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Financial terms starting with "M"

1. Metadata Item

2. Multi-Peril Policies

3. Mcnabb-Mallory Rule

4. management training

5. Mortgage Modification

6. Mutual Holding Company

7. Month-on-previous-month Changes

8. Most active list

9. medical payments, general liability

10. Minority Active Investments

11. mode

12. manual execution

13. MZM

14. main water shut-off valve

15. melt-through

16. Misprision Of A Felony

17. Mathematical Literacy

18. mutuality of consent

19. money orders and counterfeit paper currency insurance

20. MDG

21. minimum and deposit (M&D)

22. Mortgage suitability

23. Magna Carta

24. Municipal Wastes

25. master keyed lock

26. micro venture capital

27. MHL

28. messenger supported wiring

29. means of egress

30. Mauritania Ouguiya

31. M&a

32. MBS pool number

33. Maintenance (cost) Valuation (environmental Accounting)

34. memo entry

35. Madrid Stock Exchange (Bolsa de Madrid)

36. masonry reinforced wall

37. Mini

38. mill run

39. maintenance bond

40. MAC

41. mortgage interest relief at source

42. Mortgage (Open- End)

43. Master And Servant

44. MTL

45. monolithic slab foundation

46. Moving Seasonal Variation

47. micro accounting

48. Market Value Added

49. mere descriptiveness

50. Manager

51. mutual water company

52. Meredith Principles

53. marine insurance

54. multi-peril crop insurance (MPCI)

55. Make To Assemble - MTA

56. Monetary policy

57. Market Control

58. Merton Miller

59. Mandate

60. mispriced

61. main girder

62. material news

63. Managed account

64. muriatic acid

65. Multi-option financing facility

66. Medium-term Notes (MTNs)

67. Medical Certification

68. Models Method

69. Monetary And Financial Statistics Manual

70. motivated seller

71. manufactured wood, LVL, glulam

72. Multiplicity Of Actions

73. Mogul

74. Metadata Layer

75. Macro Attribution

76. mix of services

77. medium density fiberboard

78. monoline

79. Multiple Peril Policy

80. modified gross lease

81. Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Line - MICR

82. Managed Hosting

83. Maim

84. Mojo

85. moisture proofing

86. manufacturing cost

87. mute

88. management expense ratio (MER)

89. misplaced improvement

90. medium density overlay

91. Mean Value Test For Quantities

92. mechanics lien

93. Multi-Annual Guidance Programmes (MAGP)

94. Moderator

95. Mumtalakat Holding Company

96. Methodological Soundness

97. medium curing cutback

98. mark out

99. mole

100. Mortgage pool

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1. Charitable Remainder Trust
2. Expiration Cycle
3. Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation And Amortization
4. Inflation-protected Security (TIPS)
5. Fixed Annuity
6. Self-insured Retention (SIR)
7. Act-as-one Provision
8. Sell Short
9. Insurer Insolvency Exclusion
10. Opt-out Lawsuits

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