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Financial terms starting with "H"

1. Hard currency

2. Hybrid Input-output Tables

3. heirs

4. High-low Graph

5. HRK

6. handymans special

7. homeowner's equity account

8. Health Maintenance Organization - HMO

9. height

10. housed

11. Horizontal Sector

12. hook and eye hinge

13. Housekeeper

14. Held order

15. hollow-core door

16. heavy

17. hole gauge

18. highly protected risk (HPR) property

19. Homicide

20. Hearing Committee

21. Health Benefits

22. heat absorbing glass

23. heat collector

24. HTM

25. herringbone gears

26. High-level Radioactive Waste

27. hard-coded stock

28. half-life

29. Herfindahl-Hirschman Index (HHI)

30. hardwoods

31. Helsinki Exchanges (HEX)

32. Housing Unit

33. hard market

34. hard edge

35. health economics

36. Hague Securities Convention

37. Hedging

38. high-yield investment program (HYIP)

39. Homoskedasticity

40. High-density Storage

41. Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act

42. Health Related Auxiliary Programmes

43. honorary

44. honorary secretary

45. Holt Method For Autocorrection

46. Head & shoulders

47. Henry Hub

48. head and shoulders

49. hedge ratio

50. helical

51. hedging transaction

52. Heavy Fuel Oil (residual)

53. HTI

54. Household Budget Surveys

55. Hazardous Air Pollutants

56. hard burned

57. heavy timber construction

58. heel post

59. Hara-Kiri Swap

60. heating, ventilating, and air conditioning

61. hard landing

62. Home Country

63. housing code

64. Heatmap

65. Hell-or-high-water contract

66. hot IPO

67. highly-placed

68. habitable room

69. horizontal roof area

70. homebuilder wrap-up

71. Harami Cross

72. hydration

73. humidistat

74. hub

75. Hidden Economy

76. Humphrey-Hawkins Act

77. Hard-To-Borrow List

78. home inventory

79. hedge instrument

80. half-commission man

81. HUI

82. Hacker

83. honour

84. Hydroponics

85. Heat Of Passion

86. holdover tenancy

87. hotline

88. hod

89. hot wire welding

90. hot stock

91. hazardous waste

92. Hedged Return

93. Hot Desking

94. Health Insurance Portability And Accountability Act - HIPAA

95. High withholding tax interest income

96. Hit And Run Statute

97. Hydrocarbons

98. Hyperbole

99. HVAC

100. heterogeneous

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When you're preapproved for a mortgage, the lender guarantees in advance the maximum you can borrow, provided your financial situation doesn't change before you find a home. You'll need to fill out a mortgage application with the lender to be preapproved, as well as provide verification of a regular source of income and authorize a credit check. Then the lender provides a letter confirming how much you'll be able to borrow. The preapproval process usually takes a week or two, but it may take only a few minutes if you apply for a mortgage online. Some, but not all, lenders charge a fee for preapproval.Preapproval is not a binding commitment for either the buyer or lender, but it can give you a competitive advantage. You know in advance how much you can afford, and sellers are confident your mortgage application won't be turned down. Plus, it can speed the process of closing the sale. If you're a first-time homebuyer or you're self-employed, it may be a good idea to consider getting preapproved.

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1. Covenant Not To Sue
2. Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE)
3. Cash Forward Contract
4. Corridor Self-insured Retention
5. Self-supporting Bond
6. Direct Investment
7. Hand
8. Contractors Professional Liability Insurance
9. Life Settlement
10. Circuit Breaker

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