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Financial terms starting with "M"

1. mutualization

2. medical payments, homeowners

3. maker

4. Merchant Banking

5. medium-term noteholder

6. manufacturers and contractors (M&C) insurance

7. Mercantile agency

8. Minimum required distribution (MRD)

9. Market Transfers

10. monkey tail

11. Model Based Imputation

12. Mortgage servicing

13. maximum financing

14. monoline

15. mid-cap fund

16. musawamah

17. Most Comprehensive Data

18. Market Prices BPM

19. Manchester Business School - MBS

20. market metrics

21. Mathematical Literacy

22. matured RRSP

23. Market-based forecasting

24. MWI

25. material news

26. Mortgage Derivative

27. mandrel

28. Maturity Intermediation

29. Market Segmentation

30. Multi-Level Marketing

31. Margin Debt

32. Master Air Waybill (MAB)

33. momo play

34. Morgan Stanley Capital International Europe Index

35. Marshall Edgeworth Price Index

36. Mouse Potato

37. Meme

38. Medicare hospital insurance

39. managed care organization (MCO)

40. Multivariate Analysis

41. Market internalization advantages

42. Measure Of Central Tendency

43. Marginal cost

44. Money market account

45. Monetary Liability

46. MU

47. multi-ply construction

48. Maximum Deferment Period

49. marginal risk

50. marginal bar

51. Measurement Scales

52. monopost

53. management investment company

54. make

55. Maintenance Expenditure On Roads

56. minor

57. Mens Rea

58. Minority Passive Investments

59. modular construction

60. Menu Bar

61. Mace

62. MTN

63. Master Franchise

64. motion sensor

65. Madeira Escudo

66. medical support withholding

67. melt

68. Moratorium Interest

69. mottler brush

70. Mail float

71. Magalog

72. Mid-cap SPDRs

73. manpower forecasting

74. miter saw

75. Mixed Imputations

76. mortgage pass-through security

77. MUS

78. minor diameter

79. MO

80. Mojo

81. Mean Absolute Deviation

82. manometer, dry

83. mineral granules

84. marginal product

85. Mistrial

86. MBO

87. municipal security

88. Market Concentration

89. Márcio A. Cypriano

90. MD & A

91. money market basis

92. Multiple Bar Chart

93. Married put

94. Mutually Exclusive Projects

95. Multiperiod Sharpe Ratio

96. MOP

97. management company

98. Minimum Size Of Data Element Values

99. metal lath

100. Matching contribution

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Definition / Meaning of

Lump-sum Distribution

Categories: Finance,

When you retire, you may have the option of taking the value of your pension, salary reduction, or profit-sharing plan in different ways. For example, you might be able to take your money in a series of regular lifetime payments, generally described as an annuity, or all at once, in what is known as a lump-sum distribution.If you take the lump sum from a defined benefit (pension) plan, the employer follows specific regulatory rules to calculate how much you would have received over your estimated lifespan if you'd taken the pension as an annuity and then subtracts the amount the fund estimates it would have earned in interest on that amount during the payout period.In contrast, when you take a lump-sum distribution from a defined contribution plan, such as a salary reduction or profit-sharing plan, you receive the amount that has accumulated in the plan. You may or may not have the option to take a lump-sum distribution from these plans when you change jobs.You can take a lump-sum distribution as cash, or you can roll over the distribution into an individual retirement account (IRA). If you take the cash, you owe income tax on the full amount of the distribution, and you may owe an additional 10% penalty if you're younger than 59 1/2. If you roll over the lump sum into an IRA, the full amount continues to be tax deferred, and you can postpone paying income tax until you withdraw from the account.

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