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Financial terms starting with "I"

1. Insurance Adjuster

2. Intermediate-Term Mortgage

3. Inside Bid–ask Spread

4. Investment Advisers

5. Inverse Table, Leontief

6. in rem endorsement

7. Index Linked Derivatives

8. impulse wave pattern

9. International diversification

10. Inbound Tourism Consumption

11. interest rate cap

12. interim loan

13. indication price


15. Implied Consent

16. Invoice billing

17. itemise

18. Institutions

19. implied equity market cap

20. In Toto

21. Internet Banking

22. inching

23. impact day

24. inside trim

25. ISM Manufacturing Report On Business

26. Item (in Price Indices)

27. Inflation Premium

28. Issuing bank

29. interior trim

30. Inbound Cash Flow

31. investment analyst

32. Inflation Coverage

33. intermediate good

34. Incestuous Dealing

35. Identified Samples

36. indemnitor

37. Interlocutory

38. Index of Leading Economic Indicators

39. Industry Structure

40. intertemporal capital asset pricing model (ICAPM)

41. indirect labor costs

42. incurred losses

43. industrial development revenue bonds (IDRBs)

44. interest-on-interest component

45. income sensitive repayment (ISR)

46. Initial Performance Bond

47. implied condition

48. Idaho white pine

49. informed consent

50. installment contract

51. in-kind income

52. interdealer quotation system

53. Identifier

54. individual branch circuit

55. Irs Regulations

56. International Baltic Sea Fishery Commission (IBSFC)

57. Immunization strategy

58. insured versus insured exclusion

59. inter vivos

60. Implied Edit

61. internal audit

62. intensity

63. International Commodities Clearinghouse

64. Initial Determination

65. Internet mortgages

66. Incorporeal Ownership

67. inch-pound

68. investment property

69. iShares

70. interference fit

71. international reserves

72. In & out

73. Inland Marine Insurance

74. Intergenerational Data Mining

75. Interest

76. Impleader

77. industry bet

78. investment appraisal

79. independent adjuster

80. IDC

81. industrial zoning

82. insurance reserves

83. incapacity

84. Interim dividend

85. IG

86. Insanity Defense

87. international bond

88. Industrial Waste (for Energy)

89. inflation equity

90. Inventory Turn

91. IRR (1)

92. Implied repo rate

93. illiquid option

94. Investment strategy committee

95. Inflation rate

96. International Banking Act of 1978

97. incident of ownership

98. impulse

99. Initial margin requirement

100. inverted spread

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529 College Savings Plan

Categories: Finance,

Each 529 college savings plan is sponsored by a particular state or group of states, and while each plan is a little different, they share many basic elements. When you invest in a 529 savings plan, any earnings in your account accumulate tax free, and you can make federally tax-free withdrawals to pay for qualified educational expenses, such as college tuition, room and board, and books at any accredited college, university, vocational, or technical program in the United States and a number of institutions overseas. Some states also exempt earnings from state income tax, and may offer additional advantages to state residents, such as tax deductions for contributions.You must name a beneficiary when you open a 529 savings plan account, but you may change beneficiaries if you wish, as long as the new beneficiary is a member of the same extended family as the original beneficiary.In most cases, you may choose any state's plan, even if neither you nor your beneficiary live in that state. There are no income limits restricting who can contribute to a plan, and the lifetime contributions are more than $300,000 in some states.You can make a one-time contribution of $60,000 without incurring potential gift tax, provided you don't make another contribution for five years. Or, you may prefer to add smaller amounts, up to the annual gift exclusion.

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1. Section 15 Declaration Of Incontestability
2. Free Cash Flows
3. Catch-up Contribution
4. Call Option
5. Motor Vehicle
6. Systematic Withdrawal
7. Circuit Breaker
8. Absolute Exclusions
9. Mere Descriptiveness
10. Inflation-protected Security (TIPS)

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