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Financial terms starting with "M"

1. Match-fund

2. mounting

3. main sewer

4. Monte Carlo simulation

5. Miller, Merton

6. main bar

7. monomer

8. Mortgage Portfolio

9. Market-book ratio

10. Mismatching Strategy

11. modified fire-resistive construction

12. Micropolitan Statistical Area

13. Mid-period Price Index

14. Market Producers SNA

15. Medical Graduates

16. mixed use

17. Moving Average Crossover

18. market capital

19. Married put

20. mix

21. major currency

22. monolithic slab

23. Mojo

24. More behind it

25. mortise and tenon

26. membrane waterproofing

27. monetary base

28. modernize

29. Margin account (stocks)

30. morbidity

31. Municipal Court

32. Mandatory

33. milkiness

34. mortgage recast

35. Minimum Credit

36. Mainstream Economics

37. Mixed DB Plans

38. mill run

39. master planned community

40. mortgage guarantee insurance company

41. maritime lawyer

42. Managed float

43. MOZ

44. Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price - MSRP

45. mullioned window

46. mottled

47. Macro Fund

48. middle market

49. Mortgage company

50. Managerial decisions

51. Monetary Gold SNA

52. masonry reinforced wall

53. mutually exclusive investment decisions

54. Marking up or down

55. Master

56. Medicare set-aside

57. M&a

58. Merchant Bank

59. matching principle

60. master key

61. Malaysia Commodity Exchange (MCE)

62. Marked-to-market

63. Motorway

64. Multi-round Survey

65. management buyin

66. Monetary Base 

67. Market-adjusted Implementation Shortfall

68. mortar box

69. Middleman

70. Mubadala Development Company

71. market indicator

72. maple bond

73. manufacturer's selling price endorsement

74. mitigation of damages

75. MIT

76. marine glue

77. more or less

78. Market Orientation

79. MIGA

80. mortgage fraud

81. Maverick

82. margin level

83. Mini-max (or Collared) Floating-rate Note (FRN)

84. Monotube pile

85. Multiple Listing Service

86. management expense ratio (MER)

87. Market Services NACE

88. mission house

89. millage rate

90. Multimedia

91. margin creep

92. market timing costs

93. Macro Attribution

94. medium of exchange

95. material defect

96. municipal bond market

97. masonry bit

98. Member firm

99. Monetary Control Act

100. Medical Science And Health-related Graduates

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5. MCS-90 Endorsement
6. Direct Investment
7. Discrimination
8. Immigration Violation Coverage Endorsement
9. Weighted Stock Index
10. Contingent Commission

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