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Financial terms starting with "H"

1. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

2. Homeowners' Association

3. Home Equity Line of Credit

4. Hidden And Indirect Flows (in MFA)

5. Health And Safety At Work Act

6. House of issue

7. high pressure

8. hood

9. Harmless warrant

10. High withholding tax interest income

11. high-early cement

12. healthy

13. hybrid debt

14. Housing Ratio

15. Heads-up Data Entry

16. Horizontal Integration (of A Fishery)

17. High Street banks

18. hot-melt glue

19. high density

20. holiday effect

21. housing expense ratio (HER)

22. Heteroskedasticity-consistent Standard Errors

23. house property

24. Habitat Diversity

25. hexagon

26. Hedonic Pricing

27. Hart-Scott-Rodino Act

28. Home Rule

29. Highly Indebted Poor Country (HIPC) Trust Fund

30. Household Goods Motor Carrier -

31. humidistat

32. Hellenic Capital Market Commission (HCMC)

33. highway easement

34. hail insurance

35. Homogeneous

36. hard money loan

37. HHI

38. Hedging demands

39. hazing

40. Head Of The Household

41. Homestead Act

42. HEC International Business School

43. hard market

44. HKD

45. Hybrid Weights

46. homeowners policy comprehensive form 5 (HO 5)

47. Hacker

48. Horizontal acquisition

49. Housing and Economic Recovery Act

50. hold harmless agreement

51. HEX

52. Hiring Firm

53. Hauled Vehicle-kilometre (rail Transport)

54. half by

55. Hold Harmless

56. home improvement loan

57. Hedonic Treadmill

58. Home Keeper

59. Homogeneity

60. hour

61. historical cost

62. hand

63. home inspector

64. historical data

65. holding power formula

66. Housing bubble

67. hold up

68. hazard class pricing

69. housed stringer

70. Highly Migratory Fish Species Or Stocks

71. hollow ground

72. HECM (Reverse Mortgage)

73. Historic Monuments

74. HBS

75. high-risk community

76. Habitat

77. heavy industry

78. Hedonic Method (in Compilation Of Construction Price Indices)

79. Holder

80. haft

81. Hope credit

82. homeowners insurance policy

83. Human Genetic Research Database(s) (HGRDs)

84. heavy market

85. hold out for

86. high-premium convertible debenture

87. hull coverage

88. high joint

89. Hydrofoil

90. heat transfer

91. Heath-Jarrow-Morton Model - HJM Model

92. horizontal roof area

93. Household Actual Final Consumption

94. homeowners modified form 8 (HO 8)

95. hydraulic lime

96. Home asset bias

97. high finance

98. header flare

99. hedge exemption

100. hostile bid

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Definition / Meaning of

Inflation-adjusted Principal

Categories: Bonds and Treasuries,

The net worth of a principal amount used to buy inflation-adjusted securities, taking into account any inflation that takes place till the maturity date. The new value of the principal is derived by multiplying the original principal amount by the inflation index ratio.P(adj) = P(ori) x ( CPI(cur) / CPI(ref) )Where, P(adj) = the net worth of the principal value after inflation adjustment; P(ori) = the original amount of principal used to buy the security ; CPI(ref) = the inflation level at the time the bond is first issued (usually taken from 3 months before the bond is issued) ; CPI(cur) = the inflation level at the current period of the bond maturityFor example, an investor buys a $2,000 Treasury inflation-adjusted bond in June. The CPI reference rate is taken from March's CPI (three months earlier), which is, for example, 100. Six months later, inflation has risen 1% and the current CPI is now 101. This will yield an inflation index ratio of 101/100, or 1.01. At the end of six months, the bond's adjusted principal is now worth $2,020, or 2,000 x 1.01.

Most popular terms

1. Self-insured Retention (SIR)
2. Unit Investment Trust (UIT)
3. Retaliation Claims
4. Other Structures: Homeowners Policy
5. Highest And Best Use
6. Lifetime Learning Credit
7. Mere Descriptiveness
8. Health Insurance
9. Hope Scholarship Credit
10. Mortgage-backed Security

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