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Financial terms starting with "H"

1. Historical yield

2. header pipe

3. Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act

4. handsaw

5. historical

6. housing

7. Harmonic Mean Of Price Relatives

8. head trader

9. hard cash

10. Hockey Stick Chart

11. Heteroskedastic

12. Hung up

13. Health Related Auxiliary Programmes

14. holiday

15. HMD

16. home equity debt

17. hydropower

18. Horizontal price movement

19. home office

20. Hard Asset

21. housing starts

22. Hang Seng index

23. heat of fusion

24. High Sided Wagon

25. Harmonized Index Of Consumer Prices - HICP

26. holdings

27. hard stop

28. Headnote

29. Hazard Insurance

30. high-yield investment program (HYIP)

31. HEX

32. hewn

33. Harmonic Mean

34. high-low index

35. housing market

36. Harmonised Consumer Price Indexes

37. Host Country (of Banks)

38. hot money

39. hybrid market

40. haul

41. Heavily Indebted Industrialized Countries (HIICs)

42. Hard Right Edge

43. Henry Hub

44. Household Types

45. housed

46. Hybrid Financing

47. heirs and assigns

48. Hazard Analysis [and Critical Control Point[s (HACCP)

49. hybrid pension plan

50. Half-time

51. hone

52. heel

53. Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI)

54. humidity

55. homeowner's warranty

56. high-ratio mortgage

57. hidden values

58. Hockey Stick Bidding

59. Hands-off investor

60. Harry Markowitz

61. hangar keepers liability

62. hearth extension

63. headline risk

64. hold up

65. Habitual Criminal

66. Hot Issues

67. headline inflation rate

68. Heat

69. housing bond

70. hundred percent location

71. Hate Crime

72. high-low method

73. housed stringer

74. High Net Worth

75. high credit

76. Human Genetic Research Database(s) (HGRDs)

77. Hazardous Goods (carried By Rail)

78. heat collector

79. Homestead Declaration

80. Hazardous Activity

81. H-H page

82. hospital medicine

83. hydraulic lime

84. high water mark

85. Hazard Pay

86. hectare

87. hoist

88. hedge-like mutual fund

89. Homogeneity Ratios

90. Hedging

91. hospital latch

92. hard sell

93. hickey

94. Heckscher-Ohlin Model

95. handrail

96. high

97. Hawkish

98. Harvey, Campbell R.

99. high-risk investment

100. HUD1 Statement

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9. Unconscious Bias
10. Highest And Best Use

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