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Financial terms starting with "H"

1. Household Actual Final Consumption

2. hard money

3. honeycomb


5. home ownership

6. Historical volatility

7. Hoteling Rent

8. holiday club account

9. House Counsel

10. Hazardous Goods (carried By Rail)

11. heel cut

12. Health Benefits

13. Help-wanted Index

14. high security area

15. Hate Crimes Act

16. Hambrecht & Quist Technology Index

17. Held at the opening

18. Heir Hunter

19. House Year

20. Handles

21. Humphrey-Hawkins Act

22. Hong Kong interbank offer rate (HIBOR)

23. high finance

24. horn

25. Health Expenditure Incurred By Corporations

26. hard money loan

27. HTM

28. HedgeStreet

29. housing starts

30. handy box

31. Hybrid mortgage

32. high-income

33. hurricane clip

34. Hedging demands

35. Hostile Work Environment

36. horizontal property laws

37. Harmonic Mean

38. Head Of The Household

39. HCMC

40. home address

41. High Sided Wagon

42. height above plate

43. House rules

44. Hybrid Weights

45. high-risk community

46. Historical Simulation

47. hedge accounting

48. High-sulphur Content Fuel Oil

49. Health Savings Account - HSA

50. HUD

51. HFT

52. housed stringer

53. HECM (Reverse Mortgage)

54. Home Study

55. holdover tenant

56. hand tool

57. Hierarchy

58. heat collector

59. Home Equity Line of Credit

60. horizontal merger

61. hostile leveraged buyout

62. H-clip

63. historical cost depreciation


65. Hydrologic Cycle

66. high credit

67. heterogeneous

68. Harmonic Average

69. heel bead

70. hold on

71. Harmonised System

72. Heating Degree Day

73. hexagon

74. high-yield bond spread

75. Historical Cost Accounting Convention

76. High-frequency Trading

77. hole gauge

78. hook latch

79. heavily

80. hedge ratio

81. Home equity line

82. half-commission man

83. Hazardous Air Pollutants

84. high-premium convertible debenture

85. homeowners warranty program

86. home debtor

87. Hall Test

88. Heteroskedasticity

89. Hyip

90. highest and best use

91. Hardship Allowance

92. hub

93. having

94. hidden values

95. Holding-period return

96. hearth

97. hub and spigot piping

98. Habendum Clause

99. House Closing

100. Hybrid ARM

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2. Stale Price Arbitrage
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4. National Association Of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations System
5. Lump-sum Distribution
6. Flash Mob
7. Special Personal Auto Policy (SPAP)
8. Sublimit
9. 401(k)
10. Hand

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