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Financial terms starting with "R"

1. REO

2. reverse acquisition

3. rejoinder

4. Reporting Line

5. reinsurance wheel

6. reasonable time

7. residential broker

8. reverse hedge

9. Rwanda Franc

10. realtor-associate

11. Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP)

12. roof slope

13. retail service provider

14. risk-averse investor

15. reader/sorter

16. receiving bank

17. Right of redemption

18. Rising Bottom

19. Riparian

20. Risk-free asset

21. return date

22. Regulated Market

23. Residential Building Classification

24. Revlon rule

25. Reopening

26. Remittitur

27. Record Linkage

28. ready

29. Realtor-National Marketing Institute

30. retention ability

31. Road show

32. reimbursement policies

33. Risk Indicator

34. Rich

35. ROA (2)

36. regional policy

37. rezoning

38. Reverse subsidiary merger

39. RCE

40. reach

41. rowlock

42. Roth account

43. Retail Method

44. Return On Assets

45. Rolling Return

46. radon system

47. Real income

48. rough joint

49. running down clause

50. Rule of 78

51. runs with the land

52. Return on Capital

53. Resolution Trust Corporation

54. rosewood


56. right of subrogation

57. Revisionary trust

58. rubbing stone

59. related risk

60. Recession

61. Ratio Analysis

62. Reaffirmation Agreement

63. Ratings Service

64. restricted stock award

65. rivet hammer

66. redeemable preference share

67. rental agreement

68. Residual Income Model

69. Rough-cut Capacity

70. rollercoaster swap

71. riggers liability insurance

72. relief well coverage

73. relinquished property

74. Recorded Data Element

75. require

76. reorder

77. rust

78. reply coupon

79. Racketeer

80. Rio de Janeiro Stock Exchange (Bolsa do Rio)

81. Rate Of Natural Increase

82. Road Passenger Transport Enterprise

83. remodel

84. Regulatory pricing risk

85. referral agency

86. Rate Duration

87. roll down

88. radius of operations

89. rolling stock

90. return on equity (ROE)

91. Red-lining

92. restricted stock

93. Run Of Network

94. Research and Special Programs Administration (RSPA)

95. restrictive credit policy

96. Retail-Minus

97. residential service contract

98. Radio Frequency

99. relay

100. registered mail coverage

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Categories: Brokerages, Compliance and Governance,

NASD is the largest self-regulatory organization (SRO) in the United States. Formerly known as the national association of securities dealers, NASD regulates broker-dealer firms and licenses registered representatives - better known as stockbrokers - who make a business of trading securities. In addition, NASD regulates trading in stocks, mutual funds, variable annuities, corporate bonds, and futures and options contracts on securities, and acts as regulator for a number of securities exchanges, NASD also reviews materials that investment companies provide to their clients and prospective clients to ensure those materials comply with the relevant guidelines. Through its BrokerCheck database, NASD provides a resource for investors to check the credentials of people and firms with whom they're considering working. The NASD website also provides investor education and alerts on current issues of importance to investors. Finally, NASD also resolves disputes between broker-dealers and their clients, through either mediation or arbitration. NASD disciplines firms and individuals who violate the rules.

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1. Sovereign Wealth Funds
2. Likelihood Of Confusion
3. Hand
4. Lump-sum Distribution
5. Broad-base Index
6. Right Of Recourse Provision
7. Hybrid Mortgage
8. Beta
9. Special Personal Auto Policy (SPAP)
10. Sarbanes-Oxley Act Of 2002

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