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Financial terms starting with "N"


2. NE

3. notice of abandonment

4. No change scenario

5. Net Non-life Insurance Premiums

6. non-discretionary

7. Nonforfeiture Options

8. net transaction

9. Navigable Canal

10. Negotiated certificate of deposit

11. Non-financial Commercial Paper (NFCP)

12. non-alienation clause

13. Non-trade Concerns

14. nonconcurrency

15. NYSE Euronext

16. noncontributory insurance

17. natural person

18. noncovered security

19. naira

20. Northwest Atlantic Fisheries Organisation (NAFO)

21. National Association of Real Estate Appraisers

22. NFCP

23. Non-market Nonprofit Institutions

24. nonelective contribution

25. Nullity

26. NIC (2)

27. North American Free Trade Agreement

28. Ng (no Good)

29. National Organization Of Life And Health Insurance Guaranty Associations - NOLHGA

30. Nutrient

31. naked position

32. Native Students

33. nob spread

34. Ncua

35. non-performance

36. net retention

37. No-load mutual fund

38. National Stock Exchange of Australia (NSX)

39. non-tariff barrier (NTB)

40. network

41. nuncupative will

42. numismatics

43. newel cap

44. net loss reserves

45. New Products (in Context Of Innovation)

46. NYSE Composite Index

47. Norfolk Island Dollar

48. Nationwide Loan

49. net estate

50. non-resident

51. non-performing loan

52. Nonclearing member

53. name, reservation of

54. notice to the company

55. Net present value of growth opportunities

56. Non-observation Error

57. next-day funds

58. National Debt

59. Notice Of Intent To Deliver

60. nonpecuniary relief

61. negotiable security

62. National market

63. Nearbys

64. note auction

65. National Disposable Income

66. negative goodwill

67. nano lot

68. Noncancellable

69. nbc

70. Net Value Added

71. non-rigid

72. net cash flow

73. Net Borrowing

74. National Association of Investors Corporation - NAIC

75. Nominal Wage Index

76. Nonstock Corporation

77. nonrecourse debt

78. Nob (note Against Bond) Spread

79. Normalize

80. New Romanian Leu

81. Net Resource Transfer

82. nonprovisional patent application

83. NIF

84. National Association Of State Boards Of Accountancy - NASBA

85. National Diamond

86. National Organization of Life and Health Insurance Guaranty Associations (NOLHGA)

87. national flood insurance program

88. Naked Call Option

89. nailer

90. negligent evaluation

91. Natural Patrimony Accounting

92. non-farm payroll

93. Nonce

94. nonprofit organization

95. Nullification And Impairment

96. name, change of

97. non-bearing partition

98. nonengagement letter

99. nonperiodic distribution

100. National Sea Traffic

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Definition / Meaning of

Employer Sponsored Retirement Plan

Categories: Finance,

Employers may offer their employees either defined benefit or defined contribution retirement plans, or they may make both types of plans available. Any employer may offer a defined benefit plan, but certain types of defined contributon plans are available only through specific categories of employers. For example, 403(b) plans may be offered only by tax-exempt, not-for-profit employers, and 457 plans only by state and municipal governments. SIMPLE plans, on the other hand, can only be offered by employers with fewer than 100 workers. Corporate employers who contribute to a retirement plan can take a tax deduction for the amount of their contribution and may enjoy other tax benefits. However, the plan must meet certain internal revenue service (IRS) guidelines.Offering a retirement plan may also make the employer more attractive to potential employees. However, employers are not required to offer plans. If they do, they can make the plan as generous or as limited as they choose as long as the plan meets the government's nondiscrimination guidelines.

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1. Sarbanes-Oxley Act Of 2002
2. Stale Price Arbitrage
3. Flexible Spending Account
4. Section 8 Declaration Of Excusable Nonuse
5. Rating Bureau
6. Beta
7. Separate Account Fund
8. Portable Benefits
9. Mere Descriptiveness
10. Risk Manager

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