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Financial terms starting with "N"

1. no par value share

2. Non-price Predation

3. Non-Departmental Public Body

4. National Guarantee Fund

5. Nominal Prices

6. newel cap

7. net borrowed reserves

8. Noninterest-bearing note

9. non-drying

10. Nonprofit

11. net liquid assets

12. NCREIF Property Index (NPI)

13. NECA

14. nonaccredited investor

15. Novemoctogintillion

16. Net Operating Loss (Nol)

17. No Fixed Place Of Work

18. Nyl

19. Net present value of future investments

20. National Foundation For Consumer Credit - NFCC

21. Net Revenue

22. Non-parametric Tolerance Limits

23. National Association Of Securities Dealers - NASD

24. net asset value per share

25. notional value

26. Nle

27. Net Sector Output

28. nostro account

29. nonadmitted balance

30. network

31. Normal growth firms

32. Non-coverage

33. National Response Center

34. net plant and equipment

35. Non-linear Regression

36. Novemdecillion

37. nominal

38. Next Day Settlement

39. Non-recourse Loan (United States)

40. Natural Losses

41. non-performing loan

42. Named Perils Insurance Policy

43. non-recourse

44. Nitrites

45. National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation System (NASDAQ)

46. New York Clearing House Association

47. Net Non-life Insurance Premiums

48. nonliquid asset

49. Nybt Or Nybot

50. nuclear exclusion

51. non-conductor

52. Near V. Minnesota (1931)

53. near cash assets

54. Nonintermediated debt market

55. National Association of Realtors

56. nodular cast iron

57. nonengagement letter

58. Nslds (national Student Loan Data System)

59. Netting out

60. Negative Pledge

61. Nieue Dollar

62. nail set

63. non-final office action

64. noncombustible construction

65. Non-resident, Non- National Tertiary Level Student

66. National Wealth

67. National Language

68. Notice Of Appeal

69. National Oil Pipeline Transport

70. Nuclear Winter

71. Net Value Of A Fixed Asset


73. narrowing the spread

74. Number Of Seats / Berths In Motor Coaches, Buses And Trolleybuses

75. Narrow-Based

76. nominee interest

77. Neckline

78. notice of meeting

79. Non-market Services NACE

80. Nonsolicitation Agreement

81. Nda

82. Nasdaq National Market Securities - Nasdaq-NM

83. Non-member Economies, OECD

84. notice to creditors

85. Niger Republic Franc

86. Negligent

87. Non-bank Trade Related Credits, Short-term

88. NMS

89. nonforfeitable benefit

90. Nest Egg

91. Note Issuance Facility (NIF) IMF

92. no-load

93. National Visa Center (Nvc)

94. No-Load Fund

95. National Association Of Certified Valuation Analysts - NACVA

96. notice of non-responsibility

97. non-durable good

98. NYSE Group

99. nonrated

100. net estate

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