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Financial terms starting with "H"

1. heat trim

2. home office expense

3. Home Owners' Loan Corporation (holc)

4. Hyperbole

5. HN

6. hoistway

7. Housing Situation

8. handsaw

9. HKG


11. Heat Plants

12. Historical exchange rate

13. home run

14. Home Page

15. heavy crude oil

16. hewn

17. Hard Asset

18. high-ratio mortgage

19. High-tech stock

20. Hard capital rationing

21. Hornbook Law

22. Housing Market Index

23. Health And Safety At Work Act

24. High-level Radioactive Waste

25. Harmless Error

26. Health Expenditure Incurred By Corporations

27. Harass

28. Hindenburg omen

29. Holding Cell

30. HND

31. Human Genetic Research Database(s) (HGRDs)

32. Household Budget Surveys

33. Hazard Analysis [and Critical Control Point[s (HACCP)


35. Help America Vote Act Of 2002

36. homeowners policy unit owners form 6 (HO 6)

37. having

38. holiday club account

39. Harmonic Mean Of Price Relatives

40. hard money loan

41. Household Saving

42. horizontal turret lathe

43. Hedge quality

44. Heavy Fuel Oil (residual)

45. hospital income insurance

46. Herfindahl-Hirschman Index (HHI)

47. Heard & Mcdonald Island

48. HELP

49. Head of household

50. hatch

51. HTML

52. Homogenous Products

53. Health Care Proxy

54. House Year

55. heavy market

56. Hit the bid

57. hub stake

58. hedge fund manager

59. House of issue

60. Heads-up Data Entry

61. high joint

62. hacksaw

63. Homogeneous

64. High-grade

65. Household Goods Motor Carrier -

66. Hall Test

67. Hedonic Regression

68. Hawkish

69. hygroscopic

70. hangar keepers liability

71. horizontal sliding window

72. Hex Index

73. hermetic seal

74. Homeostasis

75. hand drill

76. herewith

77. hollow brick

78. H-beam

79. harmonised European index

80. homeowner's warranty

81. hostile fire

82. high-yield bond spread

83. height above plate

84. Housing investment

85. heterogeneous

86. homogenous

87. hiatus

88. Household Waste

89. hollow-core door

90. Hauled Vehicle-kilometre (rail Transport)

91. Hyperlink

92. Hold Harmless

93. Handles

94. Hash rate

95. Headhunt

96. Homeland Security Act Of 2002

97. Hybrid Financing

98. Hazardous Goods (carried By Road)

99. hazardous ranking system (HRS)

100. Historical Exchange Rates

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Definition / Meaning of

Charitable Remainder Trust

Categories: Estate Planning, Legal, ,

A kind of charitable trust in which someone places substantial assets into an irrevocable trust.The trust is set up so that the donor (or other beneficiaries named in the trust) receives trust income for a number of years or for life, after which the assets go to a tax-exempt charity. The IRS allows a large deduction in the year the assets are donated to the trust. The tax savings are sometimes used to buy an insurance policy on the life of the donor payable to children or grandchildren at the donor's death. This way the donor can make the gift to charity, receive income from the trust, and still make a large gift at death to family members. There are several kinds of charitable remainder trusts, including charitable remainder unitrusts and charitable remainder annuity trusts. Compare: charitable lead trust

Most popular terms

1. Filing Basis
2. Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE)
3. Homeowners Policy Special Form 3 (HO 3)
4. Fund Of Funds (FOF)
5. Pension Protection Act Of 2006
6. Continuous Net Settlement
7. Franchised Monopoly
8. Terms Of Reference
9. Dilution
10. Ordinance Or Law Coverage

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