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Financial terms starting with "G"

1. GDP per capita

2. grounding electrode

3. grab sample

4. Green Belt

5. Guidance Systems

6. general indemnity clause

7. geographic risk

8. Geometric Moving Average

9. GDR

10. glazing compound

11. Goods Unloaded (from Transport By Sea)

12. General Motors (GM) Indicator

13. Goods Having Left The Country By Road (other Than Goods In Transit By Road Throughout)

14. Goods Having Left The Country By Inland Waterways (other Than Goods In Transit By Inland)

15. Global Strategy

16. Government securities

17. gypsum

18. GP (2)

19. gravimeter

20. Good Faith Estimate

21. Green Screen

22. Grantor

23. Guest Statute

24. guaranteed auto protection (GAP)

25. grantor trust rules

26. grab bar

27. Gamma

28. Go long

29. gable vent

30. Golden Formula

31. gross rent multiplier (GRM)

32. green concrete

33. gravity warm air heating system

34. General Denial

35. General Manager

36. global

37. government sponsored enterprise (GSE)

38. Growth Stocks

39. General Services Administration (GSA)

40. graininess

41. gradient

42. G-2

43. gram

44. gill

45. gear ratio

46. Goodwill

47. Grand Jury Witness

48. Gene

49. gross investment

50. ginzy trading

51. grade mark or stamp

52. glaziers point

53. graduate entry

54. GNB

55. going away

56. Goods Carried By Rail

57. Groundwater Protection

58. GGY

59. group

60. GF

61. Glitterati

62. Goods and Services Tax

63. green wood

64. Glass-Steagall Act

65. Goods Carried By Sea

66. Good Governance

67. growth index

68. gang sawing

69. gross proceeds

70. Graduated Payments


72. ground landlord


74. Guidance (finance)

75. Gross Value Added At Producers Prices

76. gaslight

77. gapping

78. general audit

79. garden bond

80. Guardian Account

81. growth industry

82. Gips

83. Gross National Income

84. ground coverage

85. gross written premium (GWP)

86. GNMA midget

87. gross debt service ratio (GDS)

88. Give up

89. grade level

90. gate valve

91. Government Bond Yields Interest

92. Graphical Data Editing

93. Gross Value Added At Factor Cost

94. Good will

95. galvanic action

96. Government Guarantee

97. gap insurance

98. Gen-Saki

99. good consideration

100. Good 'til cancelled order (GTC)

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Definition / Meaning of

Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE)

Categories: Stocks, Investing and Trading,

financial institution in Budapest, Hungary, whose "main goal is to become the financial centre and primary trading venue of Hungarian securities, and to successfully take part in the competition for issuers." Its four main activities are (1) listing services, (2) trading services, (3) dissemination of market information, and (4) product development.Four years after originally opening as the Hungarian stock exchange on January 18, 1864, in Pest, the exchange gained the Grain Hall and became the Budapest Stock and commodity exchange (BSCE). The government dissolved the BSCE after World War II, claiming its assets as state property. The BSE reopened on June 21, 1990, with forty-one members and one equity, IBUSZ, the budapest stock exchange. From 1990 until 1995, physical trading on the floor had partial electronic support. In 1995, trading on the floor and in a remote trading system became concurrent and stayed that way until November, 1998 when the MultiMarket Trading System (MMTS), which relied completely on remote trading, was put in place. By September, 1999, physical trading on the floor ceased. The BSE has been a subsidiary of the CEESEG AG holding company since January 2010.

Most popular terms

1. FACT Act (Fair And Accurate Credit Transactions Act)
2. Immigration Violation Coverage Endorsement
3. Self-insured Retention (SIR)
4. Weather Derivative
5. Retaliation Claims
6. Contract Certainty
7. Audit Committee
8. Quarter
9. Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Of 1990
10. Synthetic Investment

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