digital copies of the fronts and backs of paper checks that provide the same legal protections and obligations as the originals, including serving as proof of payment. Each check is formatted on a separate piece of paper a little larger than the original with the words “This is a legal copy of your check” appearing next to the image.Using digital copies, which can be transmitted electronically, allows banks to process payments faster and more efficiently than they could when paper checks had to be routed through the check clearing system. Most banks destroy original checks once they've archived the substitutes, which means that you probably no longer receive cancelled checks with your bank statement. Your bank may send you substitute checks but is more likely to provide either a line item statement or an image statement that has photocopies of the fronts and backs of cancelled checks grouped on a page. These are not substitute checks, although they can often be used as proof of payment. If you need an actual copy of a substitute check, you can request it from your bank. However, there may be a fee.

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2. Securitization
3. Fixed Annuity
4. Call Option
5. Employee Retirement Income Security Act Section 404(c)
6. Stale Price Arbitrage
8. Fall
9. Quarter
10. Convertible Hedge

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