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Financial terms starting with "O"

1. offset studs

2. opt-out lawsuits

3. Official unrequited transfers

4. overriding royalty

5. One-Touch Option

6. open eaves

7. Observable Error

8. open end investment company

9. Offshore Corporation

10. Official Language

11. Oath of Inspectors

12. on the opening

13. offering circular

14. option contract

15. overhead door

16. Other Intangible Non- Produced Assets

17. Overtime

18. Ozonosphere

19. Ore Carrier

20. Official Settlement Account

21. Order Point

22. oil bound distemper paint

23. open cornice

24. overstock

25. official settlements account

26. Off-farm Sediment Flow Indicator

27. Open Burning

28. Ocean Dumping

29. One-way Call Termination

30. Omani Rial

31. Open-Ended Investment Companies

32. Occupational Safety and Health Administration

33. Offer

34. offset screwdriver

35. Out Point

36. Ordinary Capital

37. Osaka Securities Exchange (OSE)

38. operable transom

39. opacity

40. official exchange rate

41. Orphan Equities Investing

42. OPR

43. Odd-Lot Resale

44. Over-capitalisation (in A Fishery)

45. Organic Growth

46. odd coupon

47. Oman Investment Fund

48. Operating System

49. offsetting transaction

50. overlap

51. OPEC

52. Out-of-scope Units

53. Other Receivables

54. overnight index swap

55. Outgoings

56. offset hinges

57. OMR

58. Office Of The Comptroller Of The Currency - OCC

59. Other Non-market Establishments

60. outstanding losses

61. outstanding loss reserves (OSLR)

62. Overall Liquidity Ratio

63. one hour rated door

64. Outside Shareholder

65. Original Jurisdiction

66. old wood

67. Other Capital Transfers

68. Oral Argument

69. ornate

70. occupational disease

71. Ordinary shares

72. outright forward

73. overhang ladder

74. out trade

75. Old-line factoring

76. overnight limit

77. Ownership In Common

78. outside directorship liability coverage

79. One-Tailed Test

80. Optional Delivery

81. Ordinary Resolution

82. Overemployment

83. oil stabilization fund

84. Output Contract

85. occupancy level

86. on-balance volume

87. overreaction

88. Offline Edit

89. Original margin

90. Outstanding Debt

91. Outbound Telemarketing

92. Objection

93. Organic Compounds

94. oath

95. Outbound Tourism

96. over improvement

97. one-day deposit rule

98. Options Clearing Corporation (OCC)

99. Overpanamax / Post Panamax

100. outside day

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6. Education Savings Account (ESA)
7. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
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9. Prohibited Transactions
10. Committee On Uniform Security Identification Procedures (CUSIP) Service Bureau

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