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Financial terms starting with "I"

1. Invariance To Proportional Change In Current Or Base Quantities Test

2. Idiosyncratic Risk

3. Incomplete Markets

4. insert fittings

5. induced current

6. indicated value

7. irregular

8. internal

9. informed consent

10. Icahn lift

11. inspection fee

12. Integrated Investments

13. Impossibility

14. Invariance To Changes In The Units Of Measurement Test

15. Indexation (of Pension Benefits)

16. IFW

17. Illiterate Person

18. Identifiable Intangible

19. In the box

20. Identity Theft

21. Industrial Truck

22. International Depository Receipt (IDR)

23. Item Response Rate

24. inspection bureau

25. insuratization

26. Irreconcilable Differences

27. Interbank spread

28. ID

29. implied interest rate

30. integrated risk

31. International Outsourcing

32. International Labour Organisation (ILO)

33. Intentional Tort

34. impact noise rating

35. Internet

36. Inland Waterways Cabotage Transport

37. inflation target

38. Innovation Activities

39. IGU

40. implicit rental rate

41. Intermediate Basket

42. initial jobless claims

43. involuntary conversion

44. International Commodities Clearinghouse

45. industrial life insurance

46. IO (interest-only) security

47. insurance underwriter

48. Indirect Use Benefit

49. ILO International Labour Standards

50. Inland Waterways Traffic On National Territory

51. Industrial Production Index

52. inception

53. In-patient Care Beds, Total

54. Implied Warranty Of Fitness

55. Income exclusion rule

56. Incremental Cash Flow

57. Income Protection Insurance

58. Individual Consumption Expenditure By Households

59. Incompetence

60. Interest Paid

61. International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

62. Internal Transactions

63. interior

64. Investment climate

65. International Council For The Exploration Of The Sea (ICES)

66. International Organisation For Standardization

67. Investment Objectives

68. Interconnection / Interconnection Charge

69. Instream

70. index of leading indicators

71. Intra Day Position

72. income distribution

73. Index of Leading Economic Indicators

74. Integrity

75. immediate annuity

76. Industry UN

77. Iraq War Resolution Of 2002

78. IRR

79. index number problem

80. Individualized Education Program

81. IDE

82. Insurance Adjuster

83. Insolvent

84. Insurance Pool

85. International Securities Identification Number (ISIN)

86. inert gas

87. interpolicy stacking

88. indexed deductible

89. interstate commerce

90. Indirect method

91. inconvertible currency

92. incremental scale

93. Insurance Regulatory Information System / Iris

94. Immunisation

95. Implicit Contingent Liabilities

96. IRMA

97. ISM manufacturing index

98. implication

99. In-quota Tariff

100. Investment Advisors Act of 1940

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1. Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SARBOX, SOX, SOx) Of 2002
2. Insurer Insolvency Exclusion
3. Use In Commerce
4. McDonough Ratio
5. Likelihood Of Confusion
6. Synthetic Investment
7. Fill Or Kill Order (FOK)
8. Hope Scholarship Credit
9. 401(k)
10. Health Insurance

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