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Financial terms starting with "P"

1. public holiday

2. pitched roof

3. PBC

4. pawn ticket

5. products guarantee legal liability

6. Pretax Margin

7. possession

8. power shovel

9. Paternity Suit

10. Passive Activity Loss (PAL)

11. Purchasing Managers' Index - Pmi

12. PYG

13. Primary Coverage

14. proctor test

15. Page Traffic

16. Payoff month

17. Product Evangelist

18. prepayment fee

19. Primitive security

20. prick punch

21. Pass-through coupon rate

22. Pan-European

23. point of intersection

24. Property/casualty Insurance Cycle

25. Passive Or Income Maintenance Programmes (labour Market Programmes)

26. Panel Bank

27. Pressure-state-response Framework

28. Policy asset allocation

29. pin punch

30. plugged lumber

31. Pooled Trust

32. percent grade

33. Purpose loan

34. Pen Register

35. Product Coverage - MetaStore

36. public housing

37. pinch dog

38. Purchase method

39. Personal Assistant

40. pilot boring

41. power screed

42. plaster base tile

43. Price effect

44. Paul Samuelson

45. Period (time)

46. pollution exclusion

47. penthouse

48. pipe run

49. Probative

50. periclase

51. planar frame

52. posted price

53. Peter Lynch

54. Property Taxes

55. Provisional Ballot

56. Privacy

57. planer gauge

58. Policy Dividend Options

59. perforated

60. Primary dealer

61. Paid-Up Capital

62. Prague Stock Exchange

63. Premium bond

64. Projected benefit obligation (PBO)

65. percentage

66. progress payment

67. policyholder

68. pit broker

69. pipe gasket

70. Product / Process Innovative Firm

71. Plessy V. Ferguson (1896)

72. pig spout

73. Power Lunch

74. protective put buying

75. pay

76. Protection Of Ambient Water

77. paling fence

78. plumbing boots

79. partly

80. perennial

81. Puff

82. prohibited transaction exemption (PTE)

83. pipe threader

84. penetrating finish

85. Place Of Embarkation (for Inland Waterways Transport)

86. progressive scaling

87. Payment Netting

88. program trader

89. project analysis

90. preferred dividend coverage ratio

91. paving brick

92. patent application

93. Price Observation

94. Public Issue

95. public private partnership

96. Private Market Value

97. Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act (Pkpa)

98. public employee dishonesty coverage

99. Pension Fund Governance

100. peen

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2. National Association Of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations System
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4. Stable Value Fund
5. Disclosure
6. Erection All Risks (EAR) Insurance
7. Home Equity
8. Equitable Estoppel
9. Dilution
10. Family Exclusion

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