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Financial terms starting with "P"

1. planer

2. pari passu rule

3. preassembled lock

4. prehung door

5. Pure Price Movement

6. pledgee

7. performance

8. Perpetual Floating Rate Notes

9. Public Domain

10. pipe run

11. Paris Interbank Offer Rate (PIBOR)

12. Poll

13. partner track

14. Paraffin Waxes

15. Practising Nurses

16. Per Unit Resource Rent

17. Probate Court

18. periodic interest rate cap

19. Piece

20. Partitioning (transactions)

21. paper millionaire

22. PISA Mean Score

23. Plus tick

24. pricking up coat

25. Product (commodity) Technology Assumption

26. profit and loss account

27. Public limited partnership

28. Public Employee

29. PMI

30. Parent Loans for Undergraduate Students

31. Part-Time Worker

32. Preliminary estimate

33. participant

34. productive

35. Perturbation-based Methods

36. Prepayment speed

37. purvey

38. Primary Dealer Credit Facility (PDCF)

39. Probity

40. Permutation

41. Porcupine provision

42. premises burglary coverage

43. pay as you earn

44. Picket

45. private income

46. pap

47. personal auto policy (PAP)

48. Public-purpose bond

49. perforated tape

50. pension

51. pig tin

52. peace dividend

53. parget

54. Planned capital expenditure program

55. press brake

56. paid losses

57. Place Of Usual Residence

58. prior period

59. Planning horizon

60. pavement light

61. Portfolio turnover

62. Presumption Of Innocence

63. Plead

64. prybar

65. Paul Samuelson

66. product recall

67. Passenger Road Vehicle

68. plant, property, and equipment (PPE)

69. PV

70. Percent to double

71. Plus Loans (parent Loan For Undergraduate Students)

72. producer-owned reinsurance company (PORC)

73. Plea Bargain

74. Pretax contribution

75. Pass-through securities

76. package boiler

77. Peaceable Possession

78. personal budget

79. Pension Scheme

80. payroll deduction

81. pipe supports

82. Project link

83. Pension Fund

84. Parenting Plan

85. Psychographics

86. peel strength

87. portfolio internal rate of return

88. packaged trim

89. perspective drawing

90. Psychological Profiling

91. Payment float

92. preretirement survivor annuity

93. Par-Value Stock

94. Pro Rata Rate

95. Pooled Estimate

96. Principal limit

97. Pre-Dup

98. Perpetual warrants

99. pegged price

100. Period Of Redemption

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Definition / Meaning of

Stable Value Fund

Categories: Mutual Funds, Retirement and Pension,

1. An investment option typically offered in retirement plans by employers or IRAs that are composed of guaranteed investment contracts, fixed-income funds, or capital-preservation funds. This is a popular investment vehicle for individuals nearing retirement because of stable interest and principle payments on these contracts. The returns from a stable value fund are secure, but can be small compared to other investments. A stable value fund should not be the only investment vehicle in the portfolio of an individual who has a long time until retirement. 2. A type of mutual fund that is regulated by the Department of Labor instead of the securities and exchange commission, which typically oversees mutual funds. Stable value funds are similar to bond funds, but they have insurance against principal losses. Money invested in stable value fund is combined with other cash infusion and used to purchase secure contracts from banks or insurance companies. These contracts include a guaranteed regular rate of return over the course of the contract.

Most popular terms

1. Price-to-earnings Ratio (P/E)
2. Stop Order
3. Synthetic Investment
4. Additional Insured
5. Netting
6. Severance Pay
7. Audit Committee
8. 401(k)
9. Other Structures: Homeowners Policy
10. Weighted Stock Index

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