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Financial terms starting with "M"

1. master mortgage loan

2. mandatory bid

3. market risk

4. Mature economy

5. moment

6. managed care

7. moisture proofing

8. material schedule

9. Montră©al Exchange

10. Mortgage life insurance

11. micro-insurance

12. mandatory quote period

13. Monotonicity In Prices

14. Mann Act

15. Mindshare

16. Market Form

17. Mac Kelvey Box

18. Mixed Offering

19. mortality rate

20. Mimic

21. multiple capital structure

22. manufacturing milling machine

23. maximum occupancy load

24. MGF

25. Mls

26. management agreement

27. marine underwriter

28. monk bond

29. multilateral aid

30. mile, statute

31. mildew

32. mint ratio

33. Mail float

34. Midquote

35. Madrid Agreement

36. Market Output ESA

37. Mortgage company

38. master servant rule

39. Matured noninterest-bearing debt

40. Monte Carlo simulation

41. Murphy's Law

42. Matched sale transaction

43. metal trim

44. Market-if-touched (MIT)

45. Mmmf

46. Matching Fields

47. Mva

48. market value added (MVA)

49. mortar types

50. Multiplicity Of Actions

51. multi conductor cable

52. Metamodel

53. main

54. material fact

55. mortmain

56. Migrant and Seasonal Agricultural Worker Protection Act (MSAWPA) of 1983

57. Market letter

58. Morgan Stanley Capital International Europe Index

59. mint condition

60. Manufacturing Or Industrial Milk

61. Medicare hospital insurance

62. Mass Market

63. motion sensor

64. Monotonicity In Quantities

65. Major Fraud Act Of 1988

66. Mutual Fund Family

67. middle office

68. mutual additional insured status

69. Market Basket

70. Margin agreement

71. mutualization

72. Monetary Economy

73. Medallion Signature Guarantee

74. mBTC

75. Market Penetration Price

76. mentee

77. Marginal Cost Of Funds

78. Mortgage Broker

79. MS

80. multiyear single limit (MYSL)

81. Maintenance Agency

82. Members

83. mortgage famine

84. Mortgage insurance premium

85. Material Witness

86. Mobility Barriers

87. maintenance and replacement call

88. Monetary Control Act of 1980 (MAC)

89. mutual benefit association

90. managed care liability insurance

91. Market Exposure

92. Mean-variance criterion

93. Mechanic's Lien

94. Mcnabb-Mallory Rule

95. manifold

96. Money Market Mutual Fund (mmmf)

97. Mortgage Modification

98. Multi-purpose Prepaid Card

99. McFadden Act

100. MBI

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Definition / Meaning of

Fast Market

Categories: Stocks, Economics,

A fast market is one with heavy trading and rapidly changing prices in some but not necessarily all of the securities listed on an exchange or market.In this volatile environment, which might be triggered by events such as an initial public offering (IPO) that attracts an unusually high level of attention or an unexpectedly negative earnings report, the rush of business may substantially delay execution times. The probable result is that you end up paying much more or selling for much less than you anticipated if you gave a market or stop order.While choosing not to trade in a fast market is one way to reduce your risk, you might also protect yourself while seeking potential profit by giving your broker limit or stop-limit orders. That way, you have the possibility of buying or selling within a price range that's acceptable to you, but are less exposed to the frenzy of the marketplace.The term fast market is also used to describe a marketplace - typically an electronic one - where trades are executed rapidly.

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1. Unconscious Bias
2. Credit Default Swap
3. Free Cash Flows
4. Common Shares
5. Expiration Cycle
6. Self-insured Retention (SIR)
7. Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE)
8. US Savings Bond
9. Absolute Exclusions
10. Hybrid Mortgage

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