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Financial terms starting with "J"

1. Jeopardy

2. junior refunding

3. Journal entries

4. James Tobin

5. Joint Credit

6. Japanese Government Bond Market (jgb)

7. Jurisdiction Risk

8. Junior issue

9. joint will

10. Joint Venture - JV

11. jack arch

12. job title

13. Joint Enterprise (fishing)

14. journal

15. Journal of Commerce Index (JOC Index)

16. joint insurance

17. Jet Fuel

18. judgment proof

19. JE

20. joint ownership

21. J factor

22. join

23. John G. Roberts, Jr.

24. Just Cause

25. junk

26. Jit

27. junior mortgage

28. Japan ETFs

29. Jacob Schiff

30. Judicial (legal) Separation

31. judgment lien

32. Jim Cramer

33. Jumbo Certificate

34. Joint Profit Maximisation

35. joint reinforcement

36. Joint clearing members

37. junior beam

38. jumbo pool

39. jamb

40. Just-In-Time

41. Jennifer Lopez

42. Judicial Notice

43. junior equity

44. James J. Heckman

45. jump

46. James A. Mirrlees

47. joist

48. Jackpot Line

49. J. D. Rockefeller

50. Jackson Hole Economic Symposium

51. jewelers block insurance

52. Jumbo Loan

53. Junior security

54. jurat

55. Joint Enterprise

56. JSE

57. Job Tenure

58. Jennifer Lopez - J.Lo

59. Jakarta Stock Exchange

60. Judgment Debtor

61. Job Protected Leave

62. joint return

63. joint product

64. Jobs ESA

65. joint liability

66. joint underwriting association (JUA)

67. joint photographing

68. Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey - JOLTS

69. junction box

70. jumbo brick, 6 inch

71. JPO

72. John R. Hicks

73. jamb block

74. joint defense

75. J hook

76. J Curve (2)

77. Japan Inc.

78. Justice

79. jumbo brick, 8 inch

80. jackscrew

81. JASDAQ Securities Exchange

82. Jarrow Turnbull model

83. Job Market

84. Jv

85. Jurisprudence

86. jumpy

87. Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE)

88. joint striking tool

89. Joint Tenants in Common - JTIC


91. Joule

92. Jobber

93. Just title

94. Jones Act (Merchant Marine Act of 1920)

95. JOR

96. jib

97. Job Costing

98. Jobs Growth

99. Junk fees

100. Jesse L. Livermore

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Featured term of the day

Definition / Meaning of

Likelihood Of Confusion

Categories: Patent, Legal, ,

a statutory basis (trademark act Section 2(d), 15 U.S.C. Section 1052(d), TMEP §1207 et seq.) for refusing registration of a trademark or service mark because it is likely to conflict with a mark or marks already registered or pendingbefore the USPTO. After an application is filed, the assigned examining attorney will search the USPTO records to determine if such a conflict exists between the mark in the application and another mark that is registered or pending before the USPTO. The USPTO will not conduct any preliminary searches for conflicting marks before an applicant files an application and cannot provide legal advice on whether a particular mark can be registered. The principal factors considered by the examining attorney in determining whether there is a likelihood of confusion are: (1) the similarity of the marks; and (2) the commercial relationship between the goods and/or services listed in the application. To find a conflict, the marks do not have to be identical, and the goods and/or services do not have to be the same. It may be enough that the marks are similar and the goods and/or services related. If a conflict exists between your mark and a registered mark, the examining attorney will refuse registration on the ground of likelihood of confusion. If a conflict exists between your mark and a mark in a pending application that was filed before your application, the examining attorney will notify you of the potential conflict and possibly suspend action on your application. If the earlier-filed application registers, the examining attorney will refuse registration of your mark on the ground of likelihood of confusion.

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1. Direct Investment
2. Fixed Annuity
3. Mortgage (mortgagee) Clause
4. Most Favored Venue Wording
5. Cash Forward Contract
6. Section 8 Declaration Of Excusable Nonuse
7. Right Of Recourse Provision
8. Substitute Check
9. Nonprofit
10. Contractors All Risks (CAR) Insurance

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