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1. Joint bond

2. joist hanger

3. Joint Custody

4. junk

5. J2EE

6. Job Openings and Labor Turnover Survey - JOLTS

7. joint application

8. Japan ETFs

9. Jevons Price Index

10. Judicial Sale

11. jamb block

12. junior note

13. junior equity

14. jump

15. joist tie-in

16. Jarrow Turnbull model

17. Jobs ESA

18. JPN

19. Jury Box

20. Jury Stress

21. J.

22. Joseph Effect

23. James M. Buchanan Jr.

24. James H. Clark

25. Job Protected Leave

26. Joint tax return

27. Joint Tenancy (with Rights of Survivorship)

28. Joint clearing members

29. Japanese wood oil

30. Jurisprudence

31. job classification

32. Job Creation and Worker Assistance Act of 2002 (JCWAA)

33. Jury of executive opinion

34. jewelers block insurance

35. Juvenile Delinquent

36. Justified Price Multiple

37. junior debt

38. Jane Doe

39. Joint Resolution Of Congress

40. JOD

41. jettison

42. jack post

43. Judgment Notwithstanding The Verdict (Jnov)

44. Johnston Island Dollar

45. job safety analysis (JSA)

46. jumper

47. Jacob Schiff

48. Joint Adventure

49. Job Market

50. James A. Mirrlees

51. JAM

52. Judgment

53. Joint Owned Property

54. junior capital

55. joint return

56. Jaywalking

57. James E. Meade

58. John T. Dillon

59. Jasdaq

60. jumping the gun

61. Jnov

62. Jury Instruction

63. JSE

64. jack

65. judicial precedent

66. Job Description

67. Jury Trial

68. Joyriding

69. Jury Selection

70. joint account agreement

71. journeyman

72. joisted masonry construction

73. Jerry A. Hausman

74. Jurisdiction Risk

75. Job Costing

76. Jumbo Mortgages

77. Joint Enterprise (fishing)

78. Jus Naturale

79. Japan wax

80. John Bogle

81. Japan Credit Rating Agency - JCR

82. job site

83. Jordanian Dinar

84. Jobber

85. joint mortgage

86. Juridical Person

87. jumpy

88. Jesse H. Jones Graduate School Of Business - Rice University

89. Judicial Foreclosure

90. Joint Products

91. Joint Supply

92. jobless

93. judgmental immunity

94. Jakarta Stock Exchange (JKT) .JK

95. J Curve (2)

96. Junior issue

97. J channel

98. John Neff

99. joint life with last survivor annuity

100. J

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You participate in a 401(k) retirement savings plan by deferring part of your salary into an account set up in your name. Any earnings in the account are federal income tax deferred. If you change jobs, 401(k) plans are portable, which means that you can move your accumulated assets to a new employer's plan, if the plan allows transfers, or to a rollover ira.With a traditional 401(k), you defer pretax income, which reduces the income tax you owe in the year you made the contribution. You pay tax on all withdrawals at your regular rate. With the newer Roth 401(k), which is offered in some but not all plans, you contribute after-tax income. Earnings accumulate tax deferred, but your withdrawals are completely tax free if your account has been open at least five years and you're at least 59 1/2.In either type of 401(k), you can defer up to the federal cap, plus an annual catch-up contribution if you're 50 or older. However, you may be able to contribute less than the cap if you're a highly compensated employee or if your employer limits contributions to a percentage of your salary. Your employer may match some or all of your contributions, based on the terms of the plan you participate in, but matching isn't required.With a 401(k), you are responsible for making your own investment decisions by choosing from among investment alternatives offered by the plan. Those alternatives typically include separate accounts, mutual funds, annuities, fixed-income investments, and sometimes company stock.You may owe an additional 10% federal tax penalty if you withdraw from a 401(k) before you reach 59 1/2. You must begin to take minimum required distributions by April 1 of the year following the year you turn 70 1/2 unless you're still working. But if you prefer, you can roll over your traditional 401(k) assets into a traditional ira and your Roth 401(k) assets into a roth ira.

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