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Financial terms starting with "O"

1. output gap

2. outline drawing

3. Oil Prices (IEA)

4. Operating leverage

5. Official Exchange Rates

6. Opening purchase

7. option chain

8. Open-end credit

9. Octooctogintillion

10. OECD Social Expenditure Database

11. overall rate of return

12. Other Changes In Assets Account

13. oilborn preservative

14. Open Pension Funds

15. Offline

16. Opening the books

17. obscure glass

18. one-bank holding company

19. Options

20. Official reserves

21. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development

22. Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

23. overhead door

24. Occupational Pension Plans

25. Origination

26. opus guadratum

27. Other Income/Expenses

28. On The Merits

29. occupancy load

30. Overnight repo

31. Ordinary income

32. O.r.

33. Other Financial Intermediaries Except Insurance Corporations And Pension Funds

34. overrider

35. Official Debt

36. Oibitda

37. Official statement

38. Owners' Agreement

39. open-ended investment company

40. Official Development Assistance (ODA)

41. over the counter margin stock

42. Other Current Taxes N.e.c.

43. operational gearing

44. oriented strand board

45. Ozone Layer Protection

46. outstanding check

47. Own-account Workers SNA

48. Obligation bond

49. Original issue discount

50. Offerings

51. outside trim

52. Option margin

53. Other Capital Transfers

54. Official Statistics

55. optimization

56. One-Bite Rule

57. Organigram

58. Open-market rates

59. Opportunity line

60. open ended

61. Omnibus account

62. oil separator

63. one-third rule

64. Opening Bank

65. opportunity risk

66. Offshore Banking Unit - OBU

67. One Light

68. ownership in severalty

69. Off-the-Books

70. office condominium

71. on-the-run Treasuries

72. Outstanding Shares

73. Original margin

74. Optimise

75. Option mutual fund

76. oscillator

77. Option Buyer

78. Oil Pipeline Transport

79. Operations research (OR)

80. outside diameter

81. Other Preference Shares

82. optional call

83. Ownership-specific advantages

84. Official Misconduct

85. on margin

86. Own-account Workers ILO

87. overpayment

88. Occupation ILO

89. Operating Cash Flow

90. Obscenity

91. ordinary least squares

92. Other Capital Taxes N.e.c.

93. Overtime

94. Off-Balance Sheet

95. overriding royalty

96. one hundred percent commission

97. Optimizer

98. Official Development Assistance (ODA) Loans

99. Off-balance Sheet Activities

100. Off-Peak

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9. Retired Directors Liability Policies
10. Manufacturers Output Policy (MOP)

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