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Financial terms starting with "O"

1. official settlements account

2. officer

3. overpaid

4. overinflated

5. outline drawing

6. Originating Agency

7. owner of record

8. on spec

9. over the counter derivative

10. Options contract multiple

11. oil switch

12. Office Recordkeeping Action Type

13. obligate

14. Own Brand

15. Other Wooded Land

16. Own Occupation

17. on or before

18. offer for sale

19. Okun's Law

20. Out of line

21. off-center

22. owners and contractors protective (OCP) liability coverage

23. Order Of Examination

24. Out-of-scope Units

25. OECD-total

26. Overnight Trade

27. Overwriting

28. Omf (open Media Framework)

29. Official Development Finance (ODF)

30. Overvaluation

31. Organic Compounds

32. Official Development Assistance (ODA)

33. Operating Ratio (IRIS)

34. One Cancels The Other (oco) Order

35. opus guadratum

36. option listing agreement

37. oscillate

38. Opening Statement

39. off-street parking

40. option period

41. offloading assets

42. Other Subsidies On Production

43. One-Sided Market

44. overdue

45. Open order (good-till-cancelled, GTC order)

46. overheat

47. One To Many

48. offering circular

49. Operating in the red

50. overlying mortgage

51. Offering date

52. Occupational Hazard

53. Orderly Marketing Arrangement (OMA)

54. OIS

55. one-man business

56. on consignment

57. option ARM loan

58. Operating Return On Assets

59. Oil Pipeline Enterprise

60. Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC)

61. Over-the-Counter Option

62. Observational Noise

63. Okun Gap

64. on-the-job training

65. office condominium

66. oscillating spindle sander

67. overborrowed

68. ordinary and necessary expenses (O&NE)

69. Ostensible Agent

70. Options Clearing Corporation

71. overdesign

72. optimize

73. omega

74. One-way Call Termination

75. Operating leverage

76. opening range

77. Operating Cash Flow

78. Organisation For Economic Co-operation And Development (OECD)

79. One-hoss Shay

80. Original issue discount debt (OID debt)

81. OECD Working Party On Export Credits And Credit Guarantees

82. order flow

83. Orphan

84. other structures: homeowners policy

85. Order Entry Brokers

86. Overrule

87. occlude

88. option disclosure document

89. on-balance volume

90. Oral Argument

91. Online Application

92. open and notorious possession

93. Objective probability

94. OHLC Chart

95. OR

96. Objectives 1, 2 And 3 (for Allocation Of European Union Structural Funds)

97. outplacement services

98. Offerings

99. original insurer

100. Opportunity Cost Sell Discipline

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Categories: Brokerages,

Internalization occurs when a securities trade is executed within a brokerage firm rather than though an exchange. For example, if you give your broker an order to buy, the brokerage firm, acting as dealer, sells you shares it holds in its own account. Similarly, if you give an order to sell, the firm buys your shares. The transaction is reported to the exchange or market where the stock is listed but the trade is settled within the firm.Your broker might choose an internalized trade, sometimes called a principal transaction, because it results in the fastest trade at the best price. The firm keeps the spread, which is the difference between the price the buyer pays and the amount the seller receives. But if the spread is smaller than it would be with a different execution, you, as buyer or seller, benefit.Your broker may also execute your order by going directly to another firm. In that case, the transaction is reported to the appropriate market just as an internalized trade is, but the recordkeeping and financial arrangements are handled between the firms.

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1. Fixed Annuity
2. Ordinance Or Law Coverage
3. Auction Rate Security (ARS)
4. Anniversary Rating Date
5. Inflation-protected Security (TIPS)
6. Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Of 1990
7. Mortgage (mortgagee) Clause
8. Building Ordinance Coverage
9. Net Asset Value (NAV)
10. Additional Insured

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