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Financial terms starting with "Q"

1. Quick Assets

2. quarry run

3. Questionnaire Design

4. Qualifying Special Purpose Entities

5. Quasi-Personalty

6. Qualitative analysis

7. Qtip Trust

8. Quadruple Witching Week

9. Qualified Eligible Participant - QEP

10. Qualification ratios

11. quantity overrun

12. Qualified domestic trust

13. qualified thrift lender

14. Quarter On Quarter - QOQ

15. quantity demanded

16. qualified dividend

17. quick load test

18. Quarterly Income Debt Securities - QUIDS

19. Quantity Index

20. quick assets ratio

21. QAR

22. Qmsco

23. Quarter stock

24. quick set

25. qualification period

26. Qualified plan or trust

27. Quality Index

28. quick lime

29. Quality Assurance

30. Quartershare

31. quote size

32. queen post

33. quarter section

34. Quartiles

35. quota share reinsurance

36. Qdro

37. qualified plan

38. Quick Order

39. qualified institutional investor

40. quarterly report

41. Quota Sample

42. quarrel

43. Quantity Available

44. Quaranta Editing Procedure

45. Query Edit

46. Quarter Over Quarter - Q/Q

47. Qualifying Event

48. Quick-Rinse Bankruptcy

49. Qatari Riyal

50. Qualified Thrift Investment (qti)

51. Quinsexagintillion

52. Quit

53. Quitclaim Deed

54. Quadrillion

55. Quality Circle

56. quoin

57. quiet filing

58. quadrominium

59. qualifying transaction

60. Quantity Allocated

61. Queue Time

62. Quality Of Earnings Analysis

63. Qdot

64. Qualified endorsement

65. Qualified Appraisal

66. qualification ratio

67. Qualifying Period

68. Quasi-identifier

69. Quote Currency

70. qualified buyer

71. quarry

72. quilt insulation

73. qualified distribution

74. Qualified Personal Residence Trust – QPRT

75. Quanto swap

76. Qualified High-Deductible Health Plan

77. Qualified Adoption Expenses - QAE

78. Quality option

79. Quinoctogintillion

80. Qualified Electric Vehicle

81. Questionnaire

82. Quantum Index

83. Qualified Pre-Retirement Survivor Annuity - QPSA

84. Quality Eurostat

85. qualitative claim auditing

86. qualified person with a disability

87. quiet

88. quartz glass

89. quantity theory of money

90. Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO)

91. Qualified Appraiser

92. quash

93. Quotation

94. Quotation American Terms

95. Quattuovigintillion

96. Qualification rate

97. Qualified Mortgage Insurance Premium

98. qubitrage

99. Qualified Institutional Placement - QIP

100. Quarter

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Definition / Meaning of

Money Market Mutual Fund

Categories: Mutual Funds, Bonds and Treasuries,

An open-end mutual fund which invests only in money markets. These funds invest in short term (one day to one year) debt obligations such as treasury bills, certificates of deposit, and commercial paper. The main goal is the preservation of principal, accompanied by modest dividends. The fund's net asset value remains a constant $1 per share to simplify accounting, but the interest rate does fluctuate. money market funds are very liquid investments, and therefore are often used by financial institutions to store money that is not currently invested. Unlike bank accounts and money market accounts, most deposits are not FDIC insured, but the risk is extremely low (only those funds administered by banks are FDIC-insured, but some others are privately insured). Although money market mutual funds are among the safest types of mutual funds, it still is possible for money market funds to fail, but it is unlikely. In fact, the biggest risk involved in investing in money market funds is the risk that inflation will outpace the funds' returns, thereby eroding the purchasing power of the investor's money. also called money fund or money market fund.

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1. Special Mobile Equipment
2. Hand
3. Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) Of 1990
4. Concurrent Causation
5. Life Settlement
6. Return
7. Weather Derivative
8. Sovereign Wealth Funds
9. Credit Default Swap
10. Beta

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