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Financial terms starting with "O"

1. operation of law

2. OBI

3. open perils

4. Other Wooded Land

5. offering size

6. Ohms law

7. organized labor

8. Office Of The Comptroller Of The Currency (occ)

9. Order Selector

10. OB

11. Off-farm Sediment Flow Indicator

12. official

13. Offset Loan

14. occupation

15. Off-Market

16. option value

17. Optimal contract

18. On the take

19. offshore company

20. Option Buyer

21. otc market

22. Office

23. Ordinal Scale

24. Optimum Test

25. overflow right

26. Ouster

27. OEM

28. overinflated

29. Origination Fee

30. outside directorship liability coverage

31. output

32. obligor

33. Own Resources

34. offset clause

35. Oil Pipeline Transport

36. One-way market

37. Old Age Cash Benefits

38. On The Stand

39. open cell foam

40. Output

41. Options SNA

42. oil refinery

43. outer continental shelf

44. oil varnish

45. Octovigintillion

46. Open-Ended Investment Companies

47. operating profit

48. Owner-occupied Living Quarters

49. oriented strand board

50. Omf (open Media Framework)

51. Orphan Product

52. ohm meter

53. OIPE

54. Opportunity Cost Sell Discipline

55. Official reserves

56. oil services industry ETF

57. Other Current Transfers SNA

58. Offshore

59. off-the-run Treasuries

60. one-off

61. opening block

62. Office Automation

63. of record

64. Option spread

65. Order Price

66. operating cost escalation

67. optionable stock

68. overburden

69. Other Buildings

70. Office of Motor Carrier Standards (OMCS)

71. Open-market operations

72. overhead service

73. OPEC

74. Open-end fund

75. oven dry wood

76. Official Aid (OA)

77. octagon box

78. open time

79. Other Accounts Receivable / Payable

80. old work

81. operating earnings

82. Overconfidence Trap

83. original insurer

84. Other Official Flows (OOFs)

85. operating statements

86. Octooctogintillion

87. off-the-book

88. on-balance volume

89. Ozone Depleting Potential

90. Owner's Title Policy

91. Open-end mutual fund

92. owner occupant

93. Overall FTC limitation

94. outercourt

95. Other Non-market Output ESA

96. Overhang

97. Opportunity costs

98. OEX

99. One-Stop Shop

100. Obesity

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Definition / Meaning of

Highest And Best Use

Categories: Real Estate,

Key appraisal and zoning principle employed in valuing any parcel of land or property. Since the value of a property and its use are closely linked, its highest and best use is that which results in the highest present value, and brings in the greatest net return over a given period or the foreseeable future - within the applicable constraints. The value of, and return on, a property are related to its surrounding environment so its use has to be consistent with the neighboring land use. Because a property's value is influenced by the local competitive and political forces, the timing of the property development is another critical factor. And, especially in metropolitan areas, where a property can be put to several different uses, its combination of uses is very important. A highest and best use appraisal must take these four factors into consideration: (1) legal permissibility, (2) physical possibility, (3) financial feasibility, and (4) maximum productive use. However, even the most detailed appraisal is simply a considered opinion of an appraiser, not the final word.

Most popular terms

2. Nonprofit
3. Securitization
4. Competence
5. FACT Act (Fair And Accurate Credit Transactions Act)
6. Portable Benefits
7. Life Settlement
8. Rating Bureau
9. Floating Excess Policy
10. 529 College Savings Plan

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