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Financial terms starting with "Q"

1. quadrangle

2. Qe

3. qualifying service

4. quiet title

5. Qualified Joint And Survivor Annuity - QJSA

6. quantity purchase

7. quantity

8. Qualified terminable interest property

9. Quitclaim Deed

10. quid

11. quoin bonding

12. Qualification rate

13. Qualified Personal Residence Trust (Qprt)

14. Qualitative research

15. Qualified Versus Non-Qualified Policies

16. queen anne style

17. QR code

18. quick turn

19. Quarter On Quarter - QOQ

20. Query Errors

21. Quoted Prices Method (construction Price Indices)

22. Quantos

23. Qubes

24. Quality - National

25. Question Of Fact

26. quasi contract

27. quarterly report

28. Quality Check

29. Quantity Ratio

30. Quattuornonagintillion

31. quarter sawn

32. Qualitative

33. Quantity Relative

34. Quantitative Easing 2 – QE2

35. qualified person with a disability

36. Qualifying Relative

37. QQQ

38. Queue Time

39. quote ticker

40. quarter bend

41. Qualified Institutional Buyer - QIB

42. Quality Indicator Profile (QIP)

43. Quality Circles

44. qualified institutional investor

45. Quarterly

46. Quattuorquinquagintillion

47. Quotient Verdict

48. Qualified Domestic Relations Order - QDRO

49. quick setting asphalt cement

50. Quota Sample

51. Quality Of Life

52. Quasi-public corporation

53. qualitative claim auditing

54. Quadratic programming

55. qualifying utility

56. Qdro

57. Qualified Opinion

58. quadruple witching hour

59. qualified joint and survivor annuity

60. quadruplicate

61. Qualified Domestic Institutional Investor - QDII

62. qualified plan

63. Quote-driven Markets

64. Quality Assurance

65. qualifying distribution

66. Qualified Electric Vehicle

67. queen truss

68. Quantity Revaluation

69. Qualifying Domestic Trust - QDOT

70. quantitative claim auditing

71. Quantity Weights

72. Qualifying Ratios

73. quick load test

74. quetta bond

75. quick response sprinkler

76. Quantitative Competition

77. Quiet Enjoyment

78. Queen's Bench

79. quasi-rent

80. Quay

81. quartered veneer

82. Questionnaire Design

83. QAR

84. qualified accounts

85. qualified thrift lender

86. quicklime

87. Qualified Pre-Retirement Survivor Annuity - QPSA

88. Quota

89. Q Ratio (Tobin's Q Ratio)

90. Quarterly financing

91. Qualified Charitable Organization

92. quasi-loan

93. Qatar Investment Authority - QIA

94. Quick ratio

95. quick-setting cement

96. qualifying

97. Quoted price

98. quarter round

99. Quality

100. Qualified Intermediary

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Categories: Brokerages,

Internalization occurs when a securities trade is executed within a brokerage firm rather than though an exchange. For example, if you give your broker an order to buy, the brokerage firm, acting as dealer, sells you shares it holds in its own account. Similarly, if you give an order to sell, the firm buys your shares. The transaction is reported to the exchange or market where the stock is listed but the trade is settled within the firm.Your broker might choose an internalized trade, sometimes called a principal transaction, because it results in the fastest trade at the best price. The firm keeps the spread, which is the difference between the price the buyer pays and the amount the seller receives. But if the spread is smaller than it would be with a different execution, you, as buyer or seller, benefit.Your broker may also execute your order by going directly to another firm. In that case, the transaction is reported to the appropriate market just as an internalized trade is, but the recordkeeping and financial arrangements are handled between the firms.

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