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Financial terms starting with "G"

1. glazed tile

2. grid trading

3. Ginnie Mae

4. Good Samaritan Rule

5. glass-seal

6. group certificate

7. Going-concern Assumption

8. Grantor-Grantee Index

9. gimlet

10. graph paper

11. granting clause

12. Gain-to-loss Ratio

13. garagekeepers extra legal liability

14. Government Investment Unit

15. grantor retained annuity trust (GRAT)

16. GATS

17. Government Accountability Office

18. Goods In Transit By Oil Pipeline Throughout

19. government sponsored enterprise (GSE)

20. gazumping

21. gross real estate asset value

22. GGY

23. Geocoding

24. General Data Dissemination System (GDDS)

25. Go public

26. GD

27. guaranteed investment certificate (GIC)

28. Guaranteed Signature

29. gray knight

30. grease

31. Government Balance Sheet

32. Guam Dollar

33. Green Taxes

34. Graduated payment mortgage (GPM)

35. gunny

36. G7

37. Governance

38. Good This Week Order

39. Gross Domestic Product (GDP) At Market Prices

40. gypsum Keene cement

41. Gold coins

42. GNP gap

43. GIB

44. General Appearance

45. gasket

46. Generally Accepted Auditing Standards - GAAS

47. governing classification

48. Gross Income

49. Goods Unloaded (from Inland Waterways Transport)

50. Gross National Product

51. Government-dependent Private Institution

52. gilt edged bond

53. Gator

54. Garden Leave

55. Global Depositary Receipt

56. gable dormer

57. gram

58. Gross Catch (in Acquatic Resources Accounts)

59. good-this-week order (GTW)

60. grade NW

61. Guaranteed Replacement Cost Coverage

62. Googol

63. Goods Loaded (for Transport By Road)

64. GRC

65. Golden Handshake

66. G3

67. glass mesh mortar

68. gap down

69. gross proceeds

70. Gun Liability

71. General obligation (GO) bond

72. General Depreciation System - GDS

73. GI

74. Growth recession

75. Gross parity

76. Guaranteed Living Benefit

77. gallery

78. Government-Sponsored Retirement Arrangement (GSRA)

79. glaziers putty

80. global bond

81. general average losses

82. GB

83. Guinea Franc

84. good buy

85. GRL

86. Group sales

87. garnet paper

88. gold/silver ratio

89. Generic Brand

90. Graduated Repayment Plan

91. Great Depression

92. gangway

93. General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade

94. Grant Like Flow

95. greensheet

96. Glamour Stock

97. groove

98. Global Custodian

99. gallon

100. Go long

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Definition / Meaning of

Continuous Net Settlement

Categories: Stocks,

In continuous net settlement, most securities transactions are finalized, or cleared and settled, within a brokerage firm. The firm's clients' orders to buy and sell are offset, or matched against each other, so that at the end of the trading day only those positions that haven't been offset internally remain to be settled. In a simplified example, all the shares of Stock A that a firm's clients bought are netted against all of the shares that its clients sold by reallocating ownership on the firm's books. Payment is handled in a similar fashion, as money is transferred from the buyers' account to the sellers'. If the firm has more buys than sells or the other way around, as is likely, it either delivers shares or receives them and makes a payment or receives it.Clearing and settlement for transactions that aren't offset are handled by an automated system through two branches of the Depository Trust & clearing corporation (DTCC), the national securities clearing corporation (NSCC), and the depository trust company (DTC).

Most popular terms

1. Relative Strength
2. Flash Mob
3. Section 9 Renewal Application
5. Contractors Professional Liability Insurance
6. Custodial Account
7. Absolute Exclusions
8. Cash Forward Contract
9. Fixed Annuity
10. Terms Of Reference

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