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1. Key Currency

2. key reversal day

3. knock-in option

4. kitchen triangle

5. kerf

6. Knowledge Capital

7. Kidnap Insurance

8. knee wall

9. Kanban

10. Kitchen

11. KLSE

12. key box

13. kilometer

14. kitty

15. Kenyan Shilling

16. K

17. KM

18. kicker block

19. Keyframe

20. king post truss

21. Kazakhstan Tenge

22. Kondratieff Wave

23. Keltner channel

24. KBW Bank Index

25. Kuwait Investment Authority

26. Kerb Trading

27. Katie Couric Clause

28. Kiting

29. keyway

30. Kick it out

31. knob and tube wiring

32. Kilohashes/sec

33. KAZ

34. KES

35. Keykode

36. Knowledge Process Outsourcing - KPO

37. Knowledge Worker

38. Key Ratio

39. Key Structure

40. known loss rule

41. kaolin

42. Khazanah Nasional

43. knee pads

44. Key man (or woman) insurance

45. knock-on effect

46. Korea Stock Exchange

47. KOF Economic Barometer

48. Korea Stock Exchange (KRX)

49. Korematsu V. United States (1944)

50. kind codes 

51. knock for knock

52. king stud

53. Kalman Filter

54. kraft

55. Key Variable

56. Kangaroos

57. KCBT

58. Key Account

59. KMF

60. Korea Stock Exchange (KSC) .KS

61. Kerosene Type Jet Fuel

62. Kruggerand

63. Kuleshov Effect

64. Kangaroo Court

65. knee brace

66. Keidanren

67. KP

68. Kiddie tax

69. KWD

70. key person insurance

71. keyhole saw

72. Klinger Oscillator

73. KGS

74. koruna

75. keystone

76. kite-flying

77. Knowledge-based Economy

78. Know-How

79. key switch

80. Kelley School Of Business - Indiana University

81. Korea Fund

82. key

83. Karl Albrecht

84. KW

85. Kurtosis

86. Kiwi

87. Kerning

88. Key Employee

89. killing

90. keep

91. Kairi Relative Index

92. Keefe Bank Index

93. Kelvin

94. Knowledge Management

95. Kth Order Autocorrelation

96. Kazakhstan National Fund

97. Keynesian Economic Theory

98. Keogh Account

99. Kiribati Dollar

100. keyboarding

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Definition / Meaning of

Common Shares

Categories: Stocks,

Securities representing equity ownership in a corporation, providing voting rights, and entitling the holder to a share of the company's success throughdividends and/or capital appreciation. In the event of liquidation, common shareholders have rights to a company's assets only after bondholders, other debt holders, and preferred shareholders have been satisfied. Typically, common shareholders receive one vote per share to elect the company's board of directors (although the number of votes is not always directly proportional to the number of shares owned). The board of directors is the group of individuals that represents the owners of the corporation and oversees major decisions for the company. common shareholders also receive voting rights regarding other company matters such as stock splits and company objectives. In addition to voting rights, common shareholders sometimes enjoy what are called "preemptive rights". preemptive rights allow common shareholders>to maintain their proportional ownership in the company in the event that the company issues another offering of stock. This means that common shareholders with preemptive rights have the right but not the obligation to purchase as many new shares of the stock as it would take to maintain their proportional ownership in the company. also called junior equity or common stock.

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10. Contractors Professional Liability Insurance

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