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Financial terms starting with "L"

1. Leontief Inverse Table

2. Limit Cycles

3. learning by doing

4. lock washer

5. local labour

6. land use regulation

7. lug sill

8. Line-item Budgeting

9. Lame Duck

10. Lead-time Demand

11. latex paint

12. Licensed

13. Labour Force Participation Rate

14. Landfill

15. Late Majority

16. Lloyd's central fund

17. loop switch

18. loanback

19. labor force

20. Looping

21. LDP

22. Lloyd's syndicate

23. liquid resin glue

24. Life-Sustaining Procedures

25. Low-level Radioactive Wastes

26. LI

27. lot split

28. leasehold interest

29. loan commitment

30. Last trading day

31. Landeszentralbank

32. Legal Separation

33. Lease term

34. loss prevention

35. lifestyle fund

36. Linear programming

37. litigation management

38. local authority

39. Local Suppression

40. loan amortization schedule

41. leach field

42. Lien Holder

43. leasehold

44. Legal Duty

45. lining felt

46. leveraged ETF

47. LV

48. loss trending

49. Labour Market Training

50. Lockout (industry)

51. Least Expensive Alternative Treatment

52. lineal

53. Level Of Significance

54. Latvian Lat

55. Lender Name

56. LA

57. Land And Ecosystems Accounts

58. loss relief

59. LFS

60. lawful object

61. Letters Of Credit

62. Life Income With Refund Annuity

63. legal title

64. Lloyd's Register

65. Limits Of Error

66. Lockout / Tagout

67. Labor Union

68. lumbermill

69. Levered portfolio

70. lender participation

71. Legal Entities SNA

72. list

73. Lottery Bond

74. Lockup Agreement

75. Long-Term Anticipation Securities (LEAPS)

76. lira

77. letter rate

78. Lamb-Weston rule

79. Line (railway)

80. Loan Rate (United States)

81. limit order information system

82. Level load

83. legal settlement

84. Long term liabilities

85. Line Authority

86. Lagging

87. lower of cost or market (LCM)

88. letter of patent

89. legging-out

90. least developed country

91. Limitations

92. life

93. loan rate

94. locality standard

95. Looking for

96. loss conditions

97. Leaseback

98. loan calculator

99. land cost

100. latitude

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Definition / Meaning of

Franchised Monopoly

Categories: Business and Management,

A government-granted monopoly. The most important reason for the government granting a monopoly is in the case of the product or service being a natural monopoly, i.e. unable to sustain more than one producer. This is usually the case when very large economy of scale is needed to make production efficient (so the marginal cost of producing each additional unit is very low). Thus, given the huge scale of production needed for efficiency, it could be that the entire market demand would be fulfilled by a single efficient producer, making it unfeasible to have a second producer in the market. Thus, the government may decide to simply give a producer a monopoly, so that the producer is convinced of the fact that there is adequate market to achieve efficient scale. A government may also choose to grant monopolies in special conditions such as when they want to encourage a specific kinds of innovation (patents are effectively a government-granted monopoly), give preference to a producer who might also be involved in community development activities etc.

Most popular terms

1. Special Crime Insurance
2. Cash Forward Contract
3. Unit Investment Trust (UIT)
4. Home Equity
5. Section 8 Declaration Of Excusable Nonuse
6. Hand
7. Systematic Withdrawal
8. Statute Of Limitations
9. Specialist
10. Separate Account Fund

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