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1. Intervention Purchase

2. Inland Waterways Transport (IWT) Freight Vessel

3. inspect

4. inventory lien

5. ignite

6. irredeemable bond

7. investment valuation model

8. Income On Equity

9. interest accrual rate

10. IMF Nonfuel Commodity Index

11. impedance

12. Inland Waterways Traffic On National Territory

13. Irrevocable Exchange Rates

14. insurance agents errors and omissions

15. Intensive Sampling

16. interchangeable bond

17. interest-elastic investment

18. IDS

19. independent adjuster

20. International bonds

21. Information Ratio

22. Item Non-response

23. Incompetence

24. invoicing

25. invisible venture capital

26. Injunction

27. Intracompany trade

28. Invoice

29. indirect labor

30. Inventories

31. impairment capital

32. investment mix

33. incurred expense

34. in the red

35. Informal Sector SNA

36. Incoterms

37. Independent Private Institution

38. internal trade

39. I-joist

40. Insider Trading & Securities Fraud Enforcement Act of 1988 (ITSFEA)

41. I

42. Irish Financial Services Regulatory Authority (IFSRA)

43. interlining

44. investor protection trust

45. Institutional broker

46. International Swap Dealers Association (ISDA)

47. Income On Debt (interest Accrued)

48. Infringement (Of Utility Patent)

49. Injuries In Road Traffic Accidents

50. interval

51. Immigrant Population

52. Itemized deduction

53. Insurance Information Institute (III)

54. ICT Goods

55. International Association of Assessing Officers

56. Integrated Data

57. Inure

58. influx

59. Identification Key

60. indemnity bond

61. internal growth

62. Implicit Transaction Costs

63. Intra-household Allocation (of Resources)

64. Inflation accounting

65. ICD

66. infiltration test

67. inter-city

68. Indirect Volume Comparison

69. indicating gauge

70. Inter Alia

71. incident of ownership

72. Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act

73. identity theft coverage

74. iron butterfly

75. inch

76. impairment charge

77. intercompany loans

78. Index method

79. index investing

80. introductory offer

81. IPA

82. Insurance and Superannuation Commission

83. Imputed Parities

84. industrial park

85. initials

86. Islamic Economics

87. Income Deposit Security - IDS

88. internal auditor

89. Ians

90. inspection fee

91. International Sea Transport

92. Intra-company

93. interior finish

94. intraday trading

95. intermediate good

96. Imputed Price

97. index clause

98. International market

99. Interest Rate Swap SNA

100. IQ

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Section 9 Renewal Application

Categories: Patent,

a sworn document, filed by the owner of a registration, to avoid the expiration of a registration. Federal trademark registrations issued on or after November 16, 1989, remain in force for 10 years, and may be renewed for 10-year periods. trademark registrations issued or renewed prior to November 16, 1989 remain in force for 20 years, and may be renewed for 10-year periods. trademark owners have a total of 18 months to file a §9 Renewal Application. The §9 Renewal Application may be filed one year prior to the registration expiration date or during the 6-month grace period immediately after the date of expiration. If the §9 Renewal Application is not filed or is filed after the grace period ends, the registration will expire. Because the due date of the 10-year §8 Declaration coincides with the due date of the §9 Renewal Application, the USPTO created a form entitled "Combined Declaration of use in commerce and Application for Renewal of Registration of a Mark Under Sections 8 & 9" -- see File a §8 & §9 Combined Declaration

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1. Securitization
2. Loss Payable Clause
3. Contractors Professional Liability Insurance
4. Act-as-one Provision
5. US Savings Bond
6. ConsensusDOCS
7. Stowers Doctrine
8. No-load Mutual Fund
9. Option Backdating

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