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Financial terms starting with "N"

1. negative butterfly

2. nuclear exclusion

3. Noninterest-bearing note


5. National Treatment

6. Normal Obsolescence

7. Notional Amount

8. NMI

9. National Association Of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation (nasdaq)

10. National Quotation Bureau

11. new for old

12. name

13. National Association of Securities Dealers Automatic Quotation System (Nasdaq)

14. Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organisation (NAFO)

15. National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (Ncusif)

16. no-load

17. National Estate

18. nonowned automobile

19. Narrow Moat

20. Nearby

21. National Best Bid and Offer (NBBO)

22. Non-market Services OECD

23. National Securities Clearing Corporation

24. Non-Permanent resident alien

25. noninsurance

26. notional value

27. National Association of Exclusive Buyers Agents

28. NAM

29. Non-profit Institutions Serving Households (NPISHs)

30. National Market System - NMS


32. nonderivative suits

33. Non-profit Institutions Controlled And Mainly Financed By Government

34. non-bearing wall

35. national income

36. net asset value per share

37. Newbie

38. nonpublic information

39. Nda

40. new time

41. nonassignable

42. Nominal Expenditures

43. Normal deviate

44. National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations system

45. natural affection

46. NIF

47. National Retail Federation - NRF

48. National Disposable Income

49. Network Or Facilities

50. Non-Manufacturing ISM Report on Business

51. Non Compos Mentis

52. Naked Debenture

53. national income accounting

54. National Safety Council

55. non-qualified stock option

56. Nonfiling Insurance

57. Non-Admitted Assets

58. Noncumulative preferred stock

59. nonsubject premium

60. Neutral Holding Gain

61. natural capital

62. neighborhood life cycle

63. Noncompete

64. NUTS

65. naked shorting

66. non-cash charge

67. Non-random Sample

68. Number Of Seats / Berths In Motor Coaches, Buses And Trolleybuses

69. nearest month

70. net interest rate differential

71. non-deposit investment product

72. New York Stock Exchange Composite Index

73. NPIs (non-profit Institutions)

74. National Expenditure

75. Noncurrent Assets

76. non-discretionary


78. neglected

79. NASD

80. negotiated market

81. Non-financial Quasi-corporations

82. notarize

83. New Issue

84. National Debt

85. natural capitalism

86. notice of allowance and fees due

87. Non-warrantable condo

88. Negotiated markets

89. Naoyuki Akikusa

90. Noncompetitive bid

91. New York Board of Trade (NYBOT)

92. Natural Losses

93. New York Times V. Sullivan (1964)

94. net realizable value (NRV)

95. National Association of Master Appraisers

96. New high/new low

97. non-interest-bearing note


99. net quick assets

100. National Association of Realtors

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Convertible Hedge

Categories: Strategies,

When you use a convertible hedge, you buy a convertible bond, which you can exchange under certain circumstances for shares of the company's common stock. At the same time, you sell short the common stock of the same company. As in any hedge, your goal is to make more money on one of the transactions than you lose on the other. For example, if the price of the stock falls, you're in a position to make money on the short sale while at the same time knowing that the convertible bond will continue to be at least as valuable as other bonds the company has issued. On the other hand, if the stock gains value, you hope to be able to realize more profit from either selling the convertible or exchanging it for shares you can sell than it costs you to have borrowed and repaid the shares you sold short.There are no guarantees this strategy or any other hedging strategy will work, especially for an individual investor who faces the challenge of identifying an appropriate security to hedge and the appropriate time to act.

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1. McDonough Ratio
2. Free Cash Flows
3. Terms Of Reference
4. Retaliation Claims
6. Audit Committee
7. Self-supporting Bond
8. Office Of Compliance Inspections And Examinations (OCIE)
9. Home Equity
10. Sarbanes-Oxley Act Of 2002

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