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Financial terms starting with "R"

1. Rolling Contract

2. Rescaled Range (R/S)Analysis

3. registration approval

4. roll down

5. Roll order

6. Rgba

7. Regional fund

8. rollover debit

9. reduced paid-up insurance

10. repair

11. real estate fundamentals

12. RUB

13. Rental On Fixed Assets

14. resale value

15. Residuary Beneficiary

16. Rail Passenger

17. Real capital

18. Rio trade

19. rating experience

20. remaining useful life

21. riser diagram

22. Revaluation

23. research and development

24. replacement price

25. Registration Action Type

26. reverse calendar spread

27. Rushes

28. Reasonable

29. Random Sampling Error

30. Received for Shipment Bill of Lading

31. Road Goods Transport Enterprise

32. reset margin

33. Running At Large

34. RTO

35. Random Perturbation

36. roof system

37. reinsurance agreement

38. Ratio Edit

39. Real Estate Mortgage Investment Conduit

40. Residual Maturity

41. rake siding

42. Rio de Janeiro Stock Exchange (Bolsa do Rio)

43. Re-use

44. Real appreciation/depreciation

45. Risk controlled arbitrage

46. Research department

47. Rest Of The World Account

48. renounceable right

49. Recapitalise

50. resaw

51. railroad protective liability

52. Rephasing

53. Random Distribution

54. Recourse Servicing

55. ridge

56. reinsurance commission

57. Ratings

58. referee

59. Rollover Loan

60. Reliquify

61. Responsive Pleading

62. Risk seeker

63. Roundtable On Business Survey Frames

64. Registered representative

65. raw materials

66. reserve for replacements

67. Recreational Fishers / Fishing

68. Road Passengers Embarked

69. reimburse

70. Roll forward

71. rod saw blade

72. Risk Management

73. Rent Withholding

74. Reciprocal Discovery

75. residual security

76. Reverse Optimization

77. residential energy credit

78. receive against payment

79. RU

80. representations and warranties insurance

81. revolving loan

82. Response To Notice Of Intent

83. rubbing stone

84. Recidivist

85. Rcb

86. Respondent Burden

87. recapitalization

88. Rejection

89. Retail investors

90. Reverse conversion

91. rich lime

92. Real Time Gross Settlement - RTGS

93. Reputation

94. rescue operation

95. registered coupon bond

96. Round Trip

97. Rent-Loss Insurance

98. Raúl Alarcón Jr.

99. regulator

100. recast earnings

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Definition / Meaning of

Expiration Cycle

Categories: Finance,

The recurring cycle of expiry months for which options on a particular security can be available. Basic options are placed in one of three cycles; Cycle 1 (the January/April/July/October, or the first month of each quarter); Cycle 2 (the second month of each quarter); or Cycle 3 (the third month of each quarter).At any one time, a basic option has contracts with three expiration dates outstanding. For example, in mid-February, options trading on cycle 3 will have March, June and September expiries available. Late in March, after the March options expire, a December contract will be added, thus offering June, September and December expiries.Higher-volume equity options, index options, and LEAPS can trade on other cycles, such as Cycle 4, Cycle 5 or Cycle 6. Cycle 4, for example, offers options in the two nearest months plus two months from Cycle 3. For example, in mid-April, there would be April, May, June and September expires available. A month later, there would be May, June, September and December expiries available for trading.

Most popular terms

1. Cash Forward Contract
2. Broad-base Index
3. Credit Default Swap
4. Flexible Spending Account
5. Separate Account Fund
7. Collateralized Mortgage Obligation (CMO)
8. Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation And Amortization
9. Lifetime Learning Credit
10. Mortgage Impairment Insurance

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