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Financial terms starting with "I"

1. income coverage

2. Input Price Approach

3. Indicator (biological, Environmental)

4. ISO 4217

5. income-mixed fund

6. Index number

7. IMM

8. impairment charge

9. Instructional Personnel - UNESCO

10. Interest Only

11. Innovation

12. Indefinite Duration Contract Of Employment

13. inclined manometer

14. Income exclusion rule

15. Index Points Change

16. insurance line

17. Internal Rate of Return

18. Interest rate increase cap

19. Inactivity Fee

20. Indorse

21. impact resistance

22. Investment Tax Credit

23. increased limit factors

24. Interest-only strip (IO)

25. International Law

26. inherit

27. Ingot

28. industrial bank

29. inferior good

30. indirect material

31. issued business

32. Inland Waterways Transport (IWT) Freight Vessel

33. info quote

34. interest dates

35. Index warrant

36. Icarus Factor

37. interperiod income tax allocation

38. interlocutory decree

39. ICC


41. insuratization

42. Implied Edit

43. industrial life insurance

44. Inland Waterways Fleet

45. insurance department

46. inward mission

47. intermediate goods

48. International Reserve System

49. Index Linked Derivatives

50. ISSN

51. Intermarket Surveillance Information System (ISIS)

52. Industrialist

53. interpolicy stacking

54. Issuer bid

55. Irr Rule

56. Internet Advertising Sponsorship Agreement

57. Intercompany transaction

58. Indirect diversification benefits

59. Illiterate Person

60. Imports Of Goods And Services UN

61. Inland Waterways Passenger Transport Link

62. International Mobile Telecommunications (IMT) 2000

63. IPL

64. Information Coefficient (IC)

65. independent directors policies

66. Investment Funds

67. Innovative Biotechnology Firm

68. Introducing broker (IB)

69. Inter Alia

70. Import Quotas

71. Inflation-adjusted return

72. income producing property

73. Integrated pension plan

74. Incentive Stock Option - ISO

75. Interview Discussion

76. insulation board

77. indebted

78. Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)

79. innocent-spouse rule

80. ISO / IEC 11179

81. inventory lien

82. inc.

83. IL

84. indirect labor costs

85. Intercontinental Exchange (ICE)

86. immigration violation coverage endorsement

87. implication

88. informal retention

89. Immigration And Naturalization Service (Ins)

90. IBES

91. indirect loan

92. Inland Waterways Passenger

93. incentive

94. Identity

95. income spreading

96. in specie

97. inside calipers

98. internal trade

99. interest rate cap

100. Intentional Tort

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3. Self-insured Retention (SIR)
4. Bankruptcy Proceedings
5. Standard & Poor's Depositary Receipt (SPDR)
6. Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act
7. Committee On Uniform Security Identification Procedures (CUSIP) Service Bureau
8. US Savings Bond
9. Relative Strength
10. Prohibited Transactions

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