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Financial terms starting with "Q"

1. quote size

2. quality cost

3. quantitative claim auditing

4. quid pro quo sexual harassment

5. Qualified Terminable Interest Property (QTIP) Trust

6. quick setting asphalt cement

7. Quality Assurance

8. QR code

9. quanto option

10. Quantitative Response

11. Queue Time

12. QE2

13. Qualifying Relative

14. Quantity On Hand

15. Quinnonagintillion

16. Quasi-Community Property

17. Quattuornonagintillion

18. Qui Tam Action

19. Quotation European Terms

20. Qualifying Event

21. Quasi-random Sampling

22. quarterly earnings growth

23. qualified acceptance

24. quick valve

25. quirk

26. qualified annuity

27. Quotation American Terms

28. qualified buyer

29. Quadrillion

30. quarterly income debt securities (QUIDS)

31. Qualifying Special Purpose Entities

32. quantitative easing

33. Quantitative (or Cover) Limits

34. Quantitative Restrictions (QRs)

35. Quasi-corporations

36. qualified distribution

37. Quarter Over Quarter - Q/Q

38. Qualified High-Deductible Health Plan

39. quarterly revenue growth

40. Qualified Reservist

41. Qatar Investment Authority - QIA

42. quote ticker

43. quick sand

44. Quadratic programming

45. queen closer

46. Qualified Witness

47. Quality - OECD

48. qualified thrift lender

49. quote-driven system

50. Qubes

51. quantify

52. qualified joint and survivor annuity

53. Quadruple witching day

54. Quality Control Charts

55. Quantum Index

56. Quality Control Survey

57. Qualified Opinion

58. quartz glass

59. Qualified Special Representative Agreement - QSR

60. Qualified Joint And Survivor Annuity - QJSA

61. QQQQ

62. Q1 (2,3,4)

63. Quote Driven Market

64. Quarterly Income Preferred Securities - QUIPS

65. Qualified Charitable Organization

66. quarter bend

67. qualified trust

68. Quality Of Life

69. qualified institutional investor

70. Quoted Company

71. Quantitative research

72. quantum

73. qualifying transaction

74. Quasi-Reorganization

75. quatrefoil

76. Qualified Individual With A Disability

77. quote-only period

78. Qualified Medical Child Support Order (Qmsco)

79. Qualified Institutional Buyer (QIB)

80. quick assets ratio

81. Quoted price

82. Quinsexagintillion

83. qualifying

84. Qualifying Domestic Trust - QDOT

85. quarter round

86. Quality Of Earnings Analysis

87. quarter hollow

88. quid pro quo

89. Qualitative Errors

90. Qualified Appraisal

91. quick-setting cement

92. Question Of Law

93. quantity underrun

94. quiet switch

95. quoin

96. Quick Liquidity Ratio

97. quasi-rent

98. Qualified Higher Education Expense

99. Qualified Mortgage Insurance Premium

100. Qualified Appraiser

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Definition / Meaning of

Flash Mob

Categories: Business and Management,

A secretly-planned (usually via modern computerised social networking technology), quickly-formed, organized group of people, assembled to engage in a quirky activity, typically for the amusement and entertainment of the participants. Potentially the term may be applied to similar gatherings organized for more conventional promotional, protest or other publicity/pressure purposes, although this strays somewhat from the usual concept, in which the flash mob event is an aim in itself, rather than part of a wider campaign with a specific purpose. The expression is not new. It originated in the 1940s US underworld when it referred to a gang of thieves or confidence tricksters. The word flash has been used in various criminal contexts since the 1600s and in the original 1940s phrase flash mob, flash literally meant criminal. The modern use of the flash mob expression naturally fits the notion of flash photography, a fast or fleeting appearance, a 'flash of inspiration', and especially the recent understanding of flash in relation to quick technology such as flash memory and flash drives. See also mob.

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