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Financial terms starting with "O"

1. open-ended investment company

2. Offsetting

3. Option agreement

4. overhead service

5. Ordering Costs

6. Overcapitalised

7. Oral contract

8. Obscene

9. old work recessed lighting

10. Overconfidence Trap

11. oil-canning

12. Overmanned

13. Open Offer

14. on off sprinklers

15. off-site improvements

16. Operating Cash Flow - Ocf

17. orangeburg pipe

18. owners representative

19. Overrule

20. Outlaw

21. Option spread

22. open and notorious possession

23. OECD Consensus

24. out of employment

25. overcharge

26. OMN

27. Orphaned Technology

28. Oil Stabilization Fund (Iran)

29. Online Application

30. open-end loan

31. open to buy

32. Other Equities (and Shares)

33. Oscillation

34. oil soaked wood

35. Optical-guided

36. Outgoings

37. Overwriting

38. overcurrent protection

39. overhang ladder

40. Offshore In House Sourcing

41. overpayment

42. Official settlements balance (overall balance)

43. offer to purchase

44. Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

45. oral agreement

46. Oil ETF

47. Open-end mutual fund

48. Observable Error

49. outstanding stock

50. Other Current Taxes N.e.c.

51. Overall FTC limitation

52. overtime surcharge

53. Opportunity cost of capital

54. owners protective errors and omissions insurance coverage

55. Open up

56. Organization chart

57. opening block

58. Other Buildings And Structures

59. Optimum Yield (in Fish Harvest)

60. Order To Show Cause

61. On the sidelines

62. Output Elasticity

63. ordinary payroll limitation or exclusion endorsement

64. Overbought-oversold indicator

65. outcomes measurement

66. Open Financial Exchange

67. original gross premium (OGP)

68. offshore exchange rate

69. one percent rule

70. OBRA

71. original face

72. occupational accident

73. on approved credit

74. One-Touch Option

75. odorless mineral spirits

76. OECD Dollar

77. Ordinary Interest

78. Originator

79. outgo

80. odd

81. Oscillators

82. OIS

83. ostensible agency

84. Original issue discount debt (OID debt)

85. Organisation

86. Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS)

87. O ring

88. Out of the name

89. Olographic Will

90. omnibus hearing

91. Older Workers Benefit Protection Act (Owbpa)

92. Ordinary income

93. Ore Carrier

94. one hour rated wall

95. organizational chart

96. over allotment

97. OMR

98. occupational manual

99. Official Development Bank

100. Other Subsidies On Products

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1. Likelihood Of Confusion
2. Ordinance Or Law Coverage
3. Standard & Poor's Depositary Receipt (SPDR)
4. Use In Commerce
5. Retired Directors Liability Policies
6. MCS-90 Endorsement
7. Hacker
8. Expiration Cycle
9. Loss Payable Clause
10. Spousal Coverage Extension

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