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Financial terms starting with "J"

1. John R. Hicks

2. joint annuity

3. joint product

4. Journal entries

5. Japanese Government Bond Market (jgb)

6. jetting

7. joint

8. journal

9. jobless claims

10. Jordanian Dinar

11. jointly

12. junior debt

13. Jump Bail

14. Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO)

15. Junk Bond

16. John Pierpont (J.P.) Morgan

17. joint venture

18. Judicial Proceeding

19. joint trench

20. John R. Coomber

21. J Curve (1)

22. Jean-Baptiste Say

23. Jennifer Lopez - J.Lo

24. James J. Heckman

25. Job Market

26. Jobs SNA

27. Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE)

28. Journal Proper

29. J-Curve Effect

30. Justifiable Homicide

31. Jumbo mortgage

32. Jgb

33. Jury Box

34. Joint account

35. jobber's turn

36. J. D. Rockefeller

37. Just Say No Defense

38. Jobber

39. Jeopardy

40. James P. Mooney

41. jack arch

42. Jeep

43. jack post

44. Jurist

45. Jus Cogens

46. Junk Bonds

47. joint return

48. jute

49. Jurisdiction Risk

50. John A. Allison IV

51. joint defense

52. John B. Taylor

53. J2EE

54. jumper

55. John Bates Clark Medal

56. Jerry A. Hausman

57. Joint Adventure

58. jewelers block insurance

59. joint ownership

60. J.d.

61. Juvenile Court

62. jalousie window

63. job classification

64. J factor

65. Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003

66. Judicial Discretion

67. Job Losers

68. junk

69. joint tenancy with right of survivorship

70. jumbo brick, 6 inch

71. Jamaica Dollar

72. Justified Price Multiple

73. jamb block

74. Jean Claude Trichet

75. Jackson Hole Economic Symposium

76. jitney

77. Just me asking

78. Japan Inc.

79. Job Lock

80. Justified P/e

81. Jobless Recovery

82. journal entry

83. joint tape

84. jumbo brick

85. James H. Clark

86. junior lien

87. Joint Venture (fishing)

88. Justice

89. joint mortgage

90. Jurisdictional Amount

91. Jackpot Line

92. J. Harold Chandler

93. jumpy

94. Just Cause

95. Japan Credit Rating Agency - JCR

96. Joint Tortfeasors

97. Joint Tenants with Right of Survivorship - JTWROS

98. Job Loss

99. jack plane

100. Jumbo Loan

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10. Unit Investment Trust (UIT)

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