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Financial terms starting with "I"

1. Indirect Claim

2. insurance policy

3. Inspection Report

4. initials

5. insert fittings

6. intellectual property

7. Investment Valuation Model (IVM)

8. independent financial adviser

9. index loan

10. Income bond

11. increasing returns to scale

12. index bond

13. intake

14. interest-bearing

15. internal trade

16. Incidents Of Ownership

17. Institutional Brokers' Investment System

18. improve on

19. infill housing

20. Inquiry

21. Indication of interest

22. indexed loan

23. in kind

24. Immediate or canceled order (IOC order)

25. interrupter feed-through receptacle

26. interim order

27. ISDA

28. incompetent

29. IPR

30. IPO

31. Institutional Population

32. Intra-bank

33. Intermediated market

34. Inland Waterways Fleet

35. Interest tax shield

36. Internal Tourism Consumption

37. ID

38. incidence of ownership

39. Industrial revenue bond (IRB)

40. Income Disparity

41. Insurance Linked Securities (ILS)

42. Implicit Edit

43. individual appliance circuit

44. inception

45. intrastate exemption

46. Investment letter

47. IE Business School

48. inelastic supply

49. Italian Exchange (Borsa Italiana)

50. Icarus Factor

51. Impaneling

52. incorporated

53. Installment Agreement

54. Identifying Variable

55. IMF Primary Commodity Prices Index

56. institution

57. income producing property

58. International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

59. incurable obsolescence

60. Inward Foreign Affiliates Trade In Services (FATS)

61. Investment Expenditure On Roads

62. intervention mechanism

63. investment structure

64. Interest Rate Linked Derivatives

65. Index and Option Market

66. Information Practices Act (SB 1386) of 1977

67. Ipse Dixit

68. Indispensable Party

69. Interest Rate Call

70. Industrial Development Bond (IDB)

71. ISK

72. In touch with

73. insurance line

74. ISA

75. ITRS

76. in arrears

77. Incurred But Not Reported

78. Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN)

79. Insulated Wagon

80. interest rate exposure

81. invitation

82. irregular

83. indicated yield

84. import levy

85. information office

86. implead

87. Implicit Transaction Costs

88. Innovative Active Firm

89. I-beam

90. Individualized Education Program

91. Individual Quota

92. Insured plans

93. Indirect Compilation Method

94. Incremental costs and benefits

95. Incorporation

96. Indemnity insurance

97. interrogatory

98. Incorporated Enterprise

99. Interim rate of return

100. Integer programming

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Definition / Meaning of

Franchised Monopoly

Categories: Business and Management,

A government-granted monopoly. The most important reason for the government granting a monopoly is in the case of the product or service being a natural monopoly, i.e. unable to sustain more than one producer. This is usually the case when very large economy of scale is needed to make production efficient (so the marginal cost of producing each additional unit is very low). Thus, given the huge scale of production needed for efficiency, it could be that the entire market demand would be fulfilled by a single efficient producer, making it unfeasible to have a second producer in the market. Thus, the government may decide to simply give a producer a monopoly, so that the producer is convinced of the fact that there is adequate market to achieve efficient scale. A government may also choose to grant monopolies in special conditions such as when they want to encourage a specific kinds of innovation (patents are effectively a government-granted monopoly), give preference to a producer who might also be involved in community development activities etc.

Most popular terms

1. Use-based Application
2. Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation And Amortization
3. National Association Of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations System
4. Flexible Spending Account
5. McDonough Ratio
6. Most Favored Venue Wording
7. Retaliation Claims
8. Floating Excess Policy
9. IRA Rollover
10. Target Date Fund

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