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Financial terms starting with "M"

1. Misery Index (economics)

2. market rent

3. marginal risk

4. Magistrate

5. mechanical cleaning

6. motion practice

7. moving cause

8. Monitoring

9. Manufacturing Resource Planning

10. mortgage debt

11. Medium-term Projections Or Scenarios

12. Money With Zero Maturity

13. Model Specification

14. Multilateral netting system

15. multiplied damages

16. Marginal Demand

17. make-up air

18. masonry pointing

19. Macro Environment

20. Mortality Risk

21. Maturity Mix

22. main contractor

23. Menial (work, job, task)

24. Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

25. multiple-issuer pools

26. Minimum Daily Balance

27. Match-fund

28. move

29. Macro country risks

30. Meritocracy

31. Maturity Premium

32. Market value-weighted index

33. Mass Balances

34. metal wall ties

35. medium density overlay

36. Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY) In Fisheries Accounts

37. Max Pain(TM)

38. Multidistrict Litigation


40. Multinational Corporation

41. MYR

42. Multiple Official Exchange Rates

43. Mid-period Price Index

44. micro

45. Money Market Demand Account (M.M.D.A.)

46. mortar box

47. Merchandising

48. management expense ratio (MER)

49. mortgage amortization

50. Marine Cargo Insurance

51. Money rate of return

52. Mean-variance efficient portfolio

53. Marginal Settlements

54. Municipalization

55. Multiperiod immunization

56. MSR

57. Monthly Comparative Price Levels (purchasing Power Parities (PPPs))

58. Member Of A Producers Co-operative

59. Mini-manipulation

60. Massachusetts Trust

61. M&a

62. Mortgage insurance premium

63. Mens Rea

64. Moving Weights

65. mineral wool

66. mineral surfaced felt

67. Medical Payments Insurance

68. Management buying

69. management representation letter

70. Mezzanine bracket

71. maintenance markup

72. more or less

73. Master Air Waybill (MAB)

74. move-up buyer

75. minimum price movement

76. Mortgage-Backed Securities Clearing Corporation (MBSCC)

77. multi-ply construction

78. M.o.

79. medium

80. model codes

81. multiplex

82. motor home policy

83. Metadata Set

84. medium curing cutback

85. MAI

86. Mothball

87. Maim

88. Membership Denial

89. multizone system

90. MedPay

91. miscellaneous liability coverage

92. Master Trust

93. Mandate

94. mutual funds

95. Macaroni defense

96. Marrried Put and Stock

97. Malaysia Derivatives Exchange (MDEX)

98. Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency

99. masonry primer

100. Multilateral Creditors

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Definition / Meaning of

Charitable Remainder Trust

Categories: Estate Planning, Legal, ,

A kind of charitable trust in which someone places substantial assets into an irrevocable trust.The trust is set up so that the donor (or other beneficiaries named in the trust) receives trust income for a number of years or for life, after which the assets go to a tax-exempt charity. The IRS allows a large deduction in the year the assets are donated to the trust. The tax savings are sometimes used to buy an insurance policy on the life of the donor payable to children or grandchildren at the donor's death. This way the donor can make the gift to charity, receive income from the trust, and still make a large gift at death to family members. There are several kinds of charitable remainder trusts, including charitable remainder unitrusts and charitable remainder annuity trusts. Compare: charitable lead trust

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1. Relative Strength
2. Net Asset Value (NAV)
3. Unconscious Bias
4. Fiduciary
5. Fill Or Kill Order (FOK)
6. Corridor Self-insured Retention
7. Portable Benefits
8. Mortgage-backed Security
9. No-load Mutual Fund
10. Right Of Recourse Provision

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