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Financial terms starting with "P"

1. Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA) of 2000

2. Pollution Of Poverty

3. period cost

4. proof of loss

5. parallax

6. phoenix company

7. profile

8. prospective P/E ratio

9. Phillips screwdriver

10. proceeds of loan escrow

11. purvey

12. Positive carry

13. Personal income

14. penetrating concrete sealer

15. Paris Group

16. Par value of currency

17. pre-coat

18. percentage rent

19. Purpose Of Road Passenger Journeys

20. population

21. push pull rule

22. Project

23. pressed wood

24. Prime broker

25. Passive Activity Loss Rules

26. platform

27. Philology

28. Periodic rate

29. puddle

30. pay day

31. Pesticide

32. post and board fencing

33. property management

34. perpetual floating-rate note

35. PH

36. Paired off

37. Primary Unit

38. PV

39. Portable mortgage

40. preheat temperature

41. policyholder

42. pledgor

43. Policyholder Surplus

44. photovoltaic cell

45. Path-dependent option

46. Plus a match

47. Personal Assets

48. Peak Season Rates -

49. Plan Member

50. plenum

51. population density

52. periclase

53. Price-to-cash flow

54. period certain

55. Put pants on it

56. platform stairway

57. pipe size

58. Permissible Value

59. packing

60. Points

61. part-time work

62. Perfect

63. permanent

64. PM

65. Pre-payments

66. Passive bond

67. punch out

68. protective order

69. Preliminary Injunction

70. panel counsel

71. patterned glass

72. Property Tax Deduction

73. public accounting firm

74. per capita income

75. paper trail

76. plane

77. Polygamy

78. paddadiana terrazzo

79. puncture resistance

80. precise level

81. Patient Protection And Affordable Care Act Of 2010

82. Payment adjustment interval

83. Program Trading

84. princess post

85. Pork Barrel

86. proof stress

87. perquisite

88. Put–call–forward Parity

89. pharmaceutical industry ETF

90. partner

91. pressure relief valve

92. Pump and dump

93. Patients Undergoing Dialysis

94. Public External Debt

95. Participation Financing

96. plumb joint

97. Performance (Project/Program) Evaluation on Review Technique

98. Piece Rate

99. prioritization of debt

100. prosperity

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Definition / Meaning of

Bankruptcy Proceedings

Categories: Bankruptcy Assistancelegal, ,

Legal proceedings covered by bankruptcy code. The proceedings could result in liquidation or reorganization of the firm.

The bankruptcy procedure is: a) filing a petition (voluntary or involuntary) to declare a debtor person or business bankrupt, or, under chapter 11 or 13, to allow reorganization or refinancing under a plan to meet the debts of the party unable to meet his/her/its obligations. This petition is supposed to include a schedule of debts, assets and income potential. b) A hearing called "first meeting of creditors" with notice to all known creditors. This is usually brief and the judge assignes the matter to a professional trustee. c) Later the trustee reports and there is a determination of what debts are dischargeable, what assets are exempt, and what payments are possible. d) If there are assets available then the creditors are requested in writing to file a "creditor's claim." e) There may be other hearings, reports, proposals, hearings on claims of fraudulent debts, petitions for removing the stay on foreclosures and other matters. f) The final step is a hearing on discharge of the bankrupt, which wipes out unsecured debts (or a pro rata share of them).

Under chapter 11 and 13 proceedings, the process will be more drawn out and can go on for years as plans are proposed, possibilities of refinancing are considered and, in effect, the debtor tries either to legitimately get out from under his/her/its financial woes or delay while current profits are made and prayers for economic salvation are made.

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1. Statute Of Limitations
2. Sarbanes-Oxley Act Of 2002
3. Money Market Mutual Fund
4. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
5. Hope Scholarship Credit
6. Free Cash Flows
7. Option Backdating
8. Spousal Coverage Extension
9. Passively Managed
10. Rating Bureau

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