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Financial terms starting with "L"

1. learning curve

2. Loan churning

3. Litigant

4. level-load fund

5. life assured

6. Lower Quartile

7. Laos New Kip

8. Lock jumper

9. LCL

10. loan register

11. Lookalike Option

12. lull

13. Layaway

14. loan crowd

15. Licensed Warehouse

16. Lookalike Swap

17. lease-purchase agreement

18. Late fees

19. limit if touched (LIT)

20. liquidity premium

21. London spot fix

22. Land Tenure

23. Load Locks

24. less developed country

25. Living Trust

26. loan strip

27. Latin Monetary Union

28. landscape fencing

29. League Table

30. Loss Of Use

31. long run

32. Loan Rate (United States)

33. larger parcel

34. Locked Up

35. limiting

36. Lre

37. long-term capital gain

38. Lame Duck

39. lead reinsurer

40. levee

41. Lot For Lot

42. loan submission

43. Leaves

44. loss damage waiver (LDW)

45. loss triangle

46. Lifetime Fertility

47. lay out the bond

48. Least Restrictive Environment

49. Loan discount fee

50. lean-to rafter

51. Loyalty Card 

52. Legacy System

53. locked market

54. Long term liabilities

55. Life Without Possibility Of Parole

56. limited policy

57. lift check valve

58. low density

59. Loophole Certificate

60. losses in excess of policy limits

61. Linear Association

62. listing broker

63. lightning arrestor

64. Land Use By Industries And Households

65. Lehman Brothers Corporate Bond Index

66. liquid resin glue

67. labor burden

68. liquidity fund

69. limitation on sale-and-leaseback

70. lacing

71. liquid certificate of deposit

72. Luminance

73. laying overhand

74. Legal Entities SNA

75. LC

76. legal notice

77. Loan Type

78. Lower Of Cost Or Market (locom)

79. lessor

80. light framing

81. Lifetime Reserve Days

82. Life Table

83. Lawful Enemy Combatant

84. livestock mortality insurance

85. lead oxide

86. Layup

87. lakh

88. Loan Needed

89. limber

90. Legal Entities ISIC Rev. 3

91. Local-content Measure

92. lead umbrella

93. loss payable clause

94. Letterbox

95. loan balance table

96. load float

97. Low-level Radioactive Wastes

98. loose laid

99. Lottery Bond

100. line of business

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6. Consensus Recommendation
7. Covenant Not To Sue
8. Corridor Self-insured Retention
9. Education Savings Account (ESA)
10. Fronting

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