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Financial terms starting with "Q"

1. quick assets ratio

2. quid pro quo

3. quote size

4. Qualified Widow Or Widower

5. Qualified personal residence trust

6. quetta bond

7. quiet switch

8. Qualified Witness

9. Quantity-Adjusting Option - Quanto Option

10. Qualifying Domestic Trust - QDOT

11. Quattuortrigintillion

12. Quantity Reversal Test

13. quantifiable

14. quantity purchase

15. quantity theory of money

16. Qualified Appraiser

17. Quality Circle

18. quiet filing

19. Quantize

20. Quattuorquinquagintillion

21. Question Of Fact

22. quarry faced

23. Qualified Institutional Buyer - QIB

24. Quality

25. Qualified Electric Vehicle

26. Quantile

27. Quantitative analysis

28. qualified distribution

29. Quantity Approach

30. Quarter To Date - QTD

31. quartile

32. Qualitative Errors

33. Qualifying Relative

34. Quattuoroctogintillion

35. Qualifying stock option

36. Qualified Charitable Organization

37. Quality - National

38. quartz glass

39. quadrangle

40. Quantity Supplied

41. quoin

42. QQQQ

43. quadrilateral

44. Qualified domestic trust

45. Quality Control - National

46. Quick-Rinse Bankruptcy

47. Queen's Bench

48. Quinseptuagintillion

49. qualified person with a disability

50. quantity overrun

51. Quick ratio

52. quarter-on-quarter (QOQ)

53. Qualified Reservist

54. Quasi-corporations

55. Quantity On Hand

56. quick sand

57. quiet title

58. quick set

59. Quintiles

60. Quattuorsexagintillion

61. Quarter-on-previous-quarter Growth Rates

62. quiet title suit

63. Quantity Similarity Index

64. qualified annuity

65. Quinquinquagintillion

66. Question

67. Qualified Production Activities Income - QPAI

68. Quiet period

69. Qualified Versus Non-Qualified Policies

70. Quinquadragintillion

71. Quantity Relative

72. Qstick indicator

73. Qualified Foreign Institutional Investor - QFII

74. Quote-driven Markets

75. Quality Of Life

76. Quarter Day

77. Quantitative Easing 2 – QE2

78. quarry

79. Quarterly Services Survey

80. Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO)

81. Quasi-Personalty

82. qualified self-insurer

83. Query Errors

84. Qualified Exchange Accommodation Arrangements

85. quota system

86. Quantity Ratio

87. quantity underrun

88. Quality spread

89. quantify

90. Qualified Special Representative Agreement - QSR

91. Quaranta Editing Procedure

92. Quasi-identifier

93. Qualified Automatic Contribution Arrangements - QACAs

94. quiet

95. Qdot

96. Quinoctogintillion

97. Quanto swap

98. quash

99. quad tube lamp

100. QAR (Qatari Riyal)

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Definition / Meaning of

National Association Of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations System

Categories: Stocks, Investing and Trading, Brokerages,

Nasdaq. A computerized system established by the NASD to facilitate trading by providing broker/dealers with current bid and ask price quotes on over-the-counter stocks and some listed stocks. Unlike the Amex and the NYSE, the Nasdaq (once an acronym for the national association of securities dealers Automated Quotation system) does not have a physical trading floor that brings together buyers and sellers. Instead, all trading on the Nasdaq exchange is done over a network of computers and telephones. Also, the Nasdaq does not employ market specialists to buy unfilled orders like the NYSE does. The Nasdaq began when brokers started informally trading via telephone; the network was later formalized and linked by computer in the early 1970s. In 1998 the parent company of the Nasdaq purchased the Amex, although the two continue to operate separately. Orders for stock are sent out electronically on the Nasdaq, where market makers list their buy and sell prices. Once a price is agreed upon, the transaction is executed electronically.

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2. Bankruptcy Proceedings
3. Free Cash Flows
4. Stale Price Arbitrage
5. Terms Of Reference
6. Equitable Estoppel
7. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)
8. US Savings Bond
9. Management Liability Insurance
10. Financial Industry Regulation Authority

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