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1. joist cleating

2. Jan Tinbergen

3. Jean-Baptiste Say

4. Jury of executive opinion

5. Joint Endorsement

6. jumpy

7. Joint Enterprise

8. Job Lock

9. judgment proof

10. job creation scheme

11. joint ownership

12. jumbo utility brick

13. Jag

14. Job Market

15. joint cracks

16. junior lien

17. Joint Owned Property

18. joint return

19. jumping the gun

20. junior beam

21. Japan ETFs

22. jamb

23. junior

24. jack plane

25. Judicial Sale

26. joint product

27. Justiciable

28. Japanese wood oil

29. Jackpot Line

30. Jackpot

31. joint cost

32. judgment rates

33. J.

34. John Maynard Keynes

35. jam nut

36. Jobs Growth

37. Juridical Person

38. Jurisdiction Risk

39. Joint And Several

40. JMD

41. Jse Securities Exchange

42. joint tape

43. Jump Bail

44. Jerry A. Hausman

45. James H. Clark

46. Jamaica Dollar

47. Jit

48. jack

49. Joint Venture - JV

50. John B. Taylor

51. junior debt

52. Jury Duty

53. Joint Enterprise (fishing)

54. Judicial (legal) Separation

55. Japan Credit Rating Agency - JCR

56. James R. Crosby

57. jalousie window

58. John Paul Stevens

59. journal voucher

60. joint application

61. joint liability

62. Judgment In Rem

63. jetty

64. jigsaw

65. jack post

66. joint tenancy with right of survivorship

67. Joint float

68. John T. Dillon

69. Just-in-time inventory systems

70. John Elkann

71. joist tie-in

72. junk

73. JPEG

74. JE

75. Jim Cramer

76. journal

77. Journal(s)

78. Joint Probability

79. Joint tax return

80. Jean Claude Trichet

81. joint-life payout

82. Jesse H. Jones Graduate School Of Business - Rice University

83. JPO

84. JASDAQ Securities Exchange

85. Joyriding

86. J Curve (2)

87. Journal Proper

88. junior mortgage

89. Jones Act (Merchant Marine Act of 1920)

90. Justifiable Homicide

91. J

92. Judgment

93. jute

94. Japan Association Of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation - Jasdaq

95. job safety analysis (JSA)

96. junior capital

97. Japanese Government Bond Market (jgb)

98. Jury Tampering

99. Jury Selection

100. Jekyll and Hyde

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Definition / Meaning of

Weather Derivative

Categories: Options,

A weather derivative is a futures contract - or options on that futures contract - where the underlying commodity is a weather index.These derivatives work much the same way that interest-rate or stock index futures and options do, by creating a tradable commodity out of something that is relatively intangible. Analysts look at historical weather patterns - temperature, rainfall and other things - develop averages, and quantify the risk that weather will deviate from the average. Corporations use weather derivatives to hedge their risk that bad weather will cause a financial loss. For a cereal company, bad weather might be a drought, which would cause wheat prices to go up. For a home heating company, it could be warm days in November, which could lower demand for home heating oil. And for an amusement park it could be rain.The cereal company and the amusement park might buy futures contracts with an underlying weather index based on rainfall. The home heating company might want contracts based on a temperature index.Weather derivatives are different from insurance, because they're linked to common weather events, like dry seasons, or a warm autumn, that affect particular businesses. Insurance is still required to protect against major weather events, like tornadoes, hurricanes, and floods.You can buy weather derivatives as an individual, but you'll want to consider the trading costs carefully to ensure that your risk of loss is worth the expense.

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1. Pension
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3. Auction Rate Security (ARS)
4. Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SARBOX, SOX, SOx) Of 2002
5. Netting
6. Lump-sum Distribution
7. Absolute Exclusions
9. Immigration Violation Coverage Endorsement
10. Financial Industry Regulation Authority

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