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Financial terms starting with "L"

1. leading

2. Long-Arm Statute

3. Long-lining

4. Low Hanging Fruit 

5. Latin American Free Trade Association

6. Life-Sustaining Procedures

7. longs

8. level rod

9. Long bonds

10. Loan discount fee

11. liquor law liability (dramshop)

12. Liquidity Requirement

13. lend

14. liquid market

15. Loan-to-value ratio (LTV)

16. Least Squares

17. low-lift grout method

18. law enforcement officers liability

19. low documentation loan

20. Living will

21. Letter Of Moral Intent

22. Legal Succession

23. Labour Force, Total

24. legal

25. Legal Services

26. limited losses

27. law of supply

28. large trader

29. lower of cost or market (LCM)

30. Loss Of Use

31. long-dated

32. Leases And Other Transferable Contracts

33. ledger cash

34. Legal Action

35. Lights-out Warehouse

36. loss given default

37. Long-term Instruments

38. Liability driven investment (LDI)

39. Lewis

40. Long-term Loans - DAC

41. lay out

42. liquidation price

43. low-coupon bond refunding

44. Land And Surface Water

45. Leveraged buyout (LBO)

46. livering

47. Labour Price Index


49. LSO

50. Loans SNA

51. last injurious exposure

52. Longtime Homebuyer Tax Credit

53. Lockup option

54. Land Degradation

55. low-income housing limited partnership

56. loan register

57. leveraged loan

58. LCA

59. Linear programming

60. lathe

61. loss carryback

62. Liability

63. Local Loop Unbundling (LLU)

64. loss adjustment expense (LAE)

65. Locom

66. Laicisation

67. liability for guests' property, safe deposit box coverage form K

68. Lockout (industry)

69. limit switch

70. lubricant

71. Lower Court

72. Lower Quartile

73. Linear Interpolation

74. Legal investments

75. Long-term debt/capitalization

76. Long-term Loans - SNA

77. leverage up

78. lead based paint

79. Lease term

80. Long-Term Anticipation Securities (LEAPS)

81. Lockout / Tagout

82. locked-in retirement account (LIRA)

83. Local Move -

84. linkage

85. Last in, first out (LIFO)

86. log cabin

87. livestock coverage form

88. LDC

89. log

90. Lehman Brothers California Municipal Bond Index

91. laying the ends

92. Lien Holder

93. Land Value Tax - LVT

94. lead lender

95. Labor-Sponsored Venture Capital Corporations - LSVCC

96. lenders loss payable endorsement

97. Location

98. Loss Of Bargain Rule

99. Legal Advertising

100. Long-term capital gain (or loss)

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8. Prohibited Transactions
9. Erection All Risks (EAR) Insurance
10. Office Of Compliance Inspections And Examinations (OCIE)

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