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Financial terms starting with "O"

1. on consignment

2. Other Current Taxes N.e.c.

3. Ocean Marine Insurance

4. Opinion Leader

5. Oilseeds

6. Orphan Equities Investing

7. Ochlocracy

8. off

9. Online trading

10. ownership clause

11. option listing agreement

12. Other Flows

13. Ombudsman

14. outlet covers

15. Office of Financial Stability

16. Ozone Hole

17. Order Point

18. Outward Investment

19. owelty

20. option ARM loan

21. Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

22. outside directorship liability coverage

23. output

24. Offeree

25. Output Tax

26. other states coverage

27. Overshooting

28. owner's title insurance

29. olive knuckle hinge

30. oakum caulking

31. over-valued currency

32. offset wrench

33. outside broker

34. On Or About

35. Oath Of Office

36. online banking

37. own

38. ordinary payroll limitation or exclusion endorsement

39. open and notorious possession

40. Oscillation

41. Ozone Layer

42. overseas division

43. Overlay strategy

44. one-year adjustable rate mortgage

45. out of plumb

46. over-line

47. Open-end credit

48. Optimum Test

49. opposition proceeding

50. opt-out lawsuits

51. one-off

52. Overallotment

53. Offsetting

54. Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)

55. outside studding plate

56. outside foundation cracks

57. offshoring

58. outcry

59. occupational disease

60. On-line Moderator

61. Over Thirty Months Scheme (OTMS)

62. Octoseptuagintillion

63. Other Land And Associated Surface Water

64. Other Official Flows (OOFs)

65. out-of-pocket

66. operating activities

67. Overreaction hypothesis

68. Outplacement

69. Own Occupation

70. occupancy ratio

71. Other Depository Corporations Other

72. overlay glass

73. Optimise

74. originate

75. orangeburg pipe

76. Options series

77. operable wall

78. Ordinary income

79. Overvaluation

80. on-balance volume

81. Option holder

82. open house

83. oil services industry ETF

84. Organic Compounds

85. opus guadratum

86. offeror

87. oppose

88. offer curve

89. Office of Equal Opportunity (EEO)

90. outside corner tool

91. Options SNA

92. oxidized asphalt

93. off-premises power coverage

94. Office

95. Original Jurisdiction

96. Objective Probabilities

97. OTC exchange

98. obligatory treaty

99. Offer wanted

100. Off-Balance Sheet

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Definition / Meaning of

Franchised Monopoly

Categories: Business and Management,

A government-granted monopoly. The most important reason for the government granting a monopoly is in the case of the product or service being a natural monopoly, i.e. unable to sustain more than one producer. This is usually the case when very large economy of scale is needed to make production efficient (so the marginal cost of producing each additional unit is very low). Thus, given the huge scale of production needed for efficiency, it could be that the entire market demand would be fulfilled by a single efficient producer, making it unfeasible to have a second producer in the market. Thus, the government may decide to simply give a producer a monopoly, so that the producer is convinced of the fact that there is adequate market to achieve efficient scale. A government may also choose to grant monopolies in special conditions such as when they want to encourage a specific kinds of innovation (patents are effectively a government-granted monopoly), give preference to a producer who might also be involved in community development activities etc.

Most popular terms

1. Terms Of Reference
2. Money Market Mutual Fund
3. Lump-sum Distribution
4. Synthetic Investment
5. Homeowners Policy Special Form 3 (HO 3)
6. Mere Descriptiveness
7. Risk Manager
8. Ordinance Or Law Coverage
9. Mortgage-backed Security
10. Bankruptcy Proceedings

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